Fit yourself into the creation of your soul


Immersed and lost into that self-being of the Being, going into the deep, deep, depth…! of His eternal wisdom, I come upon that sublime instant, that instant of life, of fruitfulness, of plenitude, in which, not being an instant, nor a second, nor a moment, in that most simple act that is called “Eternity”, God is being Himself in Himself, for Himself and of Himself, the fruitful act of being in three Persons.

And in that self-same coeternal act, He who Is Himself, out of an infinite and loving delight, breaking forth into creating will, in a desire that is action, desires creation; in a desire that, in that very instant or act of being, brings about creation.

encajate2Creation, to our mind which is accustomed to time, unfolds little by little; but in the eternal present of Divine Wisdom, creation is an instantaneous will performed by the Creator in that self-same creating will. […]

For God there is no before, no after. In His fruitful Gaze, burning in the blazing flames of the Holy Spirit, through the Word and in the Word, He makes all things.

And as the supreme creation, that leaves, without leaving them, the hands of the divine Artificer, the marvellous soul of the Word of Life Himself! in which all creation has been fashioned and recapitulated, in such a way, that each and every one of the animate and inanimate creatures are a finished reflection of the soul of the Word Incarnate, since this soul is the most perfect image of the Creator Himself.

After the soul of Jesus, Mary’s soul, a unique creation, made by the divine Omnipotence to be Mother; being Mother to such an extent, that She is the Mother of God Himself and, as the crown of Her divine Motherhood, the Mother of all souls. […]

Coming down to man, we see the divine Artificer creating the soul of each of us as if it were the only one, and pouring Himself upon it in the superabundance of His loving being.

In God’s light and in the truth of the Eternal Wisdom, we will see how each rational being, each soul, is a creation completely different from the rest; and God, on creating them, poured Himself out on each one as a unique creation; Himself being able to say as in the Song of Songs: “You are my only one, my dove, my chosen one amongst thousands,”1 because on creating you, I, the Divine Potter, did not place you in a mould, as human potters do, so that many similar creatures would come out, no; I conceived you in my divine Gaze breaking forth into creation, taking my Word as a pattern, in Whom all truth and divine and human life is expressed; and I did this in the love of the Holy Spirit.

On creating you, whoever you may be, the three divine Persons, jointly, poured Themselves forth, taking delight in one single creating gaze, in order to create you “in Their image and likeness.”

That is why each soul has its own special physiognomy, its own particular beauty, and its unique name given to it by God on the day He created it, as befitted its physiognomy within creation.

Each soul has its own name, and in Heaven there will not be any created being like it, because it will bear that name which God, in His infinite loving wisdom, has fashioned only in It on creating it; a name that is altogether as if it were an expression of the Creator, which will reflect that nuance or physiognomy that the Divine Wisdom wanted to impart upon it in order to call it so eternally. […]encajate1

Therefore, let’s not wander about looking at others and striving to imitate this or that path, thinking that the path of others is better than ours, since this means actually to scorn the way our soul was created, since for God our soul is His only one amongst all others. It is convenient therefore that we adapt and adjust ourselves to God’s creating will for each one of us, Who fashioned us the way we are and not in any other way. […]

The Divine Word is teaching each one of us, as if each were the only creature, as if we were little children, how to fi t into that divine mould, with which His loving will wishes to see us fully identified; a mould that was broken and warped by original sin, and which now, by striving to identify ourselves with the creating will of the Eternal Wisdom, we will proceed to reshape little by little until we so conform to it, that the Creator, the divine Artificer, will again be able to see in us that creation which, coming forth from His breast, He made for Himself for His accidental delight.

Holiness consists in our fitting-in with the loving plan that the Eternal Wisdom has for each of us. Because, what would become of the poppy if it were always striving to be a rose, because it thought, through its own gaze, not through God’s, that the rose was more beautiful than itself…? Well, it would spend its whole life leaning towards the rose, without adjusting itself to that divine plan which, by having created it a poppy, made it so simple, so innocent, so naive, thus reflecting the simplicity of God. […]encajate3

– Soul created by God, do you think that to the Love of infinite fatherhood a rose is more than a poppy…? Do you not see that in each one of them, the Creator poured Himself out, making of each “His only one, His dove, His chosen one and His beloved amongst thousands”…?

Only by fitting-in with that divine plan will each soul fulfil its mission, and thus each one will be able to be called by its own name as befits its created being; since, when God poured Himself out over them, He moulded Himself into them with His whole being; and each and every one of them, by fulfilling the divine plan, is a created reflection of the Uncreated One.




Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”
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The Holy Spirit will come upon You…

The Holy Spirit will come upon You and the power of the Most High will overshadow You; therefore the child to be born will be Holy, and will be called Son of God.” […]

Lady of the Incarnation…: Only God…! Bride of the beautiful Love…: Only God…! In an emptiness so complete of all that is not He and in an adherence so deep to He who Is himself, that You are wholly the Virgin: the White Virgin replete and saturated with divinity; the Virgin possessed only by the Sublime One; the Virgin adhered to the eternal Virginity in the immutable act of his infinite holiness; the Virgin in the majestic mastery of the possession of He who Is himself.

The power of the Queen of Heaven consists in the dominion over everything, in the absolute freedom and in the possession, filled in each instant of her virginity by the sole Spouse, who, in fullness, saturates Her, ennobles Her, beautifies Her and adorns Her.

The Lady is holy because the divine Sanctifier sanctifies Her by resting upon Her in sweet colloquies of love, filling Her completely with all his gifts and fruits, in a fullness of grace so overflowing, that it is known and tasted only in the hidden depth of her immaculate soul.

The Virgin is White because her virginity’s splendour is so unimaginably glowing, that the sun’s midday glares are eclipsed by the immaculate clarity of her soul; which, enthralled and ennobled by God’s possession who surrounds Her, makes Her sparkle in the brightness of the Divinity itself, saturating Her with gleaming aureoles of glorious whiteness.

The Holy Spirit, with the sharpness of his infinite wisdom and the unprecedented tenderness of his savouring sweetness, penetrates sharply, in candescent kiss of love, the virginal innermost being of Our Lady’s soul. And She, always awaiting, feels herself divinized with the substantial touch of the Holy Spirit himself, who, when kissing Her, pervades Her with divinity, enshrouds Her with his loving murmur, caresses Her with his infinite tenderness, bedecks Her with the fullness of his gifts, making Her break out into joyful fruits overflowing with peace, like a divine Consort, in the fire of his love. […]

It’s the Holy Spirit who, when impelling the Word from the Father’s bosom to Our Lady’s bosom, at the same instant and in one sole impulse, when kissing Her in a kiss of divinity, makes Her break out into divine Motherhood. And, that’s why, “the child to be born from Her will be Holy and be called Son of God.”

The Mystery of the Incarnation, brought about by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, makes the White Virgin of the Incarnation be all Mother, with the power of infinite Royalty and in the dominion which is given to Her by the possession of Him who is everything, who can do everything, and who works in Her everything through the infinite impulse of his eternal love. […]

Statue of the Virgin Mary which presides over the garden of the Apostolate House of Saint Peter Apostle (Rome)

Divine Motherhood of Mary, which She knows consciously at the moment in which it is brought about, and that, in the “yes” of her whole adoring being, in a total response, is sealed in the silent concealment of the Sancta Sanctorum of her immaculate virginity…!

Fruitful virginity which, breaking out into motherhood by the Holy Spirit’s power, enshrouding the mystery that is brought about in the Lady, gives Her the sublime dignity which enables Her to call, very rightly, the Son of God: my Son…!

And He is hers because He is the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s kiss in her Virgin’s soul; a kiss so full that, embracing the whole plan of God over Mary, fashioned in her soul of Virgin-Mother such an immensity of nuances, that in it was also contained, tightly and sharply introduced into Our Lady’s soul, the universality of her divine Motherhood.

The Virgin in addition to being mother of God himself, very rightly, in the extension of this same motherhood, is Mother of each and every man, who, as a whole and individually, are, in the depth of her spirit, fruit of the infinitely loving kiss of the Holy Spirit at the very moment of the Incarnation.

And Mary is the Mother of the Whole Christ –Head and members– by the power of the Holy Spirit, who, in the union of his charity, in the strength of his omnipotence, brought about that the Father’s Son should be Mary’s Son, and that, in Mary’s Son, each and everyone of us should become God’s sons and sons of the Virgin-Mother.

Universal Motherhood of Mary…! Mother of the Church by the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s Kiss which, in a romance of infinite love, made Her break out into divine Motherhood! […]



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL COME UPON YOU…”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 5)
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Welcome be man to the Father’s bosom!


“The veil of the temple was rent
because the Father’s Bosom was opened!


The Redemption by the Messiah Promised to the holy Patriarchs and announced by the Prophets of the Old Testament culminated, […] after which came the resurrection and the life by the triumph of the risen Christ. […]

The triumphant and glorious soul of the Divine Crucified, soars up into the sky in a triumph of sovereign majesty, and freeing the holy Fathers who were waiting for His holy coming and takes them behind Him, He arrives in the wide thresholds of Eternity […] coming into Glory; and with Him the wedding party of a crowd of captives, after whom the rest of men will enter. […]

What a Saturday of such glorious triumph! in which the soul of God’s Only Begotten Son, who at the same time is the Son of Man, opens by the fruit of His Redemption the sumptuous Gates of Eternity, closed since the earthly Paradise by the sin in rebellion of our First Parents; and the old floodgates are raised before the impetuous passing of irresistible power of the soul of God’s immolated Only Begotten Son, in triumph of glory. […]

Yahweh’s Anointed, before whom the Angels of God adoring, full of expectation in glorious jubilation, contemplated the soul of Christ who, triumphant, opened the Father’s Bosom by the fruit of His Redemption with His five wounds; bringing behind Himself to the eternal jubilation the glorious and triumphant court of the ancient Fathers […] and with the legion of captives rescued by the price of His Blood and who awaited His holy coming. Being heard in the heights of the wide limits of Eternity as though a hymn of triumph: Welcome be the Man who with His five wounds has opened the Father’s Bosom!

[…] Under the impulse of the Almighty and by the power of His grace, that, in the way that He alone knows, introduces me into His mysteries so that I may manifest them; I express a little –only of what is possible for me under the spiritual modesty of my soul-Church and as the Echo of this Holy Mother before going away with Christ to Eternity– of all that my soul lived and contemplated on the 28th of March of 1959, immersed in the mystery of the entrance of Christ’s soul into Glory […]:

“Oh Mary…! She, at the moment when Jesus ascended to the Father, united to Her Son’s soul, partook in such overabundant and extolled manner, translimited by the joy of the Holy Spirit, of the happiness, glory and most blissful joy of the soul of God’s Only Begotten Son and Her Son entering into Eternity.

And despite Mary being in exile, Her soul, transcended and translimited, was with Her Son’s; the reason why the Virgin did not need to go down to the tomb… […] Since before to anyone, on the day of the resurrection the Lord appeared to Her.

Because Jesus introduced Her Most Holy Mother in such a way into the mysteries of His life, death and resurrection, that, before they were unveiled to anyone, She lived them in loving contemplation of joy or sorrow. […]

That is why Mary, with the death of Jesus, rested, on account of the fulfilled will of the Father and the glorification of Her Son and of Her God.

Mary was contemplating the entrance of the Son of God and Her Son into Heaven, while She dwelled on earth, as Mother of the Church, with the Apostles. Today Heaven is on holiday, because Jesus has entered into it and the glorious Church has begun; but the earth is in mourning because men have killed the Son of God. […]

Mary […] rejoiced, as Mother of the Church, with the glorious Church, and suffered with the sorrowful and distressed Church.

How great and unknown is Mary in relation to the eternal designs of God upon Her…!”

The soul of Jesus starts running…, running…

What a court…! What a retinue Christ has behind…! […] It is the Church triumphant…! […]

The soul of Christ, in the Father’s Bosom, as Word and as Man, rejoicing…! His body rests in the tomb… […]

What a great day…! How composed the Church is and how happy entering with Jesus into Heaven…! […]

It is the Church triumphant […] who today begins Her glorious triumph. […]

The Man is now in the Father’s Bosom rejoicing in God’s glory, as God and as Man… Welcome be the Man to the Father’s Bosom…! […]

Mary still remains in the world, contemplating…

What a joy! I contemplate with Mary the glory of Jesus.

What a silence there is in Heaven and what a celebration…! […] All Heaven ecstatic, adoring before the wounded God…! […]

The Father’s Bosom is now open to all the children of good will…! Never more shall it be closed…! Christ has opened it… and He is waiting for all men… He opened it and placed Himself at the ‘gate’ with the arms outstretched, so that the sumptuous main Gates of Eternity may never be closed again… […]

The Father looks upon men with love […] and when embracing Christ in His bosom, He embraces all men. […]

How triumphantly the Father’s Bosom opens up so that men may enter…! […]

The Man enters into Heaven, and enters into it as Son of the King, not as minister; and each man is a son of God through Christ. […] And how much gladness the Father’s face shows…! […]

The Source of Life has been opened for men, the Springs of Divinity in torrential affluents of divine life that gushes out like a waterfall through Christ, by the Sacraments…! […]

How happy is the Father seeing in Heaven and on earth the much beloved Son in whom He has set all His delights…! All…! all His delights in the Man- Christ…! […]

And as the Word is Man, all His delights for all men who grafted onto Him, are the New People of God. […]

Christ does not become an angel, He becomes man; He does not become angel to redeem the angels who had also sinned.

And since the Word is Man, […] that is why the Man-God makes man son of God and heir to His glory; except the rebellious man who does not want to avail himself of His Blood, of His merits nor of His Redemption; but that rebellious man, if he comes to the Source of Life, will have all the graces of the true children. […]

I am contemplating […] twenty centuries ago the soul of Jesus getting into Eternity…! I am contemplating the soul of Christ getting into Heaven on the Holy Saturday…; […] the moment when Christ’s soul rose! what Christ is…! what the Angels do when the Man gets into…, what man is to God; His is not a minister, He is the son and heir to His glory…

Man, through Christ, contemplates with the Father, sings with the Word and burns in love with the Holy Spirit… That is the life of glory…! Children of God…! […]

The tearing of the veil of the temple is the symbol that Jesus with His death opened the Father’s Bosom […] And with His death the old law was broken in order to begin the New Covenant”.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “WELCOME BE MAN TO THE FATHER’S BOSOM!”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n.11)

 Note.- If you want to download the unabridged version of the extract, please click here.


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DSC_0081_aclarado_IRS What richness is contained in the transcendent reality of Christ…! He is the Supreme and Eternal Priest for having in himself all the infinite reality and all created reality. He is the union of God with man, because, in Him, God gives himself to us in the infinite communication of his familial intimacy; and because, in Him, all men come to take part in the very life of God. […]

Jesus is in himself the infinite and created perfection, in the hypostatic union of his divine nature with his human nature, and that is why He suffers and rejoices as no one else in his wandering on earth.

His mission is to give us to know the eternal joy that is in the life of the Father, of the Holy Spirit and in himself. […]

And He suffers and complains because, not only they do not know the Father, but also because they do not even know Him, who became man so that we might know Him better; and with the soul torn apart by the pain and the lack of understanding of men, says, “They have not kown you, Father, nor Jesus Christ your sent one!” […]

Let us now enter into the first instant when Christ was being conceived.

At that very instant the soul of Jesus contemplates face to face the divinity. […]

His whole soul rejoicing, burned in the impetus of the divine current, contemplating with the Father his eternal being, singing with his same Person, with the Word, and burning with the same fire of the Holy Spirit; participating in the Divinity in a transformation like no other creature; participating in the Trinity of Persons and in the Unity of being, in each of its nuances and perfections, to an almost infinite degree…! […]

At that very moment, and precisely because of the light of God’s vision, He comprehends and penetrates down to the utmost depths of the terrible, terrifying and chilling malice of sin. And He sees that that same holy God is offended by his creatures, who have rebelled against Him who Is and manifests himself as a will of holiness against sin. […]

And when the innumerable load of all the sins of all ages fell on Him, He turns to the Father and, exercising his Priesthood, responds in the name of all humanity in the presence of the infinite holiness of God. […]

At the moment of the Incarnation, Christ, loaded with all the sins of all men, turns to the Father and offers himself as a victim of loving response for all of us. Remaining in priestly attitude and in accordance with the exercise of his Priesthood that makes Him be the one who receives the divine life; the one who responds to the infinite Love; He who, in the fullness of his plenitude, turns towards us to saturate all of us with divinity; and who, when He is not received, returns to the Father, in a response of reparation and sacrifice, to expiate in himself, and thus to purify man, from the chilling “no” that again he has repeated to the infinite holiness of God. […]

Cristo_coronado What pain for Christ’s soul, who lived in each moment of his life being the Receiver of the infinite Love and living the tragedy of all humanity throughout all ages…! Since Christ lived deeply each of the moments of all men, spent in love or in pain, in surrender or in oblivion; since to Him living meant, not only his own life, but also the life of all of us in each one of our moments. […]

Jesus lived his present moment with such intensity, that, in each moment of his life, He was grieving in his soul, undergoing and suffering all that, during thirty years, He went through because of his being a man. […]

Let us take away the creatures time and space: Christ lives with us, and we remain mysteriously united with Him without distances of time and place; living with Him in his time –like He then lived ours– the transcendent mystery of his life, death and resurrection. […]

All the moments of his life, from the manger to the consumatum est were lived by Him in one sole present moment.

However that is not all, since, at that same present moment, Jesus suffered: the whole terrible tragedy of his Church, with all the heresies, schisms, with all her being torn apart; the martyrdom and persecution of each one of her martyrs; the abandonment, dryness and neglect of all the souls; the death of all the saints; the trespasses of all the sinners; the betrayals of all her friends and children… And this not of one time. But of all times, from Adam and Eve, to the end of the world! […]

And if He had been asked:

—Jesus, what are you living at this present moment of your mortal life?

He would have answered:

—My present moment is the whole horrendous tragedy of all my life and of all times. I am suffering in my soul, at this present moment: the ingratitude of all times and of all men to God; and I am also living in my soul all the loves and surrenders of pure love of the faithful souls; and I am suffering all those infidelities and taking pleasure in all those loves. And not as though something in a single block, no; but each heart throb of each soul, and each moment of that soul lived in love or lack of affection, in surrender or oblivion, is for me my present moment. […]

In the soul of Jesus all my sufferings and joys, loves and defections, were lived, while I was always to Him rest and pain. And this, not at times, or that He went through it once in his lifetime for each one; but that Jesus lived, in each moment, everything of all the souls, during all his life and in each present moment thereof. […]

What richness Jesus comprehends in himself…! It seems as though the mind breaks before the perfection of his created nature, that was capable of living, in an intensity so transcendent and in one same instant, all the joy that was given to Him by the familial communication that He lived with the divine Persons, and on the other hand, the pain from the lack of love of men whom He represented before God. […]

And for that reason the Eucharist, the crucifixion and the death of Christ with his glorious resurrection are the spelled out expression of the love of God for man, which, reaching in his uncontainable need to the extreme, burning in desires, as infinite Word, of expressing and communicating to us his mission, his whole being as man bursted out in blood through all his pores at Gethsemane; explaining to us through his whole being how far and how God loves when He loves, and how far and how the infinite Love is capable of expressing himself when He speaks.

In this way has God given himself to you in his infinite love, through Christ, in a romance of love.

What will your love do with regard to the infinite Donation that became word so that you might receive Him, might listen to Him and might be capable of loving and living Him?



Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Jesus”.
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 3

Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract: “Jesus”.


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Son of God

Whoever wants to know about the divinity, whoever needs to be immersed in the secret of Christ’s soul, whoever seeks to savour my Immaculate Mother, let them come to the bosom of my Mother Church… Whoever desires and wants to live, let them come, let them come! for in the bosom of the Mother Church – a precious vessel replete with divinity – is contained the whole secret hidden before all ages, to be revealed to Principalities and Powers, according to God’s manifold wisdom.[…]

Iglesia[…]If you knew, dear child, the great mystery that the Divinity communicates to you on the day when, by means of the Church, you turn to be God’s son and heir to His glory…! The eternal Trinity, in its hidden and mysterious virginity, is poured out on you, in such a way that the three divine Persons, dwelling in your inner being, are the Eternal Living One inside your tiny soul of a Christian. […]

Go forth, son of God, you who were anointed by the Divinity on the day of your baptism, you who possess the sacred anointing and are a temple and a dwelling of the Most High, live the great mystery that is being performed in you, respond to the Trinity with your love, since you so unconsciously received it on the day of your anointment. Respond today to the gift of baptism that fell upon you when you did not have freedom to respond. […]

It is the Church who, with a Mother’s heart, has introduced you to partake of the deep secret, into the profound inner being of your Father God. Call God, Father! and live therefore what you are. But live what you are saying to Him, be a good son of your Father God, be grateful to the great gift of your divine filiation, take advantage of the treasures contained in the bosom of the Mother Church.

Never forget, Christian, whoever you may be, that there is no vocation like yours, there is no calling like yours, there is no greater predilection like the one the Eternal One reserved for you on the day when, through your Church, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, He made you His son and incorporated you into the mystery of the Whole Christ. […]

All the gifts that the Lord may bestow upon your soul throughout your whole life are secondary; they are a consequence of this one and are all related to it. This is the gift that made you become a son of the Infinite One, the gift that incorporated you into the divine plan; since, being twisted by original sin, you could not enter into the region of God’s children.

Mary, your new Mother, the saving Eve, is the means God chose for Himself to give Himself to your soul, through Christ, with a Mother’s heart.Virgen_jitana_blog

All are gifts for the son of God! Even the selfsame Church, Christ and Mary are gifts that Infinite Love has given to your soul, so that, through them, you could enter and partake of the infinite and joyful banquet of your Father God. […]

You are a Christian, you possess your own mystical priesthood, you have been anointed with divinity, you have begun now to partake of the Divine Family, but a legion of captives is also waiting for you to carry them to the regions of Love. Don’t think that you will go alone to the divine banquet of the Eternal Family. The priest, imitating the High and Eternal Priest, has to go in the company of that legion of souls who, either through his mystical or official priesthood, the Lord entrusted him with.

You are a member of Christ’s Mystical Body; don’t live alone, because God created you to live in family. All the faithful form the great community of God’s children, who, all together, will work in the Lord’s Vineyard, to make partake as many souls as possible of that very divine life that they have through the great sacrament of baptism.

Dear son, I don’t know if you are an official priest or you have only the mystical priesthood. Whatever your priesthood is, live it with responsibility as it is required from you.

Because if, besides having been baptized, you have been also chosen, predestined and anointed again with the anointing of the divinity to make you an official priest inside the Mystical Body of the Church, what is your priesthood then…? what is your mission…? how should you stand before the Infinite Holiness to receive His sacred anointing, to partake of His divine life, to receive His eternal message in order to communicate it to all those souls who, even if they are priests through baptism, neither live nor know of their own priesthood, because you don’t teach them or make them partake, in their reciprocal response to the Lord, of the greatness of their priestly anointing….

How can you be called father, if you don’t give life…? And how will you give life, if you don’t live your own priesthood, which is to stay “between the porch and the altar,” receiving the divine life with the High and Eternal Priest and communicating it to the great Family of Christians? […]

IMG_1422Work so that all Christians can live their Christianity in abundance, by their happiest incorporation into the Mystical Body, where all believers communicate to each other the gifts of their Father God for the sanctification, forgiveness, recovery and holiness of all the members of the Christian community.

Seeks souls who may enter into this great Family so that, with all the souls of the world, with all created creatures with a capacity to live of God, there might be one only Flock with one only Shepherd, by joining the great community of believers.

Let them come…! let them come to my Church of mine, whoever wants to be filled with divinity! Let them come to my holy Church, whoever needs to live of the Infinite One…! since the bosom of this holy Mother bursts with motherly love into an expression of divinity.

Let them come…! because whoever rejects these treasures that Mother Church offers and are contained in Her bosom, expose themselves to forever lose happiness, joy, holiness and the love which the Divine Family, through the Church, willed to bestow on them.

Let us see if there is any other mother who can give such life to her children, since only on the day of baptism, which is the birth to this Christian family, She can give them a kind of life such that they become God’s children and filled are their souls with divinity…!

Let us see if there is any other mother like my Mother Church, who just by giving us Her own name, makes us live of the Infinite One…!

Let us see if there is any other mother who, simply by being our mother, makes us God’s children…!

This is the secret that the holy Church contains in Her bosom: to make gods and sons of the Most High all those upon whom, in Her own right, as Mother, She pours down the sacred anointing of the divinity…!



Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “Son of God”

Note.- If you want to download the unabridged version of the extract, please click here.



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