Under this so simple and complete title: “Jesus,” an unimaginable content is hidden.

Starting with the mystery of the Incarnation, entering into Christ´s soul and His feelings, the text introduces us into the reality of that “present moment” of Jesus, which sums up and expresses what His life, mission and tragedy were, and how He lived the life of all men of all times together with His divine life at each and every moment of His existence. To live of Christ and to live with Christ is perfectly possible, because this is the reality of every Christian..



“They neither know You, Father,
nor Jesus Christ, the One You sent!”


What richness is contained in the transcendent reality of Christ…! He is the Supreme and Eternal Priest for having in himself all the infinite reality and all created reality. He is the union of God with man, because, in Him, God gives himself to us in the infinite communication of his familial intimacy; and because, in Him, all men come to take part in the very life of God. […]

Jesus is in himself the infinite and created perfection, in the hypostatic union of his divine nature with his human nature, and that is why He suffers and rejoices as no one else in his wandering on earth. His mission is to give us to know the eternal joy that is in the life of the Father, of the Holy Spirit and in himself. […]

And He suffers and complains because, not only they do not know the Father, but also because they do not even know Him, who became man so that we might know Him better. Let us now enter into the first instant when Christ was being conceived.[…]

His whole soul rejoicing, burned in the impetus of the divine current, contemplating with the Father his eternal being, singing with his same Person, with the Word, and burning with the same fire of the Holy Spirit; participating in the Divinity in a transformation like no other creature; participating in the Trinity of Persons and in the Unity of being, in each of its nuances and perfections, to an almost infinite degree…! […]

At that very moment, and precisely because of the light of God’s vision, He comprehends and penetrates down to the utmost depths of the terrible, terrifying and chilling malice of sin. And He sees that that same holy God is offended by his creatures, who have rebelled against Him who Is and manifests himself as a will of holiness against sin. […]

And when the innumerable load of all the sins of all ages fell on Him, He turns to the Father and, exercising his Priesthood, responds in the name of all humanity in the presence of the infinite holiness of God. […]

What pain for Christ’s soul, who lived in each moment of his life being the Receiver of the infinite Love and living the tragedy of all humanity throughout all ages…! Since Christ lived deeply each of the moments of all men, spent in love or in pain, in surrender or in oblivion; since to Him living meant, not only his own life, but also the life of all of us in each one of our moments. […]

Jesus lived his present moment with such intensity, that, in each moment of his life, He was grieving in his soul, undergoing and suffering all that, during thirty years, He went through because of his being a man. […]


Let us take away the creatures time and space: Christ lives with us, and we remain mysteriously united with Him without distances of time and place; living with Him in his time –like He then lived ours– the transcendent mystery of his life, death and resurrection. […]

All the moments of his life, from the manger to the consumatum est were lived by Him in one sole present moment. […]

However that is not all, since, at that same present moment, Jesus suffered: the whole terrible tragedy of his Church, with all the heresies, schisms, with all her being torn apart; the martyrdom and persecution of each one of her martyrs; the abandonment, dryness and neglect of all the souls; the death of all the saints; the trespasses of all the sinners; the betrayals of all her friends and children… And this not of one time. But of all times, from Adam and Eve, to the end of the world! […]

And if He had been asked:

— Jesus, what are you living at this present moment of your mortal life?

He would have answered:

— My present moment is the whole horrendous tragedy of all my life and of all times. I am suffering in my soul, at this present moment the ingratitude of all times and of all men to God; and I am also living in my soul all the loves and surrenders of pure love of the faithful souls; and I am suffering all those infidelities and taking pleasure in all those loves. And not as though something in a single block, no; but each heart throb of each soul, and each moment of that soul lived in love or lack of affection, in surrender or oblivion, is for me my present moment..[…]

In the soul of Jesus all my sufferings and joys, loves and defections, were lived, while I was always to Him rest and pain. And this, not at times, or that He went through it once in his lifetime for each one; but that Jesus lived, in each moment, everything of all the souls, during all his life and in each present moment thereof. […]

What richness Jesus comprehends in himself…! It seems as though the mind breaks before the perfection of his created nature, that was capable of living, in an intensity so transcendent and in one same instant, all the joy that was given to Him by the familial communication that He lived with the divine Persons, and on the other hand, the pain from the lack of love of men whom He represented before God. […]

In this way has God given himself to you in his infinite love, through Christ, in a romance of love.

What will your love do with regard to the infinite Donation that became word so that you might receive Him, might listen to Him and might be capable of loving and living Him?

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Jesus”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 3


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God is Himself light of infinite wisdom that illuminates us through Christ, by means of Mary in the Church”, recorded on August 19th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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          The Father is the silent outburst of being Who, from so much being Himself infinite Contemplation, gives rise from His bosom, for the superabundance of being, a silent Song: the Word; and so loving is that Song because of the Father and because of the loving being that the Father gave the Word, that Both break into another person, silent and infinite Love. (28-6-59)


         God poured Himself out on the whole of creation in His infinite splendour, in His might, in His power, in His beauty, in His richness, making all of it a singing explanation that reflects God Himself. (5-10-59)


          When God created us, He made us in His image and likeness so that, through His gift, we might be gods by participation and His children; through the Incarnation, upon God becoming man, He grafted us onto Him, and then we became sons in the Son in a completely new and different way. (2-2-71)



Jesus at the side of the mount

This experience of the solemnity of Christ the King is impressive.

The tragedy of Christ, sorrowful and tearful due to the situation of mankind in the 20th Century and 21st Century, remains so strongly engraved on the reader, that it constitutes an unforgettable memory and a key to the interpretation of Jesus´ deepest feelings.


“Vigil of Christ the King.
I have seen God weeping…!”


Eve of Christ the King…!
How would I tell
what was printed into my soul
on this unforgettable day,
of nineteen fifty nine
when I was dying of sorrow
while my Jesus sorrowing
in such deep agony,
that my lacerated soul,
without knowing what was happening,
broke into deep sobs;
and prostrate on my knees,
reverent and adoring,
I contemplated speechless
how God Himself cried,
while I gathered
the sorrowful weeping
that from His face was running down.
I saw His face raised,
full of sovereignty!
His pained gaze
fading in the heights;
and simultaneously
along His divine cheeks
tears slid that soaked Him
while He was saying to the Father:
“Neither do they know You!”
Father, as You willed,
“nor do they know Me…!”;
being His soul plunged
in immense bitternesses,
because the world did not know
the reason for His sufferings,
nor the weeping that I saw
shrouded quietly
the God of the Eucharist. […]
I heard only these words…!
But then I well understood
all that into my chest was engraved;
since His mission I knew
through the communications
that He in my interior placed
throughout the years,
and I in silence lived! […]
I saw, there, at that mount,
while trembling and surprised,
that from the face of Jesus
many tears fell…! […]
I have seen that God wept…!
and down His face ran,
tears of the God, who became Man,
which said in themselves,
in a saying without words
that in sobs He repressed,
turned towards His Eternal Father:
the world knew not
the transcendent mystery
that He came to tell us
from the Bosom of that Father,
with whom He always lived
at the height of the Heavens
in divine company
–for being Himself the Majesty,
of exalted Sovereignty
of infinite transcendence–
for centuries that never end
and that never began…!
because there was no beginning
in which, being the Coeternal One,
He existed in His beginning,
without any other beginning than
He being Himself,
always being Itself such and been,
the Subsistence coeternal
and received from the Father.
Eve of Christ the King…!
How much God suffered…! […]
But something surprised me
that I could not express it
no matter how hard I tried
throughout my days:
seeing that it was the twentieth century
for which Christ suffered…!
He lived all times
at the time that He lived:
But to me He presented Himself
with His pained soul
at a sublime moment
in which He suffered in His life
for the men of this century,
in the way that He had
to live each instant
that men would live
in the passing of time
which in Himself He contained.
And I, without being able to say
what, without seeing it, I saw…!
It is difficult to express,
that which I grasped,
when I contemplated, adoringly,
how my Jesus suffered,
prostrate at that mount
and throughout His life,
all my sorrows and joys,
keeping me united to Him,
living with me now
the time that I was living.
I knew that it was the twentieth century!
what plunged the Christ
in that deep suffering
of terrible agonies,
that even made Him burst,
due to all that He saw,
into such a sorrowful weeping
for there was no room for more sorrow,
although in the Word of Life
there is always room for more.
“Neither they know You, nor Me,”
Father…, God said.
And I without knowing the way
how I would console Him…!
Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the poem “Jesus at the side of the mount”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 17

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “GOD IS INFINITE MERCY WHO POURS HIMSELF UPON US MEN AT THE INCARNATION”, recorded on August 20th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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          Jesus, what pain within Your soul! Each one of us is a wound according to the dimension of the capacity of Your love. How well have I understood today what each and every moment of Your life meant! What greatness! What such a deep yearning for the ones You loved! How lonely without all of them! (19-9-74)


         What’s wrong, my God...? –I feel the pangs of love at seeing Myself scorned by My own people! (11-11-59)


          How hard it is to see Christ so lonely and unknown, Himself being so much love and so much unloved…! Jesus, we do not want You to be so hurt by the lack of love, and that is why, with the Holy Spirit and Our Lady, we love You. (21-1-75)



God´s will

Countless are the lights that God offers us all to love Him more and know Him better.

To know how God´s Being is manifesting Itself in His will inspires a very strong reaction in the soul of the reader, so as not to want to ever lose the possibility of fulfilling the divine will, which fills us with life and makes us attain the fullness of our identity and our existence.


“Our freedom to adhere to God”

O coeternal sublimeness of the Infinite and Subsistent Being…! By Your sublime power of sovereign Majesty, on account of Your Being Yourself in Yourself, by Yourself, and for Yourself the reason for Your coeternal Deity, You are capable, not only of rejoicing in what You are, been and possessed in familial intercommunication of Trinitarian life, but also of rejoicing infinitely and eternally, for being good, in making happy other beings which, created in Your image and likeness, live by participation the same life that You live in most blissful delight of eternal enjoyment.

That is why God, who does not need anything nor anyone to be all He is, been, possessed, enjoyed and savoured in His immutable act of loving wisdom, under the consubstantial luminaries of His infinite pupils; in loving manifestation of His will and by the splendour and for the splendour of His glory, in the magnificence of His infinite power, looks outwards in creative will and makes beings exist who are by Him; which demands correspondence, in reverent and loving returning, of the rational creature to the Creator; the creature being also a voice in explanation and in return of response from the whole inanimate creation. […]

Because it is not that God, when He wants a thing outwardly, desires to realize something aside from what He is. But that, God is Himself all that He can infinitely be, being able to be all that is infinite in infinitude, been, possessed and encompassed by His infinitely sufficient subsistence; and in Him there are no parts.

Because in God acting identifies with being; and when He wills something its is all of Him in His intercommunication of Trinitarian life, the one who desires it; setting Himself in motion, without moving, His whole immutable being in creative will, so that there may be realized all that He wants according to His infinite thought.

That is why, the 1st day of April of 1959, I expressed, in the lowness and poorness of the limitation of my being nothing, able to do nothing and knowing nothing, as I could and full of surprise, what God made me understand:

“O what God is manifesting Himself in will!
The Being…! The Being…! Oh, the Being manifesting Himself in will…! How awe-inspiring…! […]
O How frightening…! how terrible…! how horrifying the sin of a man is, created by a motion of the loving will of God, that is the whole Being of This One moved in will…! […]
Not a thousand hells…! Hell, as terrible as it is, so frightening, so tremendous, so chilling, is the measure adequate for sin and even less…! There is no measure, however big it may be, nor punishment, for a created being who rebels against his Creator…! […]
A movement of our will against God’s will deserves Hell…
Who are we to move against God’s will?! who are we…? Let an earthquake start and the earth quake, when somebody opposes the God thrice Holy!!
O all what is God’s Being manifesting Himself in will!”

Since the inanimate creation, when at some moment of its existence seems to leave the laws that his Creator has given it, all of it is upset: the earth quakes…! seaquake arise…! abysses open up…! and everything revolts that somehow frightens men, because the laws of creation in something, with more or less intensity, with more or less consequences, have been tampered with. […]

One wonders what happens when the rational creature, created by God under the will of the willing of His eternal power and who made us in His image and likeness and predestined us no less than to be His children in His Only Begotten Son Incarnate, co-partakers of His divine life and heirs of His glory; rebelling against its Creator says to Him: “I will not serve You,” in a response of pride, ingratitude and contempt…?!

Since I have understood in an amazing way, overcome, trembling and frightened by the limitation of my littleness and the worthlessness and wretchedness of my nothing, that when You want something, O my Infinite and Eternal Power! it is not that You want it apart from You, as something that You think and You want in the manner that we want and we think; no. You are all of You in Your infinite and coeternal Being, been and possessed in Your intercommunicative act of family and Trinitarian life, the One who wants it, in the magnificence of the splendour of Your glory; which demands, by its own perfection, a response, to an adequate extent, of a returning of the creature to the Creator, of the nothingness to the Infinite Being.

Wherefore the soul who knows God, full of reverence, adoration and respect, as a canticle of recognition and praise cries aloud with the Angels of Heaven: Who like God…?! faced with the rebellious Angels who, in the madness of their foolishness, rebelled with Lucifer and like Lucifer against God Himself in their absurd and chilling cry of: “I will not serve You.”

For that reason an unfathomable Abyss opened into which Lucifer was hurled down like a flash of lightning, disappearing into the gloomy darkness of its chasms.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “God’s will”.
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 13


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “GOD’S WILL”, recorded on August 22th, 1988 (press PLAY):


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          God, Who is the supreme perfection, created us for Him with a capacity and demands to possess Him and, on giving us freedom, He gave us the possibility to freely embrace Him. (9-1-65)


         The Uncreated One says to the rational creature: “I am, and you exist through me; acknowledge this.” And the creature, on sinning, responds: “I will not serve.” (15-9-66)


          The path God marks out for you or the circumstances, in which He puts you, are the best for you and, sometimes, for not seeing it, you do not embrace them and drift away from the divine will. (7-4-67)



I have faith (III)

The great sacrament of the Anointing of the sick soothes both the body and soul providing an incomparable affection. The Sacraments of Matrimony and Priesthood are the two milestones by which God manifests His love to the human family.

An spontaneous ad solemn profession of faith concludes this writing that presents Sacraments as they are, brilliant and attractive.


“I have unshakeable faith,
received through the Apostles and their successors”

I have faith… And I also believe that, in order that the Apostles might lack nothing in the salvific mission that, for the sake of fallen humanity, the Divine Teacher entrusted to them, Christ, on Pentecost, made descend on them together with Mary, priestly Mother, the gifts, fruits and charismas of the Holy Spirit Himself; who is given to us through Confirmation for the strengthening and reinforcement of our life of faith, hope and charity.[…]

I have faith; and I believe that renewed by Baptism, faith bring us near the Sacrament of Penance, through which, the purification of our sins makes us capable of approaching the sublime Sacrament of the Eucharist, instituted by Christ Himself in the night of the Last Supper, when, loving His own, and through them all of us who receive His eternal gifts, “He loved us to the extreme” and to the end:

«While they were eating, Jesus took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and giving it to his disciples said, ‘Take and eat; this is my body.’ Then He took a cup, gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, ‘Drink from it, all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant, which will be shed on behalf of many for the forgiveness of sins’”» […]

And I know too, by my life of faith that one ought to approach worthily to receive the Body of Christ:

«Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord. A person should examine himself, and so eat the bread and drink the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself.» […]

Wherefore, adoring before Jesus in the Holy Sacrament and curling myself into His chest, under the most savoury experience of His intimate and most loving presence, acknowledging Him as the Only Begotten Son of God, only true God, reverent and prostrate, I exclaim full of sublime and unprecedented love:

I thank You, Jesus, for having remained in the Eucharist;
I adore You!
I thank You, Jesus, for having remained in the Eucharist;
I love You!.

I have faith… And that is why I believe in the Sacrament of the Holy Anointment and I experience its gifts and fruits; which takes away and purifies us of our sins, preparing us for the definitive encounter with God, and fortifying and comforting not only our soul, but also our body, easing the disease, even curing it if the definitive moment of the encounter with God should not have come, and preparing us for that encounter […]

I have faith… And because this one is to me more certain that what the senses can tell me and clearer than the brightness of the midday sun, I believe in the Sacrament of the laying of hands of the Bishop with all the powers that the priest of the New Testament, through it, receives from Christ. […]

In such a way, that the priest of the New Testament, speaking the words of the Divine Teacher at the moment of the Last Supper, when He said to His Apostles: “Do this in memory of me,” perpetuating that moment; is capable, by the transubstantiation, of turning the bread into the Body of Christ and the wine into the Blood of the Divine Redeemer; giving us “Jesus Christ, and Him crucified,” in food and drink, divine Manna and delicacy of eternal life. […]

I have faith… And I believe that Christ made Peter the rock and foundation upon which He would build His Church, without the powers of hell being able to prevail against Her; entrusting him with the supreme shepherding of His whole flock. […]

And under the confirmation of the word of Peter and its certainty, I live happily built on the Columns of the Church, who are the Successors of the Apostles. And under the See of Peter I walk safe to the Father’s house.

I have faith. Wherefore, lovingly receiving the words of the Divine Teacher:
«Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate»;

I have felt so much veneration, so much respect for the union of the wedded couples, that, through the Sacrament of Marriage, is sanctified and raised to a supernatural level, which makes me exclaim with Saint Paul: «This is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and the Church

I have faith… And because I have faith my soul jumps for joy at the words of God to our First Parents in the earthly Paradise: «Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth.» […]

Wherefore today, owing to the awareness that God places in my spirit regarding His eternal designs upon humanity –which I ought to manifest, by divine will, as the little and tiny Echo, but living and palpitating, of Mother Church–, and now in relation to all I have been saying about the conjugal union by the Sacrament of Marriage;

I ask all those who wish to hear what, from He who is, I have to communicate, but in a special way to the members of the Mystical Body of Christ:

to gradually become aware of and act according to what the Infinite One dreamt in relation to them when He created them so that, united, giving glory to God Himself, they may accomplish His designs and eternal plans by means of the fulfilment of His divine will, who awaits with His open bosom its fullness with the created children –by means of the collaboration of the spouses–, solely and exclusively to possess Him, granting them to live on His same life, drinking in the cooling torrents of His divine springs, satiating them in the most glorious and co-eternal banquet of His same divinity. […]

So that when the day of Eternity comes, which is tomorrow, tomorrow, no later! dearest and warmly beloved children, you may have given to God not the children who, according to your estimates, are necessary and sufficient, but those that He thought and needed to receive from each one of His rational creatures, and of the members of the Church, when He created us and predestined us to carry out His eternal plans, full of infinite designs, for each every man.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “I have faith”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 17

Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract:  “I have faith”.

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “GOD IS INFINITE MERCY WHO POURS HIMSELF UPON US MEN AT THE INCARNATION”, recorded on August 20th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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          Christ, as Head of the Mystical Body, wished to give Himself up to us with the Father and the Holy Spirit, replenishing us with all His gifts and fruits, through the Apostles. And that is why, built upon Christ, leaning on, being supported and perpetuated in Her twelve Pillars, how great is the Church! (22-4-76)


         The Church is a mystery of unity; and so that She may be one in the unity of God, the Holy Spirit remained with the Pope and the Bishops who, united with him, proclaim the unity of the Church in Her truth, in Her life and in Her mission. (22-11-68)


          Oh wonder of the Pope’s infallibility, which is capable of gathering all men in one single thought, and to express to them with certainty God’s infinite will through his word of man! (25-10-74)