Soul of mine, look not at yourself…!

After having lived and contemplated the Trinitarian mystery, God delights in expressing to souls their greatness and their eternal destiny. It is not in accordance to what God asks from us to take delight in ourselves or in the gifts He grants.

The theme “soul of mine, look not at yourself” constitutes the seal that the Lord has willed to place upon the soul to guarantee the profound humility before the wonders that the Most High performs in the spirit, in order to help the Church.



Filled, inundated and taken over by the holy fear of God…”


On the 24th day of January, 1960, during one of my times of prayer […], suddenly, in one moment, full of expectant surprise, I began to sense, to penetrate and to grasp the greatness of God’s Angels, created with a most perfect nature to partake of Him in a very deep and very elevated manner; being raised to so high an exaltation to –exceeded and enthralled by the beauty of His Face, collapsed from love– adore Him in recognition of profound reverence, intoning canticles of praise to the infinite and coeternal Holiness of God.

And, suddenly! before my spiritual gaze appeared an Angel who, excelling among all in his beauty by the capacity for participation in God to which he was being lifted by God Himself in a glorious ascent to posses Him, was called “Beautiful Light,” received from the Infinite Light that over him so luminously was pouring forth from the infinite and torrential Springs of the Divinity.

Who […], before the expectation of my soul full of surprise and admiration, soared… soared… soared! above the other Angels, in the participation in the divine life, up to an unimaginable height, as though in an ascent of predilection on the part of God.

So that my soul contemplated him full of respect for that ascent in which he was being lifted in a swift launching of such a lofty elevation, that I saw him ascend, exalted above the other Angels, towards the possession, in participation, in God Himself; being this one so splendorous and so high, that there was no light like his light received from the divine Sun.

That is why that creature was called “Beautiful Light” full of the glares of the Eternal Sun. […]

And he possessed God so much, so much! that, when seeing himself so beautiful, so exalted and raised by God Himself; in one act of disordered self-complacency, becoming arrogant when seeing himself so beautiful, all his angelical being, in a madness of incomprehensible and hair-raising foolishness, he exclaimed: ”Who like me…?!”

And, turning blatantly towards the Infinite Creator who had poured Himself forth so much over him, he said: “I will not serve You.”

For which my soul, overawed by all it was seeing and grasping due to the cry of rebellion of such a Beautiful Light; full of terror, suddenly! contemplated that, in the face of the unimaginable and inconceivable foolishness of that: “who like me?!” “I will not serve You”; at that very instant, that so exalted a being, loosing all his beauty and becoming so monstrously darkened and blackened, fell from the height to which he had been lifted, with the speed of lighting and as though in a shrieklike cry of agonic despair, into a very deep and unfathomable Abyss, of terrible and hair-raising blackness; which opened at the same instant owing to that creature’s rebellion against its Creator who lifted him, in a loving outpouring of His power and goodness, above the rest of the other Angels to so much participation in the divine life itself.

Overcome by terror and fright, and all shaken up, I saw him disappear, full of desperation, with the speed of lightning in that deep depth of the crater of that open volcano which swallowed the blackened Light, that had been so Beautiful, in the depths of its tenebrosity; whereas Lucifer, turned into a horrifying devil, in an indescribable bitterness of eternal desperation, disappeared in that Abyss opened for him and for those who, like him, so wildly and foolishly said to God: “I will not serve You,” being separated forever from the possession of the Infinite Good –with which they would have filled all the capacities that God placed in their being for possessing Him in the most blissful joy of the happiness of the Blessed–; living in the desperation of one who has lost everything and forever! because of the creature’s rebellion against the Creator. […]

And when my spirit found itself overcome with horror and fright, all trembling and distressed on account of all it had contemplated, of Lucifer’s plunge into the Abyss which was created at that instant as a consequence of the “no” of the creature in rebellion against its Creator; full of surprise and overcome by fear! I began to see that my soul was being raised by God and led along the same path whereby I had seen Lucifer rise in participation in God, and from which I saw him fall for his arrogance, when rebelling against the Infinite Excellence of the God thrice Holy in his: “Who like me?!” “I will not serve You”…!

And terrified, horrified and shaking…! it saw myself go up… and up… and up… along the same path and in the same manner! in a transformation into God, to the participation in His divine life.

And when I attained to the degree of participation in God to which He had determined to raise me, there was engraved in the innermost depth of my spirit –leaving me overawed by terror– like a phrase without words, that was and has stayed inscribed and sealed as though branded for the rest of my life into the deepest marrow of my being: “This I wish to do to you. But look not at yourself, because, if you do, the same way he fell, so would you.”

Understanding, in penetration and terrified understanding, that if I looked at myself become haughty and disorderly in complacency, I could fall into Lucifer’s foolishness, blinded by my madness, and I would come to the situation to which he came with all its consequences. […]

That is why my soul has been left penetrated, overcome and swept over during my whole life by a holy fear of God, that makes me re peat from the deepest and from the most intimate part of my heart: “Soul of mine, look not at yourself either for good or for bad. Because, if you look at yourself, as Lucifer fell, so could you fall.” […]

Wherefore I live sighing, eager, in my tireless and insatiable search for giving glory to God and life to the souls, for the eternal Day when we will contemplate God without being able to offend Him or being able to lose Him forever. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “SOUL OF MINE, LOOK NOT AT YOURSELF…!”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 13)


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “I have seen the Abyss being opened”, recorded on February 5th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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          He-Who-Is creates creatures so that they may be of Himself, and He creates them with an “I” able to submit to Him or not; and they, from time to time, on recognising themselves as so beautiful, say: “I am; I do not want to depend on You.” In the confusion of their mind, they lose their reason for being. And, on straying from God and living without Him, they expose themselves to face eternal disgrace. (15-9-66)


        Is it opportune for you to think that the Abyss of the open volcano where those who separate themselves from God fall does not exist so you may live as if it did not exist, under the slavery of your own concupiscence? What will you do when, upon discovering that you were wrong, you are no longer in time? (1-10-72)


    My God, how horrible envy is! It is the cause for great evils, because envy is the bitterest fruit of pride. It is the cry of “me alone!” obtained by all means. (21-1-65)


To pray is to love

Whoever is successful in the path of one’s life of prayer, runs forth towards a personal encounter with God. This week’s text transmits the eagerness and the desire for one to seek God and to find Him as He is: alive and palpitating. The description is so clear, simple and convincing that it places the soul in a need for effective and true prayer.

To pray with faith is the guarantee to obtain from the heart of God our Father what He has already prepared and has wanted to grant us while He waits for our request.


Chapel of the apostolic house of The Work of the Church, of San Pedro Apostol, in Rome


“When you pray, say: Our Father”

God lives the unfathomable and transcendent mystery of His trinitarian life in the tight plenitude of His infinite perfection; being and having in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in His encompassed and coeternal act of life, all that He infinitely might desire, be and possess; not needing anything outside of Himself in order to be and to have all that He is and all that He has, because He is, in infinitude, all that He infinitely can be; and He is so, in His coeternal perfection of being so, by infinite infinitude of perfections and attributes, and has all He can have; being able to be and to have everything in encompassed, divine, eternal and infinite subsistence notwithstanding.

Man is what God has willed him to be, and has all that God gratuitously has willed to give him. God willed to create him in His image and likeness so that he might be the expression in reverberation of His infinite perfection, and so that he might possess Him by grace, participating in His same divine nature. […]

It was God’s plan to take us to Him, when He created us in His image and likeness; it is God’s plan to incorporate us into Him by means of the Redemption; and it is God’s plan –that He voluntarily respects– that His infinite self- giving be received with and through our collaboration; and that is why He gives Himself to us unconditionally, but we receive Him to the extent in which we open ourselves to His infinite and eternal self-giving. […]

How much God has prepared for us, and, sometimes, how little we receive, for not knowing how or not wanting to prepare ourselves for the passing of His eternal love…! […]

“Whatever you ask the Father in my name he may give you.” (Jn 15, 16)  All! Giving such power to our prayer, that, through Christ, in Him and with Him, under the might and the impulse of the Holy Spirit, we are all-powerful before the Father. […]

What a spring of graces, of gifts, of fruits and of supernatural riches the Father has contained in the volcano of His open bosom, expecting of our simple, warm and familial prayer, to pour Himself forth in fruits of eternal life…!

How great, how omnipotent, how powerful is a man praying in priestly posture at the foot of the Tabernacle…! So much so that, before him, Heaven opens up to do its utmost for the sake of humanity.

This is the mystery of the Eucharist: the loving and unconditional wait of the Infinite Love seeking the simple hearts to hand Himself over to them totally. […]

At the foot of the Tabernacle it is where one learns to be what we have to be and to do what we have to do. Before the doors of the tabernacle, “the sumptuous Gates of Eternity,” where the living God hides, “Light from Light and Figure of the substance of the Father.” (Cfr. Heb 1, 3)  arises the vocation to virginity, to the priesthood; the missionary life blooms and our heart fills up with impulse, with light our understanding, with love our will and with strength our acting, to carry out the divine plans with happiness and certainty.

That is why, when man loses his contact with God, sole purpose for which he was created, the darkness of the night shrouds him, he quits being what he has to be, and, acting accordingly, does what he must not do, or as he does not have to do; then, vocations do not arise, the missionary life languishes, humanism seizes the hearts, confusionism invades us and the concupiscences carry us away and enslave us. […]

The Love is full of eternal mercies, burning in infinite longings to pour Himself down in torrents of loving light over humanity; but He waits for the simple tendency of our lives towards Him, the clamorous petition of our prayers in order to do His utmost to grant us all that, in the name of Jesus, we ask Him. “And we have this confidence in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” (1 Jn 5, 14)  […]

“Lord, teach us to pray…” (Lk 11, 1 ss)
Whereat, Jesus, turning His gazes up to the Infinite One, exclaimed:

“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name” and glorified, so that this may be fulfilled above all and despite everything.

“Thy Kingdom come,” so that we may fit in with God’s eternal designs, living here in faith and afterwards in light in His Kingdom and on His Kingdom.

“And Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” This is the essential and the main thing that Christ willed to manifest to us, teaching us to pray to the Heavenly Father, for the perfect fitting in with God’s plan. And as a result of all that:

“Give us our daily bread ” for the sustenance of our lives in this journey.

And “forgive us our trespasses,” , on condition that we “forgive those who trespass against us”; loving one another, according to the words of Jesus, “as I love you” (Jn 15, 12) ; since “there is no greater sign of love than to lay down one’s life for the beloved person.” (Cfr. Jn 15, 13)

And finally: “Lead us not into temptation,” being ready to lose one’s life, should it be necessary, rather than to offend God.

“Deliver us from the Evil One,” who prowls around “like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”  (Pe 5, 8) by the temptations of the world, through the concupiscences of the flesh.

And finally, all united in the love of the Holy Spirit, let us be one as the Father and the Son are one, let the world know how we love one another, and let God be glorified therein. […]

Child of God, heir to His glory, partaker of the divine life, I do not know how to express to you, tell you and engrave on your soul how you are to pray. […]

God asks us to enter into the interior of our house, “in the inner room” where He alone dwells; “to lock the door,” and there, in profound silence, to be with our “Father who dwells in the secret” and who seeks the solitude and the silence to communicate Himself.

“But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.” (Mt 6, 6)   […]

To pray, as I have often told you, my son, is not to make life difficult for yourself seeking ways and manners to commune with the Infinite Love. To pray is to go and come into contact as you can with your Father God. […]

That is why, prayer sometimes will be to speak with Jesus in the tabernacle; at other times, to listen to Him; at still others, to look at Him and to feel yourself looked at; to repose on the chest of the Friend and to make Him repose; to say yes to Him in a total dedication to His eternal love; to adore in loving prostration; to abandon yourself to His Fatherly arms; to sit on His knees so that He may tell you His secret; to lean your head, like Saint John, on the chest of the Divine Teacher; to listen to Him on your knees like the Magdalene; to look at Him spellbound, like the little ones; or to remain in silence, in smooth, silent and peaceful savouring of love. […]

How great is a man when he prays…! So much so, that he becomes powerful and almighty with the power of God, being able to live and to be by participation, what God is and lives by nature in the company of his being Himself Family.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “To pray is to love. Prayer is all-powerfull to the child of God who, sitting on His knees, with Christ, through Him, and in Him, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, calls God: Father”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 16)


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Accompanying Jesus in the Eucharist, and living with God in the soul”, recorded on March 11th, 1995 (press PLAY):


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          The Lord needs to communicate His secret to us, to tell us His life, to sing us His infinite love, and that is why He wants us to be with Him, listening to Him and giving Him our love; thus He will do His work in us and, through us, in souls; but do not forget it is not you, it is He Who will do it. (1-2-64)


        God can do everything by Himself, without needing us for anything; yet, as of the moment when he willed to associate us to Him, He made many things depend on the way we are and we act and, what is more, on the petition of our prayer. (6-12-73)


    For me, to pray is to be with the Lord listening to Him, resting, adoring Him, asking Him, most of the time consoling Him, surrendering myself... And when it seems that I cannot do anything because of dryness, then I am with Him as I can be, so that He may enjoy having me in His presence in the way He wishes me to be. (10-8-73)


Corpus Christi Procession, organized in one of the summer camps that the Work of the Church organizes every year, for children and young people

Life’s journey

The power of the images with which the Lord communicates Himself, and the impact that such communications impress on the soul, strongly characterized the messages and the manner to communicate them.

To avoid souls losing God everything seems insufficient to her, and this is why she tirelessly seeks the adequate ways for the beauty of the Church to be known, for God to be glorified and for souls to discover “the path of life” in all its transcendence and drama.



“They were falling into the Abyss…!”


What a mystery before the majestic discovery which the light of faith, full of hope and charity, received in Baptism through the life of grace, opens to my distressed heart…! What a dazzle of truth, plenitude and life…! What a communication of love and pouring forth…! What impulses of hope in swift soaring towards the encounter with the beyond…! […]

I know God, I understand His mysteries, I penetrate into His thought, I uncover His plan, I know His way of being and doing, and I feel worn out by the confusion and the desolation that, in dread of darkness, shroud the Church… […]

What does it matter to those who have not discovered the luminous thoughts of God…?! What does it matter that the Church shroud Her weeping amid sobs, if those who are not Church, with a furious and sarcastic guffaw at an apparent triumph that today is and tomorrow will sink into the hair-raising failure of death and desperation, go about hastily in the baneful task of Her destruction…?! […]

Today my being is sunken, and on the move as though lost, collapsed and terrified, along the hasty way of the encounter with the Father…

Yes… the way…!! My soul has surprised, in one moment, with the speed of a flash of lightning, penetrated by the light of the divine thought, a path that crossed before me: The path that leads all men to the blissful term of the light, of the peace and of love… […]

The exile is the way that leads us to Eternity. God, in His eternal plan, created us for Him, solely and exclusively for Him! so that, possessing Him, we might enter into His life, we might live on His happiness in the possession of His infinite joy, in the most blissful participation in His plenitude. And, with the affection and tenderness of a Father, He placed us on life’s journey, through which all, without interruption, would go to Him. […]

This is the real sense of life’s journey that God determined for each and everyone of us; but sin, rebellion, the “I will not serve You” of our first Parents in the earthly Paradise, stood in the way and brought about a “gap” in the term of our journey, between Heaven and earth, between the creature and the Creator, between life and death; where the Abyss lies, hair-raising consequence of the “I will not serve You” of Lucifer. An Abyss so unfathomable, so deep, and so insurmountable between earth and Heaven, which made it impossible for all men to introduce themselves gracefully, at the end of their pilgrimage along life’s journey, into the sumptuous and glorious mansions of Eternity. […]

But God, in His eternal wisdom, full of tenderness and compassion, wanted to establish again His friendship with men. The Infinite Love felt impelled in merciful compassion towards fallen man, in such a way that the Father sent His Only Begotten Son who, in and by the plenitude of His Priesthood, suspended over the Abyss, between God and men, extended His arms and, by the exercise of the plenitude of His Priesthood, letting out a heartrending cry of love and mercy, hanging between Heaven and earth, He exclaimed: “Come to Me, for I will introduce you into the Kingdom of Love”; not before opening wide again with the fruit of His bloody passion and His glorious resurrection, with His five wounds, the wide Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. […]

What is life…? A twinklingof an eye in the vertiginous race towards Eternity. […]

Only one meaning have I seen to the life of man: to run gracefully towards the goal in order to meet in the end with Christ and This One crucified and glorious by the triumph of His resurrection, and to be introduced by Him into the joy of the Father. […]

When arriving at that border, towards which vertiginously we go hastily, at the end of life –O surprise full of astonishment!– I discovered that some stopped suddenly: they are those who still are in time to reflect, those who, at the end of their journey in their vertiginous race, have discovered a flash of light.

Others, O horror!, in their vertiginous race, in their wild obstinacy, in their unconscientious wandering, fall into the Abyss –which was opened for Lucifer and his followers for their rebellion of “I will not serve You”– with the speed and shaking of a flash of lightning, disappearing in the chilling depths of the hollows of the open volcano, full of terrible howls out of the eternal desperation from knowing that they have fallen there without being able to stop, either to go back or to return, and forever!

And how they fell…! They fell…! They fell…! among anguished howls of death and of unimaginable desperation in that bottomless darkness… in that unfathomable Abyss, at which my soul, swift and terrified, tried to look; but could not see the end thereto, on account of its tenebrous and profound darkness…

They were falling into the Abyss…!

Whereas those who went with their gaze set on God, those who ran looking for the certain and safe path of the divine will coming to the frontiers of the Abyss, crossed it under the shade of the Omnipotent and the breeze of His proximity, passing in lordly manner, as in flight, over the unfathomable Abyss which, lying in the way to the life’s journey, separates us from the Light… […]

And this Abyss one has to cross it flying, with eagle wings that may ensure us a safe crossing to the mansion of Love… […]

How clearly I contemplated, grasping it under the luminaries of the suns of the divine thought, that the Abyss is hell where foolish men fall at the end of their vertiginous race, for saying “no” to God in their cry of rebellion in inconceivable impudence against the Creator!

The eagle wings are the supernatural outlook, the search for God, the fitting into His plan, and charity, the Sacraments, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, that make us move through earth as though flying without getting dirty in its mud; enabling us to run above the created things, with burning eyes, capable of discovering the eternal wisdom. Because the wisdom of God in the soul that possesses it, is like lighted flames, like arrows driven by love and like a sharpened arrow that lodging into the innermost depth of the being, penetrates the whole life of man, revealing to him the truth about the divine plan and providing him with the strength he needs to follow Him to the end. […]

We all race at the same speed, although not all will come to the same end, even though the end that God willed for all of us is the same; but only those can attain to it who, living on the supernatural through the life of grace and under the impetus of the Holy Spirit, have wings, and wings of golden eagles, that make them capable of crossing over the unfathomable Abyss that exists between life and death, between earth and Heaven. […]

How short is the way…! What a speed that of its wayfarers…! What a foolishness that of the immense majority of those that walk through it…!

Beloved soul, open your wings and widen the spirit, because God is close…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Life’s journey”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 13

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “My sixtieth birthday”, recorded on February 10th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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          God wants you to totally fulfil the mission He has commissioned your soul, and to the extent that you do so, you will fulfil your being Church and you will be Christ; yet you will only achieve this through a deep and true spirit of abnegation that will make you die to all earthily things to live only from Him, for Him and for souls. (6-1-64)


         Our first parents had it all and, in the possibility God gave them of adhering to Him with love or reject Him, they said “no” to Him. (9-1-65)


    Terror…! What a bottomless Abyss that of condemnation…! He who falls into it will never be able to get out of the deep depths of the crevices of its bosom! (1-10-72)


Echo of the Church

Many times, more than one shepherd of the Holy Church has asked: “Why is Mother Trinidad always sick? Why does she have to suffer so much? Why next to her magnificent song of Church, she carries along a so hard, silent, and apparently failed existence?

And for all who ask, the answer remains always the same: “Mother Trinidad echoes with her life and her existence the situation of the Church, because she is the ‘Echo of the Church.’ ”



“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!”


God has become inside my chest deep moans of a request. Secret is his speech and tender his accent, but it is piercing as a sharp iron, wounding my innermost being in the slow cautery of an immolation!

His requests are hidden words, disclosures of his thoughts and of the immense plan of Redemption… His tender cauteries are wisdom, which fill the depth of my open bosom, in tender colloquies that are a request. […]

The voice of the Eternal is Word sweet and in tender colloquies; but the wisdom of his Explanation is so sharp! that today, because of the utter dryness of his springs, my innermost being burns with the immense fire of God’s power.

He asks in silence with a sharp clamour, with deep cauteries, like a volcano opened by the wounded jealous zeal of his heart. […]

I would like to break the chains that press on my soul; to give freedom to the burning word which, in cauteries of fire, I hold inside my being…

I would like, if I could! to break into songs that are screams of the request of the immense Love; deep screams in clamours of fire, that would express the torturing bitterness of my heart lacerated by the overwhelming request of the immense Power…

“Woe to him who falls into the hands of the living God,” (Heb 10, 31) and is chosen to proclaim the immense ardors of his requests…!

Woe to him who receives the overwhelming, infinite and eternal impulse, of the lighted flame of Yahweh’s Mouth, and perceives eternal words as a communication of a Friend… and is chosen to be the receiver on earth of the mysteries of the Eternal One…!

Woe to him who discovers the mysteries of the Immense, and is sent by the infinite Power to communicate them, as a manifestation of the singing Song of the Word among men…!

Woe to him who keeps tight in his chest the secrets of the Love…! Woe to him who, on account of the fullness of He who Is, of He who Is by himself of himself the eternal Being, feels utterly moved, overcome, translimited and unable to contain the unfathomable fullness of the Immense in his tiny heart…!

Woe to him…! Woe to him…! […]

If I could spell out, or at least let be revealed, the martyrdoms of my silence on account of the constant request of the Love, that impels me with eternal power to launch my song of living and palpitating Church, to break out into utterances, to describe, to manifest the secrets of the eternal Wisdom, communicated day after day, years after years, to the palpitating “Echo” of his bleeding song…!

But no…! Because I do not have words to reveal my volcanoes… because I do not find the way to break with my silences… because I do not come upon the open hearts that I need in order to entrust to them the bleeding message of my mission… […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Year 2010

And for that reason, perhaps, I may find myself more misunderstood, walk more lonely, more exiled; experience myself more immolated and more hidden, with more yearnings for eternity due to the clamorous request of the eternal Love, that turns inside my being into a torture of silence, of scorn on the part of those who are not He, and of expectation… […]

But, when God passes by and I feel Him in kiss, in sweet caresses and in tender colloquies; all my sorrows are impregnated with the clarities of a premonition…

His passing by in my bosom are sweet premonitions, that speak to me of glory, that speak to me of heaven, leaving me full of immense joys! […]

For that reason, in contrasts, I wander in my exile, living the ways that Love imprints inside my chest.

Ways that are life, even though they may be death or heaven to me… Ways so different! ways so diverse, which is Christ glorious and is Christ dying, in the realities of his eternal plan…!

And so, in my ways, I am manifesting, because I am the “Echo,” the deep sorrows of my Church, of Christ dying, and the clarities of his immense triumph…

I am “Echo of the Church!” and for that reason I hold, in the burning dryness of my ardent yearning, voices of the living God, clamours of hell, martyrdoms of death and glories of heaven. […]

I am “Echo” of the Church…! What mystery I hold inside of me…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “Echo of the Church”. 
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 4)


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Plan of God, manifested by the “Echo” of His Church, calling out for souls, to fulfil the mission that God has entrusted me of helping the Church in Her essential mission, for being the smallest and helpless
of the daughters of the Church”
, recorded on November 16th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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          When I cannot say what God is, it’s not because He is difficult, but because they way I grasp Him is so complicated and poor, that I am not able to express the infinite Simplicity. (29-6-70)


         I see that what I conceive of God is so clear, so simple, so joyful, that I am happy; but when I am to expose it, it’s then that the complication comes in; because, how to say the Word in His infinity of ways of being with our limited, poor and inexpressive words, which can only express by parts and using time, the one Who is not subject to time nor has any parts? (18-8-73)


    Lord, when I love You, all seems nothing to me, when faced with the terrible need that consumes me for making You known in the bosom of the Church. (11-5-61)


Native house of Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Dos Hermanas (Seville)