Adore, soul of mine

Christmas encloses an overflowing abundance and variety of divine gifts. The same gifts trigger in our hearts an overwhelming range of feelings and of endless tidings and congratulations that may seem repetitive…

But the most appropriate response before the God-made-man out of love is only one, which, commonly, is not practiced: Worship. That’s the only way to live out Christmas. Other realities may be wonderful indeed, yet they are a consequence of this.


Statue of the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus , in the chapel of the Apostolate House of “Under the See of Peter”. The Work of the Church, Rome.




“Adore, soul of mine”


Adore, soul of mine,
in tender mystery,
listen to the heartbeat
of God that is inside,
and in tender loves
and in sweet cautery,
kiss the bride-soul
with immense love.

Suspend not God’s passing by
in silence;
adore and wait,
keep your secret;
silence the voices
of Him, who in your inner being,
tells you romances
in flames of fire.

Adore, soul of mine,
adore in your bosom,
for the sweet breeze
of the eternal Breath
is breathing
within your chest.
Do not make any noise,
be quiet,
for God is very deep
and gives Himself to you in a kiss.

Poor explanation,
vile concepts!,
human words,
clumsy thoughts…!
How am I to say
with my poor accent
the smooth passing
of God, without concepts?
How am I to explain
this slow living,
this perceiving
of the Immense, inside…?
Within my innermost being,
inside my chest,
in the deep depth
of my captivity,
at the fine point
where the Word dwells,
where the Father begets
in His concealment
and both of them burn
in immense Love!

Adore, soul of mine,
for God is inside
living His life
in your open bosom.
Adore prostrate
and listen to the Eternal One,
because He speaks to you
in flames of fire,
in sweet martyrdoms,
in slow cauteries…

Plunge into your depth,
you will see what a mystery…
When God comes close
to my wounded chest,
there in my inner being
all is silence,
and all noise
tastes of a torment to me;
all that is earthly
is as though a lament
that leaves me pressed,
that pushes me inside.

Adore, soul of mine,
and listen in silence,
because God passes
in a breeze of fire!


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

The passage of the Immense One over the soul is perceived as an army which, in myriads of imposing strength, utters, in its overwhelming impetus, a delicate whistle of gentle softness in abysmal depth of Trinitarian union. (28-6-62)

Silence! the Love passes over the soul of the bride with His quiet utterance of infinite softness. (28-6-62)

The whisper of Your passing through my soul sounds to me as a delicate whistle of sa¬cred anointment that, saying to me a Father’s heart, it tastes to me of Eternity. (28-6-62)

How great it is to feel that one is the spouse of the Holy Spirit! There is nothing com¬parable, since His touch is so delicate, that it has a deep savouring of Eternity. (18-9-74)

When God in His passing or His settling acts burningly in the marrow of the spirit, the heat of His fire is perceived: “Your cheeks are like a half-pomegranate,”1 reddened by the kiss of the mouth of Yhaweh. (11-5-76)

God passes or settles. And the soul ac-customed to His passing or His settling, hears Him coming; and that hearing to Him stirs its spirit in love of reception… He is its Beloved who comes, like the tiny deer, running all over the hills of Gilead, to visit His beloved bride; and she becomes inflamed with the closeness of His passing. (11-5-76)

The request of the Eternal to my being is like an all-consuming fire that drives me to do what I have to do and to say what I have to say. (30-9-74)

God is Himself the awesome God who, when He rushes to the soul to work on it to try it, He pulverizes it, purifying it with His powerful hand. (7-4-67)

How good it is to feel the Immense in the soul, although it be tearing the latter to pieces in order to immolate it! But, how good is God always! (7-4-67)

Tabernacle in the Blessed Sacrament adoration chapel of “Nostra Signora di Valme” Parish, entrusted to The Work of the Church in Rome.

The Love kisses the interior of the spir-it. Silence… and inwards, for the Love passes with a touch of divinity …! How deep, how sweet, how tender, how cauterising, how pen¬etrating, how infinite and how eternal the Holy Spirit is…! (15-2-76)

The touch of the Holy Spirit is yearnings for Eternity, desires of perfection, urgencies for the Infinite, search for the loved Good. (7-4-67)

How sweet it is to feel kissed by God on the substance of the soul, in silence! (17-3-63)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)

Mystery of unprecedented tenderness

Christmas is a mystery of unprecedented tenderness capable of deeply moving and transforming the hardest hearts.

Would that all Christians may be able to mutually exchange as a gift with one another in this liturgical season the great self-gift of God who becomes man to live, suffer and weep with us. But in order to render each other this reciprocal gift we have to possess it beforehand. This is what this piece of writing helps us to achieve.



“Christmas: Respond…! adore…! love…!
That God weeps…!!”

Christmas…! Mystery of unprecedented tenderness… surprising donation of the infinite Love for man… powerful explanation of the Eternal Power, which is given to us in a divine and human spelling out in such a simple way as befits the most simple kingliness of the Being. […]

The Infinite Word, by the transcendental mystery of the Incarnation, fulfilling the will of the Father, breaks into Word from the bosom of the Latter to the bosom of Mary by the caressing and loving lulling of the Holy Spirit. And He finds that the bosom of the Lady tastes to Him of Infinite Home, because all of it is a warm participation in the Father’s heart with the tenderness and love of a Virgin Mother… […]

Mary, Virgin-Mother…!: Mother as the fruit of Her excellent virginity… and Virgin be- cause Her divine Motherhood Itself, by the fruit of Her fecundity, made Her even more Virgin, for being this Fruit the Infinite Virginity Incarnate in explanatory Word to men, of in- finite virginal holiness. Therefore Mary, the more She is Virgin, the more She is Mother, and the more She is Mother, the more She is Virgin; since She is a cry in Her whole being of: God alone! shrouded, saturated, penetrated and possessed alone, exclusively alone! by the Infinite Being, in a total and absolute possession.

Transcendent secret the one that Mary lived during the nine months of Her Advent in the most savoury intimacy with the Son of God who, contained in Her womb, made Her feel the beating of His heart in affection of filia- tion…! The infinite will of the Father shook Her, by the love of the Holy Spirit, in nostalgic and vehement need to give birth to the Son of God through the virginal and luminous childbirth of Her divine Motherhood… […]

Nine months of tenderness… of donation… of self-giving… of response and of hopeful expectation, in the affectionate waiting of Her motherhood that yearns to listen from the mouth of the Infinite Word, as though in infinity of eternal melodies, to the word: Mother! in the palpable and palpitating reality, sonorous and delightful of the Son of God become Child in Her arms…! […]

The nine months that the Virgin lived with Jesus in Her womb, were contemplated by the Angels of God, in the sacred intimacy of rich colloquies of loves… in sublime and indescribable, silent and secret, mysterious and sacred, divine and divinizing tenderness of adoring silence… […]

Christmas…! Mystery of donation of the Infinite One to men through Mary’s Motherhood…

[…] Son of the Holy Mother Church, only the life of faith, replete with hope, enlightened with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and impelled by love, is capable of entering into this mystery of Christmas: In the silence of night and of ingratitude, the Love was uttered before the most secret expectation of the White Virgin. […]

What delights of love and tenderness between the Mother and the little Emmanuel…! What secrets of surrender and response…! What embraces of affection of the Infinite Virginity for His Virgin-Mother, and what tenderness that of the Virgin-Mother for the Infinite Virginity of the Word Incarnate in Her arms…! […]

Mary is a cry of God alone! in Her being, in Her life and Her actions…! […]

And when, as universal Mother, in manifestation of Her love, She is going to give God to all men, who also are a fruit of the kiss of the Holy Spirit in Her Virgin-Mother soul, She receives, in the incomprehensible delicacy of Her maternal love, the sword of such acute pain, that Her heart is wounded, unable to heal, due to the indifference of the “no” of all Her children to the infinite self-donation of the eternal Love who, by means of the Motherhood of the Lady, is handed over to us become a Child in the mysterious and sacrosanct night of Christmas… And how well Mary understood, in a comprehension of grieving insight, that “The light came into the darkness, and the darkness did not receive it…!”

And that is why, pierced by grief, fulfilling the will of the Father and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, She took the Infinite Word of the Father become Child and, in a tearing of Her motherhood, putting Him away from Her arms, “laid Him on the straws of a manger,” as a clear, palpable, and heart-rending manifestation that there was none to receive Him… […]

Mystery of Christmas…! Secret of infinite tenderness…!: In the silence of night and of incomprehension, under the vibrant notes of the Holy Spirit, and in the tearing of the mother-hood of Mary, in a manger the Love was revealed to us…!!

[…] Angels of Heaven, where are you…? Look for the simple ones of the earth and communicate to them the great news that in a manger, curled up by the tenderness of a Virgin-Mother God cries…!! Look for the simple ones, for the little ones… because they will discover the mysteries of God… because to them the secrets of the Father are communicated… “for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” and because with them the infinite Love, lying among straws and shivering with cold, rests…! […]

Pick up quickly from the arms of Mary the tiny Child of Bethlehem; the Emmanuel, God with us, who is born in a manger, who will die on a cross and will remain in the White Host for all times through the Sacrifice of the altar, to give Himself to you as Bread of life, and in loving wait in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, splendorous manifestation of His infinite love who needs to be with those whom He loves all centuries enduring. […]

Let not, dear soul, Our Lady of Bethlehem, on this night of Christmas, heavy with mystery, lay Jesus again in the manger because there were none to receive Him…!

[…] And united in the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the will of the Father, we are going to open our heart and our soul to take Jesus in our arms, the tiny one of Bethlehem, and to kiss Him with a kiss of reception… with an embrace of response… with a self-giving of donation… so that never could one say that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it…!”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Mystery of unprecedented tenderness “. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 9


Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract: “Mystery of unprecedented tenderness “.

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Next to the stable of Bethlehem at Rocca di Papa in a moment of intimacy and loving communication between my soul and the children of the great promise.”, recorded on December 29th, 1999 (press PLAY):


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          In the cold night of Bethlehem, covered and surrounded, as today, by the cloud of confusion, Our Lady of the Suns of the Holy Spirit gave light, giving men the infinite Light, Who, flowing forth from the Father’s bosom in sapiential Word, told us in gleaming clarities of holiness the Secret of Love. Mystery of Life which men receive not, because “they dug themselves cisterns, and broken cisterns,” refusing the eternal “Spring” of the infinite perfections. (Christmas 1976)


        There was no place for them in the inn... There is no room in our heart for Jesus... And that is why, at the contact with the chilly cold of the night, Jesus trembled in the stark solitude of a stable, seeking amongst men someone to console Him, and He found none. (22-4-75)


    Jesus, I want to receive You with all the tenderness and affection of my heart, in loving response, that You may rest and smile in the night laden with mystery of Bethlehem; with the only desire that You find in this soil of lovelessness, comfort for Your tender ailing chest. (19-12-74)


Image of Baby Jesus that Mother Trinidad had since she was young

The meaning of Christmas greetings

We run the risk in disguise of doing things only out of duty, as a “must”, simply because everyone does it, or because now it’s the season for such things, etc. Such attitude empties out these very actions from their real meaning. Thus, we are able to face the most sublime realities living them out of routine, even the daily celebration of Holy Mass, even Christmas itself!

May the Holy Spirit keep us always on fire with His loving flames and may He increase the desire in us to behold with His light the Mystery of Christmas. And may the sweet and divine motherhood of the Virgin lead us into this “mystery of unprecedented tenderness” that is God with us.

With these sentiments we wish one another and all a:


Merry Christmas!



          In the silence of the infinite mystery the veil of the Sancta Sanctorum was drawn;and, in sapiential utterance of lovingWisdom, the Father spoke His Word in the womb of Our Lady, by the lulling of the Holy Spirit; Who so fecundly kissed Her, that made Her break into divine Motherhood. And ever since that moment the Virgin is now Mother, and Mother of God; and God is now Son of the Virgin Mother, so that She, in manifestation of the divine will, might give Him to us in the sacred night of Bethlehem, full of love and tenderness. (Christmas 1974)


          In the night of Bethlehem, the Virgin Mary placed Jesus in the cradle, because God “came to His own, and they received Him not…,” Mystery of God’s infinite love for man, and of man’s lovelessness for God! (11-12-73)


          Jesus, I want to receive You with all the tenderness and affection of my heart, in loving response, that You may rest and smile in the night laden with mystery of Bethlehem; with the only desire that You find in this soil of lovelessness, comfort for Your tender ailing chest. (19-12-74)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


Advent Retreat

We have decided to publish on this blog several writtings and a fragment of video in order to offer you the possibility of doing an Advent retreat reflecting on them.


This brief text is permeated with sentiments of amazement, surprise and admiration. And it’s no wonder, because it is all about the unimaginable mystery of the Incarnation. Only in the ligth of Divine Wisdom we are able to approach and properly understand what means that God becomes man.

There is only one thing missing in this writing, one thing that, obviously, human handywork can’t do but which we can certainly do: to get down on our knees and worship overwhelmed and overawed by such gift. Only when we start adoring will we begin to “understand” the incomprehensible, because we abandon our views in order to enter into God’s Light sensing the reason why His infinite love has been poured out on us through The Eternal Convenant.



4 February 1971

“The Promise of the New Covenant”


God is going to carry out his Covenant with man and invents a way, within his infinite wisdom, that hardly fits in the potential possibility of the infinite and coeternal Being. Because God can only be God and man can only be man. And the manifestation of the infinite wisdom and power consists in that God, without ceasing to be God, be Man, and Man, without ceasing to be man, be God; all this being brought about through the mystery of the Incarnation in the innermost being of that creature whom the Father Himself, moved by the infinite love of the Holy Spirit, creates to be the Mother of his Incarnate Son […].

Oh…! Who will be able to comprehend the love of God for his creature, which, in order to make nothing lack to the majestic manifestation, full of splendour, of his tenderness towards him, gives it a Mother able to deliver to it the Only-begotten of the Father with a motherly heart and the Holy Spirit’s love?! And this motherhood is so wonderful, that it is divine Motherhood, because it is God Himself who in Mary’s womb becomes man […].

The Virgin is such a Lady,
of so much motherhood,
that she is Mother of the Infinite One,
who would come to dream it…!

God who becomes flesh in her womb
to carry out, in it,
the transcendent mystery
that nobody could ever think of!:

God who, being God, is Man,
without changing in his Deity,
and the Man who becomes God
without ceasing to be mortal…!

Mystery of the mysteries,
full of Divinity…!
The Virgin that breaks into Mother
without breaking virginity.

The more Virgin the more Mother she is,
of so much motherhood,
that she is divine Motherhood,
fruit of virginity.

Oh what a great mystery…!
Who will be able to contemplate it
without his mind blurring it
being unable to embrace it,
not understanding its excellence
due to its great greatness…?

I have a Mother so Virgin,
as to be all Motherhood…!

And through the mystery of the Incarnation, and in Mary’s womb, God creates a creature so much for Himself, that will never separate from his hands nor will be able to break, because this human creature will be God.

There is no longer any power able to break Man! Now Man cannot break Himself, because He cannot want anything other than what God wants, because He is God! Who will be able to separate the human nature of Christ from the person of the Word? Who will be able to separate the Divinity from the human nature, if the human nature has no other person than the divine one, the eternal “Yes” of the Father, as answer and response of the creature to his Creator?

Oh Mystery of mysteries! God has made a covenant with man as eternal as it is infinite, as perfect as He Himself is perfect, because He Himself is in Himself the eternal Covenant of God with man […].

Now there is Jesus Christ, who is God and is Man, who is Heaven and is earth, who is Divinity and Humanity, who is Richness, who is the infinite “Yes” to the omnipotent manifestation of the creative and coeternal will of God. Whoever is able to break Christ, will break up the Covenant of God with man! Whoever is able to break Christ, will destroy the Promise of the New Covenant!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Advent of Mary”. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 2


Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract: “The Promise of the New Covenant”.

Let us go ahead with our retreat, led by Mother Trinidad, entering into the mistery which Mary lived in her Advent, with this fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Sancta Sanctorum, recorded on January 17th, 1989 (press PLAY):


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