Consecrated soul, live out your vocation

T here is an urgent need to present the true face of the Church. It’s necessary that all people can see God in Her face. When the Holy Mother Church will be known as She really is many of us will have to strike our breasts for what is being done with Her and for not speaking out and raising our voices to defend Her in order to make Her known in justice and truth, even among Her own children.

Accordingly, there is a need to rediscover the importance of the call to consecrate one’s life to God in any of the manifold ways as there are in the bosom of the Church. A soul truly consecrated to God is one of the most powerful testimonies of God’s presence among His own people. A soul consecrated to God proclaims and sings the Church in all Her beauty!




“Consecrated soul, live out your vocation”


Today I feel the need to expose my point of view on what the living and the heartbeat of the consecrated soul must be, and what her purpose is, so that she may discern this one, which is God, from the means that God Himself hands her over to attain it.

When I say “consecrated soul,” I address equally priests, sisters, and every person who, through an especial vocation, feels called, attracted and predestined to be Christ’s spouse.

And I need to start this topic with a strong and heart-rending cry that may express the divine will: consecrated soul, priest of Christ: God alone…!!

It is necessary that we live on God alone and for God alone, being aware of our calling and knowing what we have been chosen for. […]

The consecrated soul has been chosen by God, called and predestined to enter into the very depths of the infinite communication of His Trinitarian life; to become His intimate spouse, His confidant, in whom He may be able to rest in the mutual requiting of love.

Consecrated soul means made one single thing with that which is Sacred, in order to live from the living of that God she consecrated herself to.

Consecrated soul, predestined, chosen and pampered to be, in the bosom of the Church, salt of life, that, in spiritual motherhood or fatherhood, as a herald of love, may be poured out on other souls…! anointed!: God alone! […]

That is why, when a soul feels the thrust of consecrating herself to God, let her take good care to seek what the purpose of her consecration is, which is to know and to love the Uncreated One; because unfortunately many times we get confused and we turn the means into the end. […]

When God calls one soul to consecration, that is to make her become one thing with Him, so that she may live from Him alone, so that she may surrender herself totally and unconditionally, unreservedly, to the action of the Holy Spirit, then He puts into her some movements, desires and aspirations which are the means to attain that end, but, never and in no way, must they become the goal of a consecrated soul, who has been called to become one thing with that which is Sacred, to such an extent that she may cease to be herself in order to be God by participation. […]

That is why, illuminated by the light of the Holy Spirit, I say to all my sisters and children in the consecration, with a heart-rending cry of alarm: God alone!!

Because if you go to a convent, attracted by the appeal you feel for this or that way of life, on finding out the harsh and true reality of a monotonous and routine life, if you consider your goal only from the perspective of the means God gave you to be united with Him, you will feel disillusioned that you were wrong, because what you were looking for does not fill your spirit. This is the reason why so many consecrated souls fail! […]

If you consecrate yourself to God, do so above all in order to become one thing with Him to glorify Him. Then, come what may, and come hell or high water, the little ship of your soul will rest assured in the will of the divine love that impels you to throw yourself, against all odds, with more or less means at your disposal, into the untiring pursuit of God alone. […]

If you suffer, do it for love; if you are virgin, for love; and if you renounce to everything, do it for love! Thus you will feel the need to deny yourself and to lose yourself in a complete oblivion of yourself, for that Love you consecrated yourself to.

Because the consecrated life lies not in suffering or rejoicing; everything lies in loving and in making of our life love, putting love where love is not present and healing up pain with love. […]

Try to fit-in with that place where, moved by God’s will, you felt called to. Yet, if for incidental reasons you cannot accomplish that, do not be troubled, because God abides in the deepest centre of your heart, wherein He unceasingly calls you so that you immerse yourself into Him and may live your consecration in intimacy of love and may cry out, in your whole life and with your whole being: God alone!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia in the chapel of the house of El Pinar de las Rozas (Madrid). Year 1969

I insist that you try to seek the means and that place where God calls you to, with peace and calmness, for, if you do so in order to meet Him, nothing nor anybody will trouble you, because he who seeks God finds Him; and since God is everywhere, in whatever place His will will be made manifest to you, if you only seek His will, you will find Him.

Consecrated soul: God alone! that you may not live a monotonous, annoying and maybe disillusioned life, reckoning perhaps that you have failed in your spiritual life.

Spring forth to know and to love God in His bosom, in the Trinitarian mystery of His divine life, that you may be happy here on earth and there on Heaven; since happiness, here as well as there, consists in the fulfilment of the end we have been created for, which is to know and to love God and to make Him known and loved, so that, by fulfilling in this way the divine plan we may glorify Him. […]

Priest of Christ, consecrated soul, may your whole life be an expressive cry of self-giving and oblivion, which may ever say in a total adherence to the divine will: God alone!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “Consacrated soul, live out your vocation”


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Christ the King

What idea comes to our mind when we hear about Christ the King? How deeply have we experienced His Kingship? How marvellous if Jesus Himself could teach us and share His feelings with us in this great celebration which is the summit of the whole Liturgical Year. Thus we would see ourselves free from our false sentimentalism and spiritual perceptions that don’t match with the reality of the mystery.

In the following fragments Mother Trinidad ushers us into the true feelings which were engrabed by Christ on her soul so that she could later pour them out on ours. A series of questions later in this same writing will help us find out whether our living is according to Christ’s o rather we are just following our own limited and limiting experiences.



“Jesus at the side of the mount”



As I was was entering into the soul of Christ, my pain became more intense at the unspeakable contact with my Spouse…

And suddenly, engraved was on my soul, with the speed of a lightning, a little mount, and a man at the side of it: God, Jesus, that One to whom all Christians will cry out: Christ reigns, Christ rules…!

He was on his knees, his hands were put together, being slightly uplifted, his body was leaning upon the mount, the eyes were inundated by tears running down gently along his divine countenance….

And with his soul torn apart and his voice choked with pain, with his eyes lost in the heights, He was suffering because He was living these moments of the twentieth century; and He was repeatedly saying: “Father, and the world has not known You”. “They neither know You, nor do they know Me!” […]

My Christ, prostrated with my face down to earth, tearfully, at the side of the mount, united to your soul, partaking of Your pain, being also with You torn apart and misunderstood, looking with You towards the Father’s Bosom, I say: “Father, and the world has not known You!” “They do not know You nor Jesus Christ, whom You sent!”

This is Christ the King…! This Jesus who is born in Bethlehem and dies on a cross to show us the Father and make us live from the divine life, to give us the life, to be our way; this Christ the King, after twenty centuries, continues to be for the most of mankind the Christ not being received.

Have we the memebrs of the Church entered into the most sorrowful mystery of Christ’s soul…? Have we received the message of Christ the King…? Have we understood that Christ will reing and will triumph when the mission for which He became incarnate is fulfilled…? Can’t Jesus say in all truth after twenty centuries to the Father: “And the world has not known You”? […]

Soul of Chirst, my King, infinite Truth, sovereign Majesty, eternal Splendour of the Father’s gaze, maximum expression of the divine life! When will that day come when You will reign and it will be sung truly: “Christ reigns, Christ rules”…?

How painfully does the soul of Christ say –torn apart, as though anihilated, devastated, downcast–in His long periods of prayer with the Father while sobbing: “I came to my own and my own have not received me…”! “Father, and the world has not known You…! They neither know You nor do they know me…!”


Excerpt from the unpublished book: “La Familia divina” (The Divine Family) written in spanish language by Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


“Leave what is not in order to start truly possessing”

“Why does Mother Trinidad love so much the consecrated persons?” This was the question formulated by a nun upon seeing with pleasant surprise her burning love for all those who live their vocation of “God alone”. A vocation that completely fills the most demanding aspirations and desires of the soul.

Because they are the bride-souls of Christ, whom He loves with madness and frenzy!, that’s the answer. And to prove this love of predilection, Mother Trinidad has prepared a special booklet which includes two short writings that want to be a tribute to those who live totally consecrated to God. We will savour it along this “Year of Consecrated Life” proclaimed by Pope Francis, which begins on the First Sunday of Advent.

Let all consecrated persons live the great joy of being a happy and fruitful People. One People that reflects Christ in an eminent way and makes the beauty of the Church shine through its words and deeds.



“Leave what is not in order to start truly possessing”


         Who are the ones who go safer along the way to the Kingdom of Heavens? Those who do not look foranything other than God and, when reaching their term, all they had has been left in order to meet Him. Therefore the one who has nothing walks more agile and, at his term, has nothing to leave, only to possess. (14-9-74)

         The one who, on earth, has everything, has to renounce all to find God; that is why he who is poor, on having nothing, finds all in the fullness of the Infinite Being. (14-9-74)

         God leans down over the poor and the helpless, because, in the poverty of having nothing, there lies the sure and straight way for the possession of the Infinite. (14-9-74)

         He who, on having all earthly things, thinks to be in the fullness of their possession, is the poorest of all, because he has no space for the Infinite Being, who is the only richness that can fully satisfy the cravings of our heart. (14-9-74)

         If I have God, I have everything in the whole of His possession, in the fullness of His life, in the plenitude of His happiness, in the richness of all He is. And, when I lose him, I find myself with my parched longings, in the emptiness of all that creatures contain for me. (14-9-74)

         God is my all; that is why, when I have something apart from Him, in that something, I am in the emptiness of the only Good. (16-7-71)

         Apart from God, I do not have any desire; and this is not for an emptiness of my being, who in God finds everything, but for the fullness of the divine will that fills me completely and makes me have everything in it, not needing anything, due to the fulfilment of my yearnings which seek only the savouring of God’s will fulfilled. (4-7-69)

         When I did not want anything earthly and sought the infinite richness from above, I found everything in God’s all; and, with His possession, I satiated my torturing yearnings for happiness, richness, love and fullness which the infinite Being had fashioned in me, only to possess Him. (14-9-74)

         God was born in a manger, without anything, being the infinite All. He died on the cross, without anything, redeeming us with the power of His eternal love. Thus He wanted to tangibly manifest to us that, in the emptiness of all that exists here, there lies the fullness of the possession of God. (14-9-74)

         There, in God’s all, everything will we possess without desiring anything. (10-8-75)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)


New Jerusalem…

We all want to have God’s Light, for with His “Eyes” everything is actually seen in the right perspective. If this is what happens with all common things, what it will be like to behold the Church with God’s self-same look and with His very heart?

Amazing is this piece of poetry where Mother Trinidad expresses, with certainty and deep knowledge, what it is that God Himself lives in regard to the divine beauty of the Church and the situation in which we Her own children put Her. It is indeed a heart-rending contrast that sakes and seizes any soul who feels to be Church making it live the glory and tragedy of the Church. Won’t it be possible therefore to comfort the Church?

“New Jerusalem…”

(28 – 04 – 1969)


Oh New Jerusalem!
if ever I could contemplate You
as on the day I saw You
as a bejewelled queen….


If ever I could see You beautiful,
triumphant and adorned,
as the Bride of the living God
being acclaimed by all….


Oh New Jerusalem!
my soul is torn apart
seeing You sad and tearful,
breathless and bent over.


I saw You dressed in mourning,
Your inner being had been pierced
by Your children’s runaway
who departed to other lands;


I saw You concealing your jewels,
dark and disconsolate,
but never did I see You
so sad and gravely offended!


Today I don’t know how to express
this what my soul feels.


It’s such a deep martyrdom
to see how You are being slapped,
by your children spat upon,
wounded and ill-treated,


in Your sorrowful journey
along this stained land,
that, if I didn’t know You,
I would believe You’re abandoned.


But no! God is zealous
for the glory of Her Beloved;
His love feels angered,
His gaze became irritated.


Oh what terror! even God weeps
when seeing my beloved Church….
And if God weeps while seeing Her,
how can my being not weep?


Also, my soul is zealous,
also it feels gravely offended,
also it’s walking, trembling
and feeling to be slapped!


Also… because I’m Church!
Church alone is my soul,
and Her mission is mine,
Her tragedy is in my inner being,


and the glory of Her name
is the glory that consumes me,
because I have no other joy
than to see Her glorified.


Oh, how sad is my Church!
Oh, if I could console Her
and see Her again
like a bejewelled queen…!


Oh, how wounded is my Church!
Ah, how sad is my soul!
But… if God Himself weeps,
how could I comfort Her…?

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

The church wept in my soul

Mother Trinidad poetically describes how her soul collects the tears of the Church: it is something that is as logical and understandable for anyone who loves the Church, as it is unthinkable that this can ever happen to anyone.

To the extent that our sensitivity to the spiritual realities increases then we won’t consider as something extraordinary to perceive the weeping of the Church, the gaze of Christ, Mary’s delightful expression. All this taking place without ourselves ever seeing anything with our bodily eyes, but rather with the eyes of the soul, which are far more sensitive, because love makes the soul see and experience what the eyes are not able to discover by themselves.

“The church wept in my soul”

(18 – 4 – 1975)


The Church Her sorrows outpoured
on my sorrowful soul, 
and with Her mantle wrapped me 
increasing thus my agony.


She said Her bitterness to me,
that in Her chest was contained,
thus covering me with the cloud 
that over Her was hovering.


The Church uttered Herself in Eco,
leaving me submerged 
under the asphyxiating grief 
repressed in Her chest;


and She told me the whys
of all that was overshadowing Her,
and the sorrowful confusion 
that everywhere was engulfing Her.


The Church wept in my soul…
How bitter was this day to me!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia