“Soul of mine, look not at yourself…!”

MotherTrinidad describes in this writing a spiritual jolt of great magnitude. God wanted to strengthen her in truth and evangelical simplicity. And He succeeded. Her spirit was forged and sealed forever with such a vivid impression.

The same reality is now proposed to us here so we can experience the same effect and thus be strengthened in humility and obtain the spiritual benefits of an open and available soul that has been forged in the fear of God.



Full, overwhelmed and swept over by the holy fear of God, trembling and frightened, and with the sole desire to glorify the Infinite Being, who, like flag of love, flies in the most intimate and deepest part of my heart, I wish to express today […] something about the terrible and frightening experience that I had on the 24 of January, 1960.

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. 2013

An incalculable grace that the Lord granted me, to keep me always in the truth of my nothingness, the lowness of my littleness and crushed by my wretchedness, before the unfathomable greatness of the infinite riches of He Who Is Himself, offended and despised by the “no” of the human creature to the Creator! […]

[…] On the 24th day of January, 1960, during one of my times of prayer […], suddenly, in one moment, full of expectant surprise, I began to sense, to penetrate and to grasp the greatness of God’s Angels, created with a most perfect nature to partake of Him in a very deep and very elevated manner; being raised to so high an exaltation to –exceeded and enthralled by the beauty of His Face, collapsed from love– adore Him in recognition of profound reverence, intoning canticles of praise to the infinite and coeternal Holiness of God.

And, suddenly! before my spiritual gaze appeared an Angel who, excelling among all in his beauty by the capacity for participation in God to which he was being lifted by God Himself in a glorious ascent to posses Him, was called “Beautiful Light,” received from the Infinite Light that over him so luminously was pouring forth from the infinite and torrential Springs of the Divinity.

Who […], before the expectation of my soul full of surprise and admiration, soared… soared… soared! above the other Angels, in the participation in the divine life, up to an unimaginable height, as though in an ascent of predilection on the part of God.

So that my soul contemplated him full of respect for that ascent in which he was being lifted in a swift launching of such a lofty elevation, that I saw him ascend, exalted above the other Angels, towards the possession, in participation, in God Himself; being this one splendorous and so high, that there was no light like his light received from the divine Sun.

That is why that creature was called “Beautiful Light” full of the glares of the Eternal Sun.

My soul penetrating and comprehending that such a beautiful Angel was being lifted by the will of God and His omnipotent hand to so great an exaltation in participation in God Himself, so that he might possess Him, that there was no beauty like his beauty or a more shining beauty among the other Angels; because there was no one who might participate in and reflect the Infinite One like him, when the Eternal Love poured forth over that creature, embellishing it, ennobling it and taking it to participate to such a degree in His infinite perfections.

And he possessed God so much, so much! that, when seeing himself so beautiful, so exalted and raised by God Himself; in one act of disordered self-complacency, becoming arrogant when seeing himself so beautiful, all his angelical being, in a madness of incomprehensible and hair-raising foolishness, he exclaimed:

“Who like me…?!”

And, turning blatantly towards the Infinite Creator who had poured Himself forth so much over him, he said: “I will not serve You.”

For which my soul, overawed by all it was seeing and grasping due to the cry of rebellion of such a Beautiful Light; full of terror, suddenly! contemplated that, in the face of the unimaginable and inconceivable foolishness of that: “who like me?!” “I will not serve You”; at that very instant, that so exalted a being, loosing all his beauty and becoming so monstrously darkened and blackened, fell from the height to which he had been lifted, with the speed of lighting and as though in a shrieklike cry of agonic despair, into a very deep and unfathomable Abyss, of terrible and hair-raising blackness; which opened at the same instant owing to that creature’s rebellion against its Creator who lifted him, in a loving outpouring of His power and goodness, above the rest of the other Angels to so much participation in the divine life itself.

Overcome by terror and fright, and all shaken up, I saw him disappear, full of desperation, with the speed of lightning in that deep depth of the crater of that open volcano which swallowed the blackened Light, that had been so Beautiful, in the depths of its tenebrosity; whereas Lucifer, turned into a horrifying devil, in an indescribable bitterness of eternal desperation, disappeared in that Abyss opened for him and for those who, like him, so wildly and foolishly said to God: “I will not serve You,”

being separated forever from the possession of the Infinite Good –with which they would have filled all the capacities that God placed in their being for possessing Him in the most blissful joy of the happiness of the Blessed–; living in the desperation of one who has lost everything and forever! because of the creature’s rebellion against the Creator.

Who, pouring Himself forth in the splendour of His infinite magnificence and for the praise of His glory, created them in His image and likeness so that they might possess Him being a hymn of acknowledging praise, giving glory to the Father, glory to the Son and glory to the Holy Spirit. […]

Who like God, who makes the Angels of Heaven and all that is created tremble, because of the splendorous magnificence of the One Who is Himself the reason for being of His very Divinity, standing in being of Himself and having Himself so been, and the reason for being of all that has been, is and will be; being Himself the infinitely Different and Distant One from all that is not He…?! […]

Who like God who, by His eternal being Himself, is capable of being the Creator of unending and unsuspected worlds and creatures, according to what may please His will for the manifestation of His glory…?!

Who like God who is the Creator bursting into creations that manifest the splendour of the power of the magnificent sublimeness of His infinite attributes and perfections; and who, in an outburst of loving wisdom, brings forth from the nothingness, beings created in His image and likeness, enabling them so that they may come to participate in Him, out of a benevolence in manifestation of His infinite power, in the most blissful joy of His divine life itself: Angels, Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, men…?! […]

The creature is nothing but the expression, in existing reality, of a majestic will of the Infinite Being who, pouring Himself forth in creation, makes it in the image of His own perfection for the glory of His name […].

[…]“Soul of mine, look not at yourself either for good or for bad. Because, if you look at yourself, as Lucifer fell, so could you fall.”

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(An extract from the Collection: “Light in the night. The mystery of faith given in loving wisdom”))

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“All of Christ’s life is a mystery of lack of comfort”

The lack of comfort and loneliness experienced by Christ throughout His life were so horrifying and terrible for Him as they remain mysterious to us and are misunderstood by us.

Even if our knowledge is always limited and poor on our part, it is certainly surprising that a keener understanding of this pain can lead the soul to live such a profound and unprecedented union with Christ, feeling also the eagerness to never leave Him alone and sharing with Christ this very overpowering mystery overflowing with life because it is the fruit of love.



“I looked for comforters but I found none”


[…] They neither know You, nor Me! And, therefore, there is no comfort for Your pained and torn soul!

“I looked for comforters but I found none.” Because upon not receiving the eternal message that I came to communicate to them, the souls do not drink the divine water that, from Your bosom, is gushingly poured out on the Church, to plentifully quench all Your children, who abandon You, Who are the Fountain of living waters, and they dig broken cisterns that lead them to separate themselves from the infinite Happiness that You need to communicate to them.

You came into the darkness and the darkness did not receive You, and that is why, during Your whole life, from the manger till the cross, ever since the first moment of Your conception, upon Your soul was nailed the deepest and sharpest thorn that could ever pierce the human soul: ingratitude.

“For God so much loved the world that He gave His only Son,” in Whom He totally rests, the eternal Repose of the Father, the Happiness and the Joy of the blessed, the infinite Cantor of infinite love, the eternal Expression of the selfsame uncreated God, “came to His own and His own received Him not.”

O, Word, infinite Utterance, perfect and fruitful, Who comes to bring the comfort of the blessed ones to the comfortless children of Eve, to those who, on sinning, by abandoning the Fountain of Life, “they dug broken cisterns!”

You, the Infinite Consolation of Heaven, find no consolation on earth: “I looked for comforters but I found none!” Mysterious words; for our understanding, twice mysterious. The eternal Comfort, the Word of Life, begging for comfort amongst His creatures…! What mystery…! Mystery of love, of self-giving and of self-forgetfulness.

Such was His self-forgetfulness, such was His self-giving and self-denial, so total was His victimhood, that there was no comfort for the comfortless soul of the Word Incarnate. O, sovereign and incomprehensible mystery…! Mystery of love You are Yourself, my Word..! “He came to His own and His own received Him not,” they did not understand Him nor will they ever understand Him on earth!

O, Jesus not understood…! Today, in silence, in prayer, placing my bride’s soul into Yours, Fountain of life, I want to drink and to listen from Your divine lips, without wordy noises, as the Word You are Yourself, the substance of those very words that, on piercing me, have also wounded me, at the powerlessness I feel, to understand something of the deep mystery of that lament of Yours, and thus, to see if I can bring You some comfort: “I looked for comforters, but I found none!”

O, Love! How is possible…? I see so many thousands of souls: martyrs, doctors, confessors, virgins…, and above all of them, Your most holy Mother living only to console You, and having being created, to understand You, Immaculate, without sin… And the more I know Mary, and the more I see the immense greatness of my Holy Mother Church and the countless fruit of Her martyrs, who watering Her with their blood, only for Your love they have given up their lives amidst songs of praise, happy and blissful for being able to comfort You and follow You, the more mysterious these words turn to me: “I looked for comforters, but I found none…!”

Yet, by penetrating today something of the immense ocean of Your most holy soul, I have understood a little bit that there is no consolation for You, because there is no understanding that may be able to encompass You in the immense greatness of Your pain.

The soul that is not understood cannot be consoled. Your soul, o my Christ, mystery and wonder of divine love, for its being the soul of the Word, has an incomprehensible capacity for us of love and of pain, which on earth has never been embraced nor will it ever be. And since the soul is consoled insofar as it is understood, that part of the soul of Christ that is not understood receives no comfort either; and, since His capacity exceeds almost infinitely ours that mysterious, profound and transcendent part, whereto we will never be able to reach, is not consoled, and that is why: “I looked for comforters, but I found none.”

O, soul of my Christ, what a mystery of love for God and for men is contained in You…! Mystery of self-giving, of victimhood. What pain that of Yours at the incomprehension on the part of men…! You contained within Yourself the utmost pain that a creature, on whom the selfsame strength of the most high God has been poured out, has ever been able to endure.

Who will be able to know the mysterious loves that made You be consumed out of love for the Father? And therefore, who will be able to glimpse such a profound pain that pierced You at the incomprehension, indifference and scorn of men towards God?

My Christ, I glimpse a little bit today, although I cannot explain it, the infinite-like love and pain that, as man, were burning in Your soul.

Jesus, pained Host of love, do You allow me – given the fact that I cannot explain the wonder of softness and capacity that took place in Your soul in order to love and to suffer – at least to pour out my whole life upon Yours just only to be able to grant You, o my God Incarnate, a little bit of comfort?

O, mystery of abandonment…! All of Christ’s life, a mystery of lack of comfort.

Jesus, You are the Word Who comes to sing to men Your Divinity, and You are not received…! And You are the Christ, Word Incarnate, Who stay before the Father’s gaze as sin representing that very sin, Whom the selfsame Father, Who is the Holiness by His essence, has forsaken; You Who were always received “in the bosom of the Father,” aflame in the love of the Holy Spirit, in Whom You found infinite comfort at the lack of understanding, on the part of men, of Your most holy soul…! What pain for You, to see that “the Light came into the darkness and the darkness did not receive it…!”

During Your whole life, o my Christ, You were enduring, on one hand, the incomprehensible, sweet and mysterious burden of love that was burning in You and consuming You; and on the other hand, the unbearable burden of the sins of all men of all ages, which fell on You for Your being the Christ, the guarantor of all Your brethren; Your whole life being an “all is accomplished” to that loving will of the God-Love and to all His loving designs on You. Yet, the time where the abandonment and lack of consolation of Your soul is all the more reflected, was at the supreme moment in which You were nailed on the cross, alone and not understood by Your creatures. How would You look on all of Your children and see that nobody was able to comfort You, because to nobody had been granted to encompass the mysterious depth and the victimhood of Your soul…! And that is why: “I looked for comforters but I found none.” There was no consolation for You on earth!

Jesus, poor dear…! How is possible so much pain…?

And if it were not enough, You turn to the Father looking for comfort, and You see that, on turning His face from the sin You represented, He has also forsaken You. Not because He did not understand You, since He, as God, totally penetrated You; but, for the fact that You represented sin, at that very moment He was pouring upon You His divine justice. And He turned His face from You, leaving You with no consolation in the most terrible and desolate abandonment.

Poor dear, my Christ…! With Your complete abandonment, You sheltered my soul with the infinite embrace of the Holy Spirit.

This was the most terrible and supreme martyrdom of redemption, at the moment of the manifestation of the greatest love of Christ for man: to see Himself forsaken by the Father, He Who has no other thing to do but to sing the Father.

Poor little thing, my Christ…! Not only there is not consolation on earth for You, but not even in the Father You find comfort. “I looked for comforters but I found none!”

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(From the book “La Iglesia y su misterio”)

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Exaltation of the Holy Cross: “The most sublime and expressive song”

Music, melody and singing are needs of the human family, especially in the world of youth, which is particularly sensitive to the spiritual world and eager to find it, even if sometimes this is unconsciously done.

‘The most sublime and expressive song’ is the cross of Christ: for it is the fruit of His infinite love. Sublime Love, love that is sung, love that is expressed! Love that, sadly, only a few ones are able to know and savour.





“The most sublime and expressive song”




         Lord, I know that in Eternity my joy will reside in rejoicing that You are infinite Happiness flowing into three Persons, in Yourself, of Yourself, and for Yourself; and I will demonstrate to you the purity of my love on earth insofar as I embrace Christ, and Christ crucified, finding the joy of the great secret of the cross in suffering for the sake of giving You glory. (1-2-64)

         The cross is the triumph of love, and that is why the sacred peace which is given on it will always accompany us. (6-1-75)

         Near Your cross, how much I understand! Infinite Word in silence…! eternal Word, why are You silent…? You are not silent; You speak dying in silence! (19-1-76)

         What song of love and pain does Christ sing to the Father…! What Mass does He sing to the Father on the cross! He is the Great Priest, the only eternal Priest, victim of love and pain. (27-3-59)

         On the cross or in Gethsemane, the preaching of Jesus was to sweat blood in dreadful agonies and to die of love and pain for the glory of the Father and the salvation of men. (29-1-77)

         Great gifts demand great renunciations and great responses. How much did Jesus love us and at what a price! (16-8-77)

Statue of Christ on the cross. Chapel of the House of “Saint Peter Apostle”, one of the Apostolate Houses of The Work of the Church in Rome


         How harsh indeed is that cross of Yours, Jesus! and how cold and naked of consolation! Yet on it Redemption was accomplished… (11-3-77)

         The Lord loved us so much that, stretching out His arms He called us to Himself; and, on seeing that we did not come, in a cry of infinite love, He said to us: son, come to me, and if you do not want to love me, nail Me on the cross, on which I will express to you the great love with which I burn for you, and thus, with My open side, I will give you the life that flows from My heart. (1-2-64)

         You are Yourself Love… And how sweet it is to know this truth by relishing it! Yet You are on the cross, because love is self-giving. (13-4-76)

         Suffering is the way Christ set out for us to meet Him, He who died crucified to tell us the depth of His love. (25-1-67)

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia, From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)