“My Church, how beautiful you are! You are also risen with Christ”

“Having no more to contemplate the Church with Her mourning veil and inner being torn apart, lying on the ground and tearful, breathless and bent over”, “being led to be crucified,” … these are all expressions of Mother Trinidad that highlight the Holy Week the Church lives in union with Christ down through all times, a passion that Christ offers the Church to partake of as Her Spouse and out of His infinite love for Her, so that She can also experience the Glory of a bright reemergence just as we do in clelebrating the risen Christ.

“Today the Church is dressed in white…! with a white ‘mantilla,’ white…! on top of a white comb as well, as though crowning Her temples as a Queen, who makes Her bride’s ‘mantilla’ fall over the most beautiful and most luminous face of the Church, beautifying Her and bedecking Her…!” These are exclamations proclaiming the triumph that accompanies the glory of the Risen Lord, such words give the announcement of His victory, after the tragedy of the Cross.

The Church will rise again after Her terrible Gethsemane. No doubt whatsoever. Here is the testimony of one who has already seen Her glorious:


Beauty of the Church (fragments)

[…] Today the Church is dressed in white…! with a white ‘mantilla,’ white…! on top of a white comb as well, as though crowning Her temples as a Queen, who makes Her bride’s ‘mantilla’ fall over the most beautiful and most luminous face of the Church, beautifying Her and bedecking Her…!

She is bedecked… all dressed in white… without a veil of mourning…! All covered with jewels, with Her face radiating joy and happiness, plenitude and life…!

Oh, what a white ‘mantilla’ wraps Church of mine today…! Oh, what a comb so high and so ladylike is ennobling today the temples and the figure of the Queen Church…! Church of mine, You are so beautiful…!

Can it be possible that I may not be able to express You nor tell You to men…? Yes, You are all beautiful, Daughter of Jerusalem; yes, all innocent… You, the only white and beautified dove with the whiteness, holiness and virginity of God‘s being… […]

[…] Let they come…! let all the poets and musicians and all the artists come to sing to my Church! Let us see whether they can say something about my Holy Church…? For I will say no to them, for there is no human word to express Her…! The Father’s infinite Word, the divine and eternal Word alone, can express Her adequately as She deserves.

[…] Church! You are beautiful! I never saw You like that…! I have seen You bejewelled and in mourning, but I have never seen You pouring out, as You pour out, in holiness, justice, truth, mercy and love…! […] You pour out in motherhood with the Father, in song with the Word and in love with the Holy Spirit…!

O Mother Church, pride of my soul-Church! You are so beautiful…! […] Whence shall I get a suitable word to sing and to flatter my Church…? But there is no human word that expresses Her. The only suitable Word is the one that sings to the Father in silence; that is why I, Church of mine, contemplate You and love You, and I have to remain silent to be able to express You in silence with Christ.

But I now see that I have run out of expressions, and today I have to say, to flatter the Church of mine…!

Yes, I am Sevillian and Andalusian, and I pour out in expression of my homeland to sing the Church…

I need to sing to the Church as an Andalusian that I am, and I need to tell Her that She has a ‘mantilla,’ a white ‘mantilla’ with a comb that reaches to the sky…!

Oh, Daughter of Jerusalem, attired in all the jewels…! […] Daughter of Jerusalem! What can I say to You…? […] I am as though driven crazy with love for the Church…!

Let the fairs come…! Let the fairs come with all their lights, with all their dances, with all their happiness, with all their canticles, to sing to My Church…!

All the feasts…! Let all the feasts attire and bedeck themselves, for the Church is so much attired in all Her jewels…!

Church of mine, how beautiful You are! Advance triumphant, Daughter of Jerusalem, beautified and bedecked in all the jewels that the divine Bridegroom gives You the day of His eternal wedding. Church of mine, advance triumphant!

[…] God’s beauty oozes from Itself over the Church so copiously…! He pours out on the Church His happiness, His holiness, His whiteness, His fatherhood so abundantly…!

God of mine, my Church is so great! […]

Church of mine…, You are so beautiful! I love You so much!”

Today, Daughter of Jerusalem, beloved Church, how will I be able to go on living in exile, when I contemplate the mysteries which, falling onto You, the Lord has wanted to show me in such diverse ways, bowing to the smallness and wretchedness of my nothingness and raising me to the penetration of His mysteries under the sapiental light of faith, full of eternal loves and replete with hope, making me comprehend that the greater the misery the more abundant the mercy; so that I may communicate them, or may slowly reveal them as long as I live in exile…?

Since they are so many and so divers, that my breathless soul in its tireless search for giving glory to God and life to souls, waits full of nostalgia the moment of God’s will to introduce me with the glorious Church into the mansions of Eternity.

And then, and only then, will it be possible to discover in its depth together with the tight content of its life, mission and tragedy, the secret of my immolated life, silenced by the night full of incomprehension of this journey.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

And in the luminous day of the definitive encounter with God, with all those who “have survived the time of great distress, they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb,” sitting at the table of the Kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as children of his numerous and universal descendants come from all the ends of the earth, we will be forever Church triumphant and glorious.

Not having to contemplate Her anymore with Her veil of mourning and Her inner being torn apart, cast down on the ground and tearful, breathless and stooped, but as the “Wife of the Lamb, the Holy City, a New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, that had no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gave it light, and its lamp was the Lamb.”

And where will we intone with all the angels, archangels, cherubim and seraphim, giving glory to the Father, glory to the Son and glory to the Holy Spirit, the “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, all the earth is filled with His glory,”

and the “canticle of praise to God and the Lamb” being glorious and triumphant Church for all Eternity:

“and I heard something that reminded the rumour of an immense crowd, the roar of the ocean and the din of strong thunders. And they said: ‘Alleluia. The Lord has established His reign, [our] God, the almighty. Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory. For the wedding day of the Lamb has come, His bride has made Herself ready’.”

Church of mine, New and Heavenly Jerusalem, You are so beautiful!! I love You so much!



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


“BEAUTY OF THE CHURCH”  (Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 12)

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Happy Resurrection Day!

D ear friends of The Work of the Church:

In this glorious day of the Resurrection of Christ, we wish you and your family a Blessed Easter season.

Discovering Mercy…
“Death, demonstration
that God alone is himself

It is surprising to think that death, which seems to defeat everybody, is the last enemy we will definitely overcome at the end… The death of each one of us is our trauma and our victory. When we die, we overcome our fallen nature, it comes forth from every bond and reaches again its plenitude proclaiming that God alone is.

Overcoming our enemy’s favourite arms, which are lie and death, shines at the end Truth and Life. And God’s mercy shines too, allowing us to know His Glory.



          Death is man’s self-surrender to God, and with the destruction of his being, he says to God: You alone are through Yourself, and what You are not is nothing but what You want it to be in time, reality and being. (8-5-70)


          A dead man, with his destruction, is say¬ing to God in a display of his total powerlessness: You alone are. (8-5-70)


          The pride of man ends with and in his destruction on the day of his death, submitting himself to He who Is, in manifestation of his noth¬ingness to the All, who in order to be all, is Himself in Himself and through Himself the Resur¬rection and the Life. (8-5-70)


          Thank You, Lord, for the repose You give me, because I know that one day, with my death, I will be visible proof that You alone are and that I am not. (8-5-70)


          The day man said “no” to God, he died; and with his death, in total surrender, he chillingly voiced: You alone are, and all that You are not, is subject to You. Today I prove it with my destruction and total failure, because if You do not raise me from the dead, then I am capable of being or doing nothing. (8-5-70)


          Lord, You who are the Resurrection and the Life, give Yourself to me so that again I can be in You, of You and for You. (8-5-70)


          Death is the consequence of “I will not serve You,” and the surrender of man, who says with his destruction: “You alone are through Yourself, and I depend totally and exclusively on Your will; I admit it, I hope in You.” (8-5-70)



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


Discovering Mercy…
“Pride is the cry of me alone!”

Sooner or later had to appear the great enemy that tortures our life: pride.

We have normally such a big “self” that definitely eclipses the light of the good things in our existence: God’s presence in everything, the goodness and noble intention of others… and, sometimes, we are even sowing mistrust, bitterness and sorrow.

The divine “I” is essentially merciful, our “I” is much less so. And that’s how we’re doing…



          How cunning is pride, for it does not allow itself to be seen to those who possess it! All things become interior or exterior apologies for the proud. It is the defect in which the subconscious works most. The proud man does not know himself because he is blind. (1-11-67)


          The proud man thinks he does everything well; that is why it is very difficult for him to straighten up because he does not accept advise from anybody, and considers himself to be self-sufficient; and, in his obscurity, he ends up becoming a master of confusion. (29-6-70)


          He who believes he knows everything is the one who doesn’t know anything, since he doesn’t know that the loftiest wisdom is not what we know, but what remains for us to know. (29-6-70)


          It will be difficult for he who clings to his own criterion to receive God, who communicates Himself through the criterion of superiors. (29-6-70)


          He who is not able to submit his own criterion to others, is equally unable to submit it to God, who communicates Himself through the Church. (29-6-70)


          Do you want to know how people live? Look at how they think. Those people who passionately defend a cause are concerned for their own sakes… Therefore, put God in your heart and He will be your own cause. (29-6-70)


          My God, how horrible envy is! It is the cause for great evils, because envy is the bitterest fruit of pride. It is the cry of “me alone!” obtained by all means. (21-1-65)


          Pride is: “me alone!” and envy is despair over not obtaining it; and then one is consumed in the bitterness of hell, this being the most opposite reality to charity, that is: “God alone in me and in all!” (21-1-65)


          God is not offended by our involuntary imperfections nor by our temper tantrums; it is our ill will that offends Him. Who is offended by your involuntary tantrums is your self-love that cannot stand seeing itself imperfect. (17-4-70)


          My dependence on God is so absolute, that, if at any time God were to stop looking at me in His will for me to exist, I would be reduced to nothing; that is why how absurd are those who believe to be self-sufficient with what they are, have or know! (8-5-70)



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


Discovering Mercy… “Incomprehension, apologies…:
Lack of humility!”

Our tendency to discharge responsibilities seems stronger than ourselves. We are able to blame God for our own faults and then complain of being abandoned by Him!

Humility, which is the pinnacle of human and spiritual maturity, finds its worst adversary within ourselves. Normally we don’t bring Mercy not even to ourselves. We don’t forgive ourselves for our mistakes because we don’t usually recognize them as such. That is why we feel bad.



          The soul that begins to feel alone and believes to be misunderstood is easily surrounded by pride. (30-12-59)


          Although it is a sign of sainthood, not all those who think they are scorned are so in fact. The saintly person seeks and savours that loneliness which, on reaching self-forgetfulness is not even noticed by him. (30-12-59)


          A soul scorned thinks it is always misunderstood; and from the grieving soul that thinks it is misunderstood, deliver me oh God! (30-12-59)


          Do you believe you are alone and misunderstood when others scold you? Start being humble and you will see that all comes to you with ease. (30-12-59)


          You say you live only for the glory of God and you suffer because you think you are misunderstood… Reflect, lest you live for your own glory. (30-12-59)


          Are you so worried because others do not understand you? Why don’t you use that time to understand Jesus and to make others understand Him, making Him known and loved? (30-12-59)


          Why do you find an apology for yourself whenever you are scolded? Why don’t you act the same way with others…? That spirit you seek in all your actions is self-love and adulation of your ego. (17-11-63)


          Son, do not apologize if there is no need, if you want to enjoy the deep joy that God gives those who humble themselves for His sake. (17-11-63)


          Loneliness is caused by incomprehension and incomprehension is a gift God gives to man so he may seek Him alone. (14-8-74)



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


Discovering Mercy… “Humility”

Humility is the clear light which enlightens us about the mystery of God and clarifies our existence. It makes us live in the truth.

When we are merciful we spread abundant light around us. Mercy is the shiny lighthouse which guides souls to the safe port of Truth. Works of mercy are the light that the world needs…and each one of us, too.



          God is the Light that came to give witness to the Truth; humility is truth, and truth is light. (21-1-65)


          Man’s wisdom is rooted in humility. Of what use is it for man to know all things if, on becoming proud, his spirit is impoverished? (10-9-63)


          Humility, give me the knowledge of the divine, for this can be found only in you, since God, in the souls who possess you, rests and tells them about His eternal secret. (12-9-63)


          I love humility more than all riches, more than all graces, for I know that the humble person alone seizes God’s heart. (9-1-67)


          Humility is the most ambitious fruit of charity, which is the queen of all virtues. (9-1-67)


          He who abides in charity is humble. Therefore, look how you are doing regarding your love for God and for your neighbour, and you will see how you are doing with humility; but for charity to be true charity we must feel to be in the truth of our nothingness without losing heart. (9-1-67)


          Even if we do many things, without humility we will not please God. He who seeks to appear, to be esteemed and to look good has already received his reward. And He who seeks to make others look bad has already been judged by his own action, because he acted against charity. (21-1-65)


          How few are the souls who are humble! And how many are those who believe they are so, not knowing anything of its most elementary demands. (9-1-67)


          Humility! Humility! Why are you so greatly desired and so very little possessed? (15-11-59)


          Soul of mine, look not at yourself…! Look on the hidden God within you who says to you: Son, give me your heart. Since He knows this is the most difficult thing for you, that is why He asks you for it. (24-5-62)


          Why do you consider whatever you think, see or say to be the best? That is a sign that you hold yourself in great esteem. (24-5-62)


          Why are you distressed or troubled when people do not consider you? Don’t you know that you deserve hell? (24-5-62)


          Who am I to think that everything is due to me, or to suffer whenever I am not considered? (24-5-62)


          Do you have time to think that people do not know you? It is a pity! because you have to dedicate every instant to finding out the way to make God known. (30-12-59)



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia