Son of God

Whoever wants to know about the divinity, whoever needs to be immersed in the secret of Christ’s soul, whoever seeks to savour my Immaculate Mother, let them come to the bosom of my Mother Church… Whoever desires and wants to live, let them come, let them come! for in the bosom of the Mother Church – a precious vessel replete with divinity – is contained the whole secret hidden before all ages, to be revealed to Principalities and Powers, according to God’s manifold wisdom.[…]

Iglesia[…]If you knew, dear child, the great mystery that the Divinity communicates to you on the day when, by means of the Church, you turn to be God’s son and heir to His glory…! The eternal Trinity, in its hidden and mysterious virginity, is poured out on you, in such a way that the three divine Persons, dwelling in your inner being, are the Eternal Living One inside your tiny soul of a Christian. […]

Go forth, son of God, you who were anointed by the Divinity on the day of your baptism, you who possess the sacred anointing and are a temple and a dwelling of the Most High, live the great mystery that is being performed in you, respond to the Trinity with your love, since you so unconsciously received it on the day of your anointment. Respond today to the gift of baptism that fell upon you when you did not have freedom to respond. […]

It is the Church who, with a Mother’s heart, has introduced you to partake of the deep secret, into the profound inner being of your Father God. Call God, Father! and live therefore what you are. But live what you are saying to Him, be a good son of your Father God, be grateful to the great gift of your divine filiation, take advantage of the treasures contained in the bosom of the Mother Church.

Never forget, Christian, whoever you may be, that there is no vocation like yours, there is no calling like yours, there is no greater predilection like the one the Eternal One reserved for you on the day when, through your Church, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, He made you His son and incorporated you into the mystery of the Whole Christ. […]

All the gifts that the Lord may bestow upon your soul throughout your whole life are secondary; they are a consequence of this one and are all related to it. This is the gift that made you become a son of the Infinite One, the gift that incorporated you into the divine plan; since, being twisted by original sin, you could not enter into the region of God’s children.

Mary, your new Mother, the saving Eve, is the means God chose for Himself to give Himself to your soul, through Christ, with a Mother’s heart.Virgen_jitana_blog

All are gifts for the son of God! Even the selfsame Church, Christ and Mary are gifts that Infinite Love has given to your soul, so that, through them, you could enter and partake of the infinite and joyful banquet of your Father God. […]

You are a Christian, you possess your own mystical priesthood, you have been anointed with divinity, you have begun now to partake of the Divine Family, but a legion of captives is also waiting for you to carry them to the regions of Love. Don’t think that you will go alone to the divine banquet of the Eternal Family. The priest, imitating the High and Eternal Priest, has to go in the company of that legion of souls who, either through his mystical or official priesthood, the Lord entrusted him with.

You are a member of Christ’s Mystical Body; don’t live alone, because God created you to live in family. All the faithful form the great community of God’s children, who, all together, will work in the Lord’s Vineyard, to make partake as many souls as possible of that very divine life that they have through the great sacrament of baptism.

Dear son, I don’t know if you are an official priest or you have only the mystical priesthood. Whatever your priesthood is, live it with responsibility as it is required from you.

Because if, besides having been baptized, you have been also chosen, predestined and anointed again with the anointing of the divinity to make you an official priest inside the Mystical Body of the Church, what is your priesthood then…? what is your mission…? how should you stand before the Infinite Holiness to receive His sacred anointing, to partake of His divine life, to receive His eternal message in order to communicate it to all those souls who, even if they are priests through baptism, neither live nor know of their own priesthood, because you don’t teach them or make them partake, in their reciprocal response to the Lord, of the greatness of their priestly anointing….

How can you be called father, if you don’t give life…? And how will you give life, if you don’t live your own priesthood, which is to stay “between the porch and the altar,” receiving the divine life with the High and Eternal Priest and communicating it to the great Family of Christians? […]

IMG_1422Work so that all Christians can live their Christianity in abundance, by their happiest incorporation into the Mystical Body, where all believers communicate to each other the gifts of their Father God for the sanctification, forgiveness, recovery and holiness of all the members of the Christian community.

Seeks souls who may enter into this great Family so that, with all the souls of the world, with all created creatures with a capacity to live of God, there might be one only Flock with one only Shepherd, by joining the great community of believers.

Let them come…! let them come to my Church of mine, whoever wants to be filled with divinity! Let them come to my holy Church, whoever needs to live of the Infinite One…! since the bosom of this holy Mother bursts with motherly love into an expression of divinity.

Let them come…! because whoever rejects these treasures that Mother Church offers and are contained in Her bosom, expose themselves to forever lose happiness, joy, holiness and the love which the Divine Family, through the Church, willed to bestow on them.

Let us see if there is any other mother who can give such life to her children, since only on the day of baptism, which is the birth to this Christian family, She can give them a kind of life such that they become God’s children and filled are their souls with divinity…!

Let us see if there is any other mother like my Mother Church, who just by giving us Her own name, makes us live of the Infinite One…!

Let us see if there is any other mother who, simply by being our mother, makes us God’s children…!

This is the secret that the holy Church contains in Her bosom: to make gods and sons of the Most High all those upon whom, in Her own right, as Mother, She pours down the sacred anointing of the divinity…!



Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “Son of God”

Note.- If you want to download the unabridged version of the extract, please click here.



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