Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a mystery of unprecedented tenderness capable of deeply moving and transforming the hardest hearts.

Would that all Christians may be able to mutually exchange as a gift with one another in this liturgical season the great self-gift of God who becomes man to live, suffer and weep with us. But in order to render each other this reciprocal gift we have to possess it beforehand. This is what this piece of writing helps us to achieve.



“Christmas: Respond…! adore…! love…!
That God weeps…!!”

Christmas…! Mystery of unprecedented tenderness… surprising donation of the infinite Love for man… powerful explanation of the Eternal Power, which is given to us in a divine and human spelling out in such a simple way as befits the most simple kingliness of the Being. […]

The Infinite Word, by the transcendental mystery of the Incarnation, fulfilling the will of the Father, breaks into Word from the bosom of the Latter to the bosom of Mary by the caressing and loving lulling of the Holy Spirit. And He finds that the bosom of the Lady tastes to Him of Infinite Home, because all of it is a warm participation in the Father’s heart with the tenderness and love of a Virgin Mother… […]

Mary, Virgin-Mother…!: Mother as the fruit of Her excellent virginity… and Virgin be- cause Her divine Motherhood Itself, by the fruit of Her fecundity, made Her even more Virgin, for being this Fruit the Infinite Virginity Incarnate in explanatory Word to men, of in- finite virginal holiness. Therefore Mary, the more She is Virgin, the more She is Mother, and the more She is Mother, the more She is Virgin; since She is a cry in Her whole being of: God alone! shrouded, saturated, penetrated and possessed alone, exclusively alone! by the Infinite Being, in a total and absolute possession.

Transcendent secret the one that Mary lived during the nine months of Her Advent in the most savoury intimacy with the Son of God who, contained in Her womb, made Her feel the beating of His heart in affection of filia- tion…! The infinite will of the Father shook Her, by the love of the Holy Spirit, in nostalgic and vehement need to give birth to the Son of God through the virginal and luminous childbirth of Her divine Motherhood… […]

Nine months of tenderness… of donation… of self-giving… of response and of hopeful expectation, in the affectionate waiting of Her motherhood that yearns to listen from the mouth of the Infinite Word, as though in infinity of eternal melodies, to the word: Mother! in the palpable and palpitating reality, sonorous and delightful of the Son of God become Child in Her arms…! […]

The nine months that the Virgin lived with Jesus in Her womb, were contemplated by the Angels of God, in the sacred intimacy of rich colloquies of loves… in sublime and indescribable, silent and secret, mysterious and sacred, divine and divinizing tenderness of adoring silence… […]

Christmas…! Mystery of donation of the Infinite One to men through Mary’s Motherhood…

[…] Son of the Holy Mother Church, only the life of faith, replete with hope, enlightened with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and impelled by love, is capable of entering into this mystery of Christmas: In the silence of night and of ingratitude, the Love was uttered before the most secret expectation of the White Virgin. […]

What delights of love and tenderness between the Mother and the little Emmanuel…! What secrets of surrender and response…! What embraces of affection of the Infinite Virginity for His Virgin-Mother, and what tenderness that of the Virgin-Mother for the Infinite Virginity of the Word Incarnate in Her arms…! […]

Mary is a cry of God alone! in Her being, in Her life and Her actions…! […]

And when, as universal Mother, in manifestation of Her love, She is going to give God to all men, who also are a fruit of the kiss of the Holy Spirit in Her Virgin-Mother soul, She receives, in the incomprehensible delicacy of Her maternal love, the sword of such acute pain, that Her heart is wounded, unable to heal, due to the indifference of the “no” of all Her children to the infinite self-donation of the eternal Love who, by means of the Motherhood of the Lady, is handed over to us become a Child in the mysterious and sacrosanct night of Christmas… And how well Mary understood, in a comprehension of grieving insight, that “The light came into the darkness, and the darkness did not receive it…!”

And that is why, pierced by grief, fulfilling the will of the Father and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, She took the Infinite Word of the Father become Child and, in a tearing of Her motherhood, putting Him away from Her arms, “laid Him on the straws of a manger,” as a clear, palpable, and heart-rending manifestation that there was none to receive Him… […]

Mystery of Christmas…! Secret of infinite tenderness…!: In the silence of night and of incomprehension, under the vibrant notes of the Holy Spirit, and in the tearing of the mother-hood of Mary, in a manger the Love was revealed to us…!!

[…] Angels of Heaven, where are you…? Look for the simple ones of the earth and communicate to them the great news that in a manger, curled up by the tenderness of a Virgin-Mother God cries…!! Look for the simple ones, for the little ones… because they will discover the mysteries of God… because to them the secrets of the Father are communicated… “for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” and because with them the infinite Love, lying among straws and shivering with cold, rests…! […]

Pick up quickly from the arms of Mary the tiny Child of Bethlehem; the Emmanuel, God with us, who is born in a manger, who will die on a cross and will remain in the White Host for all times through the Sacrifice of the altar, to give Himself to you as Bread of life, and in loving wait in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, splendorous manifestation of His infinite love who needs to be with those whom He loves all centuries enduring. […]

Let not, dear soul, Our Lady of Bethlehem, on this night of Christmas, heavy with mystery, lay Jesus again in the manger because there were none to receive Him…!

[…] And united in the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the will of the Father, we are going to open our heart and our soul to take Jesus in our arms, the tiny one of Bethlehem, and to kiss Him with a kiss of reception… with an embrace of response… with a self-giving of donation… so that never could one say that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it…!”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Mystery of unprecedented tenderness “. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 9


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Next to the stable of Bethlehem at Rocca di Papa in a moment of intimacy and loving communication between my soul and the children of the great promise.”, recorded on December 29th, 1999 (press PLAY):


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          In the cold night of Bethlehem, covered and surrounded, as today, by the cloud of confusion, Our Lady of the Suns of the Holy Spirit gave light, giving men the infinite Light, Who, flowing forth from the Father’s bosom in sapiential Word, told us in gleaming clarities of holiness the Secret of Love. Mystery of Life which men receive not, because “they dug themselves cisterns, and broken cisterns,” refusing the eternal “Spring” of the infinite perfections. (Christmas 1976)


        There was no place for them in the inn... There is no room in our heart for Jesus... And that is why, at the contact with the chilly cold of the night, Jesus trembled in the stark solitude of a stable, seeking amongst men someone to console Him, and He found none. (22-4-75)


    Jesus, I want to receive You with all the tenderness and affection of my heart, in loving response, that You may rest and smile in the night laden with mystery of Bethlehem; with the only desire that You find in this soil of lovelessness, comfort for Your tender ailing chest. (19-12-74)


Image of Baby Jesus that Mother Trinidad had since she was young

Reflections of the Infinite Home

An excerpt of the book



For Mother Trinidad,

“God is the Divine Family, the Home of fullness and infinite happiness who has in Himself his joy and perfection in coeternal all-embracing of trinitarian communication”.

And «the Church is the great home of the children of God, where we all take a seat at the Father’s table to satiate ourselves in an abundance of divine life».

She wanted to give expression to her Work of the Church in the image of the Church, which is family because it contains in its bosom the Eternal Family communicating itself to men.

Everyone in The Work of the Church participates of one same life, with one same spirit and with one same apostolic mission, that each one lives in his own manner according to his vocation inside the same Work.

This family stamp that The Work of the Church has printed in it- self, is made specific and is made obvious with more strength in the life of the three branches of “Responsibles”.

The priests and laymen live together in “Homes”, completely in- dependent of those of the feminine Branch.

The family life that the Responsible members live in the “Homes” of The Work of the Church gives them an original aspect, new and attracting, at the same time that makes happy those who dwell in them. […]

In the feminine Branch, members alternate with joy and simplicity in the chores at home, and the apostolic work with all sorts of persons and social categories; the simple and monotonous jobs, together with those of greater responsibility in the parishes and other places.

Inside the lay masculine Branch, the diversification of responsibilities will never be a barrier that may render difficult the community life of simple equality and familiarity between the engineer and the student, the professor and the simple manual labourer.

Priests will find, in the living together with lay men, a constant call to know how to listen and learn from those who are so much in contact with the world, and an invitation to carry on their own responsibilities, allowing all to develop their talents to the utmost and their desire to serve the Church. Together with this, in the light of Mother Trinidad’s doctrine, they will be able to discover the depth without limits of the mystery of priesthood and the immense field of their apostolic action. […]

This way, scattered throughout towns and cities in small groups of persons, living in any flat of any block in different districts, the “Responsible members” of The Work of the Church live happily. And from the peace, silence, happiness and familiar intimacy of their “Homes” men or women go out each morning to their places of work to fill their secular duties in the world, and to irradiate among their work or university companions the fullness that they live in their hearts.

This sense of family life is so strong among the Responsible members that it conditions and shapes even the economic organization of The Work of the Church, whose aim is that its members may have all their necessities equally taken care of, that they may live poverty in a uniform way and that no differences may exist in this aspect between the different homes. […]

Also the Adherents and Militants, in their living in relation to the Work, share in that “family” reality that shapes it.

In it are integrated with their particular characteristics, contributing with their peculiar richness and collaboration; and with the three Branches of Responsible members form a harmonic and articulated whole.

Inside their Group, the Militants brightly express the evangelic fraternity between the distinguished ones and the simple people, rich and poor, learned and less learned. Equality that is based on a foundation that is higher than all differences: the dignity of being all children of God and members one of the other inside the Mystical Body of Christ. […]

And they organize among themselves to help each other also in their material and spiritual needs.

All those who approach The Work of the Church feel attracted by its simpleness and openness, its friendly atmosphere and for that unexplanable “something” that spreads as the “sweet odour of Christ”.

There is also a group of “Collaborators” of all nations and places where The Work of the Church arrives, to shed over men the affluent of divine life that God has placed in the very rich arsenal of the variety of writings and talks of Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia.

The Collaborators keep a frequent contact with The Work of the Church, trying to live of her ecclesial richness, for their enrichment and to communicate it by being witnesses throughout their life and word of what to be Church is, given the specific vocation of each one of them; collaborating in this way with the Work in the mission that the Lord has entrusted to it in all the extent of the word, through its expression in loving wisdom of the mystery of God, of Christ and of Mary, resting in the bosom of the Holy Mother Church, to present her as she is, replete and saturated with Divinity, in such a way that, when looking at her, men may see the Face of God in her.

And for this they nourish themselves with the writings and talks of Mother Trinidad, with a view to collaborate with their life and word to the presentation of the true Face of the Church; helping, united with the members of the Work, the Pope and the Bishops in carrying out the essential mission that Christ entrusted to them.

At the same time, The Work of the Church, like the members who belong to it in one or another way, will allow them, according to its possibilities, to participate of the spiritual richness that it possesses, helping them with all that, to this end, God has given and entrusted to it; making itself as close as possible to all and specially to those far away from its Centres.

Collaborators can be all kinds of persons: Lord Bishops, priests and men and women consecrated to God –who for their condition and dignity receive the title of “qualified Collaborators”–; and also married couples, laymen, laywomen and youth, who inside the People of God, always sheltered under the See of Peter, want to live their Christianity and manifest it in the loving wisdom with which The Work of the Church realizes it, for the fulfilment of God’s will in any place or condition where they may be. Trying within the charisma of each one’s vocation, to help efficaciously The Work of the Church in the ecclesial mission that, through the infinite design of God, has been entrusted to it.

And in this way, each one inside The Work of the Church feels happy in his position, because he knows that

“the Christian’s perfection is not to occupy one or other position in society, but in living happily there where the divine will places him”. (1975) […]


“Reflections of the Infinite Home”. An extract from the writing: 
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Jubilee of Mercy


If there is a reality that we consider familiar but is altogether unknown, yes, that’s Mercy. This suggests that we may run the risk of reaching the end of this Year of Mercy without having really pierced its real meaning.

Is Mercy the distinguishing and quintessential feature of God? Or do we rather think so because that is how we look at things from our smallness?

Does Mercy exclusively mean forgiveness of sins? Or is there also a different view of Mercy as God’s permanent attitude of compassion for our poverty and fragility manifesting thus His divine tenderness to us?

What if this Year of Mercy could be the right moment to reconsider your existence?

It is not a good start if perhaps we just feel satisfied with our personal experience about mercy yet we do not grasp the undeniable innovation it entails. Presumption is our inseparable travelling companion but also our great limitation.

The Holy Father wants us to discover along this year its four components: Catechesis for the announcement of Mercy, the sacrament of Penance as an experience of Mercy itself, works of Mercy and the pilgrimage to pass through the Holy Door.

“Fruits of Prayer,” is a book that was very carefully planned, elaborated and lived by Mother Trinidad, and it will help us over the course of this special Year, guiding us in that “Catechesis for the announcement of Mercy”.

Under the general title of “LIVING IN THE TRUTH,” this book includes several paragraphs that will lead us in our way for not getting lost in rediscovering Mercy, a discovery that is actually more of a living experience than intellectual knowledge only. These paragraphs are the following:

EVANGELICAL SIMPLICITY: Yes, because it is only the little ones who are able to trust in God’s Heart. Let us adopt trust as our attitude for life.

GOD COMUNICATES TO THE LITTLE ONES, and the secrets of the Kingdom are revealed to them.

ONE ABYSS ATTRACTS ANOTHER ABYSS. When we experience and acknowledge the “abyss” of our poverty, we irresistibly attract the abyss of God’s infinite Mercy.

MY NOTHINGNESS AND GOD’S ALL. If our “I” lives in truth, it decreases, but in the “all” of God it is increased reaching its true full dimension.

HUMILITY. Why is humility so greatly desired and so very little possessed?

INCOMPREHENSION, APOLOGIES… LACK OF HUMILITY! Our instinct to avoid blame is stronger than ourselves. We can even go as far as to blame God for our own failures and complain for feeling abandoned by Him.

PRIDE IS THE CRY OF “ME ALONE!” Sooner or later, the greater enemy who torments our existence is expected to appear: pride.

DEATH IS THE DEMOSTRATION THAT “GOD ALONE IS HIMSELF”: Paradoxically, only through death are we able to find our true rest and reach life in fullness.

This Year will also offer us an opportunity to live the Sacrament of Penance as a deep experience of self-renewal and not as a “test of quality” that provides us with feelings of justification for the very fact of having complied with it, and even less should we consider Confession as a personal defeat before God, but as the descending into the abyss of our inner tragedy in order to take a leap and be deeply immersed in the abyss of God’s compassionate heart.

The Works of Mercy, both corporal and spiritual, make our love rest from its need to be shown unto others. And not only to others, but also to oneself, because… be careful! Maybe you are convinced that “To clothe the naked” is only for others… If that is your case, take a look to what the Book of Revelation (3: 17) says: “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.” Change your vision about this work of mercy. And the vision of the rest will probably change as well.

Cross any of the Holy Doors designated in your Diocese. May it be for you like the crossing of the threshold of the Mystery of Incarnation and entering into Christ; like the door of the Tabernacle, where the Lord is always waiting for you lovingly and untiringly.

Let us not reduce this special Year to mere routine or to acts of piety only. Renew your life. Live every single event in this Year out of mercy for yourself and for others. And above all do it for the love of God, who truly deserves everything from us.

May each and every one of the twenty five “post” that will be published throughout this Year of Mercy make us live it to the full.


The circle of creation oppresses me

This is a short writing, but reveals very deep aspects of the spiritual experience of Mother Trinidad. She summarizes the content in the last three lines of the same: “Thank you, Lord, for having made me in your likeness, to live by participation in the perfect satiety of your infinite capacity.”

By entering into God’s life we ​​know the role of creation and the pleasing delight God takes in it. A delight which in theological language we call as something accidental. The sharing in God’s life is the measure that sets out the degree of knowledge and possession the soul has in regard of creation.

God finds His essential joy in the possession of His infinite and accidental perfection in relation to creatures. The soul, proportionally, is called to live this double experience: on the one hand the soul rejoices in and with the joy of God in the possession by participation of God Himself and on the other hand it rejoices in the possession of creatures as a complementary or accidental joy.

This writing by Mother Trinidad clearly reflects the requirement that the possession of God impresses on the soul and the impossibility for this need to be filled with any creatures, even with the whole of creation.




“The circle of creation oppresses me”


I am created for Eternity, for the immense immensity of the Being, for the perfect life of the eternal He-who-Is, for the possession without time, without limits and without frontiers of the inexhaustible Perfection.

God made me for Him, for His ways and styles, for His manners and forms; to enter with His understanding the plethoric light of His light, the containment of His immense suns, the embracement infinitely embracing of His Divine Family.

I was created to know what God tastes like in wisdom of tasty understanding, and in Intuitive penetration of His simultaneous and eternal joy; to sing with the Song which, in infinitude of manners of being, the Word is himself, and to enter the concert of His infinite perfections; to love with the substantially perfect love of the Holy Spirit.

“ ‘What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and what has not entered the human heart, what God has prepared for those who love Him,’ this God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit scrutinizes everything, even the depths of God. […]


I have not been destined to drag myself on the ground, but to live in the coeternal elevation of my Divine Family. And I have as though eternal yearnings to soar up and fit myself in the centre of my reason for being.

That is why the earth, and even more, the crushing immensity of the universe, proves to be narrow for me, tight! making me perceive the sensation that it presses me into its circle, that it locks me up in the prison of its limitation… that it does not let me come out of the finitude of its walls! to fly to the free freedom, to the possession without limits, where frontiers do not exist, where there has never been a beginning nor will be an end, […]

Thank you, Lord, for living in yourself without any mansion, without limits and without frontiers…! […]

Thank you, Lord, for this experience as though of claustrophobia that I feel on earth for the locking up I experience because of the oppression of all things, which imprison my soul created for the Eternal Perfection…! […]

If men knew what all the small creatures in their diversity of species, in their plenitude of beauty, mean to my spiritual look, all of them reflections of the Infinite Perfection…!

[…]Because, when man deeply penetrates creation, he discovers in it the hand of the living Being, who, outpouring himself in wisdom, made it a singing expression of His marvellous perfections, being all of them a manifestation of His eternal concert. […]

God has the possibility of creating immense worlds in a diversity of manners, ways and styles. Because He is great, not for what we see that He has made, but because of the possibility He has, not only of being, but of making creatures and things. […]

Through the Father’s will, in the Word’s expression, and through the personal Love of both, who is the Holy Spirit, God performed, in an outpouring of His splendour, the magnificent and splendorous magnificence of creation. And therefore, all creatures “He clothed, as He passed, with His beauty,” each one in themselves containing the plethoric richness of the Word’s song; and appearing, before the spiritual look of him who possesses God, the simple reality of the small leaf of a tree, as rich as the overwhelming immensity of the containment of the universe. Because God is in essence, presence and power giving His breath of life to all that is, and maintaining in its existence all that exists.

But man’s soul, created with the capacity to possess the Infinite, yearns to soar up towards the possession of the eternal He-who-Is, who is himself by himself; being in its way everything that tries to imprison its freedom or cut off its flight in delirious ascension towards Eternity. […]

How beautiful is the inanimate creation, made by God for the manifestation of His perfections…! But, how immensely greater and more transcendent is man’s soul, which has, imprinted in itself the overpowering need of living on the Uncreated; and which was created to palpitate, in its real experience, in unison with God’s heart, entering into the communication of His life and living, to the extent of its finite and created capacity, on the Infinite himself…! […]

For that reason, Lord, the day that I find You in the bright light of your eternal pupils, I will have everything in You, forever, forever…! in the perfect possession of your being and in the complete fullness of all that I crave.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“The circle of creation oppresses me”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 8)
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