Mystery of unprecedented tenderness

Christmas is a mystery of unprecedented tenderness capable of deeply moving and transforming the hardest hearts.

Would that all Christians may be able to mutually exchange as a gift with one another in this liturgical season the great self-gift of God who becomes man to live, suffer and weep with us. But in order to render each other this reciprocal gift we have to possess it beforehand. This is what this piece of writing helps us to achieve.



“Christmas: Respond…! adore…! love…!
That God weeps…!!”

Christmas…! Mystery of unprecedented tenderness… surprising donation of the infinite Love for man… powerful explanation of the Eternal Power, which is given to us in a divine and human spelling out in such a simple way as befits the most simple kingliness of the Being. […]

The Infinite Word, by the transcendental mystery of the Incarnation, fulfilling the will of the Father, breaks into Word from the bosom of the Latter to the bosom of Mary by the caressing and loving lulling of the Holy Spirit. And He finds that the bosom of the Lady tastes to Him of Infinite Home, because all of it is a warm participation in the Father’s heart with the tenderness and love of a Virgin Mother… […]

Mary, Virgin-Mother…!: Mother as the fruit of Her excellent virginity… and Virgin be- cause Her divine Motherhood Itself, by the fruit of Her fecundity, made Her even more Virgin, for being this Fruit the Infinite Virginity Incarnate in explanatory Word to men, of in- finite virginal holiness. Therefore Mary, the more She is Virgin, the more She is Mother, and the more She is Mother, the more She is Virgin; since She is a cry in Her whole being of: God alone! shrouded, saturated, penetrated and possessed alone, exclusively alone! by the Infinite Being, in a total and absolute possession.

Transcendent secret the one that Mary lived during the nine months of Her Advent in the most savoury intimacy with the Son of God who, contained in Her womb, made Her feel the beating of His heart in affection of filia- tion…! The infinite will of the Father shook Her, by the love of the Holy Spirit, in nostalgic and vehement need to give birth to the Son of God through the virginal and luminous childbirth of Her divine Motherhood… […]

Nine months of tenderness… of donation… of self-giving… of response and of hopeful expectation, in the affectionate waiting of Her motherhood that yearns to listen from the mouth of the Infinite Word, as though in infinity of eternal melodies, to the word: Mother! in the palpable and palpitating reality, sonorous and delightful of the Son of God become Child in Her arms…! […]

The nine months that the Virgin lived with Jesus in Her womb, were contemplated by the Angels of God, in the sacred intimacy of rich colloquies of loves… in sublime and indescribable, silent and secret, mysterious and sacred, divine and divinizing tenderness of adoring silence… […]

Christmas…! Mystery of donation of the Infinite One to men through Mary’s Motherhood…

[…] Son of the Holy Mother Church, only the life of faith, replete with hope, enlightened with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and impelled by love, is capable of entering into this mystery of Christmas: In the silence of night and of ingratitude, the Love was uttered before the most secret expectation of the White Virgin. […]

What delights of love and tenderness between the Mother and the little Emmanuel…! What secrets of surrender and response…! What embraces of affection of the Infinite Virginity for His Virgin-Mother, and what tenderness that of the Virgin-Mother for the Infinite Virginity of the Word Incarnate in Her arms…! […]

Mary is a cry of God alone! in Her being, in Her life and Her actions…! […]

And when, as universal Mother, in manifestation of Her love, She is going to give God to all men, who also are a fruit of the kiss of the Holy Spirit in Her Virgin-Mother soul, She receives, in the incomprehensible delicacy of Her maternal love, the sword of such acute pain, that Her heart is wounded, unable to heal, due to the indifference of the “no” of all Her children to the infinite self-donation of the eternal Love who, by means of the Motherhood of the Lady, is handed over to us become a Child in the mysterious and sacrosanct night of Christmas… And how well Mary understood, in a comprehension of grieving insight, that “The light came into the darkness, and the darkness did not receive it…!”

And that is why, pierced by grief, fulfilling the will of the Father and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, She took the Infinite Word of the Father become Child and, in a tearing of Her motherhood, putting Him away from Her arms, “laid Him on the straws of a manger,” as a clear, palpable, and heart-rending manifestation that there was none to receive Him… […]

Mystery of Christmas…! Secret of infinite tenderness…!: In the silence of night and of incomprehension, under the vibrant notes of the Holy Spirit, and in the tearing of the mother-hood of Mary, in a manger the Love was revealed to us…!!

[…] Angels of Heaven, where are you…? Look for the simple ones of the earth and communicate to them the great news that in a manger, curled up by the tenderness of a Virgin-Mother God cries…!! Look for the simple ones, for the little ones… because they will discover the mysteries of God… because to them the secrets of the Father are communicated… “for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” and because with them the infinite Love, lying among straws and shivering with cold, rests…! […]

Pick up quickly from the arms of Mary the tiny Child of Bethlehem; the Emmanuel, God with us, who is born in a manger, who will die on a cross and will remain in the White Host for all times through the Sacrifice of the altar, to give Himself to you as Bread of life, and in loving wait in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, splendorous manifestation of His infinite love who needs to be with those whom He loves all centuries enduring. […]

Let not, dear soul, Our Lady of Bethlehem, on this night of Christmas, heavy with mystery, lay Jesus again in the manger because there were none to receive Him…!

[…] And united in the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the will of the Father, we are going to open our heart and our soul to take Jesus in our arms, the tiny one of Bethlehem, and to kiss Him with a kiss of reception… with an embrace of response… with a self-giving of donation… so that never could one say that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it…!”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Mystery of unprecedented tenderness “. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 9


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Next to the stable of Bethlehem at Rocca di Papa in a moment of intimacy and loving communication between my soul and the children of the great promise.”, recorded on December 29th, 1999 (press PLAY):


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          In the cold night of Bethlehem, covered and surrounded, as today, by the cloud of confusion, Our Lady of the Suns of the Holy Spirit gave light, giving men the infinite Light, Who, flowing forth from the Father’s bosom in sapiential Word, told us in gleaming clarities of holiness the Secret of Love. Mystery of Life which men receive not, because “they dug themselves cisterns, and broken cisterns,” refusing the eternal “Spring” of the infinite perfections. (Christmas 1976)


        There was no place for them in the inn... There is no room in our heart for Jesus... And that is why, at the contact with the chilly cold of the night, Jesus trembled in the stark solitude of a stable, seeking amongst men someone to console Him, and He found none. (22-4-75)


    Jesus, I want to receive You with all the tenderness and affection of my heart, in loving response, that You may rest and smile in the night laden with mystery of Bethlehem; with the only desire that You find in this soil of lovelessness, comfort for Your tender ailing chest. (19-12-74)


Image of Baby Jesus that Mother Trinidad had since she was young

The Lady of the Incarnation

In God´s full light, Mary is an exceptional and complete witness of the mystery of the Incarnation that in Her is performed. No one like Her has the capacity and the mission to introduce us into the mystery of God’s self-giving in His becoming Man.

If the Church is “mother and teacher” this is because it’s within the Church that the Virgin gives Her divine motherhood and divine teachings sparkling with light for all mankind to know the sources of life.


“Mary receives Her whole greatness
through Her divine Motherhood.””

All the greatness of Mary comes to Her be- cause of Her divine Motherhood; an incomprehensible greatness to our human mind blinded and darkened by sin. […]

There is no creature capable of containing in its bosom the mystery of God, if God Himself, with the sovereignty of His infinite power, when penetrating it with His wisdom, He does not sustain it with His might. And God created Mary so that She might actively take an active part in the mystery of the Incarnation…! […]

Look at the way God made you, Mary, when He made You capable of containing the un- containable in Your womb, to sustain the un- sustainable!

O Mary! I see that You are contemplating the mystery that in Your womb is taking place…! O Mary! Nobody can know it nor glimpse it if You do not show it to him…! O Mary! splendorous manifestation of God’s will, who made You holder of the mystery uncontainable by any human creature on earth: of the transcendent mystery of the donation of God to man, by means of the hypostatic union of the divine nature and the human nature in the person of the Word, realized in Your virginal innermost being, by the lulling of the Holy Spirit, under the shade and protection of the Almighty Himself, that made You break into divine Motherhood; in such a way that, in You and through You, God became Man without ceasing to be God, and made Man God without ceasing to be man.[…]

Terrible mystery of the Incarnation…! Deep, profound, secret, unfathomable and incomprehensible to the human mind…! […]

How sublime, how profound and how lofty is the mystery of the Incarnation and, for that reason, how magnificent Mary’s Motherhood…! […]

The Incarnation is the union of God with Man… The Father gives us His Son and Mary gives God the humanity which God needed so that His Son might be Man…

Ineffable mystery that of the Incarnation, in which the Father acts giving us His Son, the Son becoming incarnate in Mary, the Holy Spirit bringing about the mystery in the Lady, and the Virgin giving Her flesh to the Word of Life so that He may become Man…! And thus, the Incarnation, like all the mysteries of the donation of God to man, from that moment, has been brought about among the Father, the Son, the holy Spirit and with the collaboration of Mary. And Mary’s share in the mystery of the Incarnation is so important, that She becomes the Mother of God and universal Mother of mankind.

The Incarnation is the romance of love between God and man in the innermost being of Mary. […]

Due to this mystery I have understood that on earth there is no grace that has not been granted to Her in plenitude; because any grace, no matter how great it may be, will always be almost infinitely smaller than Her divine Motherhood, which makes Her take part actively in the great mystery of the Incarnation. […]

In that same light the soul discovers the great mystery of the Incarnation, incomprehensible to the human mind and uncontainable by any creature, and through it and from the divine Motherhood of the Lady, the other mysteries. In it the soul surprises that God becomes Man and the Man becomes God. A mystery that seems to contradict the infinite reality itself, by the transcendent loftiness and the sublimeness that it contains in itself! […]

The mind seems to break at the plenitude of the mystery that it contemplates, at the greatness of the Lady in the Incarnation, at Her collaboration in the eternal designs, at the active participation of Her Motherhood in the whole donation of God to man by and in the mystery of the Incarnation…! […]

I have learned today that everything that is given to me in the Church’s bosom, that every- thing that has been given to me, that everything that will be given to me, has been through Mary, for which I, perhaps unconsciously, have not known how to appreciate nor how to re- turn. But today, in the light and love of Her closeness, I have seen that there is nothing either in Heaven or on earth that is passed on to us outside the divine Motherhood of the Virgin, Mother, Queen and all White Lady of the Incarnation. The Church Herself is the gift that Christ gave to us through Mary and in Her bosom; and whereas the Church is the prolongation and perpetuation of the mystery of Christ in His Incarnation, life, death and resurrection, She is also the perpetuation and prolongation of the mystery of Mary’s Motherhood.[…]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “The Lady of the Incarnation”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 9


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Divine Persons are as infinitely distinct between Themselves as They are equal in Their Being”, recorded on September 9th, 1988 (press PLAY):


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          When the encounter of Jesus and Mary took place in the Incarnation, the Lady, on feeling Herself Mother of God, stunned under the weight of infinite Love Who so wonderfully was acting and dwelling in Her, could only exclaim in adoration: My God...! My Son...! (19-11-62)


         Mary’s greatness springs forth from Her divine Motherhood; and, since She is the Mother of Christ, Who is the Head of the Mystical Body, She is also Mother of each and every one of His members. (18-4-69)


    At Bethlehem, at Calvary and in Her glorious Assumption into Heaven, the greatness of Our Lady is manifested, and such greatness springs forth from the mystery of the Incarnation in the fullness of Christ’s Priesthood. (25-10-74)


Immaculate's image, before which, Mother Trinidad consacrated to God, on december 8th, 1946, in Dos Hermanas (Seville).

The Plenitude of Christ’s Priesthood

For a greater elucidation of what priesthood is in the Church, one has to introduce oneself into the mystery of the Incarnation and from there explain how wonderful Christ is –the only High and Eternal Priest–, and what the great virginal motherhood of Mary Most Holy is through Her specific priesthood, to then, overflowing with humility and entreaty, ask for the priest of Christ to live his priesthood.

Priesthood constitutes an essential part of the plan of God. From the fruitful life of the priesthood, and, in general, of everyone´s priestly attitude, that is to live between God and His people, depends the vigour, abundance and fullness of the life inside Holy Mother Church.



“Who are You, Jesus?”

The priesthood is the union of God with man. Therefore Christ, who is of himself the union of God with man, is the plenitude of the Priesthood; being the anointing of the Divinity over his humanity so overflowing, being so much, so much…! that He has no Person other than the divine.

What a union that of the Divinity and the humanity, in Christ…! What a perfection of compenetration…! What a plenitude of reality through which, in the infinite Person of the Incarnate Word, are enclosed, in and through the union of both the human and the divine natures, Heaven and earth, Creator and creature, eternity and time, with all that God contains and with all that creation contains…! […]

Jesus is God with Man; being able to say due to the fullness of his Priesthood: I am God and Man; I am in me the sacred Anointing and the Anointed; I am the infinite Donor and the Compiler of all humanity; I am God’s completed Plan in the most perfect manner that the infinite Being invented in his eternal wisdom, as well as the Answer that He himself wanted to receive from humanity. Moreover: I am, on account of my divinity, all that I am in the infinite subsistence that, as Word from the Father, from Him I have received; and I am, as Man, the perfect Adoration before the infinite holiness of the offended most high Good; I am the Delight of the Father when He looks to the Man, because in me He sees himself so marvellously reflected, that joyfully He can say: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” […]

As God, He lives in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit in the familial intercommunication of his trinitarian life; and as Man, in the familial union of everyone who, adhering to Him through the mystery of the Church, is so utterly one with Him, that he is part of his Mystical Body, becoming a member of his through the tight summary of the mystery of the Incarnation. “Now you are Christ’s body, and individually parts of it. To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.” (1 Cor 12,27. 7)

Christ also tightly contains all ages with all men, comprehending, in the summary of his reality, creation. Because He is the Great Christ who, in the perpetuation of the mystery of the Church, takes away the impediments of distance and time for him who, grafted onto Him, lives Him as his member in the tight reality that He in himself contains. […]

Oh if I could give thanks to God for the outpouring of his love, for the plenitude of all that He is in himself, and for the magnificence of all that in his mystery I conceive! […]

My poor being is not capable of realizing what it needs, for the smallness of what I contain. But, it doesn’t matter; there is Christ, who is the full Thanksgiving, responding to God so perfectly, that, in his return, sings to Him the infinite Canticle that only He can sing to himself. And the plenitude of the mystery of the Incarnation is so great and real, that through Him, when the Father looks at me, He sees in me Christ, and He sees me so much become one thing with Him, that I am one of the members of his Mystical Body, being able my soul-Church, full of joy in the saturation of his wisdom, to listen to the Father calling me: My son, recreation of his delights and image of his perfection.

What are You, Jesus, that You made me with yourself a living word that expresses God in response of loving glorification…? What are You, Jesus, that You gave me the possibility, through the participation of your Priesthood, to be men’s redemption? What are You, Jesus…? What are You, Jesus…? […]

As Christ’s Priesthood, from the moment of the Incarnation, was perpetuated throughout all centuries, compiler of all times and donor for all men, so Mary’s motherhood, from the moment of the Incarnation, in the plenitude of this mystery, encloses, through the grafting of all men onto Christ, the comprehending possibility of containing, under the influence of her motherhood, all times with all men in each one of the moments of their lives; in which lives, through the Church and through her Liturgy, is made visible to them, perceivable, and even more, present and real, even though mysteriously, the whole mystery of Christ’s life, death and resurrection, in the tight summary of Mary’s motherhood. Wherefore the irradiation of this motherhood is given to us and is perpetuated in the Church’s bosom, in and through the liturgical acts, through the content of the mystery of the Incarnation, which, taking place in Mary, makes Her be universal Mother, replete with priesthood due to her divine Motherhood. […]

The plenitude of Christ’s Priesthood is so immense, that, from Him, all of us christians have received our priesthood, capable of making us live his life, his tragedy and his mission in union with himself and, through Him, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and in intercommunication of goods with all men of all ages, who, adhering to Christ, become his members. […]

How great is God in the perfection of his being, in the familial intercommunication of his life and in the splendorous manifestation of his power, that makes God become Man, man become God, the creature become Mother of the Uncreated, the Uncreated become Son of the creature, man become perpetuator of Christ’s mystery through the participation in his Priesthood, Christ become Head of all the members of his Mystical Body, and all men become part of Christ in the dimension of the Church’s mystery! […]

How great is the compact summary that the Church holds in her bosom…! How replete with Divinity…! How saturating with happiness…! And how few satiate themselves in her springs for failing to discover the torrent of its waters!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “The Plenitude of Christ’s Priesthood”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 4


Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract: “The Plenitude of Christ’s Priesthood”.

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Saint Peter and the Pope share the same kingship”, recorded on September 2nd, 1988 (press PLAY):


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          The attitude of Christ’s soul in the moment of the Incarnation was: to receive God, by adhering to Him, to respond to Him, by adoring Him in a canticle of praise in reparation to His infinite offended holiness; and turning to men, as God, to give Himself up to them, making His self-gift extensive to all men, during the prolongation of all the ages, by means of the Church. (25-10-74)


         The fullness of Christ’s Priesthood is so immense, that from Him we all have received our priesthood. This enables us to live the life, mission and tragedy of Christ; realises our union with Him, with the Father and with the Holy Spirit, and establishes an intercommunication of gifts with men of all ages who, adhering to Christ, come to be His members. (25-10-74)


    By our participation in Christ’s priesthood, all of us are able to possess God, being with Christ, through Him and in Him, priests, according to the diversity of manners that, in the bosom of the Church, God has established for each one of His children. (25-10-74)



Advent of Mary

One of the petitions that the Lord formulated in the soul of Mother Trinidad ever since the time of the Council was “that the Virgin had to be placed where She deserves to be in the bosom of the Church.”

This theme, “Advent of Mary”, is an example of the need to know, discover and communicate the wonders that the Most High has performed in the Virgin. It is an effective way for us, so earthly as we are, to be aligned with the sublime Magnificat of Her life.



“Mary feels Herself Mother
and knows Herself to be Virgin”

Mary was created to be the Mother of God, being exempt from original sin and having in herself the fullness of grace and of all of the Holy Spirit’s gifts that as Mother of God befitted Her due to the anticipated redemption of her Son himself, to whom She gave human life.

Mary, from the beginning of her life until the end, possessed all the gifts and charismas, all the science that all the saints together could have ever possessed. She, by the Holy Spirit’s light, always had an intimate knowledge of her soul’s greatness, knowing herself to be exempt from sin and full of every grace; wherefore, penetrating in truth the great wonders that the Love has worked in Her, She intones that Magnificat in which She manifests to us how her whole “soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.”

It’s not only that the Virgin should break out into praise to the Infinite when She sang her Magnificat of thanksgiving, but that this canticle was also the external expression of what She, enlightened by the Holy Spirit’s gifts, deeply understood about her soul regarding God’s plan for Her; and regarding what her spirit was before the adorable Trinity. And so She sees that her whole soul is a praise to the glory of the eternal Holiness. Her “soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord” because all of Her is a singing, happy, blissful and a holy expression, of that eternal virginity of the Untouchable One, who, because of the wonders He has performed in the Lady’s soul, is magnified and glorified in Her and by Her.

The Virgin is all of Her a jubilation to the eternal Love. For that reason her whole being, knowing herself to be a glorifier of God, “rejoices in God her Saviour,” participating in that eternal blessedness that makes the soul which lives detached from itself savour the goods promised to all those who are truly glory of God.

“The Spirit” of the Lady “rejoices in God her Saviour,” since setting This One his eyes “upon his handmaid’s lowliness,” will make all generations proclaim Her blessed because the Lord, the Almighty has done great things in Her.

Mary’s Magnificat is all of it a praise of the Infinite. The Virgin, turned completely toward the Creator, sings the excellences of the Eternal One, when intoning the great wonders that the infinite Wisdom has worked in Her, pointing out that all was “because He has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness.”

Mary penetrates into these “great things” the Infinite One has done in Her, and sees that the divine Omnipotence, pouring itself over her being, has elevated Her so much, so much, so much! that has made Her capable of being the Mother of God himself.

Mary…! The human mind is at a loss when it considers your mystery, since there is no grace that can be compared with your motherhood, nor creature that can reach the incomprehensible greatness that the infinite Love worked in You.

All my soul proclaim You blissful, Oh blessed Virgin Mary. All my being “rejoices in God my Saviour,” “because the Mighty One has done great things in You.” Feeling myself a tiny daughter who loves You with all her being, my spirit boasts of seeing You so exalted, so much Mother, so much Virgin, so much Lady… so much, so much, so much! that You are the admiration of all the blessed because You and only You were able to hold in your bosom Him, before whom, the heavenly court, stunned, adores in an eternal: Holy! of infinite transcendence.

Mary penetrated into her soul, She knew the delights of God in Her; for what, full of joy She was a perennial Magnificat to the infinite Holiness and to the eternal Love. […]

The Lady knew the Holy Scriptures and, penetrating their meaning, She waited anxious and enamoured for the One who was Israel’s Glory and his people’s Saviour. She knew that the Emmanuel would be born of a virgin, and She knew that She was that Virgin and She felt herself Mother. For that reason, what a mystery is Mary’s Advent!

We know that, when the saints arrive at union with God, Love gradually reveals to them the hidden secrets of the divine mystery. The mystery of the Trinity becomes familiar to them, they penetrate into the Incarnation, all things are gradually revealed to them in their truth, wherefore, sometimes, they see, the hidden depths of souls. Many of them are inspired by the spirit of prophecy, discernment of spirits and other countless graces that the infinite Spirit bestows on their faithful souls. And they all, in the high peaks of perfection, burn in love for God and for men, being the centre of their life to glorify God and give Him to the others.

All these gifts in fullness, and other countless gifts that were not granted to any creature, Mary has them all in an almost infinite degree. For that reason it is appropriate to contemplate the Lady as a special creation, created to be Mother of God, co-redemptrix with Christ and Mother of the whole Church, because She, is not only the Mother of the Church’s Head, but also the Mother of the Whole Christ, Head and members.

We don’t know Mary…! For this reason, we imagine Her in her life surprised at each step before the divine realities that took place in Her. I accept all that my holy Mother Church says, because I am more Church than soul; but, since I am tiny and I need to sing the glories of my Mother, today I want to intone this canticle to my Immaculate Virgin because the tiny daughter’s love that I have for Her demands it of me. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Advent of Mary”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 5


Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract: “Advent of Mary”.

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Sancta Sanctorum, recorded on January 17th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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          Mary, in prayer, cries out for the Messiah; God, in His delight, listens; the Father sends; Love impels; the Word of Life becomes incarnate... The Virgin is now Mother! (8-12-59)


         In so far as God takes Mary for Himself, each one of the divine Persons brings it about in His personal way: the Father calls Her my Daughter; the Word, my Mother, and the Holy Spirit, my very much beloved Bride... A mystery involving God and the all virginal Lady, all Mother, all Queen, all White...! My Mother, how much I love You! (7-12-74)


         Lady, You kept everything in the deep mystery of your being and, immersed into the abyss of the Infinite One, You lived in a perennial adoration of the God Who, Incarnate, was hidden in Your womb; this is how You lived Your Advent. (30-4-62)