I kiss you, as I can, after receiving Holy Communion

This short piece of writing, deeply poetic, is a kindled and sincere prayer about what the soul lives when it has received Jesus in the Eucharist.

The beauty of the feelings that Holy Communion gives rise to in the soul, and the delight that the Lord derives every day from that Common-union within us, causes the soul to continuously fall in love with God and God to fall in love with the soul.



“Jesus, I have you and I want you,
I seek you and I possess you…”


The loving chest having been wounded, rests in your bosom in long hours of sweet intimacy…

I know how much you love me, Jesus my loved one, for I feel you inside after receiving Holy Communion.
Your gifts are tenderness inside my inner being, amorous compliments, without words, in deep clamour…
Today I wish to return, prostrated before the Tabernacle, with my immense poverty in total self-giving.

I already know that this exile is loaded with suffering, with crosses, with torments, with unequalled afflictions… Long are the paths of this life in darkness, that bring us weeping to the unalterable joy of your infinite Home…!

What does it matter that I mourn, Jesus of my tabernacle, Lord of the Sacrament, in extended days, in nights that have no end because spent in pain?! If you stay glorious in your immense power, in your sweet mercy, my soul is full of your eternal rejoicing …

Your glories are my glories, whatever they may be; their price does not matter, even though I may die in the struggle from a continuous mourning…

How long the days are…! How black are the nights of each pilgrim in his journey along the long road wherethrough you lead him, loaded with mystery, towards eternity…!

My enamoured soul, after receiving You in the great Sacrament that took place on the altar, wants to obey once more your eternal will, whatever this may be regarding my wounded being, which, torn with love, seeks you incessantly.

I have you and I want you inside my inner being; I seek you and I possess you there in my palpitation, clamouring to find you again each day, by the Eucharist, in order to be able to turn myself, after receiving you, to your immense goodness…

I love you in the depths hidden in my chest…, I kiss you, as I can, after receiving Holy Communion… And I only anxiously seek, in my life sealed by the light of your fires, to be able to give you joy with my bleeding chest and crucified in you, trying in each instant to fulfill your whole plan!

What will happen tomorrow…? I ask each day when the trial grows worse refusing to leave me. What does what may happen matter, if You will be with me, Jesus of the Holy Sacrament, giving Yourself as nourishment, in each crossroad of my life, when passing by…!

How beautiful are your fires loaded with mystery, replete with promises, when you are in my depth…! I listen to your words replete with hope, which speak quietly without pronouncing anything.

Your sorrows are my sorrows, your glories are my glories, only your will fulfilled makes me repose in my mourning.The rest does not matter.

My offering for the Church, well do I know was accepted, and today I wish before the tabernacle, after receiving you, to offer myself once more, as in every morning, without minding the cost of doing in each instant your holy will.

I love you, my Jesus, receive this day, with all its poorness loaded with nobility, my total

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 6)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “In the consecrated Host the sublime Sacrament is performed for the salvation of souls: They can fall into hell!”, recorded on June 6th, 1996 (press PLAY):


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          I have just received Holy Communion, what else can I wish? A greater happiness does not exist, even though many times one may not experientially feel it. (17-10-66)


        I receive Holy Communion to become You by participation and to be able to sing You, in Your love, to men; and You, do You accept me as an oblation to make of me the soul-Church that You need, so that You can give Yourself to souls, through me, according to Your will?


    Jesus, I need to eat You well in order to know how to become a victim and how to sing with You, on the cross, Your song of love and pain. (16-4-61)


The Corpus Christi procession as it passes by the house in which Mother Trinidad was born in Dos Hermanas (Seville)

“What God tastes like”

The solemn priestly prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper is completely centred in unity. The unity of Jesus with the Father and the union of everyone with Him. Every time that Christ prayed with such intensity, He was having in mind also our present time and each one of us, with an ardent need that the mystery of His familial intercommunication of Trinitarian life might abide very deep within us.

Unless we do not become conscious that “the bosom of God is open” and that God is waiting in order to communicate His infinite life to us, our existence will not fulfil the loving designs of the divine Family on us.



“God is a mystery of unity
in familial intercommunication of trinitarian life”


How happy God is, who lives His life in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in the homeloving intercommunication of His Divine Family, in His infinite and eternal unnecessity that no one give Him, nor increase Him nor be able to take away from Him nor diminish His coeternal and essential glory, lived in Himself and for Himself, infinitely different and distant from all that is created…; being the Inaccessible, the Immutable, the Unshakable and the Untouchable: “I am Who am. This is My name forever; this is My title for all generations” (Ex 3, 14-15). […]

God is a mystery of unity so one, in Itself, by Itself and for Itself, in infinite subsistence of eternal self-sufficiency; that, although He is three divine Persons, is so one in His subsistent Divinity, that the three divine Persons are one sole being, one sole life, that each one is Itself so and lives Itself so in Its personal manner; […]

Because the Father begets the Son, whom He has in His bosom, the “Only Son, God, who is at the Father’s bosom” (Jn 1, 18), begetting Him and begotten, in the Son’s same bosom; since one same bosom, one same life and one sole being the Three are and have, been and lived in the personal manner of each one.

Therefore the Son, inside Himself is begotten by the Father Himself; and the Two, each one in Himself and in the other owing to Their being and owing to Their persons –which are the ones in the others–, breathe the Holy Spirit; who is the consubstantial Embrace of the Father and of the Son, in paternal-filial love breaking into returned kiss of trinitarian intercommunication.

All this trinitarian life being always realized in Eternity without time, by the divine Persons and in each one of the divine Persons, in a mystery of unity as one as it is of trinitarian intercommunication, in the recondite and veiled secret of Their unity of being; as exuberant in Its richness, as it is most simple in the coeternal simplicity of the divine Being, encompassed and lived by Him without beginning, without time and without decline, in one sole, coeternal and simultaneous act of life. […]

God is a mystery of unity lived in Himself, by Himself and for Himself!

Mystery of the One who Is, who, because of the simplicity of His being, is only known, in a likeness of loving wisdom, by the soul who, introduced into His nuptial Chamber and immersed in the recondite arcanum of the Being’s unity, savours, in enjoyable and most glorious savouring, the coeternal simplicity of the One who Is, been in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in His immutable act of life, of subsistent Divinity, infinitely different and distant from all that is not He. […]

Give me, Lord, to know how to savour You, in order to be able to know how to say You somehow with the human ways of the poor and weak limitation of my created speech; so that, transcending from the earthly things, we may be able to know and taste, in our limited understanding, something of how good and delightful is God to those who love Him, in the unfathomable mystery of His being, that “of eternal life tastes and all debt pays.” […]

I knowing, without knowing, Your eternal wisdom, understanding, without understanding –understanding in my poorness– due to my limited being, keeping transcending, this ever new science of Your divine understanding.

I need to plunge into Your inexhaustible being, in Your knowing Yourself Knowing of divine understanding; in order to say, without knowing, in Your Expressive Knowing, this knowing, not understanding, that, in Your knowing, I know myself!

Knowing of eternal savour, which, in my poor comprehending, leaving me transcending, I in You I know it, without knowing. […]

And all this which, because of the limitation of the human mind seems so complicated to our poor and limited grasp, not only because it does not know, but because it does not know how to manifest it, is in one sole infinitely most simple and most partless act of coeternal and infinite encompassment, without beginning, without succession of time and without end, owing to the sublime sublimity of the Infinite Being in a trinitarian intercommunication of Divine Family in that sole act of vital being; that, because in God there is not either before or after, He is been and consummated in His subsistent and divine instant of Eternity; and that, owing to the partlessness of His simplicity, does not fit into the mind of the human creature, subjected to time, distance, complication and place. […]

Therefore God is the sole God, who is so much Being, so infinitely transcendent and so eternally translimited for the human creature, that this one cannot only not glimpse, but, even less, explain; but is left with a savouring of Eternity, of sweetness and of joy, that makes it taste, in loving tasting, what God tastes like.

That is why, he who wants to know of the Infinite One, let him leave earthly things and devotes himself to a life of profound humility; let him seek the truth that is only in God, and he will know –from savouring–, without knowing, what He Who is Himself tastes like.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 15)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God has created us only for Him”, recorded on June 10th, 1990 (press PLAY):


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          The Father is the whole being, and so fruitfully He is Himself so, that in an infinite and fruitful jubilation of joy, when contemplating Himself, He begets; and He sings Himself such an infinite song of being, that His Word is that very song. And God so infinitely loves Himself in His Contemplation and in His Song, that a perfect and personal love emerges from both of Them, Who is the Holy Spirit. The Father sings Himself in His Word and loves Himself in the Holy Spirit. (21-6-59)


        God acts as He lives and as He is, since, through the perfection of His great reality, He lives what He is, He is what He lives, and He acts as He lives and is. And since He is three divine Persons in one sole being, thus He acts in the Trinity’s most unique oneness, and what He lives inwardly is manifested when acting outwardly; and thus, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God hidden in Him from ages past is now made known to us. (9-1-65)


    In the deepness of the bosom of my Divine Family, sunk into Its silence, from my lowliness, transcending, I love what I understand and I adore what remains for me to know. (18-12-60)


The Holy Mother Church is the New and Heavenly Jerusalem

As we read the contents of today’s writing one can grasp the reason and the origin that makes The Work of the Church feel the need and the urgency to live permanently and continuously offered to the Lord on behalf of the People of God, the Holy Father and the Bishops of the Holy Mother Church.

The Lord, after introducing Mother Trinidad into His joy, profoundly and delightfully, made her understand, at the same time, the suffering and the fortitude of the Church –“a Tower of strength”– and how tiny she was at the feet of that very Church –like “a tiny shoe of the Church”– so simple and so insignificant. Yet, as one Bishop said in this regard: “without a tiny shoe one can hardly walk, and one’s feet hurt greatly….”

All along this writing, she refers to the silence she experiences on not being listened to as God wants, and to the solitude she has always lived in; the reason being that, unless the Church does not cease to weep because of the grief and incomprehension of her very own children, Mother Trinidad, as the Echo of the Church, will not cease to live, fully merged with the Church, Her dramatic loneliness and Her sorrowful grief.

And when she might not be here with us any longer, and can no longer suffer, her Work of the Church will do so for the ages to come.



“I know of the Church’s sufferings and glory”


O sovereignty of the infinite Power…! O sublime and consubstantial excellence of the Divine Family…!

O splendour of the magnificence of He who Is! who, being and having in Himself, by Himself and for Himself His very reason for being, freely and voluntarily wants, in an outpouring of His infinite will, to donate Himself –full of compassion, tenderness and love in an overflow of infinite mercy– to man. […]

And for that, by means of an unsuspected and overflowing wonder of compassion, love and tenderness towards fallen humanity, by the will of the Father and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, “the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.” (Cf. Jn 1: 14)

[…] God’s self-giving to man being realized in the most pure inner being of the Virgin, the new Eve promised by God to our first Parents, who would crush the head of the dragon through the Fruit of Her blessed womb; who would take away the sins of the world, releasing us from death and raising us to a new life. […]

And in order to remain with us until the consummation of the ages, He founded His Church, entrusting with Her the Apostles, descendants of Israel, humble Fishermen of Galilee and their Successors. […]

He being the light of Your eyes through the sparkling and sapient bright stars of His very divinity; and by You and through You, Church of mine, beloved Church, He gives Himself to us with a Father’s heart, making You the expression of the infinite Canticle of the Word and burning You in the overwhelming and gladdening fire of the Holy Spirit Himself. […]

Church of mine…! how beautiful You are…! Advance triumphant, Daughter of Jerusalem, for there will be none to get in Your way! […]

You are holy with God’s Holiness, virgin with His Virginity, queen with His Dominion, strong with His Strength, beautiful with His Beauty, divine and divinising with the very Divinity that saturates You, enriches You and ennobles You as Spouse of the Lamb without blemish […]

Church of mine! Church Holy…! on the 30th of March of 1959 You have been presented to me by God Himself all dressed in mourning, covering Your rich jewels with a black mantle; with Your inner being torn by the children who left Your Motherly bosom, “found wandering after the flocks of Your companions.”. (Sg 1: 7) […]
But… look at the way She weeps…! Look at the Church weeping for Her lost children…! […]

How many children who, in one way or another, left and leave the Church sunken, overwhelmed and torn apart in the hair-raising, chilling, heartrending, dramatic and immolating silence of the incomprehension…! […]

And those who treacherously, like Judas, seek the moment to hand Her over the hands of Her enemies; because they are rapacious wolves who, treacherously, dressed in sheepskin and meek lamb, hastily plot the way to disfigure Her and, even were it possible, to make Her disappear. […]

Materialism, confusion, sensuality, impurity, pride –Lord! what word should I use…?– they have covered with dust and as though buried! the eternal reality that the Church, New and Heavenly Jerusalem, has in Herself lived, possessed and aflame in infinite longings to communicate it. […]

Where is God in the hearts of the majority of men and of many children of the Church…? And where are the children of the Church who, living not only by the material senses but also by the spiritual, discover the infinite light of truth in all its truth, and be living witnesses, by their life and their word, of God and Jesus Christ His One He sent…? […]

Church of mine, how do I see You…! How do I understand today that the world be in darkness for wanting to take away from You the beauty with which Your Bridegroom has bedecked You…! […]

How I see the Church…! O how I see the Church…!

Like an invincible rock of unusual charity, in terrible power, replete with the living God, in Her resplendent light, full of Divinity…! […]

A dense night covers the New Jerusalem, the City of God amongst men, wrapped in dark storm clouds of confusion which conceal the resplendent light of Christ’s face, filling up to the brim and beautifying Her with His very divinity…!! […]

Look at the condition in which has come to my mind that reality which, being left engraved in my soul in the year 1959, made me clamour that it was God’s will that the Virgin should be placed in the Church in the place that befits Her as Mother of God and of the Church Herself, who is the fruit of Her divine Motherhood…! […]

And so many times, since the 18th of March of 1959 in one way or another God showed me the Church so beautiful…! so sublime…! so divine and so Lady…!

Spouse as a Youth of the immaculate Lamb, wedded to Him in eternal marriage. […]

I am the Echo of the Church and the Church is my song.

[…] Church, pride of mine…! Yes, You are my pride, my glory, my banner and my crown, Church of mine…! Yes, I do not have other pride than to be daughter of God and daughter of the Church. […]

[…] Church! You are beautiful! I never saw You like that…! I have seen You bejewelled and in mourning, but I have never seen You pouring out, as You pour out, in holiness, justice, truth, mercy and love…! […] You pour out in motherhood with the Father, in song with the Word and in love with the Holy Spirit…!

Church of mine, New and Heavenly Jerusalem, You are so beautiful!! I love You so much!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 12)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The kindling clamour of my loving song to my Church of mine”, recorded on November 15th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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          My Church, the Father gives You His Word so that He may open up His loving bosom to You, the Word speaks to You the whole secret of eternal life, and the Holy Spirit sets You ablaze with His fire, depositing in You His treasures and charisms, so that, by Your means, souls may live their divine filiation and enter into the Father’s Bosom. My Church, how beautiful You are! how much I love You!


        In the bosom of my Church there are opened caverns not healed, bleeding, awaiting to be filled with the return of the children who left Her wounded, tearing apart Her inner being, on departing from Her bosom of Mother... (14-11-59


    When God wants to tell me what He is, according to my capacity, He becomes incarnate and, through Mary, He tells me His secret in the bosom of the Church, who details it to me in small bits and pieces as a good mother, to give me the divinity in loving expression. (15-3-63)


Window´s chapel of Mother Trinidad´s natal house in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)

The excellence of God

The light of the Holy Spirit breaks forth with force in the proximity of Pentecost. His light prepares our souls, makes us feel detached from all created things and instils into them an unquenchable need for the Eternal One.

Once that the light of Truth makes us penetrate God´s mystery and perceive the infinite distance that exists between Him and the creature, it’s then that Mother Trinidad cries out: “how can the creature be compared to the Creator?” And at the same time she can understand why only Jesus, in His humanity, can adore God as He infinitely expects from men.



“Under the proximity of the Holy Spirit
and the impetus of His fire”


Under the proximity of the Holy Spirit and the impetus of His fire, are perceived as though myriads and myriads of battalions of being in the loving and infinite murmur of God’s passing who, in the might of the Immense One, approaches, with the breeze of His flight the human creature who, in reverent prostration, awaits adoring and loving the Infinite Being, so that He may rush to possess and to inebriate it with the silent and sacrosanct murmur and tasteful knowledge of His pace and the tasting of the nectar of His Divinity. […]

And, when the day of Pentecost came, for which the Holy Spirit was preparing me in loving enthrallment of insatiable waiting for His possession; when placing myself in contact with God, I began to perceive the proximity of the Eternal One… remoteness from everything created… need for the living God… contact with His mysteries… depth in His bosom and penetrative savouring in the infinite immensity of God’s excellence…

And successively, to the extent that my soul, being lifted as in flight, was getting deeper in loving contemplation, slowly and silently attracted by the melodic company of the fiery passing in the sacred breeze of the Holy Spirit; owing to the loftiness of the excellently immense excellence of the Eternal Being, I felt that I was moving away from all earthly things; comprehending in a profound, secret and transcendent way the infinitely different and distant distance that exists between the human creature and the Creator, between the All and the nothing, between the Infinite One and the created. […]

I understood that nothing is; that nothing is apart from the Being, been and possessed in Himself and by Himself in His intercommunication of familial and Trinitarian life, without beginning and without end, without frontiers and without decline.
Wherefore, from the deep and intimate concavity of the core of my spirit, I repeated without words:

What comparison is possible between the human creature and the Creator…!! Only God is Himself in His infinite Being Himself of sovereign majesty…! […]

Because, due to the splendid magnitude of the excellence of the Infinite Being, everything became as though a non-being, everything was left like the little straw which, in a forest, on a day of a terrible hurricane, is swayed by the strong wind, without being noticed due to the smallness of its reality… […]

And due to the knowledge of this reality, I was again as though introduced even more deeply into the excellence of God.
And from there, enthralled and full of surprise and love, I saw the majestic magnificence of Christ’s humanity. Contemplating it so immensely great, so much! that it alone is richer than the whole creation; a tight summary of all of it, because “in Him, by Him and for Him all things, were made and created,” in splendorous and enthralling manifestation of His own perfection; and so capable in His humanity, that this one has no other Person than the divine, Christ being able to say, through His human voice, because of the plenitude of the mystery that it contains: I am God…! […]

And thus, transcended and translimited by love, inebriated by the nectar of the Divinity, and exceeded by joy in the Holy Spirit, under the breeze of His softness and the fluttering of His divine passing above my poor, tiny and trembling soul, appeared Mary, Queen and Mother of the beautiful Love, with the unimaginable greatness of Her divine Motherhood.
And I saw Her so great…! so elevated…! So sublimated…! so extolled…! above all the other creatures…! above the Angels of Heaven! For being the Mother of God, Queen of the universe, Virgin, Mother and Lady…! being, after Jesus, as pure creature, the greatest expression of the Infinite One. […]

Understanding, seeing and going on penetrating, in an intuition of profound respect, Jesus, as High and Eternal Priest, adoring the Infinite Being, overcome by joy, because He is in Himself and by Himself, as Man, the reverent response of perfect adoration what the Infinite Holiness of the One who Is deserves in response of loving return by His creatures; because how can the creature be compared with the Creator…! […]

But between His humanity and His Divinity the distance is so great, so much, so much…! that He Himself is in Himself He Who Is Himself, and He Himself is in Himself the infinitely adored and the infinite Adoring One… […]

The same happened to me when I looked at the Holy Mother Church, who as the Bride of Christ and due to Her royal Head, had in Herself the plenitude of the Divinity: full of holiness and beauty, of freshness and youth, capable of saturating all men with the fullness of Her Springs received from God by Christ through Mary and resting in Her Motherly bosom; but who, in turn, embraced in Her bosom so many men who are also sinners; since the Church is divine and human in the plethoric and tight compendium of Her reality:
But, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…!

From the height of the excellence of God, I looked at the whole creation, which for me was, in light of the divine thought, so beautiful and glorifying of God Himself; and once more turned up the tiny blade or the little drop of water lost in the immense immensity of the innumerable seas that creation contains… […]

How well I understood that only God is Himself…! How immense the distance of the Infinite Being, from all that is not He…!
And during all this Pentecost morning of 1975, being my soul immersed in prayer, I repeated as though a melodic praise in a hymn of glory before the majestic magnificence of the infinite power of He who Is Himself: But, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…!

And also, in my ascent to the presence of the Being, before my spiritual gaze, appeared a diversity of creatures: the rebellious Angels… Adam… Eve…

How, could they, if they knew some of the excellence of God, rebel against Him…?!
How could they believe themselves to be like God or wish to be like Him, if at the moment when they rebelled they had some knowledge similar to the one that I, in my limitation, have had today…?!
How is it possible that, in this truth that I live today, one could desire anything other then to be praise of glory before the magnificence of the Coeternal Being…?!
What knowledge did they have of Him, and how far did the penetration of their knowledge go, that they were capable of saying to God: “I will not serve You,” or to crave for something apart from adoring Him…?

I was afraid to say what I was seeing; comprehending with clear certainty that, in the glorious partaking of the Eternity, before the magnificence of God and enthralled by the beauty of His Face, when contemplating Him without veils, there remains no other possibility than to adore in a reverent hymn of praise before the Infinite Being in His Trinity of Persons.

Wherefore, trembling with reverent veneration and in profound adoration, bursting into the deepest part of my heart repeating in my song of Church and as Echo in proclamation of the infinite canticles that She holds in Her bosom, as a “tower of strength,” Queen and Lady, having as head and crown of glory the Only Begotten Son of God:
But, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…! […]

How great I saw, full of joy, Jesus in His humanity, who is different and distant from the whole creation and from all other creatures, and who was able to adore God as He infinitely needed to be adored by man…!

Marvellous mystery of the Incarnation, that gives God in His creature everything He expected from it…! Unimaginable greatness of the most sacred humanity of Christ…!

Carried away by the excellence of His adoration, as man, to His own Divinity, with Him, I adored!

Being engraved on my soul, as though with fire, by the breeze of the Holy Spirit in swift passing that has made me know, intuit and live something of the most excellent excellence of the Infinite Being, exceeded by joy and prostrate in reverent and humble adoration, the loud cry of the Archangel Saint Michel:
“Who like God…?!”.

Because, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…?!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE EXCELLENCE OF GOD”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 13)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God in Himself, and God in us”, recorded on July 6th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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          How relishingly I understand with the penetration of my lowly understanding, in deep wisdom, that the Holy Spirit be the soul of the Church, through the experience that, in the core of my being, I live, on being impelled, moved, taught, set aflame and fortified by the Infinite Spirit Himself! (25-4-78)


        The Church is divine and human and, only by knowing the densest sum of this double reality, are we able to understand Her, love Her and manifest to men Her true face, overflowing with divinity, although made ugly by our sins. (17-12-76)


    I need to love God because my heart, created and possessed by His infinite love, hungers so; and I need as well that He may be glorified, He being all in all, that He may receive the loving response from each man that God willed from all Eternity. (15-9-74)