I want the Being…!

Our tiredness of life, the sorrows of our existence; the lack of satisfaction for not finding what we need… all this makes the soul cry out: I want the Being…! And this cry doesn’t mean our will to be detached from people, but our will to find God.

Life without possessing God is a continuous anguish and torture, and this grief cannot be easily soothed by anything except God. This is why when we do not possess God it seems that we live immersed in a lethargic life.



“I want God alone, without further ado…!”


I want the Being…! I want God alone, without further ado… because all that He is not, deeply tortures me…!

I need to get into the profound depth of the Eternal Affluent, where, bursts in the inexhaustible Waterfall of the infinite Wisdom into gushes of being… […]

I am tired of the earth with its creatures, with its concepts, with its emptiness of God, with the incomprehension that it contains in itself as a consequence of sin; this is why the mutual understanding between men and me becomes so difficult…[…]

I feel pierced by the secret of silence, by the lack of understanding of those who together with me walk vertiginously, many perhaps without knowing it, towards the end of this life; which, by falling into God’s will, leads us to the most happy joy of Eternity, or, in our mad race, can bring us to lose it forever into the abyss owing to our pulling out of the plans of He who Is, who created us with immense capacities for happiness in order to satiate them in the possession of His infinite joy, in the domestic intimacy of His Divine Family…[…]

My thirsty spirit moans for the Eternal Living One, in the free comprehension of His mind, without earthly concepts, without created words to express Him. I want to love Him with the Holy Spirit, but not among shadows, but in the luminous light of His infinite pupils…

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. 1969

[…] To know not how to express my feelings tortures me… for having to avail myself of phrases and concepts that do not decipher all that I need to say…
I want the Being…! the Being…! And I want Him now…! And for that reason, when I am not able to possess Him as He is and where He is, in the infinite light of His coeternal clarity, I search for Him insatiably next to “the doors of Eternity,”1 in my tabernacle, in breathless wait for the its sumptuous Gates to be opened for me forever… forever…!

Each instant of my life is a more torturing clamour for Eternity, a deeper wideness, and a deeper petition in need of God alone in what He is, without any things other than He…!

I love Him who Is Himself by Himself all that He is Himself in the infinite majesty of His eternal subsistence… in the eternal conversation of His singing Explanation… in the consubstantial paternal-filial embrace in copious overflowing of personal and spiritually loving Love…[…]

I need God now, without any more waits…! For I was created for the Life and only in it I know how to live… I do not find the way to live without the Life in the death of exile; since my journeying on earth is nothing but to be dying every day to everything earthly, soaring up towards the Immense Being…

The noises of this land hurt me… their mocking guffaws… the rush of their vertiginous race without knowing where they head for… The hypocrisy of the insincere hearts victimizes me deeply… the mockery of the triumph of the proud and the apparent failure of God among men…

I seek the Being…! And in the only place where I find Him the most is in the simple concealment of the tabernacle. […]

I do not wish to go to Heaven in order to separate myself from men, but to meet God, since only for Him was I created and for nothing else…! All that is not that is a consequence. And I need the total possession of the Being in His being Himself all that He is Himself for Him…[…]

My life is a vertiginous race towards the Eternal One, and, in its sad wandering, is collapsing in its ever rising with a new and deeper torture in breathless clamours for Him who Is Himself.

The Being calls me to Him, and I run to His encounter in the insatiable search for my saturation…
I love the Being in what He is, without anything but Him…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “I WANT THE BEING…!”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 9)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Creation”, recorded on August 18th, 1988 (press PLAY):


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          Tomorrow, no later! with God forever... Such a sweet encounter...! And “there,” looking upon Him in His sight, singing Him in His Mouth and loving Him in His Fire... Time is over and the end has arrived, Eternity has began...! Face to face with God, adoring the Being in His being and in His persons, for His being He Himself and for His way of being such; in an act of pure love that rejoices in God’s essential joy, forever...! And this will be tomorrow! (9-7-75)


        My silence is life, is a foretaste of Eternity, is a thrumming of concert, a softness of mystery, a loss of all which is from here below and a tasting of the fullness of that which is beyond. (18-8-73)


    I burn with yearnings for the Being...! I will see Him as He is, tomorrow...! Each day that goes by, is one day less for the definitive encounter. (15-2-76)


The Church, mystery of unity (II)

The present writing deals again with the same theme of the previous week. We can see in its exposition -above all in the unabridged version, which you can download at the end of the post- with the charity of the Holy Spirit, which the wrong behaviours and the necessary reforms to be done are in order to bring back to the face of the Church Her brilliance and beauty.

She also explains, abiding in the divine thought, the reason for the need of the charismas and of the Church´s Institutions. One can thus understand what “The Work of the Church” is inside the Church: It is the work that God has willed to make Himself, personally, to manifest the mystery of the Church; this is the reason for so many gifts and so complete communications.



“Each one in the Church has a proper specific mission”


The Church is one. And in order to distribute the tight unity of Her life and to reach each and everyone, She dispersed Herself, not in thought, not in life, not in criterion, but in the apostolic mission, to spread throughout the whole world. […]

All have to live the life of God in the unity of the Holy Spirit; but not all have to do the same thing, nor in the same circumstances, manners and ways; but rather, within the same Church, diocese or parish, each living and vivifying member of Christ’s Mystical Body possesses his specific gift given by God, by means of which he must exercise his particular ministry; but each and everyone with the same obligation and responsibility, according to his own vocation, fulfilling his mission in the bosom of this Holy Mother in relation to God and to men. […]

The Bishop, as Shepherd of the diocesan community, is the person responsible for running all of it, relying on his priests to carry out all that is entrusted to him. […]

The priest is in the Church the one charged by God with distributing, through the Sacraments and the preaching of the word, the divine gifts, as well as to make responsible each one of the christians who surround him, in his apostolic work. […]

And in the passing of the centuries, in order to help the Church cover Her apostolic needs and manifest more abundantly Her richness, Her life and Her mission, […] God raises Founders, who emerge moved, under the charity and the impulse of the Holy Spirit, by the spiritual and material needs of each time and all that the christian People, fulfilling the commandment of love, needs to live and to manifest for the benefit of all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ. […]

Also God always willed, in His loving and infinite design, in the life of the Church with Her apostolic and missionary mission, to have before Him souls that, totally dedicated to contemplation, would live praying “between the porch and the altar” (Jl 2, 17) and would offer the immolation of their lives in the daily sacrifice for the praise of the divine glory and, through the mystery of the communion of the saints, for the vitalization of the People of God; […]

And also all those called directly to the apostolic life, have to live and to work always under the outflow of the intimate and prolonged contact with God, who makes us live our divine filiation being faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ in the midst of the world through the life and the word, according to the petition of Jesus: “I do not ask that You take them out of the world but that You keep them from the evil one.” (Jn 17, 9-11) […]

Let us not believe that the lay person does not need to know God, to live Him and to communicate Him. He, within the Church, has a mystical and universal priesthood, capable of reaching all men of all times by means of his priestly posture “between the porch and the altar,” receiving the Infinite and communicating Him, being a witness in the midst of the world through his life and his word. […]

What a great need we have of holy shepherds and priests who know how to give each of us the supernatural outlook to guide the way of life of each Christian so that we may be able to fulfil God’s will, individually and collectively, in the bosom of the Church, of the diocese, of the parishes and of a diversity of communities; becoming extensive to all men through the universal mission that Christ gave His Church, under the will of the Father and the impulse and the love of the Holy Spirit! […]

She being, as the Lord also made me see on the 23rd day of January of 1971, as a “fortified tower”! unshakable! invincible! terribly immense! above everything created! So beautiful that She was capable of maddening God Himself with love because of “the beauty of Her face,” the spring of Her life, Her splendorous mission, Her bleeding pain and Her repletion with Divinity; sliding down from Her divine and royal Head, throughout all His Mystical Body, soaking It “like precious ointment on the head, running down upon the beard of Aaron, upon the collar of his robe.” (Ps 133, 2) […]

The Church is a mystery of unity, since God created us all that we might live on Him and with Him, on His same life, and so that, grafted into Christ, like the vine shoots into the grapevine, we would live united also among us in communication of spiritual goods, and, consequently, material.

Therefore all members of the Church we have to renounce our personal ways; and each one with his particular and own charisma, received by the will of the Father, the Word of the Son, under the impulse and the strength of the Holy Spirit, has to join the Successor of Saint Peter and our beloved Bishops; and, together with them, form, in a mutual and most unique assistance, the great family of the children of God in the universal bosom of the Holy Mother Church; endeavouring to aim at the greatest unity of criterion in the overabundance of the diversity of apostolates that may encompass everybody and fill and brim the whole Holy People of God. […]

And the Church will appear as She is: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, united under the staff of the Good Shepherd, who, like Christ: “I will lay down My life for the sheep.” (Jn 10, 15) […]

And this will be the way in which all men on earth may come to drink and to live in the great banquet of the Head of the Household, that is being celebrated in the bosom of the pilgrim Church; in order to reunite later, as a triumphant Church, all Her children in the divine and most glorious Banquet of the eternal wedding of Christ with His Spouse, the New and Heavenly Jerusalem; where we will live eternally, intoning, in union with all the Saints and the Angels of God, the new canticle, the great canticle that God alone is able to sing to Himself; giving glory to the Father, glory to the Son and glory to the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE CHURCH, MYSTERY OF UNITY”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 15)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The kindling clamour of my loving song to my Church of mine”, recorded on November 15th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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          The Bishops are to me in the Church the great Sacrament, because through them the Sacraments are extended and communicated to men. (15-11-68)


        The priesthood of each one of us has its own proper style in the outpouring of the sacred anointment upon man, which, according to God’s will, occurs in one way or another for the realization of His eternal plan. (25-10-74)


    I am Church, and, therefore, I love God and I seek all men to fill their souls with true justice and love. (17-12-76)


The Church, mystery of unity (I)

Already since 1959, in the perspective of the Council and for all ages to come, the Lord had prepared Mother Trinidad with a special capacity in view of a singular and most personal mission that He were to give her in relation to the Vicar of Christ and to Bishops. This mission being to love them, support them, comfort them, offer herself up for them and help them with all the communications God made to her soul in order to present the true face of the Church.

Besides the fact that God had made known to her the luminous depths of the divine plans, He has also given her an abundant light with regard to how to carry out His will for the Church. In the first part of this writing she explains to us how the Lord made her see what His thinking was regarding the Second Vatican Council, the mission of each person in the Church, the need for reformation and the manner to accomplish it.



“The thought of God upon His Church”


For just as God is a consubstantial mystery of unity in familial intercommunication of trinitarian life, the Church is a mystery of unity. Because She is the containment, in manifestation and perpetuation, of the mystery of God in Himself, by Himself and for Himself and lived with men and among men; who is given to us by Christ, under Mary’s divine Motherhood, Mother of the universal Church, entrusted by Christ to His Apostles. […]

Therefore the Holy Mother Church was founded by Christ and entrusted by Him to His Apostles, so that all men, without exception of classes, races, nor condition, might live the divine life, giving their true meaning and direction to all the spiritual, temporal, human and material problems; and so that they might live this divine life in communion of goods, united and participating in home intimacy in the joy of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; here in faith in the night of life and, once this journey is over, in the glorious, luminous and shining light of Eternity. […]

God created us to live with Him in family intimacy, and so that, when he lives in family with Him, we might live among us in family also, in a reunion of charity, of justice, of love, of peace and of joy, that provides us with the perfect concord of our being and our acting. […]

Therefore the Church, which is the prolongation in perfect and finished perpetuation of Christ as Head of His Mystical Body, living among men by the mystery of His Incarnation, life, death and glorious resurrection; is the one that has to direct us, guide us and form us, under the burning light and full of loving infinite wisdom of the Holy Spirit, in our true personality;
brimming us all with the happiness of the infinite life that She possesses and holds in Her bosom, to communicate it to us, in Her redeeming mission, by means of the Sacraments and all the gifts, fruits and charisms that God, ever from the day of Pentecost, poured down over Her so that She might be able to brim humanity, as the Universal Mother of all men. […]

Man has only one meaning and one essential reason for being: to possess God. For he was created by Him, in order to begin to live on His joy and to dominate the whole creation, since God Himself appointed him its king from the beginning.

And as the Church is the one Who has received by Christ the gift of the true divine and human interpretation, She is the one Who has to give each thing its meaning, and to man the true criterion over each one of them.

When God made us possessors of His divine life and dominators of creation, by the gift of wisdom we fill our capacities for possession with relation to God Himself; and by the gift of science we are gradually possessing the creation, we are gradually possessing it within us and are achieving happiness. […]

The Church is the congregation and reunion of men of all times with God and with one another, eternally.

The Church is the congregation and reunion of men of all times with God and with one another, eternally. A union that, in the image of the subsistent, infinite and coeternal Being in His familial intercommunication of trinitarian life, begins in the divine mind, in the eternal designs of God for us, by the impulse of the Holy Spirit; a union that is realized in time by the will of the Father, since, by and in the love of the Holy Spirit, the Word became Man and dwelt among us; a union that is continued, in our pilgrimage, by means of the Holy Spirit; and is perpetuated eternally in Heaven by means of the Holy Spirit Himself. […]

The Church is one in the union of the Holy Spirit, and that is why She has to be one in life, one in criterion, one in doctrine, one in experience, one in mission and one in communication of goods and in the possession thereof.

And in order that She may be one in God’s unity, the Holy Spirit stayed with the Pope and the Bishops who, united to the Pope according to the divine mind manifested by the Only Begotten Son of the Father, have His same feeling and proclaim the unity of the Church in Her truth with all Her truth, in Her life, mission and tragedy. […]

How rich the Church is, who is the repository of the divine mystery and the one charged with communicating it to men of all times with a Father’s heart, a Word’s expression, under the love, the breeze and the impulse of the Holy Spirit…!

How rich the Church is, who has in Her bosom the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit living Their life of familial intercommunication for Themselves and, through the Church, living it and realizing it for us! “Just as the living Father sent Me and I have life because of the Father, so also the one who feeds on Me will have life because of Me.”

How rich the Church is, who in Her, by Her and through Her, the Father says His Word to men, the Word, in a romance of love, spells out to them His life in song in a saying that is doing, and the Holy Spirit congregates them so that they may live in home intimacy among themselves and with the Divine Family…!

It is the Holy Spirit the one who, in the infinite perfection of His being, keeps the Father and the Son united in His eternal charity in a unity of loving and infinite life; and, consequently, who, when God wants to come into contact with men, congregates us, through the Church, gathers us together and associates us in a unity of happiness with God Himself; bringing about that, what God Himself has by nature, we may live it here by grace and on the morrow of Eternity in the jubilation of His infinite and eternal joy in the glorious light of the Blessed…[…]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE CHURCH, MYSTERY OF UNITY”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 15)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Again the Church is showing herself to me and asking me for help in her petitions of pain and agony, that I may help Her through my descendants, as the echo of Her life, mission and tragedy, extending Christ’s mystery and his mission”, recorded on January 8th, 2000 (press PLAY):


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          The Holy Spirit stayed with the Pope and the Bishops who, united with the Pope, have his same feelings and his sole unity, so that the Church might be one in God’s unity. (22-11-68)


        The Church is the congregation of the Divine Family with all men, through Christ, in the womb of Mary.


    It is necessary to present the Church in all Her beauty, perfection and greatness, before the eyes of all of Her children, so that they may acknowledge Her as Mother, as God’s speech to men, as the heart of Trinity on earth, as the expression of the Infinite. (15-9-63)


The attribute of Mercy in God

All attributes in God are intrinsically a subsistent glorification for Him. He is glorified by being those attributes for Himself in an act of being which is totally fulfilled in His consubstantial joy of Divinity. Yet, God is not mercy for Himself. Mercy is the great attribute of compassionate love that is given to us through the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

The whole life of Christians is nourished by God´s mercy. God is infinitely good, Christ is the infinite mercy incarnate, Mary is the mother of the divine mercies and the Holy Church is a mystery of divine mercy.



“Mercy is the most consoling
and full of hope divine attribute”


On the 13th of May of 2001, feast of the Virgin of Fatima, sheltered in the womb of Her divine Motherhood, under the penetrating light of the Eternal Wisdom; in a luminous, acute and flickering gust, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, immersed in the depth of the consubstantial and transcendent mystery of God; little by little and gradually, my spirit was feeling plunged into that same Wisdom, in a transcendent and most profound intuition about the infinite attributes and perfections that God is Himself in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in His immutable act of Trinitarian life, in eternal subsistence, been and possessed in essential joy of most glorious and most blissful enjoyment of Eternity.

[…] Understanding, under the burning fires of the suns of the divine mind and the lulling of the penetratingly most savoury and sapiential breeze of the Holy Spirit, that all the attributes that God is Himself in essential joy of most glorious and most blissful enjoyment by virtue of His infinite subsistence, the reason for being of His very Divinity, He is Himself such, in Himself, by Himself, and for Himself those attributes.

Being mercy like a new attribute, different and distant, that God had brought forth from the sublime loftiness of the might of His infinite power in merciful outpouring of love and tenderness over the misery of the fallen and as though destroyed humanity; even though it be not an attribute intrinsically in essential joy for God, for it is a relation of His goodness to the human creature, as a consequence of the destruction by man of the eternal designs on himself and the inanimate creation, and at the situation of misery in which he found himself when rebelling against his Creator. […]

And, as I was going more deeply… going more deeply… in the mystery of the reason for being and of the plethoric perfection of the Divinity, I was understanding, in a very acute manner, that all His infinite attributes in their infinite ranges that break out as though in infinite touchings of melodic harmonies of infinite attributes through infinite infinitudes of attributes and perfections, God was being what He was in the subsistent instant of being Himself so, having Himself so always been, in His immutable act of Trinitarian life, in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in essential and consubstantial joy of divine intercommunication;

and that mercy, that is been by God in Himself and by Himself, but that He cannot be it for Himself in joy of essential enjoyment of Eternity on account of the intrinsic perfection of His divine nature; since it is and indicates a relation to the misery of the human creature, that is not possible in God; it was the outpouring of the excellent might of God’s excellence, who, bowing in redeeming compassion, looks to the fallen humanity, destroyed and sinful because of its rebellion against the Creator, for the restoration of that same humanity, reconciling it with Him and placing it again in His eternal designs. […]

Understanding in a deep and enjoyable way, penetrated by the knowledge of God’s subsistent excellence that overwhelmed my spirit, that, as the attributes in God are been by Him in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in infinite subsistence of Divinity and in essential glory of Himself;

the attribute of God’s love, full of goodness, pouring itself out in compassion of mercy on the weakness of our misery, even though it is been in God and by God, it is not with relation to God Himself in essential joy, but in compassionate leaning of His love overflowing with tenderness towards the weakness, loaded of misery, of fallen humanity, as a consequence of the sin of our first Parents;
and therefore, it is different from the others, with respect to the infinite glorification that gives Him the infinitude of His infinite attributes,been intrinsically in Himself, by Himself and for Himself.

Since, if man had not sinned, God would not have brought forth from His divine power the possibility of becoming man in order to be able to redeem us; coming, in the manifestation of the splendour of glory, as though in a delirium of merciful love towards our weakness, to die in bloody crucifixion, pouring Himself out in love and mercy, full of compassion and tenderness, over humanity.

Therefore, although mercy be not an intrinsically essential attribute in God, in consubstantial and infinite glorification of Himself; it is the one that makes possible the transcendent mystery, overflowing, majestic and splendorous of the Incarnation.

So that, for the mind of man who does not know well the profound profundity of the divine and unfathomable secret of the Infinite Being, mercy is the greatest attribute of the divine attributes; and the most consoling, most tender and full of hope, because, what would have become of us if Christ, the Incarnate Mercy, had not redeemed us? […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 14)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Sublimation of the cross”, recorded on January 14th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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          God, Who is Himself of Himself, creates such perfect beings that they are capable of possessing Him because He gave them a being in His image. And this creature, upon seeing itself so perfect and upon being, says when it sins: “I do not want to submit my ‘I’ to anything.” With that, the creature loses the reason for its “I” dependent on the divine “I” and, eternally remains without a reason for being, not being able to live of the Infinite One, the only one capable of making it happy, and everything turns for it into eternal torture. (15-9-66)


        By virtue of the perfection of His nature, God is and acts in infinite perfection, in such a way that if He were to do anything imperfect, He would cease to be God. How rashly does the twisted mind of man say before the workings or the divine plans that, due to his limited being, he understands not: it would have been better the other way around! And, saying even: God has done things wrong. (8-6-70)


    God’s infinite Holiness is so excellent, that, when it was offended, there was no possibility in the creature to make reparation to it with dignity; and God Himself, by becoming incarnate, becomes Himself an infinite Response of reparation, that redresses and adores His holiness. (16-10-74)


Christ’s humanity

The great mystery of the Incarnation enfolds a manifold quantity of nuances. For a better elucidation of this it’s enough just to think about the unfathomable variety of rich aspects that Christ´s humanity enshrines for its being the spouse of the Word.

To deepen the union of the soul of Christ with His divine Person and to rejoice in the life of Christ during His earthly life is a spiritual delicacy that invites us to worship since the whole life of Christ was just to know, receive, respond to, express, love God and to adore Him for what His soul knew and for what still remained unknown to it due to God’s immensity.



There are no veils for the soul of the Incarnate Word!


Christ’s humanity is the spouse of the Word, […] a new creation, in which and through which, the most high God himself, becoming Man and forgiving the sin that man had committed against the infinite Holiness, can manifest to us the recondite mysteries of his adorable being, in a song of love.

Oh Christ of mine! what almost infinite nuances You have placed in your humanity, becoming yourself the wonder You sing, through your human voice, the infinite perfections and incomparable secrets of God’s mysterious being.

Soul of Christ, in which God himself, looking at his Word, fashioned, as a new creation, […] all the infinite perfections and nuances that, in his most simple being, He is… […]

What a concert of harmonies is the humanity of my Christ! a most fine lyre where the very Word of Life plays his harmony to manifest himself in word to men. […]

Oh creation of the human nature of my Christ…! The whole Trinity, in its immutable self-subsistence, is as though in a delirium of infinite love, […] beautifying and enriching that creature who, coming out of its hands, had to be the most fine lyre through which the very Word of Life would utter his sound of divinity to all the angels and to all men. […]

What a concert of perfections…! […] all the created perfections, compiled in the Incarnate Word; and all the infinitudes of the uncreated God’s being, expressed by sharing in the soul of Him who had to be the Word of Life…

Oh wonder of ineffable light…! It is the uncreated Light the one that, charging lovingly through the Holy Spirit on Christ’s humanity, bedecked it and made it so beautiful, so beautiful! that the very infinite Word, not being able to restrain himself any longer at the impetuous fire of the Holy Spirit that pushed Him and of the Father Love who sent Him, unites himself hypostatically to that creature that, like a most fine harp, when uniting itself to the Word of the Life, reverberating in it this close and profound union between God and his creature, so closely they merged, that, in the infinitely loving beat of that divine meeting, shaking it in the Holy Spirit, the Word of the Father made it utter his same Voice of divinity throughout the whole of heaven and to all the ends of the earth. […]

What a spiritual marriage with the most holy God himself….! A perfect marriage, in which the common goods are given and returned as an infinite gift of eternal wedding.

What a joy for Christ’s soul which […], vibrating in unison with the three divine Persons in the infinite joy of their eternal happiness, participates to an eminent degree in all and each one of the attributes and perfections of the infinite Being…! […]

There are no veils for Christ’s humanity, by which and through its hypostatic spousal, the veil of the Father’s Bosom would tear itself so that all men, having overcome the test, would be able to enter into that adorable bosom that you, through your hypostatic union, would open to us! […]

The Father himself, who does not have any delight apart from his Word, has given you in eternal possession and in total donation, […],his very Look, with which you, as your own, can contemplate without veils his same infinite beauty.

He has also given you his same eternal subsistent being so that you may also possess it; and in his same subsistent being, you have received as a gift the same being of God by participation.

And if that were not enough, […] the most high God has given you that men be, in you and through you, “Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you.” […]

Oh Christ of mine! Sole bridge through which men go to God and through which God gives himself to men…! […]

Oh, the moment of the Incarnation…! I see the Man being God and God being Man…! And I cannot explain it…! […]

The Word is singing in heaven his infinite Song, which He, as the Word, sings eternally. Now the Incarnate Word, expressive outburst of God’s being, is singing the infinite Song to men…! […]

Oh Christ of mine, how terrible You are…! How I see You….! I adore You, because You are the Uncreated by reason of your divine Person, created in your human nature…! God-Man…! Man-God…! Mystery of the Incarnation…! […]

Oh Christ’s humanity, which are the human nature of the Incarnate Word…! How I see you plunged into the life of the Trinity…! You are the perfect reflection of the most high God himself, immaculate mirror in which the three divine Persons look at themselves and take pleasure in each other. […]

Adoration is the ecstasy of love. When love has filled its limit and already cannot love any more, it adores. Since God is infinite and exceeds the capacity of the lover, this one, having fainted from love, astonished and having collapsed because of the fullness of his being in the presence of the Infinite, falls adoringly and adores that which remains to Him, transcending. […]

The life of Christ on earth was to know, receive, respond to, express and love God, and to adore Him in what He knew and in what remained for Him to know.

As a fruit of this life, standing face to face before God and face to face before men, He expressed in heaven, as Man, God; and as a fruit of his contemplation in glorious love, as an immediate consequence of that knowledge, expression and love, turned towards men, He broke out in expression towards them; turning with everybody, to the Father in a response of glorious and atoning adoration, which in Him was infinite because his Person is the second of the adorable Trinity.

Jesus already is, through the hypostatic union of both natures, being himself the Word of Life Incarnate, singing to God, and doing the same thing He does in heaven, singing to men: […] since Jesus had no Person other than that of the Word, who is the infinite Singer in heaven and on earth, the same Song and the same Expression that He himself is to the Father, reverberating in his humanity, He is so to men. […]

Thank you, Lord, for having taught me today the mystery of the Incarnation from Mary’s womb, and in this way having known the greatnesses of Christ and the greatnesses of Mary’s motherhood, so unknown!

Thank you, Mother, for having me curled up in your bosom and for having sustained me with your motherhood so that I might not die when contemplating the great mystery of the Incarnation!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE GREAT MYSTERY OF THE INCARNATION”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 3)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Father’s Bosom is open”, recorded on July 19th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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          The Incarnation is the loving romance of God for man that was written in the purest womb of Mary.


        I experience with the mystery of Christ what I experience with that of Eternity: the more I know it, the less can I express it because of the most perfect, subsistent and divine simplicity of its reality. (24-10-74)


    The day of the Incarnation...! An eminently priestly day, of thanksgiving and astonishment, because God did that which is incomprehensible out of love for Himself and for men. Mystery of ineffable tenderness and infinite splendour, of chilling simplicity and sovereign majesty! in front of which one can only adore trembling out of love and respect. Day of the Incarnation: God is Man, and Man is God! (4-4-75)