“The silence of the Eucharist”

As we peacefully and reflexively proceed to read these series of thoughts, then we find ourselves introduced into a divine atmosphere as regards the pressing need we feel to keep silence, to run forth at the foot of the Tabernacle and to get into prayer in order to “see, hear and be imbued” with the presence of Christ.

The divine melody which is perceived in the silence that surrounds us when facing the Eucharist envelops and nourishes the soul with the streams of living Waters, there where “deep calls to deep in the roar of His torrents.”





         Before the mystery of the Eucharist, enthralled by the silence of its secret, overcome by love, adoring, I respond as I can to the infinite self-gift of Your love. (17-10-72)

         The silence of the cross is a canticle of eternal love to men. Christ gave His life by dying and He gives Himself up as food in the shivering silence of the Eucharist. Mysteries that only the man of faith knows how to penetrate by the relishing taste of the Holy Spirit! (6-1-75)

         How much silence that of the Eucharist, and what a concert of infinite love it contains! (1-2-64)

        The silent loneliness of the tabernacle is the most expressive explanation of Infinite Love unknown and not received. (29-1-73)

        The infinite concert of the Eternal Silent is heard behind the doors of the tabernacle, when one only seeks to give rest to Love offended by the lack of love. (3-2-76)

        When I remain silent, I begin to lose all earthly things, and I feel myself introduced into “there” in sacred gentleness; and little by little, I start to notice a silent concert, breaking into voices from the Eternal, in infinite love of loving communication. (3-2-76)

Tabernacle of the Chapel in Mother Trinidad’s home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)

         The loving soul knows how to listen, without earthly noises, the expressive and infinite Word, in the silence of the white Host. (12-11-74)

         I need the sacred mystery of the silence of the tabernacle, more than the thirsty deer needs the waters of the crystal stream, since only there my tormenting thirst will be quenched. (9-3-77)

         Let us go to the silence of our tabernacles, to the one of our hearts, to the silence of Mary’s womb and to the silence of God’s breast… And “there” we will know the innermost secret of Christ’s mystery, that encloses God and man, all that is divine and created, for Christ is the infinite and created fullness.

         What a mystery that of the silence of the Tabernacle! And what a deep silence contains the mystery of the Eucharist…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

From the book “Frutos de oración”




From the Father’s Bosom…

We know how the Lord makes use of the most varied ways to imprint on the soul His communications and to bestow His Wisdom on us.

The abundance of the divine Mercy becomes evident in this autobiographic narration through an apparently justified reaction of Mother Trinidad, and a circumstance that she lived in her youth that has remained engraved in her for her whole life.



From the Father’s Bosom,
in the impulse and the love of the Holy Spirit,
through Christ’s open side
who infinitely atones to the thrice Holy offended God,
the torrential Affluents of the Divinity overflow
in redeeming compassion of divine and infinite Mercy
on fallen humanity


On June 22nd, Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at dawn, invaded by the light of the divine mind that was going more deeply all the time more acutely and penetratingly into the most recondite and depth of my spirit, about God’s mystery been in Himself and in splendorous manifestation of His sovereign Majesty outwards;

I sensed, revealing itself to me very clearly and deeply, that the same way God in the infinitude of His attributes and perfections is a sole and unique act of being in the Trinitarian activity of the Divine Family; in which His being Himself to be Himself the Being and His acting are in that sole and unique act of being, in which God is Himself for Himself, been and standing in being of Himself in Himself, by Himself and for Himself in coeternal and consubstantial joy of Divinity, by His infinite subsistence;

in that same act of being, although in a different way, God brings about outwards, for the manifestation of His infinite power and the splendour of the glory of His Name, the creation, and the sublime, divine, amazing and enthralling portent of the Incarnation for the restoration of fallen humanity. […]

That is why Christ, the second Person of the adorable Trinity, is in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, and for the Father and the Holy Spirit, the infinite Glorification of reparation before the offended Holiness of God; and the infinite and divine Mercy in personal and splendorous manifestation, as Word of the Father;

who, in loving spelling of consubstantial melodies through His Divinity, in divine and human expression pours Himself out in mercy; raising us to the sublimeness of being, through Him, with Him and in Him, children in the Only Begotten Son of God, heirs of His glory and “sharers in the divine nature.” […]

And full of gratefulness to the merciful three times Holy God, I need to tell in a simple and spontaneous way what happened to me, being still very young, when I was selling at the shoe shop of my parents.

Therefore I next quote this fragment of a writing of the 8th of May of 1997.

“One day, […] when some wretched looseliving women entered our shoe shop, immediately I began to serve to them, so that my brother Antonio would not have to do it.

And the poor things began speaking in a very shameless way, making many roguish remarks to one another, and saying coarse words.

Whereat, I, indignant, ran hastily to the back room where my brother was, and as though with much religious dignity –poor me!–, I said to him:

‘In our house and in our shoe shop, since we have the image of the Sacred Heart placed at the centre of the shoe shop, we cannot allow anyone to speak this way! Therefore, right now! I go off and send them away.’

While my brother, with the same dignity and religious pride as I, told me:

‘Throw them out, let them go away from our house.’

And when I came out swiftly from the back room to send them off, telling them –with what I believed was a holy pride– that in our house, so religious and so decent! one could not speak that way…; oh! […] what happened to me:

a phrase was engraved in the innermost and most recondite depths of my spirit that, as long as this poor daughter of the Church lives, I will never be able to forget:

‘For them I have shed all my Blood…’

Whereat, stopping dead, I quickly returned where my brother was, saying to him deeply contrite and impressed:

‘Antonio… for them Jesus has shed all His Blood…’

My brother, not knowing the reason of my change of attitude, answered to me very bluntly:

‘send them off! let them go away! let them go away…!’

Entering the shoe shop again, deeply affected because it was not a little or a small drop, no, but all the Blood of Jesus that had been shed for each one of them! I felt so much love…! so much understanding…! so much tenderness…! that, if Jesus had been the one there, I could not have served Him better.

So that I experienced the desire to throw myself at their feet and, embracing them, kiss them […]; I who have always been so clean and ‘scrupulous,’ with the dirty and sweaty that, sometimes, the clients had their feet…!

But, at the thought that Jesus had shed all His Blood for each of those wretched women, I felt I was consumed with tenderness and love towards them.

This being for all my life a most profound lesson that the Lord gave to my soul, so that I might understand and excuse human fragility, and love the souls as He loved them; because, for each and everyone, Jesus had shed, not a very little nor a drop, but all of His most holy Blood in Redemption of merciful love!

And over-pondering the overflowing and unimaginable greatness of God’s mercy pouring itself over man through Christ, being Christ in Himself and by Himself the infinite Mercy and the Spring of the mercy which is given to us through Mary in the bosom of the Holy Mother Church, precious amphora, replete and saturated with Divinity; I also want to manifest what God Himself, the other day, showed to me imprinting it in my spirit: something as beautiful as difficult to explain because of the magnitude and the greatness of all that I penetrated overcome by joy in the Holy Spirit.



“I contemplated the Eternal Father in the heights of His sovereign majesty, overflowing with loving fatherhood; as though with His arms open, and bowed in an outpouring over Christ on the cross.

And from the open Father’s loving Bosom, flowed, as though gushing uncontrollably, as though torrents of affluents overflowing with Divinity, His merciful love over Christ, the Great Christ of all times. […]

The loving self-giving of infinite mercy gushed uncontrollably and over-flowingly from the Father’s bosom to Christ’s breast; and from the breast of Christ, nailed on the cross between God and man, spread over all humanity; Therefore it was necessary propose to receive, at the feet of the crucified Son of God, with open soul, the fruit of Redemption, as a self-giving of the sublime God spilling Himself in His torrential Springs over man through the love of the Holy Spirit…” […]

Therefore “at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in Heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“From the Father’s Bosom, in the impulse and the love of the Holy Spirit, through Christ’s open side who infinitely atones to the thrice Holy offended God, the torrential Affluents of the Divinity overflow
in redeeming compassion of divine and infinite Mercy on fallen humanity”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 14)
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“God is He who is Himself”

All attributes in God are intrinsically a subsistent glorification for Him. He is glorified by being those attributes for Himself in an act of being which is totally fulfilled in His consubstantial joy of Divinity. Yet, God is not mercy for Himself. Mercy is the great attribute of compassionate love that is given to us through the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

The whole life of Christians is nourished by God´s mercy. God is infinitely good, Christ is the infinite mercy incarnate, Mary is the mother of the divine mercies and the Holy Church is a mystery of divine mercy.



“God is He who is Himself, having in Himself, by Himself
and for Himself His very reason for being,
in an immutable and most simple act,
in essential joy of Divinity”


On the 13th of May of this year 2001, feast of the Virgin of Fatima, sheltered in the womb of Her divine Motherhood, under the penetrating light of the Eternal Wisdom;

in a luminous, acute and flickering gust, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, immersed in the depth of the consubstantial and transcendent mystery of God […]

in the sublime moment of the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine into the Body and the Blood of Christ, when the consecrated Host was being raised;

a most luminous ray, got into the deep marrow of my spirit, enlightening my mind under the burning fires of the divine mind; that, leaving me transcended and translimited from all earthly, made me intuit penetratingly and enjoyingly, in a most acute way, in what the attributes in God were, and the difference of these from the divine mercy, that became existent by God’s self-giving to man, full of compassion and tenderness.

Which was brought forth from the power of the infinite might as a consequence of the breaking of the eternal designs by our First Parents in the earthly Paradise; […]

Understanding, under the burning fires of the suns of the divine mind and the lulling of the penetratingly most savoury and sapiential breeze of the Holy Spirit, that all the attributes that God is Himself in essential joy of most glorious and most blissful enjoyment by virtue of His infinite subsistence, the reason for being of His very Divinity, He is Himself such, in Himself, by Himself, and for Himself those attributes.

Being mercy like a new attribute, different and distant, that God had brought forth from the sublime loftiness of the might of His infinite power in merciful outpouring of love and tenderness over the misery of the fallen and as though destroyed humanity; […]

And, as I was going more deeply… going more deeply… in the mystery of the reason for being and of the plethoric perfection of the Divinity, I was understanding, in a very acute manner, that all His infinite attributes in their infinite ranges that break out as though in infinite touchings of melodic harmonies of infinite attributes through infinite infinitudes of attributes and perfections, God was being what He was in the subsistent instant of being Himself so, having Himself so always been, in His immutable act of Trinitarian life, in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in essential and consubstantial joy of divine intercommunication;

and that mercy, that is been by God in Himself and by Himself, but that He cannot be it for Himself in joy of essential enjoyment of Eternity on account of the intrinsic perfection of His divine nature; since it is and indicates a relation to the misery of the human creature, that is not possible in God; it was the outpouring of the excellent might of God’s excellence, who, bowing in redeeming compassion, looks to the fallen humanity, destroyed and sinful because of its rebellion against the Creator, for the restoration of that same humanity, reconciling it with Him and placing it again in His eternal designs.

Therefore the Infinite Being, responding to the destruction of the human creature and his misery, bringing forth from the power of His infinite might a marvellous way in overflowing of merciful compassion, not because out of necessity but of benevolence;

making possible what is like impossible, and moved in love towards man –although essentially God is the consubstantial love, infinitely perfect and finished, whether He carried it out or He had not carried it out–;

He determines, in a loving dialogue of Divine Family, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit and by the infinite will of the Father, that His Only Begotten Son, the Infinite Word that expresses Him, in an eternal concert of divine songs, all that He is and how He is so, in His being Himself always been, standing in being of Himself all of His Divinity, that He become flesh through the hypostatic union of the divine nature and the human nature in the person of the Word.

Who, in a romance of coeternal love, spells out to us, as divine and human Song, in loving outpouring of divine mercy, the infinite Canticle, the great Canticle that only God is able to sing to Himself. […]

Splendorous manifestation of God’s power! who, bowing towards the misery, overflows in merciful love bursting in compassion, full of tenderness; what, “because He is Love that is able, and because He is Love that loves,” it leads Him, in redeeming self-giving of loving outpouring, to become Man;

and, bearing our miseries and as though responsible for all of them, to give up His life in ransom for all who avail themselves of the price of His divine Blood; and to give Himself up, nailed between Heaven and earth, in the greatest and most sublime demonstration of the Love loving, being the Incarnate Mercy, which is to give one’s life for the loved person: “This is why the Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down on my own.” […]

Christ is a divine Portent, being in Himself the Divinity and the Compiler of the misery of all humanity, realities so opposed to each other like fire and water!

O overflowing mystery of infinite mercy! which, brought about by Yourself and in Yourself, Word of the Father, through the mystery of the Incarnation; makes us capable, putting us back into Your divine plans, of achieving the end for which we were created in Your image and likeness; glorifying Yourself in the way and the manner that Your divine will determined in Your eternal designs for the glory of Your Name and the majestic manifestation of Your infinite power.


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“God is He who is Himself”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 14)
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