DSC_0081_aclarado_IRS What richness is contained in the transcendent reality of Christ…! He is the Supreme and Eternal Priest for having in himself all the infinite reality and all created reality. He is the union of God with man, because, in Him, God gives himself to us in the infinite communication of his familial intimacy; and because, in Him, all men come to take part in the very life of God. […]

Jesus is in himself the infinite and created perfection, in the hypostatic union of his divine nature with his human nature, and that is why He suffers and rejoices as no one else in his wandering on earth.

His mission is to give us to know the eternal joy that is in the life of the Father, of the Holy Spirit and in himself. […]

And He suffers and complains because, not only they do not know the Father, but also because they do not even know Him, who became man so that we might know Him better; and with the soul torn apart by the pain and the lack of understanding of men, says, “They have not kown you, Father, nor Jesus Christ your sent one!” […]

Let us now enter into the first instant when Christ was being conceived.

At that very instant the soul of Jesus contemplates face to face the divinity. […]

His whole soul rejoicing, burned in the impetus of the divine current, contemplating with the Father his eternal being, singing with his same Person, with the Word, and burning with the same fire of the Holy Spirit; participating in the Divinity in a transformation like no other creature; participating in the Trinity of Persons and in the Unity of being, in each of its nuances and perfections, to an almost infinite degree…! […]

At that very moment, and precisely because of the light of God’s vision, He comprehends and penetrates down to the utmost depths of the terrible, terrifying and chilling malice of sin. And He sees that that same holy God is offended by his creatures, who have rebelled against Him who Is and manifests himself as a will of holiness against sin. […]

And when the innumerable load of all the sins of all ages fell on Him, He turns to the Father and, exercising his Priesthood, responds in the name of all humanity in the presence of the infinite holiness of God. […]

At the moment of the Incarnation, Christ, loaded with all the sins of all men, turns to the Father and offers himself as a victim of loving response for all of us. Remaining in priestly attitude and in accordance with the exercise of his Priesthood that makes Him be the one who receives the divine life; the one who responds to the infinite Love; He who, in the fullness of his plenitude, turns towards us to saturate all of us with divinity; and who, when He is not received, returns to the Father, in a response of reparation and sacrifice, to expiate in himself, and thus to purify man, from the chilling “no” that again he has repeated to the infinite holiness of God. […]

Cristo_coronado What pain for Christ’s soul, who lived in each moment of his life being the Receiver of the infinite Love and living the tragedy of all humanity throughout all ages…! Since Christ lived deeply each of the moments of all men, spent in love or in pain, in surrender or in oblivion; since to Him living meant, not only his own life, but also the life of all of us in each one of our moments. […]

Jesus lived his present moment with such intensity, that, in each moment of his life, He was grieving in his soul, undergoing and suffering all that, during thirty years, He went through because of his being a man. […]

Let us take away the creatures time and space: Christ lives with us, and we remain mysteriously united with Him without distances of time and place; living with Him in his time –like He then lived ours– the transcendent mystery of his life, death and resurrection. […]

All the moments of his life, from the manger to the consumatum est were lived by Him in one sole present moment.

However that is not all, since, at that same present moment, Jesus suffered: the whole terrible tragedy of his Church, with all the heresies, schisms, with all her being torn apart; the martyrdom and persecution of each one of her martyrs; the abandonment, dryness and neglect of all the souls; the death of all the saints; the trespasses of all the sinners; the betrayals of all her friends and children… And this not of one time. But of all times, from Adam and Eve, to the end of the world! […]

And if He had been asked:

—Jesus, what are you living at this present moment of your mortal life?

He would have answered:

—My present moment is the whole horrendous tragedy of all my life and of all times. I am suffering in my soul, at this present moment: the ingratitude of all times and of all men to God; and I am also living in my soul all the loves and surrenders of pure love of the faithful souls; and I am suffering all those infidelities and taking pleasure in all those loves. And not as though something in a single block, no; but each heart throb of each soul, and each moment of that soul lived in love or lack of affection, in surrender or oblivion, is for me my present moment. […]

In the soul of Jesus all my sufferings and joys, loves and defections, were lived, while I was always to Him rest and pain. And this, not at times, or that He went through it once in his lifetime for each one; but that Jesus lived, in each moment, everything of all the souls, during all his life and in each present moment thereof. […]

What richness Jesus comprehends in himself…! It seems as though the mind breaks before the perfection of his created nature, that was capable of living, in an intensity so transcendent and in one same instant, all the joy that was given to Him by the familial communication that He lived with the divine Persons, and on the other hand, the pain from the lack of love of men whom He represented before God. […]

And for that reason the Eucharist, the crucifixion and the death of Christ with his glorious resurrection are the spelled out expression of the love of God for man, which, reaching in his uncontainable need to the extreme, burning in desires, as infinite Word, of expressing and communicating to us his mission, his whole being as man bursted out in blood through all his pores at Gethsemane; explaining to us through his whole being how far and how God loves when He loves, and how far and how the infinite Love is capable of expressing himself when He speaks.

In this way has God given himself to you in his infinite love, through Christ, in a romance of love.

What will your love do with regard to the infinite Donation that became word so that you might receive Him, might listen to Him and might be capable of loving and living Him?



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Jesus”.
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 3

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