He is Himself delightful Hero of loves

In the life of Mother Trinidad there is a “before” and “after” perfectly outlined. In describing God’s action in her soul in December 7, 1946, she herself says: “Infinite Love placed Himself before me, as though speaking to me: ‘Do you have the need of loving and of being loved? I am Infinite Love…!’ ” “And, from that day onwards, my soul lives in the fullness of all its cravings, infinitely overflowed in its yearning for being and possession.”

Among her numerous poems, and in many of them as in the current one, it is impressive to note a sense of awe-inspiring and overwhelming response that Infinite Love awakes in Mother Trinidad, her radical surrender to God that excludes any other possible love, her nostalgic hopes for new and deeper experiences….

The soul of Mother Trinidad follows Him who is Love with unwavering fidelity, with “nostalgias for the Infinite”; with “longings for cloistral encounters”; with yearnings for the touch of God who, “as clamours of fire,” stands before her as “a delightful Hero of Loves” and “Winner of trophies…”. Love has conquered her life forever.






“He is Himself delightful Hero of loves


I have in my chest a depth
of so sublime a mystery,
that in nostalgias for the Infinite
my spirit is dying.

I long for Him in the experiences
of my cloistral encounters,
and sigh for the infinite voices
of the Eternal.

He shows Himself to me zealous
by the force of His rule,
and He invites me to get into
the depth of His bosom.

I feel the touch of God
like clamours in fire,
like red-hot arrows
that pierce my chest.

There is nothing so deep and certain
as the touch of the Immense
in passing of power
with the triumph of His flight.

He is Himself delightful Hero of loves,
just as I wish Him,
conqueror of hopes
and winner of trophies.

That is why, my life is His,
a conquest of His tourneys.


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

         O my infinitely spiritual God, let me drink until I satiate myself, in saturation, with the eternal virginity that You are Yourself in Your intimate life of Trinitarian communication by Your subsistent being of supreme perfection. (28-4-61)

         God alone! without further ado, is the pal¬pitating cry of my enamoured heart. (15-10-74)

         I am happy because, not having in my heart anything other than God and His will, I overabound with joy in the midst of my incal¬culable tribulations, which make me in the like¬ness of Christ and, with Him, I am sheltered in the bosom of the Father by the love of the Holy Spirit. (5-11-75)

         Priestly soul, all that is not God is not; live in such a way, that you seek only Him and His glory, in a complete oblivion and detach¬ment from yourself. Be prepared, because the Lord will come to take you with Him forever, forever! and He will come soon…, and that will be tomorrow…, now! (6-1-64)

         Who are the ones who go more safely along the way to the Kingdom of Heavens? Those who do not seek anything other than God and, when reaching their term, all they had has been left in order to meet Him. There¬fore the one who has nothing walks more ag¬ile and, at his term, has nothing to leave, only to possess. (14-9-74)

         If I have God, I have everything in the fullness of His possession, in the plenitude of His life, in the plenitude of His happiness, in the richness of all He is. And, when I lose Him, I find myself with my parched longings, in the emptiness of all that the creatures contain for me. (14-9-74)

         Apart from God, I do not have any de¬sire; and this is not because of an emptiness of my being, which in God finds everything, but for the fullness of the divine will that repletes me completely and makes me have everything in it, not needing anything, due to the replete¬ness of my yearnings which seek only the savouring of God’s will fulfilled. (4-7-69)

         When I did not want anything earthly and sought the infinite richness from above, I found everything in the wholeness of God; and, in its possession, I satiated my torturing yearn¬ings for happiness, richness, love and fullness which the infinite Being had shaped in me, only to possess Him. (14-9-74)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

Happy Resurrection Day!

D ear friends of The Work of the Church:

In this glorious day of the Resurrection of Christ, we wish you and your family a Blessed Easter season.

“All creation is celebrating, Heaven and earth: Heaven, because the Son of Man entered into it; and the earth because it has now someone who may respond and glorify God in its behalf…”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

Welcome be man to the Father’s bosom!

Holy Saturday is a day filled with glory and flooded with the splendour of Christ´s triumph. As He enters into Eternity, it’s heard for the first time in Heaven: “Let the man be welcome to the Father´s bosom!”

The life, mission and tragedy that Christ lived during His passion, death and resurrection, become particularly alive and palpitating during the Paschal Triduum.



“The veil of the temple was rent
because the Father’s Bosom was opened!


The Redemption by the Messiah Promised to the holy Patriarchs and announced by the Prophets of the Old Testament culminated, […] after which came the resurrection and the life by the triumph of the risen Christ. […]

The triumphant and glorious soul of the Divine Crucified, soars up into the sky in a triumph of sovereign majesty, and freeing the holy Fathers who were waiting for His holy coming and takes them behind Him, He arrives in the wide thresholds of Eternity […] coming into Glory; and with Him the wedding party of a crowd of captives, after whom the rest of men will enter. […]

What a Saturday of such glorious triumph! in which the soul of God’s Only Begotten Son, who at the same time is the Son of Man, opens by the fruit of His Redemption the sumptuous Gates of Eternity, closed since the earthly Paradise by the sin in rebellion of our First Parents; and the old floodgates are raised before the impetuous passing of irresistible power of the soul of God’s immolated Only Begotten Son, in triumph of glory. […]

Yahweh’s Anointed, before whom the Angels of God adoring, full of expectation in glorious jubilation, contemplated the soul of Christ who, triumphant, opened the Father’s Bosom by the fruit of His Redemption with His five wounds; bringing behind Himself to the eternal jubilation the glorious and triumphant court of the ancient Fathers […] and with the legion of captives rescued by the price of His Blood and who awaited His holy coming. Being heard in the heights of the wide limits of Eternity as though a hymn of triumph: Welcome be the Man who with His five wounds has opened the Father’s Bosom!

[…] Under the impulse of the Almighty and by the power of His grace, that, in the way that He alone knows, introduces me into His mysteries so that I may manifest them; I express a little –only of what is possible for me under the spiritual modesty of my soul-Church and as the Echo of this Holy Mother before going away with Christ to Eternity– of all that my soul lived and contemplated on the 28th of March of 1959, immersed in the mystery of the entrance of Christ’s soul into Glory […]:

“Oh Mary…! She, at the moment when Jesus ascended to the Father, united to Her Son’s soul, partook in such overabundant and extolled manner, translimited by the joy of the Holy Spirit, of the happiness, glory and most blissful joy of the soul of God’s Only Begotten Son and Her Son entering into Eternity.

And despite Mary being in exile, Her soul, transcended and translimited, was with Her Son’s; the reason why the Virgin did not need to go down to the tomb… […] Since before to anyone, on the day of the resurrection the Lord appeared to Her.

Because Jesus introduced Her Most Holy Mother in such a way into the mysteries of His life, death and resurrection, that, before they were unveiled to anyone, She lived them in loving contemplation of joy or sorrow. […]

That is why Mary, with the death of Jesus, rested, on account of the fulfilled will of the Father and the glorification of Her Son and of Her God.

Mary was contemplating the entrance of the Son of God and Her Son into Heaven, while She dwelled on earth, as Mother of the Church, with the Apostles. Today Heaven is on holiday, because Jesus has entered into it and the glorious Church has begun; but the earth is in mourning because men have killed the Son of God. […]

Mary […] rejoiced, as Mother of the Church, with the glorious Church, and suffered with the sorrowful and distressed Church.

How great and unknown is Mary in relation to the eternal designs of God upon Her…!”

The soul of Jesus starts running…, running…

What a court…! What a retinue Christ has behind…! […] It is the Church triumphant…! […]

The soul of Christ, in the Father’s Bosom, as Word and as Man, rejoicing…! His body rests in the tomb… […]

What a great day…! How composed the Church is and how happy entering with Jesus into Heaven…! […]

It is the Church triumphant […] who today begins Her glorious triumph. […]

The Man is now in the Father’s Bosom rejoicing in God’s glory, as God and as Man… Welcome be the Man to the Father’s Bosom…! […]

Mary still remains in the world, contemplating…

What a joy! I contemplate with Mary the glory of Jesus.

What a silence there is in Heaven and what a celebration…! […] All Heaven ecstatic, adoring before the wounded God…! […]

The Father’s Bosom is now open to all the children of good will…! Never more shall it be closed…! Christ has opened it… and He is waiting for all men… He opened it and placed Himself at the ‘gate’ with the arms outstretched, so that the sumptuous main Gates of Eternity may never be closed again… […]

The Father looks upon men with love […] and when embracing Christ in His bosom, He embraces all men. […]

How triumphantly the Father’s Bosom opens up so that men may enter…! […]

The Man enters into Heaven, and enters into it as Son of the King, not as minister; and each man is a son of God through Christ. […] And how much gladness the Father’s face shows…! […]

The Source of Life has been opened for men, the Springs of Divinity in torrential affluents of divine life that gushes out like a waterfall through Christ, by the Sacraments…! […]

How happy is the Father seeing in Heaven and on earth the much beloved Son in whom He has set all His delights…! All…! all His delights in the Man- Christ…! […]

And as the Word is Man, all His delights for all men who grafted onto Him, are the New People of God. […]

Christ does not become an angel, He becomes man; He does not become angel to redeem the angels who had also sinned.

And since the Word is Man, […] that is why the Man-God makes man son of God and heir to His glory; except the rebellious man who does not want to avail himself of His Blood, of His merits nor of His Redemption; but that rebellious man, if he comes to the Source of Life, will have all the graces of the true children. […]

I am contemplating […] twenty centuries ago the soul of Jesus getting into Eternity…! I am contemplating the soul of Christ getting into Heaven on the Holy Saturday…; […] the moment when Christ’s soul rose! what Christ is…! what the Angels do when the Man gets into…, what man is to God; His is not a minister, He is the son and heir to His glory…

Man, through Christ, contemplates with the Father, sings with the Word and burns in love with the Holy Spirit… That is the life of glory…! Children of God…! […]

The tearing of the veil of the temple is the symbol that Jesus with His death opened the Father’s Bosom […] And with His death the old law was broken in order to begin the New Covenant”.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “WELCOME BE MAN TO THE FATHER’S BOSOM!”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n.11)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Live out your priesthood together with the High and Eternal Priest in order to give glory to God and life to souls “, recorded on July 26th, 1999 (press PLAY):


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          Let all souls come to the bosom of my Father God to know of infinite happiness, of eternal joy and, by living in intimacy with the Divine Family, they may be happy with the bliss that the Church communicates to all of Her children. (25-3-59)


        Tomorrow we will enter into God, into the profound depth of His self-being infinite, into that secret point of the Being’s heart, in the union of the Holy Spirit. (25-1-75)


    By his loving adherence, man becomes similar to the reality he adheres to, because on seeing its perfection he irresistibly tends to imitate it. Such acts of love can be realized by man due to the freedom he has, since without freedom he would not be able to adhere to what he understands is good, but would adhere to what another being, that might have seized his will, should be inclined to; and then he would equally adhere to something good or evil, for it does not depend on him; and the consequence would be that, were God to be perfect or not, we would have to be adhered to Him, not for the perfection of His being that would seize us in the sight of His excellence, but for our lack of power to resist Him. (9-1-65)


The Supreme and Eternal Priest

This series of beautiful insights leads us to the delightful discovery of the mystery of Christ’s priesthood. As the title says, the priesthood of Christ is Supreme because He Himself is the Supreme God become incarnate, a greater union between God and man could not be possible. His is an eternal priesthood because it lasts forever, without limits of time and place. The priesthood of the Son of God could have only been like this, and it can be understood in all its richness when we live out the four priestly attitudes He lived.

Priesthood, reparation and worship are inseparable.





         Since priesthood is the union of God with man, Christ, Who is in Himself that Union, contains the plenitude of priesthood. (25-10-74)

        Jesus is, in terms of His own intrinsic property, the High and Eternal Priest, because He is in Himself God and man, with the infinite possibility God is Himself and has Himself, and with the utmost possibility that man is and can be. (25-10-74)

How marvellous that, even though all men should say “no” to God, He made for Himself His Man, and This one was so rich that His “yes” infinitely exceeded the “no” of all humanity!

In the instant of the Incarnation, the soul of Christ, by the greatness of its perfection, was able to live, contain and embrace in the delightful or painful experience of His being, all His priestly posture of reception of the Infinite and of response, in return, to the Infinite Himself; being the receiver of God’s self-gift for all men and being the embracer of all of them in Himself, thus being the response of all creation to the infinite Holiness. (15-9-74)

The plenitude of the Priesthood of the Man-God, makes Him be the perfect Adoration, the Response that, as gory victim-offering, adequately satisfies God’s offended holiness, and the outpouring of infinite mercy; the Anointment and the Anointed; the Divinity and the Humanity; the infinite Holiness and the Embracer of the sins of all men. (25-10-74)

Il primo atteggiamento sacerdotale di Cristo si manifestò principalmente ricevendo Dio nell’Incarnazione; il secondo, rispondendogli nella sua vita privata; il terzo, donando a noi tutti la vita nella sua immolazione; e il quarto, nella sua risurrezione, portandoci con sé alla vita nuova; anche se in tutti ed in ognuno dei momenti della sua vita, Cristo vive i quattro atteggiamenti del suo sacerdozio. (12-1-67)

Bishop Rabban Al-Qas, of Amadiyah (northern Iraq), celebrating Holy Mass with some priests of The Work of the Church.

The first priestly posture of Christ was mainly shown by His receiving God in the Incarnation; the second, by responding Him in His private life; the third, by giving life to us all in His immolation; and the fourth in His resurrection, by taking us with Him to the new life; even though in each and every moment of His life, Christ lives the four postures of His Priesthood. (12-1-67)

The Incarnate Word, during His mortal life, was the suffering Christ Who lived on Eternity; and now He is the glorious and eternal Christ Who contains also in His soul the tragedy of all the ages. And, for this reason, He is the Great Christ, in the plenitude of His Priesthood, Who holds within Himself Heaven and earth, Eternity and time, Divinity and humanity; He being Himself in Himself the Glorified One and the Glorifier, the Adored One and the Adoration, the Reparation and the One Repaired for. (4-4-75)

Jesus, through His Priesthood, is the Adoration of the Father, that is prolonged and will be prolonged throughout all Eternity. All of us who somewhat share in His Priesthood, should be partakers of that attitude of adoration of His… But how terribly unaware we are of this! Yet… what joy because the High and Eternal Priest is greater than all men together, and He infinitely responds to God, in adoration of loving response, for His sake and for our sakes! (15-10-74)

In the Sacrifice of the Altar, all the compact sum of the mystery of the Man-God is given to us in His life, death and resurrection; we are also enabled to live that Sacrifice next to Jesus, through Him and in Him for the Father’s glory and for the good of all men, being perpetuated for us in the Eucharist the real presence of Christ with all that He is, lives and manifests. (15-9-74)

Only in the light of the Holy Spirit, the true mystery of the God-Man is unveiled in the transcendent plenitude of His Priesthood; that is why, he who loses the contact with God, in the darkness of his human wisdom, only discovers in Christ His humanity and, relating Him to himself, disfigures Him. (18-4-69)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia 

From the book “Frutos de oración”


My guilt has turned into bliss to my aching soul before Jesus crucified

This writing is an explanation of how sin has been the instrument that, in God’s Wisdom, has poured out such an abundant torrent of graces so as to transform so much evil into a blessing for the human family.

Redemption is a mystery laden with love, with self-giving and with an apparent paradox, but even if evil seems to abound, Goodness always abounds all the more.



“My guilt has turned into bliss
to my aching soul before Jesus crucified”


The marvellous mystery of the incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Christ, has been realized by the infinite and coeternal power of the adorable Trinity, a consequence and as a consequence of the creature having rebelled against the infinite will of God’s Excellence, offending his subsistent and infinite Holiness;
to redeem us and reconcile us again with Him, and for the fulfilment of his eternal plans, perfected and finished, about us, having created us in his image and likeness so that we might possess Him.

If man had not sinned, God would not have become incarnate, nor would He have had, for the manifestation of his glory’s splendour in overflowing compassion, to pour himself out onto our misery; which took the Father’s Christ, Yahweh’s Anointed, to an ignominious death by crucifixion, as an expia expiatory victim of infinite reparation to the three times Holy offended God; and, like an immaculate Lamb, to offer his life in immolation as a ransom that takes away the sins of man fallen when he rebelled against the Creator.

For this reason my soul, after the consideration of this terrible, but dramatic reality, thanks God, exultant with joy, with hymns and canticles of praise and under the limitation of my worthlessness, with worshipful and contrite spirit, humbled before the misery of my nothingness, reverent, shaking and frightened, because the Word became flesh and dwelled among us.

But, because of my love towards Him and the drama of my guilt for having offended Him, even though the mystery of his incarnation, life, death and resurrection may have been so beneficial to me; I would have preferred to remain poorer, for not being God’s daughter, grafted onto Christ through Him, with Him and in Him, to the consequence that, in order to save me, God’s donation, repairing for my sins, in redemption by a heartrending crucifixion, had to be brought about, for the glory of Yahweh’s Name;
understanding that the offended infinite Holiness demanded, by the perfection of his divine nature itself, infinite reparation on account of the creature’s rebellion against his Creator; and, therefore, an infinite Restorer, in the way and manner that, of Him who is Love and is able and is Love and loves, his perfection demands when He wants to pour himself out, from the excellence of his coeternal and infinite Holiness, over the tear of our wretchedness, for the splendour of his glory in an overflowing of merciful compassion onto the baseness, scantiness and contempt of our miserable rebellion.

For which reason we will never be able to justify our guilt, that has forced God himself to have to take from himself a marvelous marvel who, in an outpouring of compassion over our misery, is God’s infinite Mercy in a manifestation of how He is Love that loves, wanting to redeem us from our wickedness through the blood of the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.

There is nothing that can justify the rebellion against God, even though its consequences may be very glorious for us, and essentially they neither take from nor add anything to Him: to die a thousand times rather than offend God!

Thank you, Jesus, for having stayed in the Eucharist! I love You! I adore You!

But I would rather have my love towards You wander, in my sorrowing pilgrimage, without your loving and ineffable company, than seeing You mistreated, crucified and dead on the scaffold of the cross; abandoned by all, and in the oblivion in which You find yourself by the majority of your children, after having instituted the great marvel of the Eucharist, as a majestic and splendrous manifestation in a display of the love with which You love us; and having to see You profaned and so sacrilegiously treated by the miserable wickedness of men, for whom, in bloody crucifixion, You have shed your blood.

Blessed me, with the load of my sins, for such a Redeemer! But it would have been more desirable to the love I have for You, my Jesus of Calvary and of the Eucharist, that no creature should have ever rebelled against your infinite Holiness, and that it has forced You, for the manifestation of your infinite power and the splendour of your glory, to perform a thing as marvellous for us as dramatic for You, in order to be able to redeem us from our sins fitting us again onto God’s eternal plans, who created us solely and exclusively so that we might possess Him, raising us to the unimaginable and unsuspected dignity of being his children, heirs to his glory, and sharers in the divine life.

The carnal man who does not know God nor the magnificence of the majesty and splendour of his glory, cannot understand, and it will seem to him foolish, what today, the day of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my soul has grasped; on the one hand, full of gratitude because “God’s love endures forever” (Ps 135) and have no end; and, on the other, heartrent and in pain because the manifestation of the infinite Mercy should have been so dramatic, in bloody reparation to the Holiness of the offended subsistent Being, and for the restoration from our rebellion against the infinite and coeternal Creator.

Thank you, Lord! because “you loved your own and you loved them to the end” (Cfr. Jn 13, 1) and You stayed with us until the end of the times, as sustenance for our souls, in food and drink; to quench our hunger and cool our thirst by the saturation, in participation, of the rapture of your divinity itself, in the most glorious and blissful joy of eternity. “Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink, and let anyone who hungers come to me and eat, to the thristy I will give a gift from the spring of life-giving water.” Since “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him and I will raise him on the last day” (Jn 7, 37b; cfr. Jn 6, 35; Ap 21, 6; Jn 6, 56. 54).

“Thank you, Jesus, for having stayed in the Eucharist!
I adore You!
Thank you, Jesus, for having stayed in the Eucharist!
I love You!”.



Humiliated and dumbfounded before the misery of my baseness, that so shamelessly and rashly, when I offended You, has made You shed all your blood for all and each one of men, I exultantly exclaim with joy in the Holy Spirit:
My guilt has turned into bliss through the overflowing of the infinite Love, pouring itself out in merciful compassion onto my gross baseness! which made Christ cry out with his extended arms, “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself” (Jn 12, 32).

For which reason I repeat to Him again: God of my heart, Lord of the Sacrament and my Jesus of the tabernacle: Thank you for having stayed in the Eucharist…! I, become one with all my descendants, adore You! Thank you, Jesus, for having stayed in the Eucharist…! I and we all adore You!

Thank you, Jesus, for having stayed in the Eucharist…! I adore You! and I thank you, from the baseness of my tinyness and the lowliness of my misery, for all that You have done with me in an overflowing of merciful love, washing my guilt in such a way that I might come to be, having ended the pilgrimage of this life, in eternity, in the company of all God’s Angels and Saints, blessed by the ineffable contemplation of your life.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 4)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God is infinite mercy Who pours Himself upon us men at the Incarnation “, recorded on August 20th, 1992 (press PLAY):


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         The death of Jesus was the supreme hymn of adoration of the creature. Before the Creator, He responds in a bloody manifestation of atonement by saying to the thrice Holy God: You alone are Who are Yourself, and I am only by You, as man. And on taking upon Myself the sins of all, I die in a gesture that acknowledges Your excellence, and I rise from the dead to manifest that I am that same excellence atoned for by Myself. (16-10-74)


        How marvellous that, even though all men should say “no” to God, He made for Himself His Man, and This one was so rich that His “yes” infinitely surpassed the “no” of all humanity! (19-1-67)


            In the Sacrifice of the Altar, all the compact sum of the mystery of the Man-God is given to us in His life, death and resurrection; we are also enabled to live that Sacrifice together with Jesus, through Him and in Him for the Father’s glory and for the good of all men, being thus perpetuated for us in the Eucharist the real presence of Christ with all that He is, lives and manifests. (15-9-74)