Consacrated soul, live out your vocation

The consecration of a person to God is something that exceeds the most intimate longings and the most fervent fantasy of the human capacity. The soul is God’s spouse! in order to live an unsuspected fullness! to reach a fruitfulness without limits! to live madly in love with infinite Love Who knows no limits…!

One cannot take the risk of losing such a great gift of predilection by confusing the end with the means, what one has to do, with what one has to live.



“Consecrated soul, rise up from your lethargy!”


Today I feel the need to expose my point of view on what the living and the heartbeat of the consecrated soul must be, and what her purpose is, so that she may discern this one, which is God, from the means that God Himself hands her over to attain it.

When I say “consecrated soul,” I address equally priests, sisters, and every person who, through an especial vocation, feels called, attracted and predestined to be Christ’s spouse.

And I need to start this topic with a strong and heart-rending cry that may express the divine will: consecrated soul, priest of Christ: God alone…!! […]

The consecrated soul has been chosen by God, called and predestined to enter into the depths of the infinite communication of His Trinitarian life; to make of her His intimate spouse, His confidant, in whom He may be able to rest in the response of mutual love.

Consecrated soul means made one single thing with that which is Sacred, in order to live from the living of that God she consecrated herself to. […]

When God calls one soul to consecration, that is to make her become one unique reality with Him, so that she may live from Him alone, so that she may surrender herself totally and unconditionally, unreservedly, to the action of the Holy Spirit, then He places inside of her some movements, desires and aspirations which are the means to attain that end, but, never and in no way, must they become the goal of a consecrated soul, who has been called to become one unique reality with that which is Sacred, to such an extent that she may cease to be herself in order to be God by participation. […]

That is why, illuminated by the light of the Holy Spirit, I say to all my sisters and children in the consecration, with a heart-rending cry of alarm: God alone!

Because if you go to a convent, attracted by the appeal you feel for this or that way of life, on finding out the harsh and true reality of a monotonous and routine life, if you consider your goal only from the perspective of the means God gave you to be united with Him, you will feel disillusioned that you were wrong, because what you were looking for does not fill your spirit. This is the reason why so many consecrated souls fail!

But if, on consecrating yourself to God, you do so by trying to become one unique reality with Him, by crucifying yourself with Christ in order to know Him, to love Him, and to make Him known and loved, when the means may fail you or be not as you imagined, it will turn out that you will rest calmly and peacefully in the midst of all the abandonments and deceptions, in the eager pursuit of that purpose you especially consecrated yourself for. […]

If you suffer, do it for love; if you are virgin, for love; and if you renounce to everything, do it for love! Thus you will feel the need to deny yourself and to lose yourself in a complete oblivion of yourself, for that Love you consecrated yourself to.

Because the consecrated life lies not in suffering or rejoicing; everything lies in loving and in transforming our life and our consecration into love, putting love where it is not present and healing up pain with love.

God, in order to give up Himself to us, lost count, to such an extent that the Uncreated became incarnate. This can be called the madness of Infinite Love. It is necessary to know and to penetrate a little bit what God is in order to know what it means that the Uncreated, the Untouchable, the Inaccessible, becomes man, flesh, earth, and nothingness, for love. […]

Consecrate yourself to Love to find Him at all costs, and only and exclusively for that. If the means you had chosen fail you, and you are to live in another way you feel not inclined to, or in another place where it seems your soul feels uncomfortable, do not for that reason feel yourself disoriented or live in tension. If that happens to you, it is because you did not seek God alone, because you will find Him wherever His will, becoming manifest through the events, may place you. Since, in order to give Himself to your soul, He does not need of any means, for He fills everything and He is equally in one place or another.

Try to fit-in with that place where, moved by God’s will, you felt called to. Yet, if for incidental reasons you cannot accomplish that, do not be troubled, because God abides in the deepest centre of your heart, wherein He unceasingly calls you so that you immerse yourself into Him and may live your consecration in intimacy of love and may cry out, in your whole life and with your whole being: God alone! […]

Consecrated soul: God alone! that you may not live a monotonous, annoying and maybe disillusioned life, reckoning perhaps that you have failed in your spiritual life.

Spring forth to know and to love God in His bosom, in the Trinitarian mystery of His divine life, that you may be happy here on earth and there in Heaven; since happiness, here as well as there, consists in the fulfilment of the end we have been created for, which is to know and to love God and to make Him known and loved, so that, by fulfilling in this way the divine plan we may glorify Him.

If you do not live on God alone, you will not know the taste of the Divine, or the sweetness your consecration enshrines, because its whole secret is enclosed in the gift of your life to God alone, and in the complete void of all which is not He and His glory.

Priest of Christ, consecrated soul, may your whole life be an expressive cry of self-giving and self-forgetfulness, which may ever say in a total adherence to the divine will: God alone!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “Consacrated soul, live out your vocation”


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Consacrated”, recorded on February 26th, 1986 (press PLAY):


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          Perfect virginity is the adherence to the Supreme Good and the complete separation from all that is not He; that is why when the creature discovers the bright light of eternal Wisdom, enthralled by Him, leaves all to irresistibly spring forth in untiring pursuit of God alone. (12-8-73)


         The virgin soul is a canticle expressing Eternity, and a clear manifestation before the world of “God alone.” (12-8-73)


    You, who consecrated yourself to God, rise up from your spiritual lethargy, look upon the Father’s Christ who asks for help, do not let yourself be dragged by the confusion that invades us, be brave, do not be afraid of the proud ones; God will come out in your defence, putting in your mouth all that you ought to say, if, living on Him and for Him, with a sincere heart and a clean soul, you seek Him. (17-12-76)


Oh, what is man in the divine thinking!

The greatness of man is understood when one acknowledges the greatness of God. Not only is there no rivalry between God and His creature, but also, since man is a living reflection of the living God, unless one learns how to live from God he remains with immense potentialities but dramatically unsatisfied.

And when he encounters the infinite Being, His generous Creator, man reaches such lofty dimensions of unsuspected greatness, being a partaker of the divine life and an heir of His glory!



“God is Himself in Himself, by Himself and for Himself
his very reason for being
in a coeternal and infinite act of trinitarian life.
And looking at Himself in what makes Him be God,
creates man in his image and likeness,
so that he can be his son,
heir of his glory and sharer in the Divine life”


Oh eternally transcendent Sovereignty of the infinite Power…!, […] my poor soul, stunned, trembling and exceeded, has to express welcome and unwelcome, the way it can, the divine mysteries. […]

In God there exists no beginning, because He never began; nor will have an end, because He never ends; being himself the Without-beginning, outside the vault of creation and the succession of time. […]

And all His exuberant and inexhaustible perfection He sees himself so, He looks himself at so, He contemplates himself so, He embraces himself so and possesses himself so in His act of Contemplation breaking out in fruitfulness of explanatory wisdom. […]

And God is himself Father and God is himself Son and God is himself Holy Spirit! And He is himself so on account of His being subsistent and infinitely self-sufficient in himself, by himself and for himself! Oh what God is, that all that He can be He is himself so in one sole family act of Trinitarian life! […]

And so fruitfully and inexhaustibly You are yourself so, oh Father! that You burst out, by the exuberant fruitfulness of your being, […] in reciprocal love, […] in loving spiration of infinite Wisdom known in singing Explanation in a sole act of being, the Holy Spirit; radiant paternal-filial Love of penetrating and sapient wisdom, received from the Father and from the Son; that embraces, in an infinite romance, the being’s transcendent, consubstantial and Trinitarian mystery, been by the Father in loving wisdom of Contemplation, expressed by the Word, and loved, as fruit of paternal-filial love, in and by the Holy Spirit; infinite Kiss of the Father and of the Son in a most blessed enjoyment of the Divine Family. […]

And God, who has in himself, by himself and for himself, all that He could need, been and possessed in infinity of being such and possessing such, without anyone being able to increase, diminish or take away from Him the essential happiness that in eternal joy He is himself; wants, in a wilful desire of His infinite power, to create beings that may share Him, for the magnificent expression of His glory’s splendour. “Let us make man in our image, and likeness,” “so that you may come to share in the divine Nature.” (Gn 1: 26; 2 Pt 1: 4).

And as though in an overflow in outpouring of His love, in order to create creatures that may be able to live by participation in His same joy in eternal enjoyment; He does it in a manner so infinitely transcendent that, in the same and unique Look that God is himself and that, being himself so, is the reason for being of God himself, He looks at himself, with creative will, in that which makes Him be God; […] making the creature capable of being God by participation, His child, heir of His glory, and therefore, sharer in the same divine life. […]

How happy God is and how good! who, in an overflowing outpouring of His will, creates beings to possess Him. Wherefore, God himself, without being able to rejoice in anything other than in himself, by himself and for himself, takes out from His essential joy an accidental joy that makes Him lovingly rejoice with infinite delight, and creates us in His image and likeness in a manner so sublime, that the creature is raised to the sublime dignity of being God’s child and heir of his glory. […]

He made us body and soul, and gave us capabilities with which we could fulfil the demand for possessing, that He placed in our being. […]

Man, by His life of grace, is capable of living the same life that God lives, in intimate communication with the Divine Family, inside the infinite Bosom of the Trinity. […] For, not only has He placed us in His life allowing us to share in His eternal activity, but, also, He created us so that we might participate in the infinite perfections of His being. […]

And God also gave man capabilities to possess all of creation, […] Man, created to give meaning to creation, to be the voice which answers for all of it to the Creator…! […]

And man looked at God, and saw Him so magnificent, so rich, that falling down enthralled, full of reverent respect, in return of thanksgiving and love, adored Him!

But he looked at himself and saw himself as a living reflection of God, an expression of His infinite perfections; he saw himself God by participation, king of creation, ruler, its possessor, happy…

And, oh madness of the creature’s mind vis-à-vis the Creator! he considered himself self-sufficient, like God, and, in a delirium of unimaginable foolishness and madness, turning to his Creator answered Him: I will not submit to your plan!.

Terrible moment…! chilling…! as incomprehensible as it is absurd…! With this monstrous “no,” man had broken God’s plans for him, as Lucifer broke them. “They have broken the covenant at Adam, there they have betrayed me.” (Hos 6: 7).

He turns again to look at God and, oh surprise! he has lost Him…! And, on losing Him, he has become meaningless, without a reason for being. […] And with Him, he has lost everything! And in this way man lost everything and forever, remaining “in darkness and death’s shadow.” […]

But God, full of infinite merciful love, turned again to man who, exiled, wandered without either course or meaning along this pilgrimage. And, moved to compassion, going by close to him, glanced at him; and leaning towards him, spoke to him again, filling his soul with hope through the promise of a New and everlasting Covenant. […]

And through the Word become man –who through the mystery of the Incarnation, and through the hypostatic union of the divine nature and the human nature in His divine Person, united God with man in a compassionate embrace, full of mercy and love–, after the breakage of God’s plan, all things, not only were now created, but restored, through the mystery of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. […]

Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord…! My spirit, reverent, stunned and exceedingly grateful, wants to be a hymn of praise to your glory, that expresses in some way, from the misery of my lowliness, the sublime sublimity of your infinite and coeternal Holiness, which asks us, in the phrase of Jesus: “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect,” and “Be holy, because I am Holy,” (Mt 5, 48; 1 Pt 1, 16) because of the demand for the sublimity of the end we have been created for.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing:
“By the unshakeable faith of Abraham in the promises of God, all generations have been blessed by means of the mystery of the Incarnation, in which and through which “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us», Infinite Reconciler, in and by the fullness of his Priesthood, between the human creature and his Creator”. 
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n.8)


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God creates us looking at Himself in what makes Him be God”, recorded on July 9th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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          The greatest thing in creation, more than time, space or the entire universe, is man, created to be God by participation. (7-1-65)


         With man’s ‘no’ the divine plan was broken; but God’s self-donation became even more generous and God received a greater glory, because His very Son, by becoming one of us, voiced an infinite ‘yes’ to Him, thus infinitely glorifying Him, which is something we could have never been able to do. (9-1-65)


    God created me, not to contemplate Him as a wondrous and overwhelming spectacle, but so that, through my adherence to His eternal plan in an unconditional yes, I might enter into His joy and might live by participation the very life He Himself lives. (23-1-60)


Mother Trinidad with several families, members of The Work of the Church, one day in the country in Navalperal de Pinares (Avila). Year 1988.

Abraham, our father in Faith

What did our father Abraham experience when he was tested? What would the plan of God have been without his response of faith? What value do our physical and spiritual trials convey? What is the meaning of being a descendant of Abraham according to what was promised by God?

The answers to these questions make this theme – which is so important for all, and contains personal experiences – be a very rich explanation that runs across times, dealing with surprising topics and unexpected conclusions.



“By the unshakeable faith of Abraham
in the promises of God,
all generations have been blessed
by means of the mystery of the Incarnation,
in which and through which «The Word became flesh
and made his dwelling among us», Infinite Reconciler,
in and by the fullness of his Priesthood,
between the human creature and his Creator”


How much this morning the very depths of my spirit and the marrow of my soul have shuddered at the reading of the Holy Mass; full of love and holy pride for our Father Abraham, who did not set aside anything for himself, being willing to offer in sacrifice his “only” son, his “first-born,” the son of the great promise made by Yahweh to his soul. […]

And “hoping against all hope,” and relying on the most terrible and hair-raising test of faith that God could have asked in mankind to any mere creature, after the Virgin, he raised his hand courageously, without hesitating, without doubting! to sacrifice, with the soul torn apart, in the hardest, most dramatic and most inconceivable immolation, his own son; who, not only was the son of all his delights, but the heir of the promises of God, repeatedly made to his soul…! knowing and confident, with solid faith and courageous step, that the promises of God are unbreakable, they endure “from age to age,” and never fail to be fulfilled. […]

And, from the consideration of the faithfulness of Abraham, and, as a consequence, of the plans of God in relation to him, and through him upon all humanity, carried out according to the divine mind and His eternal designs; there comes to my memory, in comparison, the disobedience of our First Parents to God’s command, who, filling them with the graces and gifts from on High, made them the Parents of all humanity. […]

The plans of God had been broken, horrifyingly destroying all of His loving designs upon us; being left in a situation so chilling, that, in order to be able to restore us, the Infinite One had to bring forth from His divine power a new manner, so overflowing and plethoric with wisdom and love, as to be capable of repairing infinitely to the God three times Holy, offended by man; lifting the latter up from his prostration in such a way, that his friendship with God would be left restored and capable of possessing Him anew.

And with this purpose, that the Holiness of God offended by the human creature be repaired to, owing to its excellence, to the extent that God’s Holiness so required; and that, as a consequence, the human creature would be left restored, the Only Begotten Son of God became Man.

And by the hypostatic union of His divine nature and His human nature in the person of the Word, being the Supreme and Eternal Priest who unites God with man, in the fullness and by the fullness of His Priesthood and the exercise of that same Priesthood, He made possible, in Himself and by Himself, for the praise of Yahweh’s glory, the infinite reparation to the offended God and the remission of our sins; bringing us back again into the plans of God broken by the “no” of our First Parents, to whom, already in the earthly Paradise, was announced that a Woman would crush the head of the dragon. […]

Full of holy pride, so shocked and imbued with love and joy in the Holy Spirit towards the holy Patriarch, my entire soul burst into praises to God, being grateful to Him for all He had granted us through the unconditional “yes” of the unconquerable faith of our Father Abraham, and of the Most Holy Virgin’s at the announcement of the Angel, praised by Elizabeth: “Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” (Lk 1, 45) […]

Once again, and in a very intense manner, I have experienced that I am a descendant of Abraham, and not only like the gentiles, but rather like the People of Israel, by the words which, full of faith and overcome with hope, I heard in the Tabernacle: “You are my People”; for being the Echo of the Holy Mother Church, the New Zion, that groups together within Her walls men of all the places on earth, according to God’s promises made “to Abraham and to his descendants forever.” […]

Because I am Church, daughter of the New and Heavenly Jerusalem, founded by Christ and entrusted to His Apostles, and for being the bride of “Jesus Christ, and Him crucified”; I am and I experience that I am in all my being a Hebrew, part of the descendants of Abraham according to what Yahweh promised: “My covenant with you is this: you are to become the father of a host of nations. No longer shall you be called Abram; your name shall be Abraham, for I am making you the father of a host of nations. …All the communities of the earth shall find blessing in you.” (Gen 17, 4-5; 12, 3b) Since of the descendants of his race the Promised Messiah would be born, “a Light for revelation to the Gentiles, and glory for your People Israel.”

Therefore, I do not need to become a Hebrew in order to go on God’s behalf seeking the children of Israel, my elder brethren, who are still dispersed, so that they may discover the countenance of Christ in the face of the Church, because I am so by God’s promise made to Abraham, “Father of all the uncircumcised who believe.”

And likewise, because I am the Echo of the Holy Mother Church, God sends me forth as an expression of the canticles of the New and Heavenly Jerusalem, not only to the members of the Church, but also to the children of Israel to manifest to them:

“I am” sends me to you…! to show to you Yahweh’s Anointed, the Promised Messiah, “King of kings and Lord of lords,” Jesus of Nazareth, the descendant of Israel, born of David’s lineage, of a Virgin who would give birth to a son and would name Him “Emmanuel, …God with us”; who, being born in a manger in Bethlehem of Judah, after going about on earth doing good, as the “way and the truth and the life” that leads us to the House of the Father, was crucified, dying on the cross to take away the sins of the world. […]

Restoring us by the mystery of His Incarnation, life, death and resurrection, and bringing us back to a new life, in order to reincorporate us, after the breaking of the plans of God by our First Parents, into the end for which we were created in the image and likeness of God Himself, making us His children, heirs of His glory and partakers of His divine life. […]

Fulfilling in Christ, with Him and in Him all the promises made by God to humanity by means of “Abraham, ‘from age to age,’ ‘and to his descendants forever’.” (Lk 1, 50. 55)

Wherefore it is just, honourable and necessary that we recognize Abraham as Father of all believers, Jews and Gentiles; and breaking into praises, we give glory to the Father, glory to the Holy Spirit and glory to the Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, the One whom He sent, “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world,” (Jn 1, 29.) the one alone capable of opening the book of the seven seals.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing:
“By the unshakeable faith of Abraham in the promises of God, all generations have been blessed by means of the mystery of the Incarnation, in which and through which “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us», Infinite Reconciler, in and by the fullness of his Priesthood, between the human creature and his Creator”. 
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 17)


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Father’s Bosom is open”, recorded on July 19th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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          My Father God so fully wills to say to me, because I am Church, what He is, that He did not send me a Prophet or a Seraphim so that he might say it to me afire in divine love, but He Himself breaks into speech; and His Eternal Utterance, His Word, becomes man and, dwelling amongst us, speaks to us all His hidden secret. (15-9-63)


         Lord, I need to tell You that I love You, giving You what makes me become the greatest thing I am: freedom. If I had no freedom, I would not need to say to You that I love You, because I would necessarily give You the love that You would have given me to love You, according to the degree of that same love; and I would love You, not by my free adherence before Your perfection, but by the lack of freedom to desire any other thing. (9-1-65)


    God is Himself perfect love, and the man who, on knowing Him, possesses Him, loves everybody in the Holy Spirit, without exceptions of race, class or condition; feeling that the Holy Spirit Himself stirs him to make them happy with the possession of the infinite Good and with all that which, for the service of man, God put within creation. (14-12-76)


Painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the native house of Mother Trinidad (Dos Hermanas) Seville.

The Christ of all times

Christ gathers up, by virtue of the perfection of His human nature, the fullness of all times to redeem them, and the Church is the beating heart of Christ embracing all men. Here are the roots of the great marvel of the Liturgy, through which Christ sings to us His proclamation of infinite love and we truly live of Christ, the same way the He truly lives out our life.



“The Liturgy, so rich and so far-reaching,
conveys me to the time of Christ”


God is infinitely perfect, and, by the perfection of his very nature, He has in himself, been, possessed and finished, all that He is and all that He lives in the comprising of his eternity. […]

Time is the possibility that God has given to the creature to perform a thing and to carry it out to its end. And when the perfection of him who performs it or his capacity to perform it is greater, he needs less time to complete it. […]

Christ, in all that He lives and does, is the most perfect image, as a creature, of the infinite Perfection. For this reason He is capable of containing in himself, and at the very instant of the Incarnation, the whole plan of God regarding the creatures, finished and embraced, although, for the manifestation of that plan and for our perception thereof, He made use of time.

“The mystery of his will is to sum up all things in Christ.” “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end”.

When He wanted to manifest to us his eternal love, He became the Way and, teaching us his Truth, guides us palpably to the Life. And for this He chose the time that He believed necessary so that our capacity might be able to comprehend the plan of his infinite mercy pouring itself down on us.

Making use of time, He delivered himself to us in Bethlehem as a palpable expression of his love, He taught us by his example and his word, died on the cross and rose from the dead, manifesting to us also that He was the Resurrection and the Life that brought us to the Father’s Bosom. […]

At the instant of the Incarnation, Christ’s soul, because of the greatness of his perfection, was able to live, contain and embrace, in the savourable or painful experience of his being, all his priestly posture of the reception of the Infinite One and of the response in return to the Infinite One himself; of a Receiver of God’s donation to all men, and of a Compiler of all of them in himself, being the Response of all creation to the eternal Holiness. […]

And, in the Sacrifice of the altar, the whole mystery of Christ in his life, death and resurrection is given to us, we are also enabled to live that Sacrifice together with Christ, through Him and in Him, for the Father’s glory and the good of all men, the real presence of the Incarnate Word being perpetuated for us in the Eucharist, with all that He is, lives and manifests. […]

Time, as we said at the beginning, is the means which we make use of to obtain something; when what we want to bring about is completed in the perfecting of all that it is, it shows itself or takes place in the consummation of its perfection.

In this way Christ’s mystery, with its whole reality, stays in the Church, finished in its infinite perfection, and is shown and communicated to men in the time or circumstance which each one of us, brought into the bosom of the Church herself, needs to live and to possess it.

The Church is a precious amphora replete with Divinity, which contains all of God’s mystery in himself and all of God’s mystery regarding us, which, lived and communicated by Christ, becomes a reality for us through our being grafted onto Him, in all and in each one of the moments of our life. […]

Christ lived with me and I live on Him. Let us take away the centuries that separate his life from mine, and there remains only his union with me and my being grafted onto Him; and, become one thing in the love of the Holy Spirit, He gives himself to me such as He is in his time and in mine, and I give myself to Him also in his time and in mine with everything that I am. […]

Jesus is the embracement of all times in a diversity of circumstances; and as the Apostles saw Him suffer bloodily, despite his being the Father’s Glory, we see Him now gloriously enjoy, being the immolated Victim. But He is one same Christ, who, embracing all times with all their circumstances, makes himself present or evident in one way or another to us, containing in himself his whole most rich reality. […]

Faith is above time; and the Liturgy, overcoming and embracing all circumstances, is so rich and extensive, that it does not only transfer Christ to my time, but also transfers me to his; wherefore the Eucharist is a living expression of the Timeless One, as a manifestation of eternal love to men. […]

Jesus, in the tabernacle, is the Father’s Christ who contains in himself Heaven and earth, the divine and the human, life and even death, joy and pain; and that He is to me as it is so in the most rich and splendorous manner, magnificent and splendid that He has due to the tight perfection of his being’s fullness, “the fullness of the one who fills all things in every way.”. […]

When Christ unites me to Him in his time through the mystery of the Incarnation, and unites himself to me in mine through baptism, being grafted onto Him, I become a member of his Body, of which He is the Head; and the impediments of time disappear, through the life of grace, so that I may live the reality of the Supreme and Eternal Priest in the plenitude of all that He is, lives and manifests.

Furthermore. When I am conscious of my reality, I feel in me the pains of Christ that crucify me, the desertion at his Gethsemane, his life becoming my life; wherefore his feelings, his desires, his needs and even his glories, pass by participation to the marrow of my heart, being able to say with Saint Paul: “Yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me.” He lives in me and I in Him. That is why, his glory is my glory, his sorrow my dying, and, impregnated with the Church’s palpitation, that, in the sum of all her members, is Christ’s mystical Body, I need to be eucharist, thanksgiving, adoration to God, donation to all men to be eaten by all, hungering to be everything to everybody and that we may all be one in the charity of the Holy Spirit himself. […]

Son of my soul-Church, listen to my heart’s moan: enter into the profound depth of Christ’s chest, receive the palpitation of his painful Gethsemane disregarding time and the circumstances that surround you. Because to the Christian, to the extent of his capacity, neither time nor distance exist, being, with Christ, universal, in the image and reflection of the perfection of God who manifests the attribute of the eternity in Christ, and who, through Him and in Him, makes it have repercussion on all his members.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “The Christ of all times”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 4


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The divine Mercy, in spite of our “no,” invented, within his wondrous power, the infinite way to bring us definitively unto Eternity”, recorded on November 23th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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          Christ availed Himself of thirty-three years to manifest to us the dense reality that He contained regarding His love, self-giving, teaching, victimhood... in His need to glorify the Father and to give Himself up to men. And in order to come forth to our own time He availed Himself of the Church, and when She grafts us onto Him, through the Liturgy, makes us live, through faith, hope and charity, the overflowing reality of the infinite Word incarnate, in His being and in His workings. (15-9-74)


         How much I like to see God in the dense containment of His perfection, in His being Himself the Eternal Being! And how much I like to see Him in the infinite diversity of His attributes, being Himself so in the eternal act of His simplest perfection and possession...! (27-9-74)


    Each one of the actions of Christ’s life mysteriously contains the rest of them; and the Sacrifice of the Altar is the way that He brought forth, in His infinite Wisdom, to perpetuate His whole life among us. (9-1-67)


Liturgic celebration in the Parish of Los Doce Apóstoles (Madrid), entrusted to The Work of The Church

The Face of the Church

The luminous manifestation of God throughout the Christmas season, culminating in the Epiphany, is gathered up and shines forth in the face of the Church, so unknown by many, so disfigured by our sins and so captivating for he who discovers it.

Yet, it is not enough to contemplate; one has to listen to this song of love to the Church in order to remain enthralled by the beauty of Her face. It is God Himself in His Trinity of persons, the One leaning out through the face of the Church so that all His children can see Him.


“My song of love to the Church”


My Church, how beautiful you are…! You are all beautiful, Daughter of Jerusalem. […]

You are «army in battle» (Song 6, 4), queen with your queenship received from God’s same being, strong as the very fortitude of the «Lyon of Judah».

Oh, my Church!, all beautiful, bedecked with the Divinity Itself that penetrates you, saturates you, ennobles you, extolling you with such fruitfulness, that you, my Church, are the very same Word Incarnate that comes out from the Father’s bosom breaking into Word and burning Himself in the Holy Spirit. That is your royal Head, my Church! […]

In this way the Father loved his Church! There is nothing though infinite, mysterious and perfect it may be, that the Father, wanting to reveal it to us, has not told my Church. He wanted to tell her everything, and for that, He gave her his Word. […]

How marvellous is God! So much, that he gives us his Only Begotten Son to show us the love that He has for us, and, in an excess of that same love, He gives Him to us defenceless in the cross, singing to us, in his bloody canticle of Divinity, the heart of the Infinite. […]

My holy Church is the Trinity on earth in divine and human expression.

I am God’s daughter, sharer of the divine life, God by participation, heir of the trinitarian life of the Infinite one. And all because my One Trinity, burned in the fire of the Holy Spirit, poured Itself over my Church, so that she, with infinite sovereignty, would give me all that man by himself could never dream of, nor possess. […]

A royal cloak of blood shrouds my Mother Church; a royal cloak that her Bridegroom, Christ Jesus, on the wedding day placed on her, since, driven crazy of love for her, gave her as a gift all his divine blood with which she could forgive, penetrate and divinize all of her children. […]

How beautiful is my Mother Church! In her is contained, hidden in the white Host, the very infinite Word, expressing in every tabernacle on earth, in an incomprehensible silence, the eternal love that to my mother Church had her divine Bridegroom, who, willing to remain with her until the end of time, hides Himself under the appearance of a small piece of bread, so that she can give as food and drink to all her children the same eternal Word that she has in her bosom: «Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him. Just as the living Father sent me and I have life because of the Father, so also the one who feeds on me will have life because of me» (Jn 6, 55-57).

The Church is the Incarnate Word, with his most holy Mother, with all the apostles, the martyrs, the virgins, the saints…

My Church, you in your bosom have all the attributes and perfections of God’s being, who in infinity of nuances, pours yourself over you adorning you and beautifying you with his very beauty, being yourself like the Woman clothed with the sun of the Apocalypse. […]

You, with Christ and through Christ, are Mother of all souls. […] I see, in the bosom of this Holy Mother of mine, opened caverns, not healed, bleeding, awaiting to be filled with the return of children, who, when they departed, left her wounded, tearing her loving inner being. […]

Unity!, the Word is crying out in the bosom of the Father and in the bosom of his Church through Peter, to whom He Himself said when instituting her: «You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church.» (Mt 16, 18a) […] And this Peter, who is the Holy Father, is crying out from God’s bosom with the Word: Unity of all the little sheep and of all the shepherds in his Sheepfold…!  […]

You have other children who, living within your own bosom, are wandering deads, floating corpses, who deeply injure your maternal inner being, and are, Mother of mine, those who, being your children through baptism and faith, live in mortal sin. […]

All you catholics, listen to the voice of your Holy Mother Church who calls you to identify closely with her, to live on her divine life.

[…] All you consecrated souls, priests of Christ, who, anointed by the smoothest oil, symbol of the Divinity, as the oil which, anointing Aaron’s head slid down his face overflowing to the edge of his vestments, you have to be very smooth oil that, in overabundance of your priestly anointment, you may give to all souls this life which Christ came to bring to us, as He said: «I came so that they might have life and have it abundantly» (Jn 10, 10); «And this is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ» (Jn 17, 3). […]

Do we know, priests of Christ, all you consecrated souls, living and life-giving members of the New People of God through our insertion in Christ, that it is we, through our selfgiving life, of self-denial, of self-forgetfulness, and especially through our life of prayer, who have to enter, living more intimately our being Church, in a profound intimacy with Him our Father whom Jesus Christ came to manifest to us, and pull out the deep thorn that drilled his soul when, through the Gospel, painfully complains crying out: «You do not know me, nor do you know my Father» (Jn 8, 19), «Righteous Father, the world has not known you!»; «He came to what was his own, but his own people did not accept Him»? (Jn 17, 25; Jn 1, 11).

But, how will you be able to achieve this, if, by your scarce life of prayer, you do not know of intimacy with the divine Friend, who is always waiting for you? Beloved soul, if at least you would listen to Him, would love Him and would know how to receive Him…! […]

Push forward!, for we, united to your visible Head, will sing the eternal joy of your Mother’s bosom, entering through you in the bosom of God our Father, and in Him we will live by Christ Jesus, who, through Mary, sang to us his love and yours in your maternal arms; and burning all souls in the fire of the Holy Spirit, we will cry out Unity!, living in order to form «one only Flock and one only Shepherd» (Jn 10, 16).

My Church!, how beautiful you are…!, how much I love you!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “The Face of the Church”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 1


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Priestly Church”, recorded on September 6th, 1988 (press PLAY):


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          I am Church, and, therefore, I love God and I seek all men to fill their souls with true justice and love. (17-12-76)


         Let us imagine at one side the Trinity living Its life; at the other side mankind; Mary in the midst. One of the three divine Persons –the Word– comes to the womb of the Virgin and unites Himself with a humanity, bringing with Him the Father and the Holy Spirit. This humanity grafts onto itself, mysteriously, all men. And thus, in the Mother of God, begins the realisation of the great mystery of the Church. (12-1-67)


    My mission is to sing, to sing...! to sing the richness of my Church! I have no time or space in my spirit for anything else. (2-6-65)


Mother Trinidad in 1969. In the background, the Apostolate House of The Work of the Church in Pinar de las Rozas (Madrid)