“God saw that everything was good!”

Every created being -according to their capacity and each one in its own way- is an expression and a reflection of the unity of the Being and of the Trinity of Persons; hence God alone is Himself in His infinite gaze and in that only gaze He is the source of all creation.

The one who knows how to look at creatures with the light of God knows how to find Him alive and breathing in all created things.



“In all created things we see the Father’s gaze,
the Word’s expression and the Holy Spirit’s kiss”


God is Himself. And, in that very self-being, through His infinite fruitfulness, He breaks forth and performs creation.

All created things, each one in its own kind and manner, are an expression and reflection, more or less perfect, according to their capacity, of the Unity of being and the Trinity of persons; in such a way that God, for His being infinite, fruitful and perfect, has one only Gaze, which is the source of all the created and uncreated life. And all of creation is nothing more than a small reflection of what God is.

God is the transcendent Being who dwells at an infinite distance of all created things. The Being…! The only Being who, being solely of Himself, is Himself the reason for being of His very self-being and the principle of every being.

Of God no one can say that He is a being transcending all things, no; because, on saying “a being,” it seems that we compare Him to other created beings. God is Himself, not a being, but the Being, so gloriously and so divinely being Himself eternally that, in an immutable act of Trinitarian life, He is Himself Three.

This so infinitely transcendent God, who remains above all created things at an infinite distance, from so much being Himself fruitful love, breaks forth and performs creation by virtue of the superabundance of His self-being good, good love in essence and in Person. And, in one same Gaze, God is the subsistent and sufficient Being in Himself, and He is Himself, for His being Himself Creator, the reason for being of every being; and so He has willed to imprint Himself in each and every one of the creatures. That is why Genesis says that “God saw that all He had made was good.” And the reason is that everything is a reflection, although limited and tiny, of His being Himself the Uncreated.

In the Gospel, the Incarnate Word tells us that “no one is good but God alone.” Then, how can we explain that other sentence from Genesis that says, “God saw that all He had made was good?” It is clear that it is because everything is a reflection of the Good One, because everything is expressing something of the good Infinite Being, of the holy God, because everything is good in so far as it reflects God!

God, in His fruitful Gaze, outwardly, creates through the Word in the love of the Holy Spirit, which is why, all the little creatures and the whole of creation are a reflection of the Infinite One, since God performs all while contemplating His being, which is the reason for being of the three divine Persons and the reason for being of all creation. […]

That creating gaze is so perfect, so infinite and so accomplished, that all that He looks at -willing it to exist- becomes reality; in such a way that all that is contained in that gaze, in an eternal act of creation, through His creating Expression, in the mutual love of the Holy Spirit, becomes creation.

For God being Himself the Infinite One, in His simple Gaze He is penetrating all of creation as a whole and also each and every one of its most imperceptible atoms; and He is doing so in His Gaze of eternal Wisdom in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Despite God being so infinite, so eternal and so perfect, He is, as Creator, giving life to all creation and to each and every little creature, and He abides in His Trinity of persons and in His infinite Unity. […]

One can truly say that each little created thing has the Father’s Gaze, the Word’s Expression and the Kiss of the Holy Spirit. Because the Father looks, and, in His Gaze made Wisdom, creates; and, by depositing in those things a Kiss through the Holy Spirit, makes them burst forth into life. […]

Through the gift of knowledge, the soul sees and penetrates, savouring with the gift of wisdom, how God, in His One Trinity, is reflected in the whole of creation and in each one of those like infinite nuances contained within it.

I see how the whole of creation and all creatures are crying out: God. And they are all shouting, each one doing so in its own proper way of being. Because the inanimate creatures, in their almost immutable silence, are shouting at the spiritual ear even louder, if this were possible, than the animated ones. […]

And the soul savours, tastes, delights and rejoices in finding God everywhere, where only the spiritual gaze, an image also of the Gaze of God, with the gift of wisdom, image of the Word, and inflamed in the fire of the Holy Spirit, penetrates this awesome truth of the Uncreated in His creating action, and the soul sees that all is good because everything expresses God and, then, loves everything.

Because the soul is the highest and supreme creation of the Creator; and in God’s image, the soul shares His gaze that, on looking, expresses in one same gaze what it contemplates, and, on looking at it and expressing it, loves it. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God creates us looking at Himself in what makes Him be God”, recorded on July 9th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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         God is the Being, the infinite Being that, for being Himself the supreme perfection, is, in one single act of loving wisdom and eternal joy, in three persons. (25-5-59)


        God is Himself; and this “to be Himself,” by the perfection of the divine nature, is so perfect in God, that it is to be Himself persons and to be Himself the eternal encompassment of inexhaustible perfection. (14-10-74)


    In God, His will identifies with His power; that is why, everything He wills, He is able to do; and since the means He has to perform it are infinite, all created things are a reflection and an image of His infinite perfection; thus, everything God does is perfect. (27-10-75)


Street cleaners within the Church

The message of the present writing besides communicating a great visual impact, summarizes and manifests the situation of the Church and of the sorrowful and unexplainable Gethsemane that She is living.

It is not possible that the Bride of the immaculate Lamb has to appear before the world as being corrupted and sinful, because She is not. Darkness and confusion would want to destroy Her, but Her divine Bridegroom defends Her, protects Her and will soon make justice.



“I saw myself with a broom sweeping the Church”


Today, imbued with the coeternal and infinite thought, enlightened by the light from on High, I have received a new surprise in my life… a new consciousness, even more profound, of my vocation, my mission in the Church with all who, in order to help Her, the Infinite Love has given to me!

In the twinkling of an eye, a light beam of the eternal Wisdom penetrated me, as tough with the sharpness of a sharp sword, in the most recondite and very depth of the marrow of the spirit. And, by the flashing of His illumination, made me live, in one instant, the passing of all times… of all ages… with the new and surprising contemplation of the Holy Church of God, as the sole Way that leads us, through Christ and under the shelter and protection of the motherhood of Our Lady of Pentecost, Mother of the Church, to the Father’s house.

And I saw myself, suddenly, with a broom sweeping my Church…!! […]

Efficiency and simplicity! humility and courage! clearness and cleanliness! reaching with my broom all corners, to leave them the way that God willed. […]

I saw the Church as the Way refulgent with light, replete with Divinity, straight, firm, certain, clear, luminous, transparent, unshakable, un-touchable, incorruptible, invincible! that leads to the Father’s house.

Understanding that this Way, like a mirror without spot which in-calculable multitudes of men had passed through; in the course of time and with the passing through of every one, had been so dirtied…! so clouded…! so defaced…! that sometimes it was even disgusting to pass through it.

A Way which, normally, in our crossing, some in one way and others in another, we dust, we deface, we dirty and we defile…!

How many men have passed through the way of the Church…! Each and every one of them with their innumerable sins, with the concupiscence of their flesh, all of them with the pride and blindness of their befuddled hearts because of the warpedness of their thoughts;
with their personal ways and styles, with the attachment to their own criteria… with the blindness of their darkened minds, with the ill will of their sinful hearts, which, in the foolishness of their darkened lives, do not let them see in the transparent mirror of the Church the face of Jesus “and him crucified” (1 Cor 2, 2) Who invites us to follow Him, after His apparent failure, by means of His glorious resurrection, to the eternal Wedding of Christ with His Church, under the might and the sweeping impetus of the Holy Spirit.

Wherefore they attempt to confront the infinite and sublime holiness of God Himself, carried way by pride, lust, envy, rancour, and by all that which is not according to God, and in fact contrary and even repellent to His infinite holiness! and rebelling crazily against God in diabolic confrontation, they say to Him: “I will not serve you” (Jer 2, 20);
the God who created them solely and exclusively so that they might possess Him, and He restored them through the Blood of the Immaculate Lamb who takes away the sins of the world, shed on the altar of the cross!

But everyone passed by… and, when passing, they left their footprint; a footprint that is more or less marked, more or less dirty, according to the size and condition of the feet of those who pass by.

I also saw that those who were bigger in the Church, wore bigger and heavier shoes; and, if they had them stained, their footprints were deeper and more harmful… leaving the Church more stained and even cracked!

Whereas those who, together with the others in bloc, went by unnoticed, marked Her with a lighter footprint, although they too left theirs.

Between the ones and the others they had disfigured, defaced, dusted and stained Her…! defiling God’s holiness, when placing their smelly footprints on the mirror without spot where God Himself, in the beauty of His divine face, looks at Himself and is reflected in the majestic reverberation of the splendour of His glory: the Holy Church, luminous Way towards the Eternity.

A Way that has as Head, with His crown of glory, the Only Begotten Son of God, the Word of Life Incarnate covered with a royal mantle of blood; who, in order to lead us safely towards the encounter with the eternal Joy, became one of us, traveller, pilgrim and exiled; and by the mystery of His Incarnation, life, death and glorious resurrection, opened with His five wounds the sumptuous Gates of Eternity in order to intro-duce us into the wide bosom of our Father God, closed by sin. […]

What most clearly became engraved in my soul in this sparkling day of light and of truth, were these two things:

That the Church, as the luminous Way that leads us to the Truth and contains the Life, full of brilliance and beauty, of holiness and divine majesty and of plenitude, found Herself so loaded with wretchedness, with rot! that one could hardly make out in Her the beautiful face of Christ, divine and divinizing, in Her repleteness with Divinity.

And that those who had tarnished Her and disfigured Her the most, with worse consequences and larger blights, were many of those who, for having occupied in their passing through life more important positions, of considerable responsibility and importance, wore bigger shoes;
which, if they had been laid previously on filth or were covered with rot, in their treading and rubbing through the shining and luminous way that the Church is, left very dirty footprints, very big, very marked and foul-smelling;
footprints that even made furrows and cracks along the Way, preventing others from running joyfully through it, without stumbling, to the longed for end; and that had turned the Church, apparently, into a sort of dump or dung heap. […]

How necessary and how impelled under the might of the divine im-pulse I saw myself with my broom sweeping my beloved Church, my Mother Church, my Holy Church, my Church of mine…!

How very simple and urgent was my mission…! Each day that passes without picking up my broom effectively to sweep, I collaborate to the plague’s propagating further, making some ill and even killing others with its contagion.

I comprehended that God asked me, me and my descendants, that we be as simple, but as efficient, as the broom of a street cleaner. […]

Each century with its periods has had its customs more or less good, more or less confusing and tenebrous; which, by means of the men who have gradually passed through the Mother Church, have left in Her their footprints, with so much diversity of strange things that sometimes with difficulty and hardly can one recognize Her as the only true Church, founded by Christ, built on the Apostles and perpetuated throughout all times. […]

The efficacy that I saw in the broom was so much, that I felt driven to pick it up; and so great its simplicity, that I experienced myself carried away and captivated by it. How well did I understand anew that God communicates Himself to the little ones and that, through these simple tools, He makes Himself efficacious in splendorous manifestation of His glory! […]

If you want Her most beautiful face to shine, let men run through Her Way, attracted by “a spreading perfume, more delightful… than wine,” (Sg 1, 3. 2) to inebriate themselves with the most delicious nectar of the Divinity; in this situation in which today Mother Church finds Herself, you must be small. The Fishermen of Galilee were the tools that Christ chose to found Her. […]

As, in the life of Jesus, the arrogant eyes and the proud heart were not capable of seeing in the face of Christ the Infinite Word and led Him to the gallows; likewise the arrogant eyes and the proud heart, under diabolic snare, now also cry aloud pitilessly to the Church: “She deserves to die…! Crucify her…!” (Mt 26, 66; Mk 15, 13)

The Church will arise tomorrow wherewith, united in the cross of Christ, become one with our dear Bishops, firmly built on the Rock of Peter and, with them, under the light, the impulse and the might of the Holy Spirit, we work today, for the authentic, true and essential renovation of the Church.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “STREET CLEANERS WITHIN THE CHURCH”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 16)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Beloved soul, help me help the Church, by showing Her as She is and god willed Her to be in His divine mind”, recorded on November 26th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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         I do not want the Church to be dislocated in a chilling torture that makes Her drip blood through Her living members…! I do not want to see Her like that, hearing in the distance the mocking outburst of laughter of the proud persecutors of my Holy Church, of my Whole Christ! I know Her perpetuity, Her indissolubility, and I also know that God is zealous for the glory of His Beloved. (20-1-76)


        The proud man has lost God, and along with Him, the supernatural outlook that makes him love the Pope and Bishops; after that, he rebels against the Church, and confusion corrodes his spirit, turning him into a rock of scandal for all who surround him. (15-11-68)


    My Church, Your cloud engulfed me, and for that reason, my steps due to Your night have been cut off, and hardly, united, we walk… But tomorrow Your poems will emerge, and, with You, Your “Echo” will joyfully resound with the glories of the living God! (24-2-78)


May not confusion penetrate into the Church

The experience of those who love and defend the Church shows how much effort it takes to keep Her standing upright, even though She overflows with divinity and is the light of the nations. We all remember the blunt words of the then-Cardinal Ratzinger during the Way of the Cross in 2005: “Lord, your Church often seems like a boat about to sink, a boat taking in water on every side.”

These are words that explain the overwhelming prophetic manifestation of the present topic regarding the situation of the Holy Church of God. Something which –even if it’s a crushing situation due to the hardness of the present times– far from transforming Mother Trinidad into “a prophet of misfortunes,” turns her into a luminous dawn of that certain day of the re-emergence of the Church, when all will be able to see in Her face the very countenance of God.



“Church of mine, beloved Church,
Bride of the immaculate and unblemished Lamb,
tha hour of the power of darkness has fallen upon you”


I want to expound one of the things that the Lord has shown my soul regarding these most sad, dramatic and demolishing situations that the Church experiences because of the continuous attacks of the enemies of this Holy Mother and the unsuspected and innumerable infiltrations into Her bosom.

On October 18th of 1978, overcome by grief and overwhelmed by fright, I wrote in my spiritual diary:

“I am afraid of the enemies of the Church that are infiltrated into Her…

In the Church, I have also seen… something like a huge ‘squid’! full of horrible tentacles, that spread everywhere; and that, when one went to see where they were hiding, this one released its ink, shrouding everything, leaving no room for discovering its secret and diabolic tricks.

Darkness and confusion invade us, they penetrate us everywhere; so that, where one least expects and who most unnoticed goes, is a great en-emy; perhaps holding an important and strategic position, to work like a ravenous wolf disguised with skin of a gentle lamb.

I saw such a horrifying huge squid…! […] ”

It was as though flattened upon the ground, by the enormous weight of its heftiness; and even though it moved at the same time slowly, but fe-rociously, its horrible tentacles, it could not get up even a few inches from the dust of the earth; coming to my mind the words of Sacred Scripture: “On your belly shall you crawl, and dirt shall you eat all the days of your life” (Gen 3: 14).

O what a monstrous squid my spirit contemplated; full of innumer-able tentacles, strong! thick! with hairs like barbs! while some diabolic, round, bulging, big, repulsive and restless eyes that gave off terror, moving all around very rapidly and fiercely, gazed, and gazed at me wishing to pulverize me and to make me disappear, if it were possible; hiding, maddened, envious, vindictive, and destructive, to demolish all that was within its reach like a steamroller. […]

It was the clearest expression of the devil, and he had insidiously and sneakily infiltrated into the luminous and wide bosom of Mother Church, full of holiness and shining with divine beauty and loveliness, as a mirror without blemish, through the possession of God Himself who penetrates Her, saturates Her, ennobles Her and bedecks Her; trying, maddened and furiously, to pulverize and to devour, flooding with the mud of its foul slough. […]

On the 10th of April of 1997 I manifested:
“Today, terrified and scared, I need to say that the greatest attempt of the devil these days, is to desacralize everything, to take away everything divine, to confuse the dogmas, making disappear from the mind and the heart of man and of the Christians the thought of God in his being and in his doing; making man with his problems and thoughts –that ‘are only puffs of air’– the end and centre of life, and even of Christianity.

Wherefore full of love for God, for the Church and for souls, I moan and I clamour, painfully and heartrendingly in the face of the rebellion of Lucifer and of man, become one with the Angels of Heaven: Who like God?! […] ”

Repulsive and hair-raising tentacles press and hide in themselves, under the tenebrous darkness of the black and thick ink that shrouds them, the diabolic deceits, full of machinations that fall upon Mother Church. […]

So that the Mother Church, –holy and sanctifying, divine and divi-nizing, replete with motherhood and covering Her rich jewels with a cloak of mourning for the sake of the children who, for not knowing Her well, left Her Mother’s bosom– might appear denigrated and as though tarnished by the sins of many of Her very children […] presenting the Church –full of youth and sublime beauty– dark and distorted, making fall upon Her a guilt that in Herself She does not have nor can have, for being so divine owing to Her royal Head, as tough human because of the heavy and hard burden of the sins of Her children, which make Her appear, to the eyes of those who do not know Her well and for that reason do not love Her, full of deformations, oldlooking, as though disfigured, and even tarnished: “a worm, hardly human, scorned by everyone, despised by the people” (Ps 94: 11) like Christ with His cross on His shoulders on the way to Golgotha. […]

On the 18th of February of 1975 I expressed:
“It is necessary that the Successors of the Apostles, assembled around Our all White Lady of Pentecost, ask the Holy Spirit to descend upon the Church, so that, enlightening their minds and inflaming their hearts, be revived, shining anew, the truth with all its truth which in the bosom of this Holy Mother is enclosed for all men.
And then, and only then! by means of the pouring forth and the might of the Holy Spirit, the confusion will disappear, the clouds that shroud the Church will vanish, and Her most beautiful face will shine. The might of the Holy Spirit will strengthen the Pillars of the Church so that, raising Her up from Her prostration, they should present Her before men, as in a new Pentecost, after Her apparent failure, as immaculate Bride of the Lamb without blemish, replete with grace and with virtue with the possession of God Himself in self-giving of loving wisdom to men.”

Wherefore this morning, the 19th of May of 2002, feast of Pentecost, during the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Altar, remember-ing what was previously mentioned, sheltered in the bosom of Mary, Mother of the Church, and become one with the Successors of the Apostles; in my breathless clamouring, and extolled for love for the Church, I repeated and repeated… full of love and of joy, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, the antiphon of the responsorial psalm: “Lord, send out Your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth”; “and reveal to us the full meaning of the whole revealed truth.” […]

Whereas I, only as the poor, very small and tiny Echo of Holy Mother Church, in repetition of Her unprecedented and dramatic canticles, and full of lamentations;
become one with the Holy Father and my dear Bishops, whom I love so much, together with the priestly and consecrated people and all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ; groaning grievingly and heartrendingly, with fear and trembling for those who, like Judas, for thirty coins hand over the Son of man and His Bride the Church, and there might come to fall on them the words of Jesus: “it would be better for them never to be born” (Cf. Mt 26: 24);
in unconditional adherence to the Successors of the Apostles and col-laborating with them in the essential mission that Christ entrusted to them when founding His Church; experiencing within myself the “voice of one crying out in the desert” (Jn 1: 23); vehemently and ardently I want and need to help them to prepare the ways for the day of the return of the Lord. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 16)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The kindling clamour of my loving song to my Church of mine”, recorded on November 15th, 1994 (press PLAY):


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         My Church, who will be able to console your pain…? You are “Rachel mourning her dead children”, those children who left the Father’s house… And in your Gethsemane, you also weep for the coldness, lukewarmness and lack of love of your consecrated souls. (14-11-59)


        I am the “Echo” of the Church, because her living, her mission and her tragedy are the palpitating living of my soul- Church in an expression of echo. (4-5-75)


    How sad it is to see the Church in her shivering Gethsemane, being sort of demolished by her own children…! How sad it is to see her like that…! How much I suffer…! But in that I find the consolation of a torturing immolation for the Church herself. (25-4-75)


Eagle wings

The path that leads to Life is short. It’s short because the days of men who walk across it are already set. It’s short because we are created for Eternity, for the luminous day of the light, for the encounter with God.

This path is a pilgrimage across the exile that irremissibly leads us to the frontiers of life.



“Thinking of heaven
in the emptiness of an abyss without light”

The way that leads to Life is short. It is short because the days of the men who walk through it are numbered. It is short because we are created for Eternity, for the luminous day of the Light, for the encounter with the Father, and this way that leads us to the Fatherland is only a path, a journey through the exile that brings us irremissibly to the frontiers of the great beyond.

It has been engraved in my mind, in my heart grieving by the hardness of life, by the incomprehension of men, by the betrayal of many who called themselves mine, by the guffaws of those who despise me and by the multitude of those who do not accept me… yes, there has been engraved, to my astonished eyes, a short way through which all of us walked hastily: they were the days of life in exile. […]

And when arriving at the end of the exile, when the days of our journey were finished, I have seen a precipice next to a border; an unfathomable Abyss, whose end could not be seen in depth, in profundity. The one who falls there, falls forever; he will never be able to get away, because the profundity of its bottom is unfathomable, because the force of its attraction, therefore, is irresistible. […]

Yes, a vertiginous race and people who ran as a crowd hastily… And when they reached the deep mouth of the open volcano of perdition, some fell into the profundity of that Abyss that swallowed them with the force of a hurricane, being lost forever, forever! and as though by surprise before my spiritual gaze.
Others, stopped suddenly; maybe they still had time to think over…

Was this second group capable of passing above the Abyss? I do not know how; because, to pass above it, wings were necessary and large, strong and wings of eagle, accustomed to flying very high and to surmount immense Abysses and great dangers… because God cannot be possessed if one does not come with eagle wings that, raising us towards Him, make us capable of living by participation on His very life, being His children, and heirs to His glory.

How then would this second group pass above without being provided with their wings…? Who would give them eagle wings to fly…? Perhaps the Sacraments… an act of pure love… a ray of light to transform them, like the good thief, making them react to the dramatic reality of their situation so they can cross over the Abyss… […]

Even though the immense majority, even after crossing over the Abyss, will have to purify themselves to be able to come to possess God. […]

So, in order to participate in God according to the model of the One who, looking at Himself in that which makes Him be God, He created us in His image and likeness to introduce us into the familial intercommunication of His own divine life; we must become like Him. […]

And this is such, that the soul, once released from the slavery of the body, penetrated by the divine thought, not being prepared and enabled to possess God, instinctively would seek its own purification, in its cry of: Who like God?! owing to the need for fulfilling the purpose for which it has been created.

Embracing lovingly that new present that the Eternal gives it by means of Purgatory, in order to be able to come to posses Him forever, become one with Christ, and This One crucified, who, through the glorious triumph of His resurrection, introduced us into the thresholds of Eternity.

Purgatory being as though the “place of lovelessness” where lie those who, for not having tried to do God’s will, went astray and, even without losing their way completely, did not respond in loving return to the infinite donations from the One who, “loving His own in the world, He loved them to the end”(Jn 13,1). […]

And the third group, which walks through the exile without soiling themselves in the quagmire of sin, who pass over it rapidly, with their eyes fixed on God, with their heart possessed by the Infinite One, with their mind enlightened by the Eternal Wisdom and with their soul taken over by the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit; in a word: with a supernatural outlook that shrouds and penetrates all the ways of their ascent towards the encounter with the Father and that makes them live a life of faith that expects tireless, driven by love, the promise of the children of God; these are the ones who pass triumphantly, above the insurmountable Abyss of perdition. […]

The Gates of Eternity opened up to the golden eagle that comes from the exile to introduce itself into the bridal chamber of the Bridegroom…! The Gates opened up which introduced it forever, forever! into the infinite joy which the Blessed possess by participation…!

What a contrast…! Among those too, who fall into the Abyss, one perceives a “forever,” without end, unfathomable, horrifying; a “forever” known only by those who, dragged into the depth of its bosom, find themselves, as though by surprise, in that endless ditch of terror… […]

Two different “forever,” to which a single way leads us: the way of Eternity. […]

I want eagle wings for me and for all of mine; a heart of Church with wings of Holy Spirit for all men on earth…! I want wings of golden eagle to bring me to the Mansions of the eternal happiness; and I seek to walk through my exile with my wings stretched out to cross gracefully the frontiers of Eternity and to save myself from the Abyss that sin opened up between God and men…! […]

How impressive, how magnificent and terrible the vision of the multitude of men of all times, running through the life’s journey in vertiginous race…!

And what a contrast at the end of the exile…! What a different end! what a different finish! consequences of a different going through the land of life… […]

What a terrible foolishness that of the confused minds, going through such a short, quick and such an uncertain path, in such an absurd and such a mistaken unconcern…! […]

Dear soul, provide yourself with eagle wings, widen the caverns of your heart, go through the path of love, faith, hope, open your eyes to the truth, so that you may be capable of stretching out your wings and getting into the blissful happiness of the joy of God!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “EAGLE WINGS”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 13)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “I have seen the Abyss being opened”, recorded on February 5th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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         God has given me my time, through which He asks me that degree of love, and none other, that He needs for His glory; if I lose or misuse it, the plan of God on me would not be fulfilled, and then, what will I do? (12-9-63)


        If death would surprise you now, that sharp “forever” of Eternity, would it be for you the joyous eternal life in the infinite light, or would you be a prey of the infernal enemy in the despairing darkness of eternal damnation...? Try to live as you would like to die. (27-11-61)


    In my swift flight, almost without treading the soil I dwell, I say to all creatures: get out of my way, I am going forth towards God! and towards my One-Trinity: receive me, Love, I am coming to You! (28-6-61)


Mary crossed the abyss

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are always necessary to live the realities that regard the spirit.

The Holy Spirit alone can make us rejoice in Mary’s Assumption to Heaven in body and soul. He alone can infuse that sublime knowledge, that light into our minds, that silence, that adoration, that respect and that love that this mystery deserves.



“Our Lady went through life with the agility of lightning”

“Assumpta est Maria” who raises into heavens, triumphant and glorious, with secure and majestic gait. Her soul is white, without anything to prevent Her from flying towards the Mansions of God’s Kingdom.  […]

The Virgin went through life with the agility of lightning, without lying on the earth’s mud, without her immaculate soul gathering even a speck of dust, without feeling in herself the concupiscences which have been the consequences of the breakage of God’s plan.

For this reason, when arriving at eternity’s frontiers, her body, united to her soul in perfect union of indescribable embrace, and without any inclination other than that of the soul totally taken, possessed and saturated by God, was brought by her soul to eternity in that glorious day for the Lady, at the end of her pilgrimage. Her soul attracted, raising it with itself, the body, and made it cross through the unfathomable abyss which sin had opened between God and man, without feeling even the slightest impediment.

The Virgin’s Assumption was so gentle, so sure, so as though divine, that sin’s consequences which death had caused us were not experienced by Her at that glorious moment.

The Lady all White of the Incarnation did not have anything to relinquish; there was nothing that inclined Her to earth; neither in her body, nor in her soul, any desire other than a continuous and loving ascension towards the Light.

[…] God’s original plan to bring man towards himself with body and soul at the end of his pilgrimage, takes place in Mary so perfectly, that She is brought to eternity body and soul to receive the reward which her divine Motherhood deserved according to God’s will fulfilled in Her in each and every moment of her life.

Mary’s soul, always with its wings extended, is the perfect expression of God’s will fulfilled in men; for that reason, at the end of the exile, her soul carries her body with it without having to experience the burden that this means for the whole human race.

Mary’s body was, we could say, so divinized in all its tendencies, its desires, its sensations, its inclinations, so much! that it was all wings, the large wings of an imperial eagle! prepared with God’s strength to pass gracefully from earth to Heaven. […]

Mary ascends…! She ascends among the gleams of the eternal Sun, under the protection and the affection of the Holy Spirit, protected by the Father’s embrace, and impelled and attracted towards heaven by the Word’s voice…

How will man’s thought, warped and obscured by his own sins, be able to understand the mystery of Mary at each and every step of her life…?! How will the mind, blinded by pride, be able to discover, to fathom and to perceive the calm lake, possessed by Divinity, of Our Lady’s soul all White of the Incarnation…?!

One has to study Mary, like all God’s mysteries, in the light of the Holy Spirit, under the influence of his gifts and impregnated in his fruits. And how will the man who never knew of the Holy Spirit be able to possess his light, to know how to think with his gifts and will enjoy his fruits?! […]

Mary was raised body and soul to heaven because there were in Her the necessary gifts to fulfil completely each and every one of God’s plans in his original will before original sin; and She was also a perfect assimilation of redemption’s plan, which, as a consequence of sin, the infinite Love carried out for man.

[…] What an ascension that of the White Virgin! Mary is assumpta because She is a fountain replete with Divinity, a spring saturated with infinite life and the perfect fulfilment of God’s will from the beginning to the end of times.

Mary contains in herself the double grace of being conceived without original sin, by the anticipated merits of Christ’s redemption, and of receiving that same redemption like an oasis of motherhood in such an assimilation, that it is able to give God in her, by her and through her, the possibility to saturate all men with Divinity.

Therefore, what would the Virgin’s body do among men suffering the consequences of sin? Of the sin Christ had redeemed, for this reason, and through the same redemption, He had made a glorious man rise up!

Mary was raised body and soul to heaven because She was created without original sin and because Christ’s redemption made Her the new Woman, through whom, by the Word’s Incarnation, all of us are raised towards eternity, just as through Eve all of us were dragged into sin;

through Eve the abyss between God and men was opened; and it is through the new Eve, already promised in the earthly Paradise, by whom all of us who want to adhere to the New Man and to the new Woman immense eagle wings will be given us to cross, behind Her, because of our engraftment onto Christ, the frontiers of eternity. […]

Penetrated by the light of the Sublime, I have contemplated Mary ascending in the impulse of the infinite Love, in the embrace of that same Love, in the sweetness of his caress, in the impetus of his murmur, rocked and enshrouded by the veiled concealment of the Sancta Sanctorum of the infinite Trinity…

Mary was raising into heavens… She was raising…! And what an Assumption…! Only adoration, silence, respect and love, were the simple, overflowing and overwhelming way, with which my soul, exceeded, knew how to respond, in my poverty, to that splendorous spectacle of the Assumption into heavens of Our Lady all White of the Incarnation.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “MARY CROSSED THE ABYSS”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 5)
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         Insofar as the Son gives Himself to the Virgin, the Father and the Holy Spirit give Themselves to Her, each One in His personal way, for the fulfilment of the divine plan. (7-12-74)


        Lady, You are enshrouded in the infinite whiteness of the eternal Virginity and immersed in His impetuous flames which incline You to the little ones with the gesture of a caressing Mother! (27-3-62)


    What a most sacred idyll that of the Virgin’s soul, in sweet and tender colloquies of love, kept, venerated and guarded, in the most profound, secret and silent depths of Her heart...! (24-12-76)