My mission is to be echo

Last Sunday, in the homily at the Year of Faith closing Mass, the Holy Father presented us the figure of Christ as “the centre of the history of the human race, the centre of the history of every man and woman” and “the centre of all creation, so that in Him all things might be reconciled.

At the end of this series of weekly publications that we have been posting during the Year of Faith, we want to present this beautiful writing by Mother Trinidad. It takes us into the depths of the unfathomable mystery of Christ’s soul and reveals what the mission and the fondest desire of the soul of Mother Trinidad are. Realities that she has passed on to us through this Blog in this year: “I have sung my song. I have fulfilled my mission as ‘Echo of my Church,’ repeating the deep feelings of the soul of Christ in the outpouring of His love for His own and in His need for a response.

We welcome it, therefore, as a beautiful crowning conclusion of the Year of Faith.



“How great and how little
is to be ‘Echo’ of the Church of mine!”


On the 19th, during the holy Sacrifice of the Altar, bleeding from pain in my spirit, I have looked at Jesus and I have understood as never before the reason for the depth of his life, of the helplessness of his sorrows and the tragedy of his heart… I have seen the greatness of the perfection of Christ’s soul. […]

What neglect on the part of men…! What agonies those of his heart! What love…! What a capacity, to be able to embrace us all and each one of us, at that same instant of his life, with all and each one of the loves or the ingratitudes of our lives…! But how wounded have I seen the soul of Christ…! How bleeding and sharp were each one of us in his spirit! I was horrified that Christ could bear such pain…! […] I have lived very profoundly the bleeding mystery of the unloved, unknown and neglected infinite Love; painfully penetrating into this sentence of the Holy Scripture, “I looked for comforters, but found none.”
What a tragic desolation that of Jesus on the cross…! […]

How many times during my whole life I have been introduced by Christ into his most holy soul, savouring, from tasting, his loving donation to men…! But never like on this day have I discovered that bleeding “point” of his spirit, where all and each one of men, as a sharp arrow in drilling penetration, are introduced into his depth.

Jesus is the “bleeding Cry” of the infinite Love in loving donation to men, and the response of man to the infinite Love. He is the “target” where the incandescent arrows of the infinite Love himself are thrown, and also the “target” where all men, who, like arrows, keep hitting Him in love or in pain, in self-surrender or ingratitude.

Christ’s soul, unknown…! Heart of Jesus, pierced, living receiver of love and ingratitude…! […]

All the life of the Incarnate Word on earth was a mystery of love and of neglect, of self-surrender on his part and of ingratitude on our part. […]

The Holy Spirit, impelled by the will of the Father, kisses the soul of Christ “there”, where each man is a living reality, lived and loved by our Redeemer… […]

He asks with urgent need for our response to his infinite love. “So that they may be one, O Father! as we are one” and that “where I am they also may be with me.” That they may be “there”, oh Father! in your bosom and in my bosom, so that they may be one with us in the love of the Holy Spirit.

But the capacity of Christ is so large, so perfect, so much, so much! that with all and each one of men He has this same experience in tragedy of love that surrenders itself and demands a response. […]

How I have understood on this day all that we were, each one of us, to his most holy soul…! And when seeing Him on the cross, like a rag, I also have understood that my sorrow was only a reflection of his, because it was the love of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of that torn love… […]

I have looked at Jesus and I have looked at myself… and I have again felt myself, not only the “Echo of my Church”, but the Echo of Christ’s soul. […]

Christ has turned towards the Father wanting to glorify Him, and has achieved it in the bleeding manner that in his human nature He could. But the Father, so that the pain of his Son in fruit of reparation for Him and manifestation of love to souls might be stronger, seeing the agony of his heart, has left Him in a silence of death…

Jesus seeks consolation in the Apostles, and also a silence of death has answered him…! How Jesus needed in those moments of pain, the spiritual and physical closeness of those whom He loved…! But, in the total display of his helplessness, He was alone…! There his Mother stood and the disciple whom He loved… Thus also my soul felt. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

How great it is to be “Echo of my Church”…! How great it is to be Echo of Jesus and of Mary…! How tiny is the echo…! solely and always it repeats… […]

I have fulfilled my mission as “Echo of my Church”, repeating the profound feelings of the soul of Christ in an overflowing of love for those who are his and in need of response. […]

The “Echo” of Jesus has repeated, in its tiny manner of being, something of the depth of the mystery of the Redeemer… And if the Holy Spirit had not come with a Spouse’s consolation and a healing of love, It would have died from anguish like Jesus at Calvary. […]

How great, how immense I have seen Christ…! How overwhelmed by his bitterness…! with what a need of response to his infinite love for his children…! and how lonely in the helplessness of Calvary…! […].

I am the “Echo of my Church” in all that she comprises and contains. I am an expression of her life, of her tragedy and of her Song, and for that reason I burn, in the contents of my tightnesses, for the savoury touch, delightful and intimate of the Holy Spirit. […]

How great it is to be Church…! If I, who am only inside of her her tiny “Echo”, feel myself only soul to live her in the contents of her tightnesses, what will the spring of her inexhaustible perfections be…?! […]

I no longer mind suffering even though it may be the neglect of those whom I love most…! but this is no reason for me to stop feeling my bitterness, my sorrow and my desolation… How will I be the tiny “Echo” of the soul of Christ, if I do not repeat his living in a song of love to all men? […]

Thank you for making me a tiny Echo of your contents. […]

Thank you, Lord, because I am not an angel and I can suffer with you your redemption…! […]

How much I have lived today…! How will he be able to understand, he who does not live his being-Church, what it is to be Church, and, inside of her, to be the “Echo” that repeats all she is, all she lives, all she holds inside and all she contains in the tightness of the mystery of God with her, in the content of the mystery of Christ and in the depth of the Virgin’s Motherhood… And all this within the range of the divine will, fulfilled by the impulse, the love and the sanctifying action of the Holy Spirit…

Thank you, Lord, for having made me “Echo” of your whole mystery in the bosom of the Church!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


“MI MISION IS TO BE ECHO”  (Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 3)

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Video of Mother Trinidad “Incarnation and present moment”, recorded on August 18th, 1992. Duration: 35 minutes. (Press PLAY button):


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To live…

The contents of faith are unending and only in Eternity will we be able, in full light, to possess its greatness. In the meantime, here on earth, everything is contained in this word which is full of profound meaning: TO LIVE.

To the extent that the Church may gradually fulfil the mission that God has entrusted Her in regard to each one of us, we will be filled more and more with the knowledge of the living and life-giving God, and the word TO LIVE will achieve then its true dimension in our life.



“How will you fulfil your longing to live?”


To live…! This is the need that all rational beings, created by the Infinite One, do experience.

To live is the law that we all carry inscribed on our souls. That is why, when death arrives, for those who do not have faith life ends, and that cry that each man holds inscribed within him demanding life, rebels against. And at this mystery that presents to them the contrast of death and the need to live, those poor little ones who have not deepened the mystery of life, they get confused, seeing in the natural death the complete destruction of all that they experience within them regarding love, life, happiness, beauty, eternity. […]

To live…! We have been created for Eternity. Those of us who live by faith, hope and charity, we know that the word life, which we carry engraved on our soul, is the delightful end, the glorious prize for which we have been created, through which, by our participation in God, we will be made blessed for all Eternity.

You who feel the need to live, who are seeking many pleasures and the happiness that can only be found in God, try to live by hope the truths that faith presents to you, and you will see then that a sort of love will be kindled in your being which will make you live a life that neither natural death nor time will ever take away from you. […]

Christian, whomever you may be, who through baptism are already consecrated, you who have surrendered yourself to live for God, who desire to glorify Him, think that you have to give life to souls, since your consecration has given you a universal dimension. Let no one tell you: you who knew what Life was, you who for your being Church had the divine Word in your bosom, what are you doing in not giving me the life that through you the Lord wants to bestow on me? Teach me how to live so I can also have life, be happy and glorify God!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Year 1977

If, moreover, you have devoted yourself to God through priesthood or consecration, all men demand from you the divine nourishment that God has bestowed on you to be communicated to them.

I don’t feel envy towards anyone! for I have witnessed that the Lord told Thomas: “Because you have seen you believe, blessed are those who believed without seeing.” I bear imprinted on my soul the light of faith that is more certain to me than my own senses, feeling that what faith teaches me is more certain than all that I, through me, can learn. […]

I feel a kind of joy that the disciples of the Lord did not experience; which is that now, after twenty centuries, being able by faith to live those moments, the development of the Church has given to my soul such knowledge which they did not possess for not having received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, with the shepherds I go to the stable at Bethlehem and, knowing the reason why I am going there, I pierce the deep mystery that it is being taking place there, enlightened by the gifts of the Holy Spirit who kindles my faith. And at the very instant that the Word comes forth from Mary’s womb, I receive Him in my lap before She might place Him on the manger; because there was no one to receive Him, “Mary placed Jesus on the manger.” This sentence of the Gospel encloses a deep mystery: it was the Father’s will that Jesus be placed amongst straws to make us known that “He came to His own, and His own received Him not.”

My soul steps ahead of the shepherds and lives, in the most clear light of faith, that moment that only the angels could sense, of the birth of the Word of Life. At that very instant I open my soul for the Mother to place Him on my lap, and, in the silence proper of a bride, I take advantage of these moments in which my God made Man was eager to make us known His proclamation, and I receive Him on my lap. […]

To live…! What such a great joy my soul feels for being a Christian…! How wonderful is the dogma of my holy Church…! What happiness to live by faith, hope and charity, and what joy to know that, for a Christian who is living Christianity to the full, there is no time, or place, or distance, or centuries…! […]

Jesus had all things present ever since the moment of His conception till His ascension to Heaven. That is why what you may live now, at this moment, He then lived it and received it, experiencing the joy and comfort of seeing that He was being accompanied by your soul at every step of His life; and you experience the joy, not of having accompanied Him in a specific stage of His life only once, but rather, throughout all the moments of His lifetime, you can accompany Him at the manger, at Nazareth, during His public life, etc., something that those who were with Him at that time could not do, if they did not live by faith. […]

How happy is God…! And how blessed is he who living by faith, which is more certain than the midday glare of the sun, by hope and by charity; experiences in himself such a fullness of life that allows him to say: “Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink” and he who hungers, let him come to me and eat; because “between the porch and the altar,” I have been filled with divine life, through my priesthood, and now there is in me a fountain welling up to eternal life!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “VIVIR”
(From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio)

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God creates us looking at Himself in what makes Him be God”, recorded on July 9th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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         When I sigh for Eternity, it is not that I desire death, but I cry out for Life. Natural death means destruction, and God did not create me to die. That is why death, which is a consequence of sin, repels nature, as everything which is punishment. (8-10-65)


        The contact with the Infinite fills the soul, and on being entirely filled with Him, we feel the need to make those around us share in our joy; because the divine love that pervades us, is an overflowing outpouring on all men.


    God will grant me an Eternity to rejoice in Him in the infinite joy of His eternal possession, and He gives me some time to become a victim with Christ, living my priestly posture. (15-10-74)


My nostalgias are hard…

Once again, the profoundly spiritual content of these writings becomes contagious and it affects intensely the reader’s soul. The present writing introduces the soul into the same experiences Mother Trinidad lives and makes the soul partake in the cravings of the spirit and of those blessed hopes for the fulfilment of God’s promises.



“I know that I am nothing, and that He is all”


The nostalgias of my wounded heart are hard… I trust, without tiring, in promises loaded with hopes which the infinite Love told my soul in tender donations that demand from me a return.

I listen inside of me the melody of his sweet and serene voice, in delights of tender pleasures. And I know the crackle of the burning impetus of his fires, as I know the passing of his impetuous crash, like a hurricane, impelled by his glories.

Time has taught me that He is patient and awaits, in long years loaded with mysteries, the Lover who shows to me his secrets among clouds, hidden behind thin veils.

But I also know the sublime sublimeness of the Coeternal One in the excellence of his being by himself the Immense One, where, in the Family, in perfect possession, God is by himself a divine Kiss in the wisdom of the height of his Bosom.

I know that between He who Is and my poverty, in the baseness of my clumsy being, there exists an infinity of distance with regard to his height, because I have seen Him, even though shrouded by the shadows of faith, in the dark exile in which I still live.

And I have seen the Luminaries of his Eyes, the Spring of his eternal Fountains; I have drunk in the cut of his chest, satiating myself, in sweet savourings, with the nectar of that divine Delicacy that inebriates in the sweetness of the heavens; and I go, into exile, trembling, because I can lose Him whom I have possessed, as long as I live in death’s night and fierce enemies surround me.

I try to be faithful to Him in every instant, reaching the end of my destiny, where the eternal He-who-Is awaits me, with his open chest, shrouded by his immense power.

I have to tread on stony paths, crossing deep abysses, in nights of prolonged silences, without stars or moons that may illuminate my paths… And if the oppressive day in the desert dawns and would want to burn my wounded chest, I have to seek the oasis of Him who, with his shadow, became for me an eternal Fountain and a divine Bread…

The panting in my race is hard, with my treading, tired and painful, because of the long journeys that lead to the day of the eternal frontier, where He whom I long for dwells…!

It is to the liking of Him who has called me by my name, to show me his greatness, to mark out my paths, to fill me with promises, engraving, with deep petitions, in my inner being, that which He has wanted for me and for all those who are with me.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. December 2012

But He who loves me enjoys, telling me that it is He who acts in me, and that is why He likes to leave me in the poverty of my nothingness.

When I look at Him, my soul breaks out in flight rising to his height… When I return to myself, I discover my poverties, my roughnesses, my rough understandings! and I shroud deep moanings in the silence of my sorrows… Because, when I touch transcendent mysteries in the excellence of the Sublime One during my lifetime and I express it in my limited way, it seems that I defile the eternal greatnesses, and that I stain them with my crooked being…!

A mystery that does not fit within my limits, that overflows my poor capacity to hold thoughts, because it is God himself, who is infinite, who approaches me in donation of sweet petitions, asking my poor being to collaborate, in my knowledge, with his power, in his plans!

If I should say in some way this that I hold inside me… that which oppresses me in the profound depth of my chest…!

If I should express what I conceal in my silences, without giving it form because I do not have a word that may make out the meaning of everything that is held in them, contained in the depth of my silenced chest…!

I know that God is great and is eternal in the sublime magnificence of his immense power; that He can do everything on account of his eternal excellence, that everything is in his infinite and possessed being by himself…

I also know, in a very concrete way, that I am the nothingness, and He the Everything that I nest in my chest.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “MY NOSTALGIAS ARE HARD…”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 4)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Creation”, recorded on August 18th, 1988 (press PLAY):


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         In order to live and not to die, singing and speaking the great deeds of the Lord, I need to pray... to pray... to pray! Immersed in the profound silence of the vibrant concerts of Love, in the innermost recesses of my spirit, parched with thirst for the face of the living God, towards Whom I tend with an irresistible force. (11-3-75)


        The Lord is thirsty from so much waiting for someone whom He can speak His infinite love to... Immerse yourself deeply into the confined space at Christ’s side, that you may discover the mystery contained within Him, and thus sing Him to all souls. (1-2-64)


    Let us rejoice together in God, for He is eternally happy, without there being anything or anybody able to snatch His glory from Him...! Let us rejoice in the definitive triumph of Jesus, in the triumph of Mary and of the Church! And that will be the joy that neither anything nor anybody will be able to take away from us. What do the present sufferings full of promises and hopes in the triumph of Infinite Love matter! (11-12-74)


“Do not touch my anointed ones, do no harm to my prophets…!”

To love and to defend the priesthood that God has given His Church is the guarantee and the certainty that we receive divine life by showing its due respect for such a great gift.

To exalt the priesthood and to have a merciful understanding attitude for those who receive this vocation is to be of one mind and one heart with Christ.



“All priests have received their own priesthood from Christ”


Jesus, Eternal Priest, the bleeding Sacrifice that is offered to the Father for the remission of sins and the self-gift of God Himself to mankind… “You are a Priest forever in the manner of Melchizedech.”

Jesus, the sole Priest, who by the union of His two natures, divine and human, can be the bridge between God and man, through which graces are bestowed upon mankind, and through which man becomes son of God and heir of His glory… […]

All priests have received their priesthood from Christ, their mission being the same one as the one of the Word Incarnate.

Priest of Christ, chosen portion, people set aside, anointed, predestined, consecrated for the service of God and the sanctification of mankind… […]

You have been consecrated to become one with the Sacred reality and to give us what is Sacred. You have been anointed by the Holy Spirit Himself so that your divine anointing, as precious ointment, may be poured out running down upon your robes, so that by soaking your whole being, you may become fully imbued with Divinity so that, springing forth through you torrentially, like a source of living waters, it may be poured out over all men, and they may hastily run after the scent of your perfumes.

This is the mission of the priest: to bring us the divine life that he, through his ministry and to the extent that he lives from Christ´s living and participates in the most intimate sentiments of His soul, he will proceed to communicate to us. […]

“Do not touch my anointed ones, do no harm to my prophets…!” Already in the Old Testament, in relation to that priesthood that was an image and figure of the priesthood of Christ, God asked for such respect and veneration that is due to the priest, what shall he request now in relation to the priesthood of the New Testament? […]

What would it become of humanity if priesthood did not exist, without the Mass, without this Holy Sacrifice through which it is being unceasingly offered to the One Trinity all honour and glory, or without the sacraments, without Jesus in the Eucharist in our tabernacles…!

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” “This is my Body.” “This is my Blood.” “Do this in memory of me…” “Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive, are forgiven them…” Sublime powers that are only reserved for the Eternal Priest, Christ Jesus, which He, in His loving outpouring through the Holy Spirit, deposits in His Church. […]

What would it be of our souls without priests and, therefore, without the sacraments?

Let us look at the priest into his divine dignity and not into his human weakness, since the latter remains covered by the robes of his royal priesthood and by the union of this one with the Word. […]

And the priest of Christ is the “other Christ” on earth, and whenever we look at him, we have to always see the Lord’s anointed, Christ Himself; because, in doing so, we will also see the Father, and “we will be brought to perfection as one.” […]

If we knew what the priests mean to the heart of Christ, how great would our love and veneration be for them when speaking about them and how much would we respect them…! […]

Enlightened by the very Spirit of God a holy king said once that, if during the course of his life he were to find a priest who, due to human weakness was committing sin, he would take off his royal cloak and cover the priest with it, so that all who might see him could think that it was the king himself who was sinning, and so the reputation of the priest might remain intact.

Do we today Christians do as the saints of yesterday and like the ones of today, knowing that whatever we shall do to His priests, we do to Jesus…? Let us not be like those persons who, following the tricks of the devil, spread or unveil all the defects that, due to human weakness, these ones commit!

The Sacred Scriptures say that “the righteous falls seven times.” And if “the righteous falls seven times” and every mortal human being is prone to fall, who are we to judge anyone, and less even him who is the direct representative of the most High God Himself?

“Judge not, and you shall not be judged.” All that we say about the priest of Christ or the defects we spot in him turns to contempt and disrespect of our own religion and of our being Church, for the treasure of the Church is contained in the sacraments that the priest of Christ has to administer. And how many times in your life, instead of helping him with your prayer and sacrifice, you harm him because you allow yourself to be dragged by human judgements…!

The greatest triumph of the devil is when, due to his weakness, a priest falls by committing faults and sometimes sin. Be sure to guard their reputation and their souls partaking thus in the heart of God. Venerate or respect the priest of Christ, the one in your parish, in your town, your spiritual director. Do you know that prudence is the virtue that rules over the rest and that without this one the rest of virtues are thrown into disorder? […]

The priest of Christ is the other Christ on earth, the good shepherd and the good father who has to be ready to lay down his life for his sheep. And he will attain this more easily if you and I help him through our life of prayer. […]

God Himself tells us how we have to act with him: “Do not touch my anointed, do no harm to my prophets!”

If we knew the dignity of the priesthood of the New Testament through which the Word of Life Himself gives Himself to us in holy communion….

The priest is the father of souls, and only as such should he be looked at. […] […]

Because if through you any priest were harmed, such a severe accounting of it would be demanded from you on the day of judgement, that it would be very difficult for you to be saved from the hands of the Eternal Priest who chose them to be His continuators, and who loves them more than the pupil of His eyes.

Priest of Christ, I venerate you! because I see that upon you God has poured out all His delight since He has chosen you to be the continuation of His Word Incarnate, the herald of His divine life, the messenger of His Infinite Love. […]

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(From the book “La Iglesia y su misterio”)

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “To contend with God, and to be victorious”, recorded on December 8th, 1981 (press PLAY):


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         You cannot waste time, for all mankind is crying out to you: let us see what you do so that we may live the life of God that through His Church, by your means, He wanted to communicate to us! (4-9-61)


        How great is the priest of the New Testament, who, by the laying on of hands, since the day of his ordination, can say: “This is my Body,” “This is my Blood”; and actualize again the mystery of the Incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Christ, before God and among men!


    The Shepherds of Holy Mother Church are the holders of the fullness of priesthood, extenders of the Apostles and bearers of the fullness of their shepherding...! (25-10-74)