Small Particles

How far can God abase Himself to tell you, I love you? He, the Holy One, the Being, who does not need anything or anyone to be infinitely happy, became man in Christ. And, if that were not enough, Christ is ever present in all the tabernacles of the world to be always waiting for His most beloved children.

Yet the outpouring of divine love enshrined within the Eucharist does not end there. It continues, not only in each tabernacle, but also in every sacred host; and not just in every sacred host, but also in each particle, that is, in every crumb of that bread that is no longer bread: there it is hidden our Lord Jesus Himself, true God and true man, judge of the living and the dead. Jesus, how much You love us, and how unaware we are!

May this text of Mother Trinidad overflowing with love for the Eucharist help us to increase the awareness in us of these divine gifts.



“I didn’t know until now, oh my dearly beloved Jesus!
this new wonder of your love among men…”


Until now I did not know, O Jesus of my loves, another new wonder of Your love among men…

I approach the Holy Eucharist reverently, with tremors every day, almost without wanting to brush You with my clumsy mouth, because I know, in my poverty, the eternal perfections of Your sublime sublimeness, in Your divine fires…

It is with surprise that today I have known, that particles which fall from the hands of Your anointed without anybody noticing it…: tiny…! so small…! that, although he who loves may not want this, they fall off inadvertently, like a kiss that You give from Your height to my baseness, in order to kiss this earthly ground with infinite mercy…

Like a beggar, You shower thousands of pardons with the breeze of Your flight, when the great wonder of the sublime Sacrament takes place by the loving, reprehensible or trembling word, of one of Your elect who, in powerful will, was chosen by Yourself…

It does not matter how the one who consecrates is! in order that the great wonder may be brought about, namely that the bread turn into You and the wine change into Blood, since in Your love You have wanted to replete, as Food, by means of this wonder, whoever may want to eat You with love, scorn or negligence…

But my soul in love, has become enthralled by ardours that rumble in the depth of my chest, at the knowledge that particles fall off, after You have come from the height of Heavens to the consecrated Host, which was transubstantiated by the efficacy which You have put, through the Sacrament, in the mouth of Your anointed…

That You fall, Jesus of mine, from the altar to the ground…?! That You vanish without anyone noticing it, and perhaps You are stepped on, for being so hidden and forgotten by all…?!

May be, Jesus of my soul, that perhaps I, too, have walked over across my ways, at that enormous moment when You had fallen off, and my foot, full of mud, inadvertently, had landed upon You…! And thus You may have kissed me, telling me in this way, so humble and so simple –but of such excellence in Your sublime dignity– the loves of Your chest: of that enkindled volcano! which burns in burning flames for telling me in a thousand ways Your kisses, Your tenderness, Your conquests, Your affections…

What a surprise this has caused me, when I knew, in Your wisdom, this new gift of Your sacred designs…! Powerful manifestation! that, by being Love who is able to and being Love who loves, in Your love You have managed, without him who loves You knowing it, to be stepped upon, and who knows if, perhaps, You have even been spat upon…!

I know my blessed Jesus, that, in You, Your self-giving is oblivion. O if it were possible for You to forget the excellent excellence of Your infinite and possessed Being Yourself…! Since Your glory was to surrender, when, in Your eternal design, You decided to save me, in order to take me to the spousals of Your divine banquets.

Nothing surprises me coming from you! Because what I learned most of whatever in me You have instilled, is to know that, all that I know is nothing, if I compare it with the plethoric fullness of Your Being Yourself been, having in You the great power, in Your indefinite way, of being Yourself all that You are Yourself, and to do all that You want manifesting outwards the powers hidden from the eternal ages in Your enkindled volcano.

Today I kiss You, like an enamoured bride, trembling and adoring, in the passing of the ages in all those particles that have fallen on the ground; in order to tell You, in the tendernesses that from my soul have arisen, when discovering the mystery that has afflicted my spirit in loves, so that I may love with this new nuance of my wounded heart…

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia in the chapel of the house of El Pinar de las Rozas (Madrid). Year 1969

I loved You at the heights and in the hidden tabernacle, after You gave Yourself everywhere in divine Food, through the hands of Your anointed, in the Sacrament…

I Loved You in my heart, when I had received You…; in the chest of men…; in the soul of my children…; and I repaired lovingly and painfully, in the way that I could, for the great profanations that always have been committed by those who do not discover You, for not having known You.

But never, beloved Spouse, I had caressed within the uproar of men who, when passing by, because You had fallen down, had stepped on You, without knowing that they made such a mistake…!

Your loves are so great and mine so small, that I cannot comprehend the splendidness of this gift, which has rumbled in my whole being!

But, if I have now discovered this new gift, so many ways will be left aside, without ever being discovered, while I dwell in the exile, to my stifled living…!

Today I also want to kiss You, with my touched chest, in so many and so many ways that are unknown to me, by the eternal gift of Your love for me…

Thank You for loving us so much…! and in so many different ways that You infinite excellence determined to carry-out, because being Love that, being able, manifested His loves, according to the sublime might of His divine powers…!

Today I kiss You, loved Spouse, next to the hidden tabernacle, with my adoring spirit and my touched chest, when I grasped surprisingly so many ways! so sublime and divine, of the love wherewith You love us by Your eternal power…

Come, children of the Church! Kiss Jesus with me!; let us adore reverently the God who has fallen on the ground; being all of us one sole response, as He has always requested of me, towards His Gift which is hidden deep inside the tabernacle…

“Work of the Church,” do not delay! I am your Mother… Today I beg you so!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 10)
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         I receive Holy Communion to become You by participation and be able to sing you, in your love, to men; and You, do you accept me as an oblation to make me the soul-Church that You need, and thus be able to give Yourself to the souls, through me, according to your will? (16-4-61)


        Jesus, I need to eat you well in order to know how to become a victim and to sing with You, on the cross, your song of love and pain. (l6-4-61)


            The eternal Love who dies for love in loving donation and is perpetuated through the Liturgy in the Church, making Himself Food and Drink, Prisoner and Beggar, is answered, most of the time, by those whom He loves, with the scornful indifference of oblivion. A terrible ingratitude which pierces Christ’s soul! (1-5-77)


Chapel of the summer vacation house of The Work of the Church in Navalperal de Pinares (Avila)

The voices of the Silence
that in the silence speaks

Giving shape to what has no shape, summarizing what has no boundaries and defining what is unspeakable requires a titanic effort that is not possible unless we go out of ourselves.

Therefore, the purpose of today’s current writing is to make silence speak, to hear its conversations, to recognise its voices. The day we will discover that there are several kinds of silences which gradually lead us to God we will remain totally astonished.

Silence strengthens the soul; it is medicine that heals the wounds of our spirit and fills with life our existence because it speaks of God. God Himself is Silence and it is in silence that God communicates Himself to us in unprecedented dialogues that make our souls vibrate with love.



The voices of the Silence that in the silence speaks

[…] It is something profound what the soul listens, I do not manage to tell, when, transcended, it hears in prayer the voices of the Word in silence.

Nothing explains so much God’s speech, as this mystery of nothing to say that, in its touchings, silence contains in concert.

It is conversations… sweet melodies in breezes of fire… eternal romances… unprecedented words… voices of cautery, in secret;

something which escapes… something that is so great shrouded in veils, that it is a saying of God, silent and sacred, that it is the Immense One Himself in His fires. […]

The one who seeks God behind the doors of the tabernacle or in the recondite recesses of his heart, persisting, finds Him in a repose of peace and a secret and delightful savouring that makes him rest, without knowing anything, without wanting anything, without seeking anything and without hearing anything, under the smooth and savoury wisdom of something supernatural that makes the spirit rest in a relish of silenced silence that for nothing of this world he would want to lose.

Wherefore, very still, the soul rests in a savouring that is life, proximity of the Beloved; being as though transcended in that which alone perceives and will know how to express the one who, next to the foot of the tabernacle or in the recondite and deep recesses of his interior, knows something, in loving tasting, of the proximity of the Good sought and found, in the mysterious secret of the recondite arcanum of the spirit: “I will lead the soul to the solitude and there I will speak to its heart.”

Into the solitude in the things of the here, and to the search of the encounter with God Who waits for us tireless, under the sacramental species, become Bread out of love, century after century, without tiring, behind the doors of the tabernacle, should someone come to visit Him so as to be with Him in colloquies of love, in sweet and intimate loving company.

Wherefore one must seek times to be at the tabernacle in silence. And next to Jesus, in loving, peaceful, silent wait and gradually one experiences in a secret, but profound and silenced manner, the proximity of the God alive, living and palpitating, Who says to our heart: “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

Jesus likes to be sought by those whom He loves, to manifest to them His secret of love behind the silenced notes of the quiet breeze of silence. […]

It is true that, at the proximity of God, the soul, in one or another manner, is introduced into the more or less supernatural silence, or more or less transcendent; led by Him to the separation from the things of the here and submerged in the inebriation of the sapiential joy of His proximity.

But how can it be compared with what one experiences when God makes Himself live in the attribute of silence, which, breaking into voices of communication, spells out in delicate whistling the savoury wisdom of His infinite attributes and perfections…?! […]


Three classes of silence does my being know, the first two are a prelude to the third and preparation for it, but as though infinitely different and distant.

To be introduced in the Silence of the being it is necessary that the soul has been previously totally possessed and captivated, in rapture and loss of everything of the here, by the savoury silence that the proximity of God’s passing instils into the spirit.

After this silence, the Infinite Love takes the Bride of the Holy Spirit and, bringing it into His bosom, He makes it pass from the spiritual silence to the unfathomable abyss of His Being Himself Silence. And there, in the deep depth of His mystery, in life of Eternity, tells it, in the conversation of His eternal wisdom, His Being Himself, in eternal melodies of infinite and co-eternal concerts.

And when, engrossed and seized by the silence in the proximity of the possession of the Subsistent Being, infinite and eternal, it begins to experience that this one is not the silence that it needs, even though it is to it so profoundly savourable; then it is when the soul is being prepared by God to be introduced into the bridal chamber, recondite and sealed, of His sacred Silence.

And it perceives as if some gates were opened which separate everything of the here from the Infinite; and that, without knowing how, in an instant of indescribable silence and in a flight of mysterious transcendence, it is introduced and kept into the Silence of the Being, leaving as though infinitely distant the silences which, for it, were a right and assured way that brought it to the sumptuous door of the eternal and the infinite Silence which is God.

And once introduced into that profound depth, the soul experiences that, behind it, the door was closed, and that an abyss of separation exists between the created silence and the Uncreated One, as it could exist between life and death, between earth and Heaven, between the All and the nothing, between the creature and the Creator; going from living, through the silence of the here, to the infinite Silence which is God in His being, in the eternal conversation of His subsistent and consubstantial silence, that are unprecedented voices of divine concerts. […]

Today I have understood in a new way the profundities of my three silences: One that is repose in peace of solace; another proximity of the God of the Heavens; but another one is cloistral voices of the Eternal One. […]

Today I have grasped the great difference that the mystery teaches. Today I have grasped,
in a sweet way and in a new way, that Silence is life, so much! that it is eternal: it is the Eternity lived in exile.


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Opusc. 16 “The voices of the Silence that in the silence speaks





The voice of Creation

“The roar of the sea, the immensity of the firmament, the greatness of forests, the order of creation, the bellowing of the wind …” All creation is a majestic spectacle and a wonderful gift God wanted to give us so that we may rejoice in it and glorify Him for it. But Creation is constantly speaking to us of something much greater than itself: we are made partakers in God’s Life.

Guided by Mother Trinidad’s words, contemplating the greatness that can be glimpsed through these beautiful thoughts, let’s “get out of our depths by virtue of the richness and perfection of God’s being, acting and communicating Himself in eternal and infinite perfection.”


          The roar of the sea, the immensity of the firmament, the greatness of forests, the order of creation, the bellowing of the wind, the song of birds, the simplicity of flowers, the whispering of the breeze, the silence of the night, the beauty of light… all of these gradually express, in their own way of being, the terribleness of the Eternal, His most simple majesty, His concert of love! (23-1-60)


          The Father wills to give Himself to us, the Word manifests this to us, and the Holy Spirit consummates the work. (9-1-65)


          God created me, not to contemplate Him as a wondrous and overwhelming spectacle, but so that, by cleaving to His eternal plan with an unconditional yes, I might enter into His joy and might live by participation the very life that He Himself lives. (23-1-60)


          Oh Giver of every good! You are infinite life; with Your power You create, Yourself being the reason for being of every living being that through You and in You is. (25-1-59)


          In God, His will and His power are one and the same; that is why, everything He wills, He is able to do; and since the means He has for so doing are infinite, all created things are a reflection and an image of His infinite perfection; thus, everything God does is perfect. (27-10-75)


          By the demand of the divine nature, when God acts outwards, He does so according to His selfsame perfection, which is manifested to us in a exuberant variety of nuances through creation and, above all, in His loving gift of Self for us; which so overwhelmingly transcends man’s mind, that man gets out of its depths by virtue of the richness and perfection of God’s being, acting and communicating Himself in eternal and infinite perfection. (4-7-69)


          God is in all things, because all are contained in Him in His eternal science, and they are created and maintained by His selfsame will, which is divine penetration. (11-2-67)


          In irrational beings, God lives His life in essence, presence and power; and, in rational beings, He wants to live it by making us partake of Him in familial fellowship, even though with the distance existing between the Creator and His creature. (13-2-67)


          The greatest thing in creation, more than time, space or the entire universe, is man, created to be God by participation.

          God is the supreme perfection, and man is created in the image of that same perfection, being manifested in him, for his being free, the infinite perfection. (9-1-65)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia