In the tabernacle is the Being…!

There are too many themes absent in today’s spirituality: the Being of God, and the way to possess Him. They are realities that seem to be confined to the space of philosophical reflection, however they constitute the foundation of the authentic living of God’s children.

The Lord has placed in our small and humble souls the radical need to know His infinite being. This writing teaches us how He desires to be sought, and where to find Him in all His fullness: in the Tabernacle.



“I seek the Being…
and unless I find Him I die…!”

I clamour for the Being, for the possession of the conquest of the Infinite, by the proximity of the Holy Spirit’s quiet breeze… […]

The infinite Love kissed my soul, printing Himself into it so divinely, that this one is a repetition of response to the divine gift in a loving rush towards Him.

My life is to love the Love who, shrouding my soul with the breeze of His passing and in the fluttering of His warm caress, says to me quietly in a sacred uttering of infinite petition: “Come to Me, my bride” (Cfr. Sg 4, 8).

And this “come to Me” that the Infinite Being engraved by fire into my chest the day of my consecration as an enamoured Bridegroom petition, hurled me towards Him after the breeze of His flight in an impetus that, responding in gift as I can, tells Him: “wait, Love, that I go swiftly.”

The mystery of my life, that of my consecration, and all the tight nostalgia of my constant ascent towards God, is no more than a petition of the Love, answered through an unconditional response of self-giving and correspondence. […]

The Love calls me to Him, and my love runs to the Beloved, because the light of His beauty enthralled me so wonderfully, that only on the day of His Suns my soul will rest quietly, leaning upon His chest.

That is why, when my thirst for Eternity burns me, when my impetuses for possessing the Being seem to snatch me from the death of this life, when all things threaten to separate my soul from the body in the flight of its rush towards God; impelled in the live coals of love, I run to the tabernacle, where, in a self-giving of love, behind the mysterious Gates that conceal Him, I meet the Being…! the Infinite Being! […]

Sometimes, when it seems that I cannot take it any more, when coming next to the tabernacle, I stop in my ascent, and, falling down before my suffering Jesus, I love Him in loving repose with the need to be next to Him all ages enduring.

How well have I understood in this last season the necessity of Jesus being in the Eucharist…! If He would not have stayed with us for the sake of love, how could our love live without Him…?!

My times of tabernacle, lived day after day next to “the Gates of Eternity,” have my spirit pacified and support the vertiginous race that, on account of the voice of the Being who invites me to follow Him, my spirit undertook towards Him.

God is the All of my life, and the infinite All is in the tabernacle for my sake. […]

When my tired life experiences that it cannot bear it any longer in insatiable clamours for the Being due to the yearnings for His possession, it rushes to the tabernacle. And there it finds, in the mysterious way that faith gives to her, the hope for the fullness of all that it needs. Wherefore I have managed to comprehend, through my impetuses satiated in the Eucharist, in a savouring of mysterious comprehension that the doors of the tabernacle are “the sumptuous and wide Gates of Eternity!”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Christmas 2012

In the tabernacle is the Being…! the Infinite Being who calls me with powerful voice inviting me to follow Him. Wherefore, when after so many years of consecration, it seems that my spirit cannot contain any longer His longings for God in light, it needs –and I know that my life depends on that because God thus printed it into my soul–, long and rested times of prayer before Jesus Eucharist, to hold back the impetus that, in swift race, drives me to move on to Eternity… […]

I find at the foot of the tabernacle, the strength of my life, the continuation of my journey, the fecundity of my spiritual motherhood, the fullness of my spirit so many times distressed… Furthermore, the comfort, the kiss of the infinite Love to my tearful soul, the caress of His compassionate hand, the gazing of His serene eyes in calm participation in my terrible nostalgia for Him, and even for my own in the solitude of my hard exile, all, absolutely all! finds full sense in my whiles of tabernacle next to the “majestic Doors of Eternity.” […]

I look for the Being… and, either I find Him, or I die…! Because He calls me to Himself with an irresistible force that, in a rush for a reply, makes me live in a torturing clamour for Eternity…

But, now I found the Being in the loving way that His infinite will wants today to give Himself to me in the sorrowful path of the pilgrimage of this exile in my insatiable search for God alone…! […]

I want the Being, and in the tabernacle I find Him!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “IN THE TABERNACLE IS THE BEING…!”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 9)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Accompanying Jesus in the Eucharist, and living with God in the soul”, recorded on March 11th, 1995 (press PLAY):


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         The tabernacle doors are the doors of Paradise, since behind them the Eternal is hidden. Therefore, the soul who discovers Jesus in the tabernacle encounters heaven.


        Before the Tabernacle I am happy, because when I savour my faith, during deep silences of simple prayer, I am led to know that the doors of the tabernacle are the wide gates of Eternity, whereto my hope springs forth driven by the Holy Spirit’s infinite Love, and where the perfect encounter with the eternal Sun, in the light of His eyes, will reveal to me forever, forever! the enthralling face of God. (14-9-74)


    The silent loneliness of the tabernacle is the most expressive explanation of Infinite Love, unknown and not received. (29-1-73)


Chapel of The Work of the Church in Mother Trinidad's home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)

The voices of the silence

The present writing moves the soul to leave aside human concepts and be introduced into the silent and vital speech of God, where loving wisdom is poured out without limits, and where one doesn’t see anything with the eyes of the body, and everything is understood with the senses of the soul.

The soul-Church feels so strongly the need for God, and with that same strength is also perceived the urgency to reduce to silence the noise of all earthly things. To experience God’s silence has made possible that entire generations of humble Christians, monks, and anchorites, who were ardently seeking solitude, have found in this theme the explanation to their experience and a renewed drift to discover new and ample horizons.



“Silence is life:
it makes us live Eternity in exile”

When, silenced, the soul perceives the voice of the Eternal One, it breaks, in its clamours, in quiet breeze and in flames of fire, the silence.

Silence speaks as though in melodies of faint concerts… Silence speaks in its sonorous and secret ringing, in mystery. […]

Three classes of silence are perceived, in sacred savouring of eternal mystery, there in the depth of the spirit, in the inner contact, sacrosanct and silenced of the soul with God, and in the times before the tabernacle, immersed in the mystery of the Lord of the Sacrament Who hides, silenced behind the nights of mystery, waiting should someone come to visit Him.

One –the silence of well-being, of savouring, of sweetness, of peace, of rapture–, the one that the soul experiences which, savouring somehow the proximity of the Eternal One, seeks, led by the soft and silent desire that it perceives in its interior, the solitude;
in which it rests lovingly, reposing in the proximity of Him Whom it loves; as though leaning on the chest of Jesus Who waits for it tireless so that, after the search for Him who hurtles to His encounter, it may perceive His delightful, savoury and silent presence, which somehow speaks to it, in the mystery of Jesus’proximity, so silently and supernaturally that, without knowing how it is, is separation from earthly things and sapientially loving and communicative union of the spirit with the God of the Sacrament. […]

Behind this silence, lived in intimacy with Jesus in the Eucharist or by the presence of God in the recondite and intimate recesses of our heart, where the soul-Church through grace, by means of its life of faith, participates in the mystery of God in His Trinity of Persons dwelling in it and being communicated to it in participation in loving life, under the silent and sacrosanct murmur of the Holy Spirit;
persevering in the search for the God of its heart, quietly and gradually, is being introduced, and as though transcended, into another silence which is not earthly; that, rather than silence, is a silent… profound rumour… that is a likeness of faint concerts that fill the soul with recollection, feeling near the Eternal Love, but without possessing Him in the right way that the love rapidly needs it, in the bridal chamber of the Infinite Being, immersed and penetrated into His sacred silence.

The silence of the things of the here brings the soul into contact with God; and this inner silence fills it with life and makes it capable of listening to the Word, of receiving Him, of grasping Him, of perceiving His conversation, of tasting His mystery, of feeding on His joy, on His life, on His perfection and on His secret… […]

And there is a third silence that is different and distant from every earthly thing, because it is proximity of Him who is in possession of the mystery of the Eternal One, and that submerges the spirit and silences it in the infinite Mystery of His profundity. And there, inside that depth, makes it listen to conversations in eternal voices of the Being.

Conversations that are not words, but that is savoury wisdom of secret silence. But a wisdom so lofty and silent and a silence so savoury, that the soul knows savourably and delectably –without knowing– how it is not precisely that it is savouring the sweetness of the earthly silence, even though it be spiritual, but rather that it is immersed and inebriated in the possession of the Silence that God is; that, in cloistral loving compliments, are voices of fire that communicate to the spirit something so mysterious, so unprecedented, so profound and so secret, that the Infinite Silence alone knows how to tell in the savoury conversation of His voices… […]

One thing is to feel the silence of creation that, with its inanimate voice, speaks to us of the Immense One or the sweetness of the spiritual silence, with its peace, its joy, its transcendence in our times of prayer or in the silence of the spirit; and another is to feel introduced into God, who is the eternal, consubstantial, subsistent and divine Silence. It is like a leap from the created to the Uncreated, from the human creature to the Creator, from the human to the divine. […]

When the soul, in its silence, brings itself into direct contact with God, spirit to spirit, it seems that all the noises on earth increase when feeling the touch of the Eternal Silence that is introducing it slowly, lifting it off everything of the here with the breeze of His passing and the brush of His flight, savoury and delectable, in that delicate savouring that brings it into direct union with God Himself. […]

Today I have understood in a new way the profundities of my three silences: One that is repose in peace of solace; another proximity of the God of the Heavens; but another one is cloistral voices of the Eternal One.

The three are savoury, the three are very good; some are earthly, another one Heavenly.

One leads to the other. One is achieved by dint of efforts; another one, which is touch of God, kiss of cautery, sweet proximity, which brings the soul to soar up, which seeks in its demanding, with its relish, the fires of Heaven.

But the other one is God who speaks in secret, inside, in the substance, of His great mystery; it is explanation in voices of fire, communications in His very Bosom of the attributes that, in discovery, God gives us for free in sweet encounters! without man being able to have it by dint of his own favour and to taste the gift of the eternal Silence. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 16)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The voices of silence”, recorded on July 15th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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         Silence is, for the troubled soul, a balm that soothes its injuries and heals its wounds. (18-8-73)


        What silence that of God in His Bosom...! What silence that of the Word in the Eucharist...! What silence that of Love within the soul! and in what great silence must the soul listen to Him...! (1-2-64)


    Love likes to dwell alone in the soul. That is why, when there was silence, Love uttered Himself; and when Love utters Himself to the soul, there is silence. (1-2-64)


The Lady has fallen asleep

In the Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady, the Liturgy offers us the possibility to live and contemplate Mary’s Assumption to Heaven in body and soul as She is being seized by the most loving Trinity. God takes delight in making us contemplate this great mystery permeated with divine poetry.

Reading what is written here bestows on us something which is indescribably sweet. It’s an invitation to transcend and seek the heavenly things and at the same time it soothes our present sorrows.



“Silence…! Silence…!
The Lady is falling asleep”

“At dusk of this day, 15th of August of 1960, I had a very strong light about the Assumption of Our Lady in body and soul to Eternity.

I contemplated how all of Her was raised by the immutable kiss of the Holy Spirit. […]

They say that ‘it is beautiful the death of the upright,’ (Psalm 115,15) because it is no more than a kiss of the Holy Spirit, so silent…! so smooth…! so deep and so profound…! that, in a compliment of immutable love, it takes away the soul, sometimes without this one almost perceiving it.

It thus happened to Mary: there was so much peace…! so much immutability…! so much silence…! so deep and so profound…! that She suddenly found Herself in Glory.
It was a dream of love, in the infinite fluttering of the Holy Spirit, in the embrace of Her divine Spouse: She fell asleep to life in the kiss and the embrace of the Holy Spirit…! […]

Mary, in Her glorious Assumption in body and soul to Eternity, soared up above the Angels and Archangels, Cherubim and Seraphim and the whole creation; being introduced by the infinite Love of the eternal Virginity into the deep profundity of that eternal Begetting… Begetting that gives birth, from His same Light, to the Eternal Oriens in the infinite and coeternal love of the Holy Spirit. […]

Now Mary’s soul is readied by God for Her definitive passage to the light of Glory in splendorous vision, in total possession, detached from this exile… […]

When Mary’s soul reached that point of almost infinite divinisation, all of Her was swayed back and forth… kissed and feasted… loved… immersed and introduced into that intimate life of the adorable Trinity… […]

“Silence…! Silence…!
Silence…! for the Lady is falling asleep… […]

Silence…! Silence…! respect…! veneration…! for I am contemplating the splendorous and majestic moment wherein the Lady is being raised to Eternity by the silent passage of God who, in the loving kiss of the Holy Spirit, is drawing Her towards Him by the softness of His divine breeze…!

A great silence has been made…!
All is silence around Mary…! […]

Mary had fulfilled Her mission of Virgin Mother, of Coredemtrix and Mother of the Church; and now, Raised, rises to Heaven to continue Her universal mediation between God and men.

The Lady had to fall asleep…! It was necessary that the Immutability should possess Her totally, and She, likewise, should possess the Immutability!
Because, one more step! and She would have exceeded the limits of Her almost infinite capacity of divinisation…

And that is why, because this was not possible, THE LADY HAS FALLEN ASLEEP…!” […]

Also, the 15th of October of 1972, after the Lord had shown me, in previous dates, “The Path of life,” with the “Abyss” at its end, and wherein I saw falling many of those who recklessly walked without availing themselves of their “eagle wings” to be able to cross it over, I dictated a writing titled: “Mary crossed the Abyss.” […]

The Virgin, at the foot of the cross, suffered a mystical death according to the prophecy of Simeon that a sword of sorrow would pierce Her soul; like Jesus whose side the spear of the soldier physically pierced, in manifestation of His corporal death. […]

When Christ died, the soul of the Lady of the Incarnation, totally united to Her Son, felt and experienced in Herself the tremor and the terrors of the most terrible death that we can imagine. […]

The Virgin did not need to die in order to be Coredemtrix, as neither did She need to sin in order to be redeemed; and as death is the consequence of sin, She who did not sin did not have to die. […]

Therefore this small daughter of the Church, with a simple heart, open soul, and in unconditional adherence –as at all the moments of my life– to the mind of the Church, manifests that, at the moment when the Lady was being raised from this earth to Eternity by the will of the Father, in the embrace of the Son and in the infinite brush of silent and immutable softness of the Holy Spirit, did not see, at any moment, a separation between the soul and the body of the Virgin. […]

I did not see a separation between Her soul and Her body the day when the White Virgin left the exile to introduce Herself into Eternity.
But I did see and understood, full of jubilation and indescribable surprise, remaining itself engraved in my limited, small and transcended understanding, the joy that the divine Persons had, when they brought towards themselves that human creature who was, with Christ, the ‘yes’ of glorious response before God on behalf of all His children. […]

It was Her body, a body exempt from sin, like the one of our First Parents in the earthly Paradise; and therefore did not need to die. […]

“ ‘Assumpta est Maria’ who goes up to the Heavens, triumphant and glorious, with firm and majestic step…! White is Her soul, without anything preventing Her for flying towards the mansions of the Kingdom of God…! […]

The Virgin went through life with the agility of a lightning bolt, without resting on earth’s mud, without Her immaculate soul even gathering dust, without feeling in Herself the concupiscence that have been the consequence of the breakage of God’s plan.” […]

Her soul attracted, raising it with Her, the body, and made it cross over the unfathomable Abyss which sin had opened between God and man, without feeling even the slightest impediment. […]

Mary ascends…! She ascends amidst the clarities of the Eternal Sun, under the cover and the affection of the Holy Spirit, protected by the Father’s embrace, and impelled and attracted towards Heaven by the Word’s voice…

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 14)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Assumption of Mary”, recorded on August 15th, 1988 (press PLAY):


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         At Bethlehem, at Calvary and in her glorious Assumption into heaven, Our Lady’s greatness is manifested, which comes to Her through the Incarnation’s mystery in the fullness of Christ’s priesthood. (25-10-74)


        I feel myself melt out of love for the Virgin, when I call Her Our Lady of the Holy Spirit; because I see that, everything that is brought about in Her, is due to the loving Kiss, in secret and silent murmur, of the Holy Spirit in sacred passing of the Spouse. (19-12-74)


    Mary receives God in silence, keeps Him in silence, and communicates Him in silence. (2-2-71)


Because I believe in the eternal life

To believe in eternal life is not only a gratifying concept for our human intellect that distances from the horizon of our existence the anguishes of its conclusion.

Eternity is the very reality of God, Himself being possessed, lived, and savoured forever and ever, without fear of losing Him. Eternity is the certain and firm gift that God our good Father holds prepared for us.



“Oh Eternity, dear Eternity…!”

And extolled by the faith of Abraham, “Father of all the believers,” replete with hope in the promises of God, and kindled in the cooling flames of the Holy Spirit, I intone again my song of:

I have faith… And “I believe in the eternal life.”

“O what so true a mystery is that of Eternity…! –I wrote on the 10th of November of 1961–. My whole soul, enlightened by faith, is bursting into happiness from so much having hope in Eternity.

I feel that my life is a reflection of that eternal day wherein, closing the eyes at the exile, I will find myself face to face, forever, contemplating the Being in His being bursting into Three… Forever…!

O eternal Day of Eternity, You are so deeply embedded in my soul, that You and only You are the sole center of attraction for me in this exile…! I savour You without calling You; I wait for You sure; I run searching for You, in love. I need You because You are my beginning, my end and my life; You are my share and my inheritance. Solely for You was I born, and I will not be able to be completely happy, or to rest either, until I am sated by the light of Your countenance…!

Death, to me, is not death, it is the door that will be opened to me unto that eternal day, tomorrow! wherein, lost in the infinite thicket of Your vast being, I will be engrossed in, carried away and possessed by the silent and simple simplicity of Your immutability. […]

“Should the Love call me,
I would answer to Him,
and in His bosom I would go
into His chamber…

And there He would tell me
His infinite Word,
and I would answer
all of me returning to Him…

O should I see the Love
in the light of His face…!
I would gaze at Him so much,
that into Him I would be transformed,
becoming a poem
that would sing His glory…

And, should I go into His love
and with Him burn
in the light of His fire
and in the union of His forges,
I should become a torrent
of transparent waters,
filling up, in my sources,
him who were to come close to me…

Should the Love come,
with Him I would go away!”


[…] “O infinitely holy Eternity, in which the soul tiny and thirsty for justice and truth will be sated face to face with the divine Pupils, in the contemplation of Your divine Face…!

O Eternity, Eternity…! You are the savourable desire of my exiled soul, the urgent need for all my being, strayed in this place of lie, of incomprehension, of pain and of trial…

You are, o dear Eternity! the need, to the point of satiety, of my soul in love and captivated by the beauty of Your face… […]

One day I will go to see You, O dear Eternity, forever… forever… And there I will vanish forever! in the luminous light of Your eternal pupil… […]


I have faith… And my faith is sure, firm and unshakeable, not for what I feel or live, but because my Holy Mother Church has given it to me, infallible when She hands down the word that the Word entrusted to Her; and my hope is true because my Holy Church infused it into me together with my faith on the day of Baptism and She has been making it grow in my soul together with Her teachings and with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

And because I am Church, and within this Holy Mother Her Echo, God, in His eternal plan, willed to show to me in His light His mysteries, so that I might sing and tell everyone the riches of the Church.

That is why very often He deigned, by an incomprehensible design of His, to take me into His bosom, which has left my soul fatally wounded with desires for the possession in full light of the eternal God.

On the 30th day of April of 1960, I wrote: “God brought me once more, almost like on the 18th of March of 1959, in a most profound and unimaginable manner into the unfathomable depth of the Mystery of His life;
taking me into the depth of His transcendent, untouchable and unfathomable! Virginity, so that I might contemplate that Sancta Sanctorum of the adorable Trinity, veiled and concealed; wherein the Father, breaking into splendours of holiness, at the instant-instant without time of infinite and encompassing Eternity of God being Himself He who is Himself, burst begetting His Word, in a supreme begetting of infinite and loving Wisdom into the infinite and mutual embrace of the Holy Spirit.

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Año 1970

[…] The veil of the Sancta Sanctorum where God is concealed was lifted for my sake!

And when the Infinite Being brought me into His bridal chamber, I grasped at once that infinite and inaccessible Mystery, that only God lives, and which one cannot enter without being carried by Him into the depth of His bridal inner chamber of infinite and eternal Holiness, covered by the veil of the Sancta Sanctorum of His transcendent Virginity.”

“And therein, […] I was brought! without being able to understand how I was able to enter; and even less how, after having come out, yet I have been able to go on living during so many years. […]

And while I was contemplating and living all this in the joy of the Blessed, at one instant-instant of inexpressible mystery! I felt myself brought, in an amazing and incomprehensible manner, into the sacrosanct depth of the Arcanum of the Sancta Sanctorum of the Infinite Being; surprising the immutable and ineffable life of the adorable Trinity in the mysterious, veiled and concealed point, where in copious flows of infinite waterfalls of loving wisdom, the Father bursts into begetting His Word in the coeternal and infinite embrace of the Holy Spirit.

‘Oh…! Silence…! Silence…! […]

Silence…! Silence…! Silence…!
Thank You, Lord…! Thank You, Lord…! Thank You, Lord…!
Today I, bewildered, trembling and frightened, when I understand what I have seen and heard, I answer adoringly in a silence of profound adoration and of reverent astonishment…

And, exceeding my limitation, trembling with love and respect, turning towards You, I clamour: Thank you, Lord, but I am not worthy…!’”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 17)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The divine Mercy, in spite of our “no”, invented, within his wondrous power, the infinite way to bring us definitively unto Eternity”, recorded on November 23th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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         Shall it come the day? It will come. On which I shall see Your face? I will see it. And shall I be with You? I will be. And shall it be forever? It will be. And shall I enter into Your life? I will enter. Without dying of joy? Without dying. (15-11-74)


        My spirit longs for Eternity in the light of Your divine pupils that invite me to come to You. (6-1-67)


    When Your glory takes hold of me, I am only able, in silence, to adore in utmost glorification the fact that You are so glorious. (3-7-62)