Your request in my chest.

The loving intimacy between God and the soul knows no limits. The Most High, who lives in His inaccessible mystery of infinite light, wants to communicate with us and He becomes Man. And He seeks to confide His loving secret to all souls.

The life of the spirit is the permanent falling-in-love of God with the soul and of the soul with God. This is the right pattern every enamoured soul should follow to reach the perfection of human love.



Your request in my chest

I have known that You, puffing search for us, and that You want confidants who may give rest to Your ever loving soul, overflowing with enkindled loves. […]

I have seen today, in a moment of loving romances, something sweet and painful which has wounded my heart: The beloved Master of my afflicted spirit is alone…!
pressed by urgencies of nostalgias and in melancholic oblivion of those He loves so much and who were chosen to be His confidants and to send them to show Him throughout the ages…!
waiting untiringly, in case one day, remembering Him, they would listen to Him, and know the loves so divine, that burn His innermost being, towards the consecrated people, due to the contained zeals of the Love of loves, who calls without being heard…!

You have told me, beloved Spouse, without words and without noise, in the so secret way that You have, to enter through the senses of my soul: To console Your sufferings…! to love You together with those of mine…! to listen to You in Your silences of stifled nostalgias…! Since You wish to disclose to me the secrets of the depth of Your pierced chest, which, wounded by so much love has bled, on account of Your sufferings…!

And to enter into secret; for You want, with the notes muted by the touching of mystery, reveal to me all that You contain in Your open heart, should someone want to enter in order to taste Your holdings…

But, if You keep silent, beloved Master, Jesus of mine, it is not for lack of words or desires of saying Yourself to the poor, tiny little and simple ones! it is because they are absent-minded without knowing how to grasp Your yearning, and “thus” make You rest while they repose for long hours, becoming one, there, in Your Bosom! […]

How much, in no time, have I understood so much…!

And I say: “in no time have I known,” because time did not count when, in a single second, I have understood Your mystery:
That You ask for consolation from me…? That I make reparation for the oversights of those who do not love You, and that I perceive the groaning of lacerated soul, leaning “thus” on Your chest, become one with my children…? […]

If I could express what today I have comprehended, when seeing Your sacred eyes looking, in the distance, for anointed ones, waiting for confidants who may gather Your groans…! […]

You made me Your confidant, a receiver chosen by You, contaiment of Your mysteries, so that, in my waiting, You give Yourself to me, according to my style, telling me all that You hold inside in petition of affection…! […]

How much I knew in one instant next to You, dear Jesus…!: I knew that my God wept through the groaning of His Anointed!


“I knew that You earnestly sought us
and that You want to find people in whom You can confide”

Chapel of the house of The Work of the Church in Navalperal de Pinares (Ávila – Spain)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 10)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Accompanying Jesus in the Eucharist, and living with God in the soul”, recorded on March 11th, 1995 (press PLAY):


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          Lord, those who console You in the midst of Your desolation are the ones who only seek to console You even at the cost of their cruci¬fixion. (28-11-59)


        Because I demand a pure love of immola¬tion and self-forgetfulness, I saw myself alone, and “I looked for comforters but found none.” (28-11-59)


    The one who loves knows how to wait for Jesus to slumber peacefully in his soul; but the one who does not know anything about love, at the first slumber of the Bridegroom, runs away to look for other loves who do not sleep. (20-3-62)


The sumptuous and magnificent gates of Heaven

“And like an imperial eagle, […] when the soul to the heavens is heaved […] where a crystalline torrent torrentially wells forth, to satisfy the thirsty souls who cross the thresholds of destiny…”

It is difficult to explain – by human reasoning alone – that a poem about death can turn into a reality overflowing with fullness and life. Such is the case of the current piece of writing that you can find below. It is like a torrential stream of melody that enfolds and draws the reader, with the sweet and impetuous waves of its triumphant notes, to the very shores of Eternity. And… how different it is, from there, to contemplate the end of our earthly life!


“The sumptuous and magnificent gates of Heaven”

When I consider that delirious moment
when your Bosom shall open its Gates,
when I, after life’s night, shall peer
into the mysterious depths of Your Face;
so profound is the joy that in me I feel!
that the horrible instant of death
is transformed, within me,
into an overflowing bliss,
for I know it is the step transcendent
that propels me, like a blazing ray,
into the secret of your incandescent Breast.


O the Gates of the Heavens,
that tear open for me, once inside,
the sumptuous curtains of that Temple,
behind which the Holy of Holies lies
celebrating His Mystery
in the venturous bliss of the Coeternal…!


O luminous Gates, from behind you one feels
eternal melodies in concerts never perceived,
and resounds the volcanoes’ deep groan
fired by the burning flames of their fires…!


O palpitating sound
with which the Eternal One,
sweetly flutters,
in His silent breath,
the explanatory Word
that in His mystery He utters …!


What a transcendent moment,
when the reverent soul
is introduced into that Bosom’s depths…!;
and contemplates, in flight, how Love enfolds them both,
with the lulling daylight of His hugging Kiss…!


What mystery sublime…!
Such moment…!
when the sumptuous Gates of that Temple shall open;
and the curtains be drawn,
and the Mystery shall be discovered;
and the luminous Suns shall shine and glow
in the palpitating breast of the Sublime One…


What a moment, the moment of death!
that tears and rips with its pitiful night
the sorrows of exile,
and bids farewell, after its icy cry,
to this body’s chains,
to give way to the soul’s taking flight,
on the wing of a mysterious flying,
to the sumptuous and magnificent gates of Heaven.

What a moment, the moment of death!
when the body stays still,
when the soul swiftly soars,
like a triumphant eagle,
after the breeze of its flight,
to cross the deep depths of the abyss
that separates life from death,
earth from the Heavens,
men from the Angels,
Glory from exile,
in a flight, astounding,
towards the venturous Bosom of the Good God.


And like an imperial eagle, from the corpse relieved,
the soul, victorious, to the Heavens is heaved
to satisfy the dryness of its painful wants
in the clear water Springs of the Eternal One,
where a crystalline torrent torrentially wells forth,
to satisfy the thirsty souls
who cross the thresholds of destiny…


O the Gates of the Heavens
with their triumphant curtains
that hide, behind their mystery,
the Holiest, Who is veiled
by the burning flashes of His fires,
and the Immense One, Who is hidden
with His glory behind the veils…!


O sumptuous Gates!
when the curtains are drawn, and I enter after my flight…



O Glorious Gates!
open out, for I hasten on my way.
I am speeding up my flight!!!



Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia



A new pastoral year

The beginning of a new pastoral year always speaks about the passage of time. It makes us raise our gaze heavenwards and fix it on Eternity, this being the ultimate goal towards which we are all running in the dizzying and unstoppable race of our lives.

Our wish is that the reading of these beautiful and profound thoughts of Mother Trinidad may help us to work tirelessly for God’s glory in this new opportunity. May we always keep our gaze fixed on Him who loves us so much “that He gives us time that we may be able to show Him our love, and gives us Eternity to show us His…!”



          How good God is, who gives us time that we may be able to show Him our love, and gives us Eternity to show us His…! He also showed us His love through suffering in time, so that He would lack no way of loving us! (20-4-64)


          In Eternity, God, glorified, will rest in His love for me, making me happy forever. During exile, it is my soul that has to avail itself of every occasion of suffering, and thus to make rest the One I love, showing Him my love through suffering. (20-4-64)


          Time is the price of Eternity, the fullness of the possession of the Immense and the glorious dimension of our soul-Church. (10-8-75)


          God has given me my time, through which He asks me that degree of love, and none other, which He needs for His glory; if I lose or misuse it, God’s plan for me would not be fulfilled, and then, what shall I do? (12-9-63)


          One only life I have with a fixed number of days to sanctify myself; if I waste them, where will I go for further life? (12-9-63)



          Have you deeply pondered the truth of Eternity, wherein you will hear, on not a further day, the Voice that will eternally state your abode: “You are here forever… time is over… the end has come”? (27-11-61)


          If death should come upon you now, the penetrating “forever” of Eternity, would it be for you joyous and eternal life in the infinite light, or would you be a prey of the infernal enemy in the despairing darkness of eternal damnation…? Try to live as you would like to die. (27-11-61)


          One day here, during the passing of time, is one day fewer for arriving “there,” to the joy of Eternity; hence one day more is one day fewer. (10-8-75)


          To the extent that past events become obscured by oblivion, the near future of the day of Love becomes clearer and clearer by the light of hope. (10-8-75)


          Lord, put my soul in Your centre, which is mine, that my life may bear fruits of Eternity for me and for the souls You have entrusted to me. (12-9-63)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


Sacrament of Marriage

Have you ever stopped to think that you, who are now reading these few lines, could have never existed? Yet your parents cooperated with God in calling you to life, and it is a fact that now your life will be prolonged in eternity! This is why God has prepared for you “what eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined.”

How impressive is the greatness of the union of man and woman. A union God has wanted to uplift and exalt, giving it such a sublime status through the Sacrament of Marriage!

Being fully in tune with the Universal Church that has summoned these days to Rome Bishops from all around the world to pray for and reflect on the family, let us pray intensely to God for the family. Let us find and admire the beauty of the family in the eternal plans of the Creator.



“I have faith”


I have faith.

Wherefore, lovingly receiving the words of the Divine Teacher:

“Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate”;

I have felt so much veneration, so much respect for the union of the wedded couples, that, through the Sacrament of Marriage, is sanctified and raised to a supernatural level, which makes me exclaim with Saint Paul: “This is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and the Church.”

I have faith… And because I have faith my soul jumps for joy at the words of God to our First Parents in the earthly Paradise: “Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth.” […]

The main purpose for which God placed into the conjugal love of the couple the exigency to join together so intimately that they be one sole flesh; so that, collaborating with God Himself in the plans of creation, and, as the fruit of that union, procreating, they might fill the earth with men, souls for God, children for His bosom, which is open, waiting for its fullness.

This mystery being so sublime, that God Himself enables man, by the gift gratuitously received from on High, to collaborate with Him in order to create human creatures who, in the image and likeness of God Himself, may come to possess Him.

Wherefore today, owing to the awareness that God places in my spirit regarding His eternal designs upon humanity –which I ought to manifest, by divine will, as the little and tiny Echo, but living and palpitating, of Mother Church–, and now in relation to all I have been saying about the conjugal union by the Sacrament of Marriage;

I ask all those who wish to hear what, from He who is, I have to communicate, but in a special way to the members of the Mystical Body of Christ:

to gradually become aware of and act according to what the Infinite One dreamt in relation to them when He created them so that, united, giving glory to God Himself, they may accomplish His designs and eternal plans by means of the fulfilment of His divine will, who awaits with His open bosom its fullness with the created children –by means of the collaboration of the spouses–, solely and exclusively to possess Him, granting them to live on His same life, drinking in the cooling torrents of His divine springs, satiating them in the most glorious and co-eternal banquet of His same divinity.”

“See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God. Yet so we are. The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him.

Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we shall be has not yet been revealed. We do know that when it is revealed we shall be like him, for we shall see him as He is.” […]

“And while I contemplate the mysteries of God and His eternal plans and designs, who asks me for souls to fill up His open bosom, with the children that man has to give Him within marriage, and to make them participate in the same life that He lives; I see the devastating destruction caused by the horrific and diabolic plans, that gradually seizes the heart and the mind of men.

“Wherefore, sometimes, when I see the Christian spouses thinking, counting and deciding the number of the fruits of love that join them in marriage making them one sole flesh, I feel discouraged; because, perhaps, I may not have been yet able to express, before dying, the transcendent transcendence of God’s plans, carried out in total and unconditional accordance with what He willed and dreamt of all men and of each one of us.

For that, and for much more to which there would be no end, if I went on recalling and manifesting the designs of the Co-eternal Being upon the spouses, and the greatness of their marriage, I exclaim:

Give Him children as God asks you and asks me, so that they may live, by means of grace, by participation, on His same life, and may be fashioned in them the will God’s consent as His divine mind dreamt it from all eternity.
So that when the day of Eternity comes, which is tomorrow, tomorrow, no later! dearest and warmly beloved children, you may have given to God not the children who, according to your estimates, are necessary and sufficient, but those that He thought and needed to receive from each one of His rational creatures, and of the members of the Church, when He created us and predestined us to carry out His eternal plans, full of infinite designs, for each every man.”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“I have fait”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 17)
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I would like!

In this world that pushes us to live at a frenetic pace and exhausts us more and more, the Lord offers us the only and true rest for our soul.

And this rest consists, contrary to the world’s logic, not in seeking time for ourselves, but in spending time trying to make the Lord, our Beloved, rest in our love. Only when we love Him in this way, with that purity of love that forgets about itself, our being fulfills in plenitude, and we really rest.

Let’s let this poem and these thoughts touch our heart and help us trust the Infinite Love, that looks for us tirelessly.





“I would like!”


I would like to be donation
that would never ask for anything,
would always give myself to everyone
in total immolation.

I would like to be, with my Bridegroom,
silent Eucharist,
by silence sealed
in loving priesthood.

I would like, with strong ardour,
to be bloodless sacrifice,
donating myself in nourishment
for the glory of the Love.

I would like… –how much I would like!–
that my consecrated life
were accepted by God
without anyone knowing it.

I would like to love so much,
that, prostrate in surrender,
I were all adoration
in reparation to the Immense One.

I would like, standing before God,
the Infinite Majesty
to have in my loyalty
an unconditional response.

I would like… –how much I would like!–
my repressed illusion
to be copious flows of life
for everyone who heard me.

How much I would like, Lord…!
But You, pay no attention to me;
if the thing is that the fire in which I burn
makes me be delirious with love.”


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

         Now I know, my Jesus, that the place where one reposes to sleep, is one’s own home; therefore, sleep in me, even though I do not experience in my life anything but the breath¬ing of Your sleep, thus knowing that I comfort You in hard journey. (20-3-62)

         Lord, are You tired?, don’t You have where to sleep?, everybody asks You for feasts…? Come, Beloved, sleep, for I, watching Your sleep, will not wake You up, because I am in Your hard journey a bed where You may re-pose and find Your rest. (20-3-62)

         The one who loves knows how to wait for Jesus to repose asleep in his soul; but the one who does not know anything about love, at the first sleep of the Bridegroom, runs away to look for other loves that do not sleep. (20-3-62)

         Does Jesus sleep in your soul? You are a trustworthy bride when He has laid His rest on you. (20-3-62)

         Lord, I give you this, and that, and all that You ask me; but, tell me that I make You rest! (26-3-64)

         Jesus, if I am not of comfort to your hurt soul, I will die of painful love. (11-11-59)

         How hard it is to see Christ so lonely and unknown, being so much love and so unloved…! Jesus, we do not want You to be so hurt by the lack of affection, and that is why, we love You with the Holy Spirit and Our Lady. (21-1-75)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia