Unfathomable and transcendent greatness of the mystery of Faith

A profound trajectory across the richness of dogma, overflowing with rich contents and strongly suggestive, immerses the soul into the unexpected depths and the undreamed-of high peaks of the life in the spirit.

The transcendent and luminous mystery of faith, once it is discovered in its vitality, becomes the sole nourishment for the soul-Church that finds in it the full satisfaction of its almost infinite hungers.



“God Himself in the communication of His Divine Family,
is the beating life of the Church”


Deepened penetratively in the divine thought, engrossed in Its depth and having gone deep into Its transcendent, infinite and eternal mystery;I need, in the way that it may be possible to the littleness of my nothing and the poverty of my baseness, to express something of what my soul, transcended to the excellence of the Infinite Being, drinking in the torrents of His eternal wisdom, discovers about the donations of God to His Church; which are communicated to us through Her most rich dogma by the mystery of faith, sublimated by hope and enkindled in love; under the impulse of God who rushes me to express in the way that I can, what He places in my soul, and I am receiving with a simple heart and open spirit in the wisdom of His coeternal and infinite will during my long whiles of prayer, specially close to the tabernacle, next to the God of the sublime Sacrament. […]

Experiencing the most rich nectar of His very Divinity, which makes me adhere by my life of faith, full of hope and replete with charity, to the Father’s command, when “that unique declaration came to Him from the majestic glory, ‘This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him’” (2 Pt 1: 17-18; Mt 17: 5). […]

God willed to communicate Himself to us, and for that Christ lived on earth thirty three years. But that was not much to His infinite love. That is why spelling Himself out to us as Word of the Father in loving wisdom of infinite songs, loving us and delivering Himself to us to the end, He loved us to the utmost and He remained with us in the Church’s bosom, New People of God, until the end of time. […]

It is the faith that which gets us into contact with God, because it is the one which spells out to us the most rich mysteries of our Christianity; it “is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11: 1).

Faith is not to believe coldly what is not understood; “even the demons believe… and tremble” (Jas 2: 19). It is to receive in loving wisdom, under the light, the force and penetration of the Holy Spirit, all that the Word, through Mary, communicates to us in the Church’s bosom manifesting it in works and fruits of Holiness.

To live on faith is to live on God, on Christ, on Mary; it is to immerse oneself in the life of the three Divine Persons; it is to receive the message of the Incarnate Word; it is to take shelter in Mary’s Motherhood; it is to listen, to receive and to adhere to all that the Church tells us, received from Christ, in His communication of loving and sapiential wisdom of the divine mysteries. […]

What a great happiness does my soul feel for being christian…! What a dogma so marvellous that of my Holy Church…! What a happiness to live on faith, hope and charity, and what a joy to know that, for the Christian who lives his Christian faith, there are no frontiers either of time, or of place, or distances, or ages…!

Son of the Holy Mother Church, as in God there is no time and for the soul-Church there are no frontiers, all that was twenty centuries ago, you can actually live so now by means of faith, hope and charity and through the Liturgy.

I need not envy anyone! since I have listened to what the Lord said to Thomas, “have you come to believe because you have seen Me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed” (Jn 20: 29). […]

Owing to the power of prayer, there isn’t anybody who is left without receiving the influence of the soul-Church who lives deeply his Christianity being his irradiation according to the participation that by his life of faith, hope and charity has in God; a participation that gives him, according to his measure, more or less strength to exercise his particular priesthood in favour of others. […]

How happy God is…! And how blissful he who living on faith, which is brighter and more certain than the light of midday, on hope and on charity, experiences in himself a fullness of life, of happiness, of possession and of love such that he can say, by his grafting onto Christ as a living and vivifying member of His Mystical Body: “Let anyone who thirsts come to Me and drink” (Jn 7 : 37) and he who is hungry, let him come to me and eat; because filling myself with divine life through my particular priesthood, a fountain that wells up to eternal life has sprung up within me inflamed in my longings for: Glory for God! souls for His bosom! […]

And forget not that faith is not a dark and cold teaching, but rather is the same light of God which enlightens the hearts, enkindled in the flames of the Holy Spirit, who wants to communicate to you His life, bringing it about in you, by means of the simple, but profound and luminous teachings, that, within the Holy Mother Church by means of our faith, full of hope and inflamed in charity, are given to us and are communicated to us with a Father’s heart, a Word’s song and in the love of the Holy Spirit.
“Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” “Who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light” (Jn 8: 12; 1 Pe 2: 9). […]

Son of the Holy Mother Church, be aware that, if you want to live by the luminary of the
luminous faith, of sparkling wisdom, you have to be simple and little; since only to the little ones, as the Divine Master said, are the secrets of the Father manifested: “I give praise to You, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for although You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned You have revealed them to the childlike” (Mt 11: 25).

And you will attain it by your life of faith in your contact with God who dwells in you –since by grace you are a living temple of God and the dwelling of the Most High– and listening to the Lord in long whiles of intimacy at the foot of the tabernacle. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 11)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “On my birthday, under the see of Peter, with my children in Saint Peter’s Basilica, on a thanksgiving pilgrimage for my encounter with the Holy Father…!”, recorded on February 10th, 1996 (press PLAY):


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          The life of faith is adherence to the infinite Being in His eternal Truth; from this adherence bursts a light of wisdom, and in participating in the Infinite Itself we also have the joyful experience of the taste of its fruit.


        By our light of faith, we receive all that the Word has uttered in His Church; through charity, we adhere to it in the love of the Holy Spirit; and by hope, we trust that all those goods things are for us and that we are to live them while we are here in darkness and later in Eternity in light. (5-9-66)


    My life of faith becomes full at the foot of the tabernacle. This is where the mystery of God is given to me, in the savouring and calmness of the intimacy of silence.


Fit in within the plan your soul was created for

When God created us, the three divine Persons, poured Themselves out together on us and took delight in us. This is why every soul possesses its own proper physiognomy, its personal beauty and its unique name that God placed on it the day He created it, according to His desire on creating each soul.

Let us not look at others to avoid feeling envious of the gifts they have received and let us not try to imitate them, let us look at God and let us imitate Him, in order to be ourselves.



“Only God Himself knows the name of each soul”


There, in the bosom of Love, […] He who Is Himself, out of an infinite and loving delight, breaking forth into His creative will, He desires, in a desire that is action, to create; […] we see the divine Maker creating the soul of each one of us as if it were the only soul, and pouring Himself into it in the superabundance of His loving being. […]

On creating you, whoever you may be, the three divine Persons jointly poured themselves forth, taking delight in one single creating gaze, in order to create you in their image and likeness. That is why each soul has its own special physiognomy, its own particular beauty, and its unique name given to it by God on the day He created it, as befitted its physiognomy within creation. Each soul has its own name, and in heaven there will not be any created being called like it, because it will bear that name which God, in His infinite loving wisdom, has fashioned only in it on creating it; a name that is altogether all its being as if it were an expression of the Creator, which will reflect that nuance or physiognomy that the Divine Wisdom wanted to impart upon it in order to call it so eternally. […]

Because when Infinite Love created you, He placed in you, according to the physiognomy that He gave you, the way, the shape, the pattern that you had to follow; depositing in your soul the talents and capacities which suited your soul, as His love’s only creation, in order to fulfil that divine plan, and so that He could call you by your name, by the only name through which He will recognize you, since with that name and having Him as your end, He created you.

In heaven each one of us will have our own name, the one given to us by God when He created us; and it will be more or less complete, fulfilled and glorifying of God Himself, to the extent of our fulfilment of the divine plan regarding our creation. […]

The divine Word is teaching each one of us, as if each were the only creature, as if we were little children, how to fit into that divine mould, with which His loving will wishes to see us fully identified; a mould that was broken and warped by original sin, and which now, by striving to identify ourselves with the creative will of the Eternal Wisdom, we will proceed to reshape little by little until we grow so much conformed to it, that the Creator, the divine Maker, will again see in us that creation which, coming forth from His breast, He made for Himself for His accidental delight.

Holiness consists in our fitting in with the loving plan that the Eternal Wisdom has for each of us. Because, what would become of the poppy if it were always striving to be a rose, because it thought, with its own gaze, not through God’s, that the rose was more beautiful than itself…? Well, it would spend its whole life leaning towards the rose, without adjusting itself to that divine plan, which, by having created it a poppy, made it so simple, so innocent, so naive, thus reflecting the simplicity of God.

Both the rose and the poppy are expressions of the divine perfection, and while one flower expresses some attributes better, the other flower reflects another set. But when each one of them fits into its mould and reflects one attribute, it reflects the fullness of the divine Being, since each attribute contains all the other attributes or perfections, and, therefore also the divine life in its Trinity of Persons. Once the poppy became disengaged from the divine plan, it would become an unhappy poppy that, outside of its mould, would feel sadder, poorer and feebler than others.

Only God Himself knows the name of each soul, and only by that name will He recognize it. And those souls that, because they do not fit into the divine plan, are not in conformity with their name, will be the ones to whom the Creator will say at the time of the wedding:

– “Truly I say to you that I do not know you.” […]

– Soul created by God, do you think that to the Love of infinite fatherhood a rose is more than a poppy? Do you not see that in each one of them the Creator poured Himself out, making of each His only one, His dove, His chosen one and His beloved amongst thousands…?

Only by its fitting in with that divine plan will each soul fulfil its mission, and thus each one will be able to be called by its own name as befits its created being; since, when God poured Himself out over them, He moulded Himself into them with His whole being; and each and every one of them, by fulfilling the divine plan, is a created reflection of the Uncreated One.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “FIT IN WITHIN THE PLAN YOUR SOUL WAS CREATED FOR”   
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Sublimation of the cross”, recorded on January 14th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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         God knows Himself and loves Himself; and that knowing Himself and loving Himself is to be Himself what He is, known, maintained and embraced in infinity. He knows us and loves us; and that knowledge of us and love of us is, in His creating will, to create us and maintain us, which is to stand in being by the power of His wisdom, which identifies with His very Self, thus penetrating us to the marrow of our being... Who knows us like God? Yet, in God, His knowledge of us is to be in us by His power of being. (12-2-67)


        Day or night, God never leaves us; wherever we might go we can always go in His company; and since the person who has God has everything, we feel at ease in any place, provided that we are how and where He pleases. (21-2-67)


    Things express the thinking and perfection of their Author; yet, in order to understand them well, it is necessary to know the will of Him who brought them into being and the end He wanted to achieve on making them. (24-7-70)


The «Sancta Sanctorum» of the Divine Family

March 18, 1959, will be considered the greatest day in the life of Mother Trinidad. That day God introduced her into His bosom for her to contemplate with His Eyes, sing with His Word and love with the fire of the Holy Spirit. After that day when she contemplated, lived and witnessed God´s luminous mystery, the Lord willed to enrich her even more by frequently introducing her into His Trinitarian life.

The infinity of God became to her very familiar, and the Lord delighted in teaching her, in loving wisdom, how the soul lives of God and how it partakes in His mystery of light and life. God allowed all this, so that, full of jubilation and joining the lamentations of the Church, Mother Trinidad could sing the mystery of Eternity while on earth. For this purpose God sent her to the Church with this command: “go and tell it, this is for everyone.” Something which she has been tirelessly doing since the time of the Council, filling the People of God with happiness and peace.



“God is a jubilation of love!”


Oh inexhaustible fruitfulness of the Father subsistent by himself, in himself and for himself! Oh Father, who, breaking into fatherhood by the infinite fullness of your inexhaustible perfection, You are yourself in a fruitfulness so plethoric and exuberant of being, that makes You break into begetting at that point-point, mysterious and hidden, silent and veiled, where You are yourself the fruitful and infinite Fatherhood of inexhaustible perfection, begetting the eternal Oriens, whom You always have begotten and are begetting as a fruit of your fruitfulness.

Emanation of your very wisdom in melodic expression of infinite canticles, so perfectly and consubstantially, that the begotten Son, whom You have in your bosom always begotten and always begetting Him, comes out without coming out, springs without springing, as a fruit of your loving wisdom, at the point-point of your divine begetting bursting out into Light of sparkling and refulgent loving wisdom, giving birth to the Light of your very wisdom, to your only begotten Son, Figure of your substance and Image of your very perfection in singing explanation of infinite perfections, eternal Word of melodic canticles in spelled out and explanatory expression of all that You are. “For it is an aura of the might of God and a pure effusion of the glory of the Almighty… For it is the refulgence of eternal light, the spotless mirror of the power of God, the image of his goodness.” […]

Word of mine…! […] who, in filial-loving return, express, being the substantial Word of his inexhaustible perfection, in a jubilation of love so sublime and so rejoicing in loving and explanatory response to the Father, all that He is himself in the deep depth of the concavity of his infinite subsistence and that makes Him break out into divine fruitfulness “in holy splendour, begetting You.” […]

And the love with which they love each other is so perfect, that it is all the being that the Father, in an act of begetting and loving fruitfulness, gives to the Son; and that the Son returns to the Father at the very instant-instant, sacrosanct, secret and sacred, of the divine begetting; in a paternal-filial embrace so infinite, coeternal and loving, that makes the Holy Spirit rise in flowing cataracts of divinity, loving Kiss of the paternal-filial love of the Father and of the Son, in Love Person of eternal jubilation, consubstantial and infinite. […]

And in a jubilation of loving wisdom, God, by demand of his very perfection, breaks out into three Persons of trinitarian Family in Wisdom of singing explanation of eternal Love. […]

Being himself God one sole being, been by the Father in copious outflows of eternal and infinite fruitfulness of luminous wisdom; expressed through the Word in jubilant Song of unheard of melodies; and loved by the Holy Spirit, personified Love, loving fruit of the Father and the Son in a Kiss of paternal-filial love. […]

How happy is God…! and how happy I am that my God is so happy in the hidden depth of his divine begetting shrouded and covered by the untouchable holiness of his inexhaustive and infinite divinity!

And that my spirit, overwhelmed and invited by the potent might of the infinite Power, has penetrated and tasted in a foretaste of eternity; that makes me, brimming with love, delirious of joy and inebriated in the richest nectar of this same Divinity, contemplate with the Father, by participation, his infinite perfection as his divine delight wants to grant it to me, to sing to Him with the Word and kiss Him in the melodious murmur of the Holy Spirit’s love. […]

While my spirit, trembling, reverent, adoring and frightened, when contemplating Him from exile, under the faith’s light, but illuminated by the Holy Spirit’s gifts and strengthened by the power of grace and the power of the Eternal, in a likeness of eternity; and when penetrating Him in his one sole act of being, understanding how He is –in the mode and manner that God only knows– from my poor wisdom illuminated by the divine wisdom itself; bursts out as though in a heartbreaking lament, when I have to proclaim Him through the limitation of my poor words and the containment of time of this long pilgrimage. […]


How happy is God! And how glorious! […] without needing anything nor anyone to be so.
Because, if God, to be more blissful, more finished, more perfect and more glorious, were to need something outside himself, it would be because to his inexhaustive perfection, coeternal, infinite and finished, something was lacking in order to be the subsistent Being in himself and by himself in infinity of being by infinite infinities of attributes and perfections; who, been and possessed, has, embraced in himself and by himself in his sole act of life, all that He can be in infinity by infinities of being, and in an act of trinitarian life of infinitely embraced perfection of eternal joy, in finished enjoyment of infinite and coeternal divinity. […]

How happy is God! And how blissful I feel that my God is so happy, without needing of anything in order to be so! And who, by a loving act of trinitarian life breaking out into infinite mercy, He has delighted in making us similar to Him, so that we may share Him, here in faith through the Holy Spirit’s gifts, fruits and charismas that are given to us for being catholic, apostolic and roman Church and from her motherly bosom, and in the eternity in light of clear day; with a Father’s heart, a Word’s song and a Holy Spirit’s love.

Most beloved soul, rejoice in the fact that God is what He is in himself, by himself and for himself. Trying to do it in an act of pure love as perfectly as you can, as you will do it and live it in eternity in the most joyful and coeternal sharing in the divine Persons. […]

Most beloved sons of the holy Mother Church, this romance of love, lived and savoured in the profound intimacy of the Divine Family, and shared by the soul, today I express it to you only as the tiny Echo of the holy Mother Church, in repetition of her songs, and moved by God from the year 1959, when, during long periods of prayer full of loving wisdom, the Lord imprinted in my spirit: “Go and say it…!” “This is for everyone…!”

Understanding in a clear and blunt way, under the light, the force and the impulse of the Holy Spirit, that all that, in one way or another God was communicating to me so that I might express it, was not so that only one class of privileged souls might live it, but so that it might be lived by all: priestly people, consecrated souls… by all, by all of God’s children! of all people, race and nation, in loving wisdom of intimate and filial communication with the Divine Family. […]

Listen today, most beloved soul, this song of love that I have spelled out to your soul under the impulse, the light and the force of the Holy Spirit that makes me exclaim with my cry of:

Glory for God! Souls for his Bosom! Only that! The rest does not matter!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE SANCTA SANCTORUM OF THE DIVINE FAMILY”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 7)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Sancta Sanctorum, recorded on January 17th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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         Dear soul, whoever you may be, you who seek delicious experiences in the depths of your heart, do not toil to find them where they are not; launch yourself into the infinite spring of the eternal Being, and there you will find, in the sapiential currents of eternal happiness, what you seek without knowing what it is. (9-12-72)


        God, by the richest plenitude of His being and perfection, on being clearly seen, will seize our free will, which, enthralled, will cling to Him joyfully and freely in a jubilation of beatific love. (9-1-65)


    I am happy, because I found the richest source of the eternal Streams where I drink copiously, quenching, in the infinite wisdom, my tormenting thirst for God... But I have a deep, deep sorrow! It pierces my spirit, for the “voices” of Infinite Love are saying to me: Show Me to men, sing your song! (13-6-75)


Jesus, being God and Man, is the infinite Mercy

We know how the Lord makes use of the most varied ways to imprint on the soul His communications and to bestow His Wisdom on us.

The abundance of the divine Mercy becomes evident in this autobiographic narration through an apparently justified reaction of Mother Trinidad, and a circumstance that she lived in her youth that has remained engraved in her for her whole life.



From the Father’s Bosom,
in the impulse and the love of the Holy Spirit,
through Christ’s open side,
Who infinitely atones to the Thrice Holy offended God
the torrential affluents of divinity overflow
in redeeming compassion on fallen Humanity


God, “because He is Love and loves and is Love and is able to,” overflows in outpouring of infinite, coeternal and Trinitarian mercy on the baseness of our limitation and misery, so divinely that we are able to call God “Father” in right properly, through Christ, being grafted onto the Word of Life. […]

The bigger the misery, the greater and overabundant mercy of reparation before God, and greater overabundance of grace for our souls. […]

How holy God is and how good! who, without needing anything in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, because He has His infinite possibility infinitely been and possessed in His act of being in familiar intercommunication of Trinitarian life; through a benevolence of His coeternal power in realization finished in and through the mystery of the Incarnation, rejoices in making us happy, poor human creatures come out of His hands by a wish of His will brimming with tenderness in an overflow of compassionate and merciful love.

How gloriously God wants to manifest outwards how good He is overflowing in infinite mercy to man! –although He would be equally good if He did not do it, since God is not good essentially for what He does, but for what He is and how He is– bringing forth an almost impossible way for Himself: “Emmanuel, God with us,” who, nailed on the cross and hanging from a log, exclaims: “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” […]

And a terrible responsibility that of man! not only for the “no” of the sin of our First Parents, but for not taking advantage of the Source of the infinite mercy that gives Himself to us in and through Christ’s Redemption; and despising it and even outraging it, he rebels in such inconceivable and unimaginable way against the only true God, that He gives Himself to us, in an overflow of mercy, by means of the price of the Blood of His only Son, Jesus Christ His Envoy, shed on the altar of the cross; taking advantage of the infinite mercy and outraging the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. […]

Being Christ the sublime Portent of God’s mercy, who is and encloses in Himself, by His divine Person, the atoned for Divinity, and, in His human nature, the infinite reparation to the offended Holiness of God; and He is the Restorer of humanity through the price of His divine Blood in a Canticle of praise to the excellence of God and of merciful compassion bursting in blood through all pores, as expiatory victim who, in bloody Redemption, fills to the brim and saturates with Divinity everyone who wants to avail himself of His Blood shed down on the altar of the cross for the remission of sins. […]

And full of gratefulness to the merciful three times Holy God, I need to tell in a simple and spontaneous way what happened to me, being still very young, when I was selling at the shoe shop of my parents.
Therefore I next quote this fragment of a writing of the 8th of May of 1997.

“ One day, […] when some wretched looseliving women entered our shoe shop, immediately I began to serve to them, so that my brother Antonio would not have to do it.
And the poor things began speaking in a very shameless way, making many roguish remarks to one another, and saying coarse words.

Whereat, I, indignant, ran hastily to the back room where my brother was, and as though with much religious dignity –poor me!–, I said to him:

– ‘In our house and in our shoe shop, since we have the image of the Sacred Heart placed at the centre of the shoe shop, we cannot al low anyone to speak this way! Therefore, right now! I go off and send them away.’

While my brother, with the same dignity and religious pride as I, told me:

– ‘Throw them out, let them go away from our house.’

And when I came out swiftly from the back room to send them off, telling them –with what I believed was a holy pride– that in our house, so religious and so decent! one could not speak that way…; oh! […] what happened to me: a phrase was engraved in the innermost and most recondite depths of my spirit that, as long as this poor daughter of the Church lives, I will never be able to forget: ‘For them I have shed all my Blood…’

Whereat, stopping dead, I quickly returned where my brother was, saying to him deeply contrite and impressed:

– ‘Antonio… for them Jesus has shed all His Blood…’

My brother, not knowing the reason of my change of attitude, answered to me very bluntly: ‘send them off! let them go away! let them go away…!’

Entering the shoe shop again, deeply affected because it was not a little or a small drop, no, but all the Blood of Jesus that had been shed for each one of them! I felt so much love…! so much understanding…! so much ten derness…! that, if Jesus had been the one there, I could not have served Him better.
So that I experienced the desire to throw myself at their feet and, embracing them, kiss them […]; I who have always been so clean and ‘scrupulous,’ with the dirty and sweaty that, sometimes, the clients had their feet…! But, at the thought that Jesus had shed all His Blood for each of those wretched women I felt I was consumed with tenderness and love towards them.

This being for all my life a most profound lesson that the Lord gave to my soul, so that I might understand and excuse human fragility, and love the souls as He loved them; because, for each and everyone, Jesus had shed, not a very little nor a drop, but all of His most holy Blood in Redemption of merciful love!”

[…] I also want to manifest what God Himself, the other day, showed to me imprinting it in my spirit: something as beautiful as difficult to explain because of the magnitude and the greatness of all that I penetrated overcome by joy in the Holy Spirit.


“I contemplated the Eternal Father in the heights of His sovereign majesty, overflowing with loving fatherhood; as though with His arms open, and bowed in an outpouring over Christ on the cross.

And from the open Father’s loving Bosom, flowed, as though gushing uncontrollably, as though torrents of affluents overflowing with Divinity, His merciful love over Christ, the Great Christ of all times. […]

And through the most holy breast of the Infinite Incarnate Word, flowed, from the affluent of the infinite Springs of the Father, everything that, from the height of His untouchable holiness, in a shedding of love and infinite mercy, poured over Him in torrential waterfalls of self-giving to man. […]

The loving self-giving of infinite mercy gushed uncontrollably and over-flowingly from the Father’s bosom to Christ’s breast; and from the breast of Christ, nailed on the cross between God and man, spread over all humanity; Therefore it was necessary propose to receive, at the feet of the crucified Son of God, with open soul, the fruit of Redemption, as a self-giving of the sublime God spilling Himself!.” […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 14)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God restores the fallen man, in Christ and through Christ, in the womb of the White Virgin, who through the romance of the Holy Spirit’s love, breaks into divine Motherhood”, recorded on November 17th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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          When I asked God, why He humbled Himself so humbly, I understood only one answer: “Because I am love and I can do so; because I am love and I love.” (15‐9‐76)


        My God, in the face of my powerlessness for not being able to utter You, what a relief does my soul feel on seeing that You Yourself in Yourself, through Your Word, utter Yourself the way You are, in such a burning Love of perfect and personal charity! (26-9-63)


    God is Himself love; and when He wants to tell us of His love by loving us, Christ appears on the scene in such a amazing manifestation of self-giving, that He dies uttering these words: “All is accomplished.” A loving fulfilment, in its expression bathed in blood, tells us how God loves us when He explains how He is Himself love. (15‐9‐76)