“Mystery of unprecedented tenderness!”

Guided by this writing of Mother Trinidad, let us deepen, as ever, in the tenderly warm depth of the night of Bethlehem.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia, with her Work of the Church, wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in the Lord Jesus!





“Mystery of unprecedented tenderness!”

Christmas…! Mystery of unprecedented tenderness… surprising donation of the infinite Love for man… powerful explanation of the Eternal Power, which is given to us in a divine and human spelling out in such a simple way as befits the most simple kingliness of the Being.

Christmas…! God who tells us in a loving spelling out and in the most unimaginable and incomprehensible infinite romance, all His life in Song, in glorious manifestation and in joy of sapiential wisdom…

O thought of God who, breaking into redeeming will, gives Himself through His infinite Word to those whom He loves, in the affectionate lulling of the Kiss of His Mouth…!

Christmas…! Sapientially known amongst men, in adoring penetration, by Our Lady of Bethlehem who, in expectant contemplation, transcended as far as the chest of God Himself, gives birth to the world the infinite Light of the Eternal Wisdom, in a Child who, crying in Her arms, is the Son of God and Her Son…

The Infinite Word, by the transcendental mystery of the Incarnation, fulfilling the will of the Father, breaks into Word from the bosom of the Latter to the bosom of Mary by the caressing and loving lulling of the Holy Spirit. And He finds that the bosom of the Lady tastes to Him of Infinite Home, because all of it is a warm participation in the Father’s heart with the tenderness and love of a Virgin-Mother…

And in the bosom of Mary, saturated with virginity, is realized the tran-scendent and enthralling mystery of the Incarnation in the loving poem of the infinite kiss of the Holy Spirit, who makes the Lady break, with the sacrosanct breeze of the smoothness of the passing of His flight, into divine Motherhood…

Mary, Virgin-Mother…!: Mother as the fruit of Her excellent virginity… and Virgin because Her divine Motherhood Itself, by the fruit of Her fecundity, made Her even more Virgin, for being this Fruit the Infinite Virginity Incarnate in explanatory Word to men, of infinite virginal holiness. Therefore Mary, the more She is Virgin, the more She is Mother, and the more She is Mother, the more She is Virgin; since She is a cry in Her whole being of: God alone! shrouded, saturated, penetrated and possessed alone, exclusively alone! by the Infinite Being, in a total and absolute possession.

Transcendent secret the one that Mary lived during the nine months of Her Advent in the most savoury intimacy with the Son of God who, contained in Her womb, made Her feel the beating of His heart in affection of filiation…! The in-finite will of the Father shook Her, by the love of the Holy Spirit, in nostalgic and vehement need to give birth to the Son of God through the virginal and luminous childbirth of Her divine Motherhood…

Mystery of sacred silence between the creature and the Creator… between God and the White Virgin, who, in the containment of Her Advent, holds in Her womb the Only Begotten Son of the Father, with the love and the motherhood that the most tender mother could feel, owing to the infinite delicacy of the touch of the Holy Spirit in Her virginal innermost being…!

Nine months of tenderness… of donation… of self-giving… of response and of hopeful expectation, in the affectionate waiting of Her motherhood that yearns to listen from the mouth of the Infinite Word, as though in infinity of eternal melodies, to the word: Mother! in the palpable and palpitating reality, sonorous and delightful of the Son of God become Child in Her arms…!

The life of Mary, during Her Advent, is a mystery of unimaginable tender-ness, always waiting for the Infinite Word of the Father, turned towards Her, to express to Her the will of the Father Himself by the impulse of the Holy Spirit in sacred compliments of manifestations of love…

Advent of Mary, lived in the secret of the containment of Her womb, and known only by God and by Her in the most sacred embrace of the Holy Spirit; who, in the closest union, had the Son of God shrouded, being the Son of Mary, in the veiled concealment of the Lady’s immaculate virginity!

The nine months that the Virgin lived with Jesus in Her womb, were con-templated by the Angels of God, in the sacred intimacy of rich colloquies of loves… in sublime and indescribable, silent and secret, mysterious and sacred, divine and divinizing tenderness of adoring silence…

Advent of Mary…! Unsuspected secret and only sensed by the soul-Church who, being introduced by the Lady into the Sancta Sanctorum of Her maternal virginity, is able to savour in burning surprise what is realized between God and the creature by the Holy Spirit, when the will of the Father wanted to give a Mother to His Incarnate Son and, by Him and in Him, to the whole mankind; and, He wanted to give a Son to Our Lady all White of the Incarnation, so that This One, might give birth to God among men under the simple and affectionate appearances of a tiny Child in the arms of a Mother, fruit, in splendorous, divine and divinizing manifestation, of the Virgin Mother of Bethlehem, sheltered under the divine lulling of the Holy Spirit, covered and shrouded by the Holiness of the Almighty.

Mystery of donation of the Infinite One to men
through Mary’s Motherhood…

The Virgin-Mother of Bethlehem kisses with inexpressible tenderness, in a kiss of profound adoration saturated with mystery, the Son of God; who, arising from Her virginal womb as the fruit of Her divine Motherhood, is Her Son who becomes visible before the world in the surprising darkness of a closed night under the mysterious silence, veiled and surprising of incomprehension, known and penetrated solely in the deep depth of His reality by the infinite Holiness of Him who Is Himself.

Son of the Holy Mother Church, only the life of faith, replete with hope, enlightened with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and impelled by love, is capable of entering into this mystery of Christmas: In the silence of night and of ingratitude, the Love was uttered before the most secret expectation of the White Virgin.

What would they be to Mary all and each one of these splendorous mysteries which God realized among men, by the donation of His Son Himself in loving spelling out of eternal love, breaking into infinite canticles through the moaning of a Child’s tears…! How She must have lived them…! In what way She must have adored them…! What a reception that of the tenderness of Her Motherhood…! What a reply that of Her self-giving! What affection, in Her Motherly caress, full of sapiential and delightful tenderness for the Father’s Infinite Word, Incarnate, who, being at the same time Her Son, was a tiny Child, fed by the most savoury nectar of Her virginal breasts, born in Bethlehem in the arms of “a Virgin that would name Him Emmanuel, ‘God with us,’ –‘and the Virgin’s name was Mary,’– ‘of the House of David,’ ‘First-born among many brethren’,” and Promise of God made to our Father Abraham, announced by the holy Prophets in the Old Testament and fulfilled by Christ:

“For a child is born to us, a son is given us; upon His shoulder dominion rests. They name Him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-For-ever, Prince of Peace…!”

What delights of love and tenderness between the Mother and the little Emmanuel…! What secrets of surrender and response…! What embraces of af-fection of the Infinite Virginity for His Virgin-Mother, and what tenderness that of the Virgin-Mother for the Infinite Virginity of the Word Incarnate in Her arms…!

What a moment the one of Jesus’ Birth…! Moment of surprise and expectation of reverent and adoring veneration! What an instant-instant of sublime and celestial transcendence of virginity in bursting divine Motherhood by the infinite fluttering of the burning breeze of the Holy Spirit, when the Virgin found Herself with the palpable and palpitating reality of Her God become Son of Hers, in an embrace of mysterious motherhood and in response of God Himself in a tiny Child who gazes at Her with His divine tiny eyes, like shining bright stars, in a secret of filiation, calling Her: Mother…!

What would the Holy Spirit do at this instant in which the Incarnate Infinite Word, arising from Mary’s womb, shone before the world in the darkness of night, breaking into Light of infinite expressive wisdom at the mysterious concealment of the silence of incomprehension in the sacred night of Bethlehem…?!

“The light came into the darkness, and the darkness did not receive it.”

What would Mary say to Jesus, all of Her possessed by the infinite Love… shrouded and penetrated by His caress… kissed by His Kiss… saturated with His love… pervaded by His eternal wisdom so as to penetrate, in the savouring of the Holy Spirit Himself, into that which, through His divine Motherhood, was given to men in the most simple mystery of a Child who, lying in a manger, among straws, burst into melodious tears of infinite songs of eternal loves…?!

What would the impulse of the divine Spouse be in the burning heart of Our Lady, that She might love and receive Jesus with the tenderness of Her divine Motherhood…?!

What sacred words of love between the Mother and the Son, by the force… the breeze… the silence… the peace… the sweetness and most blissful joy of the Holy Spirit…!

Oh mystery…! Mystery of surprising tenderness…!: God is now Man in the arms of His Mother…! And the Mother is Virgin with the Incarnate Infinite Virginity in Her arms, who calls His Virgin Mother, because the Virgin is His Mother…!

Mystery of Christmas, contemplated by the Angels who, due to the impos-sibility of their crying with love and amazement, break into a canticle to the God become Child out of love in splendorous manifestation of the infinite mercy in an outpouring of tenderness and compassion towards fallen man!:

“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom His favour rests.”

Let the creature not attempt, with carnal eyes, to penetrate, to comprehend and even to glimpse the veiled mysteries of sublime transcendence which the Infinite Being performed in Mary, when He created Her for the realization of His eternal designs of self-donation towards man; uniting Her to Him so wonderfully, that He made of Her a marvel of grace known only in the penetration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and savoured by the fruits of His possession…!

Let the tainted tongue not attempt to express the mysteries of God in Him-self and in His donation of merciful love towards man in and through the all White Virgin of the Incarnation, breaking into divine Motherhood by the burn-ing kiss of infinite virginity of the Holy Spirit, with profane comparisons that do nothing but tarnish the immaculate whiteness of Her incomprehensible and un-touchable holiness…!

Mary is a cry of God alone! in Her being, in Her life and Her actions…!

The Virgin, saturated with Divinity and overflowing with divine Mother-hood, conscious that God became incarnate in Her in order to give Himself to men in the infinite Song of the romance of a Child, by the will of the Father and in the love of the Holy Spirit; anxious to fulfil the divine will that She has printed in Her being, She interrupts the recreations of love with the Son of God, arisen from Her bosom, and Her Son in Her Motherly arms, so as to give to the world, as the fruit of Her divine Motherhood and according to that same Motherhood, the Emmanuel, the High Priest who is in Himself and by Himself the union of God with man in the exercise of the plenitude of His Priesthood.

And when, as universal Mother, in manifestation of Her love, She is going to give God to all men, who also are a fruit of the kiss of the Holy Spirit in Her Virgin-Mother soul, She receives, in the incomprehensible delicacy of Her ma-ternal love, the sword of such acute pain, that Her heart is wounded, unable to heal, due to the indifference of the “no” of all Her children to the infinite self-donation of the eternal Love who, by means of the Motherhood of the Lady, is handed over to us become a Child in the mysterious and sacrosanct night of Christmas… And how well Mary understood, in a comprehension of grieving insight, that “The light came into the darkness, and the darkness did not receive it…!”

And that is why, pierced by grief, fulfilling the will of the Father and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, She took the Infinite Word of the Father become Child and, in a tearing of Her motherhood, putting Him away from Her arms, “laid Him on the straws of a manger,” as a clear, palpable, and heart-rending manifestation that there was none to receive Him…

All of this was realized only under the adoring and reverent expectation of the Patriarch Saint Joseph, overwhelmed with ineffable joy in the Holy Spirit and sobbing at the same time, with His soul rent by the contemplation of the surprising mystery which, through the White Virgin of the Incarnation, was manifested in Bethlehem, under the shade and the protecting breeze of the Almighty.

Mystery of Christmas…! Secret of infinite tenderness…!: In the silence of night and of incomprehension, under the vibrant notes of the Holy Spirit, and in the tearing of the motherhood of Mary, in a manger the Love was revealed to us…!!

Silence, dear soul…! Respect and veneration! Adore…! With the Angels of God, respond with love…! Because God, become Child, any minute now is going to burst into tears for the first time on earth torn apart by solitude and incomprehension…

Silence, dear soul…! Respond…! adore…! love…! God is crying!!

Angels of Heaven, where are you…? Look for the simple ones of the earth and communicate to them the great news that in a manger, curled up by the ten-derness of a Virgin-Mother God cries…!! Look for the simple ones, for the little ones… because they will discover the mysteries of God… because to them the secrets of the Father are communicated… “for theirs is the kingdon of Heaven” and because with them the infinite Love, lying among straws and shivering with cold, rests…!

And for that reason the Angels, in the chilling night of Christmas, rushed to the shepherds in fulfilment of God’s desire, to communicate to them the Good News of the Emmanuel.

Among the big ones, among those that sought the wealth of the earth, there was no place for the Virgin-Mother to give birth to the Infinite Light of the eter-nal Sun, bursting into twinkling splendours…

“There was no room for the Son of God in the inn…!”

And thus, in a grotto… in the silence of night… midst the expectation of the Virgin… the adoration of a holy man… the warmth of rude animals… and the contemplation of the Angels of Heaven, broke out among men the Infinite Song of the Father, in a nostalgic Canticle of deep and tragic incomprehension.

Child of Holy Mother Church, you who live on faith, who know, in the penetration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, by your life of grace, the mysteries of Christ’s life, come along with me today, dear soul, child of my soul-Church… come, on this Christmas night, to the tiny stable at Bethlehem…! Stand next to the White Virgin… And there, in adoring expectation, wait for that instant-instant plethoric with light and with Divinity wherein, surrounded by the silence of the night and in the caressing mystery of the lulling of the Holy Spirit, the Eternal Word of the Father in the arms of Mary, is about to burst into tears of In-finite Song…

Wait prostrate, dear soul, and contemplate the enjoyments of the Mother and the Son in virginity of communicative tenderness…

Listen to the infinite lulling of the Holy Spirit, who shrouds the mystery of the Virgin-Mother who kisses God in a recently born Child, as His Son become Man.

Perceive, if you can, the kiss of God who, Incarnate, kisses the Virgin with the tenderness of a Son…

And wait… so that, after that colloquy of ineffable delight on the part of God, when Our Lady all White of Bethlehem would be about to give Her Son and the Son of God to men again on this night of Bethlehem which through the Liturgy becomes present to us in our time, She may find you waiting full of love and of unheard of tenderness, and She may not have to lay Him again in the manger, in some cold straws! because He would not find even on this new night of Christmas to whom to give Him in order to receive Him.

Pick up quickly from the arms of Mary the tiny Child of Bethlehem; the Emmanuel, God with us, who is born in a manger, who will die on a cross and will remain in the White Host for all times through the Sacrifice of the altar, to give Himself to you as Bread of life, and in loving wait in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, splendorous manifestation of His infinite love who needs to be with those whom He loves all centuries enduring.

Dear soul, son of my soul-Church…! Take Him in, for God became Man for your sake, so that you might receive Him, love Him and embrace Him…! Ca-ress Him with the greatest possible tenderness…! Kiss His tiny chest palpitating with love for you; kiss His feet that will become a path to life and, they will be pierced in order to bring you to the Father’s House; kiss His tiny head pervaded by eternal wisdom, that will be crowned with thorns for your own sins!

Look at His divine cheeks, bathed in tears and His tiny eyes which look for you waiting for the response of your love to His self-dona-tion of infinite love.

Place on His hands a kiss that may taste to Him of reception of His eternal self-donation… Open your arms and your heart, and stretch them out to take Him; and ask Mary to give Him to you, not to leave Jesus in the manger, for you want to receive Him, because for your sake He became Man, and for your sake She was Mother of God and Mother of yours…!

Ask Our Lady of the Holy Spirit for the Fruit of Her Motherhood, who is yours, since for your sake God became Child…

Let not, dear soul, Our Lady of Bethlehem, on this night of Christmas, heavy with mystery, lay Jesus again in the manger because there were none to receive Him…!

[…] And united in the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the will of the Father, we are going to open our heart and our soul to take Jesus in our arms, the tiny one of Bethlehem, and to kiss Him with a kiss of reception… with an embrace of re-sponse… with a self-giving of donation… so that never could one say that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it…!”

[…] You already know, Lady of Bethlehem, that my nostalgias and the cravings of my heart are uncontainable… that the urges of my chest and the volcanoes of my love, as though unlimited… That is why I express today my feelings in the spontaneous and simple way wherewith the little ones communicate their desires, leaning on the Father’s chest.

In the uncontainable longing of my universal motherhood, I want, on the sacrosanct night of Bethlehem, with my mission of Church fulfilled, in a way mysterious but experientially lived, to prostrate myself at Your feet […] and to say to You on behalf of the men of all times, by the dimension of my soul-Church in the plenitude of my mystical priesthood: Mother, give us Jesus…! and never should it have to be heard on earth: “He came to what was His own, but His own people did not accept Him” …!

Because, in the splendorous magnitude of our reality of Church, my soul tiny but brimmingly eager to respond to God, says to God Himself, due to my spiritual and universal motherhood in the burning flames of the Holy Spirit and in the mysterious way of our grafting onto Christ, with Him, through Him and in Him, a “yes” so glorious that it may be a reply of love and reception by all men on the cold, silent, mysterious and sacrosanct night of Christmas.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Mystery of unprecedented tenderness “. 
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 9


Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract: “Mystery of unprecedented tenderness “.

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70th Anniversary
of the Consecration to God
of Mother Trinidad
de la Santa Madre Iglesia

We have almost reached the 70th Anniversary of that day on December 7th, 1946, when Mother Trinidad, at the calling of God at the age of 17, consecrated herself to God forever. We warmly invite all of you to join us in our thanksgiving to the Infite God for all that He has done in the soul of His “little One” for the good of the Church and for the greater Glory of God!

Let us also commend Mother Trinidad to the Lord in our prayers, she who being now an elderly person and 87 years old, keeps on repeating with the same intensity as she did then -or even more- those same words she said at the very moment when she surrendered herself to God; words which she has been continuously uttering ever since then and throughout her whole life:


We will offer you now an extract taken from one of her letters where she herself recounts what took place on that very day:



“[…] I shall begin by reminding you yet again of what it was like for me, only seventeen years of age, on the eve of the day of the Immaculate Conception; when, being with my brother Antonio in our family shoe shop in Dos Hermanas, at noon, as the bells rang announcing the feast of the Immaculate Conception, my soul, for the first time in my life, felt totally invaded by God; with such a powerful presence of on High, that I thought I would die of love and pain.

inmaculada_en Of love for God, who swept into my poor and limited soul with the power of His presence in irresistible force, choosing me from that moment on to be solely and exclusively for Him.

I recall that the atmosphere of God’s closeness was so powerful, that, without ever having perceived Him, I was certain that it was the very God, flooding me with His presence, He who swept upon me to possess me totally, and from that moment on I would give myself to Him exclusively, to fulfil His eternal plans for me.

In such a way, that I did not know whether I was in Heaven or on earth, because I felt as if I was outside myself, and flooded, invaded and carried away by the immensity and greatness of Infinite Might, Who sealed my soul branding it with the demand and stamp of being solely and exclusively for Him; separating me completely from everything earthly, and choosing me to be His, exclusively His!, to the praise of His glory which He was demanding from me in this way, and which was making me die of delight and pain.

Of delight, because of the supernatural nature of what was happening to me; and of suffering, because of repentance for my past life, which made me promise God with all the strength of my being that I would be His for all of my life, totally His!

Thus I was weeping at length and bitterly for my sins, promising Him that I would never offend Him again; whilst I felt myself dying of delight because of the extraordinary presence of God that was permeating everything.

And this was the eve of the Immaculate Virgin!

I spent that day more in Heaven than on earth, as I have already told you on other occasions.

And the following day, during the celebration of the Holy Mass at nine in the morning in my Town’s parish church, I consecrated myself to God for all of my life, before the image of the Immaculate Virgin, that was on the High Altar.

I want to communicate to you, beloved sons, that from the eve of that day, and for a whole month, I lived under such a powerful presence of God in my whole being, that, setting me aside from everything that had been created, God was with me in my heart, in my soul, enfolding my whole being; and I was dwelling with Him and in Him, and He, with me and in me.

I will not go on any longer, because all of you, very beloved sons, know well what happened to me on this day, because of the accounts I have given in various ways; although I shall never be able to forget the eve of the Immaculate Conception of 1946, and the actual day of the Immaculate Conception, the day of the Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Church and Queen of the Universe, and Mother of all men because of being the Mother of God and Mother of the Church”.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia



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Missions in India

India: A huge, enormous country. Where there are more than one thousand two hundred millions of souls of which only a “little flock” – barely touching the two percent – lives in the womb of the Church of Christ, of our Mother Church: “The Mother of all men, because being a mother is to give life, and God, who is the infinite life, stayed in it for us to distribute it with the heart of a Mother and love of the Holy Spirit”, in the words of Mother Trinidad.


And so, with the same vibration of the Mother Church, as its “Echo in repetition”, Mother Trinidad, through her spiritual children, has wanted to reach also this immense Asian country, to bring the light and the treasure that God has placed in her soul; and that it is all that infinite Life, all that treasure of divine Life which the Church is called to give to all, manifested in wisdom and love.

rrmmTo tell the truth, it is not accurate to say that Mother Trinidad, or her Work of the Church, have gone to India to carry her message. It would be more accurate to say that the Church itself in India, through some of its shepherds, the Bishops, have brought Mother Trinidad to those lands. This is something very beautiful: that young Church, full of hope and missionary strength, which grows at double the rate of the population of the country itself, that Church, because of its shepherds, calls and lovingly welcomes The Work of the Church. And in this way, the “Echo of the Church” will be able to sing her song in India too, to give life to those children of the Church who are called to be missionaries in the middle of a vast multitude of souls who seek the truth and do not have it, and who the Mother Church loves and wants in her womb.

Therefore, for the fourth time in two years, the past month of October, The Work of the Church returned to India in an apostolic mission to comfort, to assist, to love the Church in that country, which is frequently facing big difficulties. Four members of the masculine branches and other four of the feminine branch flew to Jalandhar, the diocese of Mons. Franco Mulakkal, in the state of Punjab, in order to conduct several retreats and encounters. Both, Bishop Franco Mulakkal and Bishop Ivan Pereira, from the neighboring diocese of Jammu-Srinagar, received the members of The Work of the Church with happiness and affection.

The consecrated women of the feminine branch had the opportunity to lead two retreats for the religious of the diocese in the major seminary of Jalandhar and in Amritsar, as they did a year and a half earlier. In an atmosphere of great joy and deep spiritual experience, they were able to communicate once more the wonderful message that, from God, Mother Trinidad brings to all without exception, but in the first place, to consecrated souls.rf

As for the consecrated people and priests from the masculine branches, they conducted a spiritual retreat for the youngsters from the Caritas center of the diocese, helping them to penetrate in a better way the mystery of true love; since true charity is the fruit of the love for God, which grows in us above all in prayer, where Jesus awaits us always in the tabernacle. They also accompanied during some days the four seminarians who are preparing there to get also a day, if God wants it, to the side of Mother Trinidad to help her helping the Church.

The core activities of this fourth mission of The Work of the Church in that young Church were directed precisely to the youth. A good part of the Catholic youth in India still maintains a deep spirit of prayer and seeks God. In the open field of their young souls, the beauty and the depth of the way in which the founder of The Work of the Church presents the mysteries of the faith profoundly touched them, making them penetrate more deeply into the greatness of their being Church. The joy of all these boys and girls overflowed in their eyes and in their words of thanks, while in some of them the flame of a possible vocation of total dedication to the Lord and to His Church began to shine.

After the Diocese of Jalandhar, the mission of The Work of the Church moved more than a thousand and three hundred kilometers toward the south of the country, to the diocese of Ahmedabad. There, the same Archbishop Thomas Macwan, welcomed the missionaries in his own home. Two other bishops were also present: Bishop Oswald 004Lewis, who flew from Jaipur and Bishop Lourdes Daniel, who travelled from Nashik after twelve hours by car. They made such an effort to meet the spiritual children of Mother Trinidad, which demonstrates their sincere appreciation and love for her, and the strong desire they have that this light that God has placed in the Church may reach and enlightens the members of their respective dioceses. There were, in this way, new encounters with young people, with families, with priests…Some of them very committed already in spreading the message of Mother Trinidad.

To sum up, a beautiful planting of light and life of the Church, which is representing to some souls025 also a deeper awareness of their being Church, each one with its vocation and its mission. Seeds of renewal planted in a humble and small but already fertile and promising field. Seeds planted by The Work of the Church, alongside the Shepherds, which has made it possible for a large group of priests, religious, youth, lay people… children of the Church in India, to receive, seize and transmit to others the divine treasure which the Church has in her womb. And now, in our time, God has willed that from the simple soul of Mother Trinidad, by her word and her life, it reaches the whole Church for His glory and for the salvation of souls. To the whole Church. And all souls. Also the Indian, although they are so far away. May God be glorified in all of this.


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God is infinite mercy
who pours himself to us men
at the Incarnation

It is already very close the time in which the Pope will close the Holy Door at the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome, and, with it, this time of grace for the Church and the world which has been the Year of Mercy. A period that the Pope wanted for all to be “a living experience of the closeness of the Father, whose tenderness is almost tangible, so that the faith of every believer may be strengthened and thus testimony to it be ever more effective”.

Driven by the radiant light that God has given and continue to give to the whole Church through the simple and prophetic voice of Mother Trinidad, we have gone on this path of living encounter with the Infinite Mercy of God. The video that we offer you today, is the best way to finish the series of publications which have been helping us to “touch with the hand” of our spirits the unfathomable mystery of the Love of God towards the human misery. Love of God that is given to us as we could never imagine or dream, in the sublime moment of the Incarnation.


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‘Souls for God!
Children for His bosom!’


“I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children”.

How clearly these words of Jesus become reality in Mother Trinidad! She, the “Little crazy girl of Jesus”, for being little and simple, knew how to steal the heart of God in such a way that, sitting on the knees of the Father, she was told the most intimate secrets of His Trinitarian life and His acting out. Mysteries that God has made her savour for being Church, strongly encouraging her to communicate it to all men of simple heart and open soul that wish to listen to her.

ecuador-1This was what prompted Mother Trinidad, eighteen years ago, to organize the first trip to Ecuador, following the request of a Bishop. That small nation, privileged in the eyes of God, would be the first of the entire great American continent in receiving the message of the “Echo of the Church”. The diocese of Loja, in southern Ecuador, through its Shepherd , opened their doors wide to The Work of the Church so that priests and religious, in that first trip, were strengthened in their faith.

096After that apostolic trip many more followed, faced with the response of those simple and open people who made reality again that the “small” are those who receive God. Numerous groups of priests, religious, adults, young… throughout these years, in various activities: retreats, meetings and encounters, have been able to discover the beauty of the Church, to deepen in the dogmas and feel the joy of feeling deeply sons of God with all its consequences, with the desire to respond to His immense gifts, living in simplicity and depth the Christian life.

dsc_0053The fruits of that wonderful planting were seen very soon, and the vocations to the priesthood and to the consecrated life began to arise in many young people, boys and girls who, before the discovery of the “precious pearl” and captivated by the attractive beauty of virginity, left everything behind, their family, their home, their land… everything they had, in order to follow the Lord with courage and generosity, and with the sole desire to help the Church, offering themselves to God for it, along with Mother Trinidad.

votosA few years later, the first ceremony of Temporary Vows of some of those young people would be held in the cathedral of Loja, before the expectant gaze of a large number of faithful who filled the temple up, and of the emotion and gratitude of their parents, who felt more than compensated for their generosity with the gift God was giving them in calling one of their sons or daughters to be only for Him.

dsc05965The same cathedral of Loja would be the scenario, sometime later, of the first priestly ordination of a young Ecuadorian. Little by little and in this simple way the request of Mother Trinidad to the Lord years ago was being fulfilled: “priests, virgins and souls, glory to God!”.


In these moments, The Work of the dscn6593Church has a large group of members in Ecuador, priests and entire families who want to live their faith deeply and manifest it through his life and his word, accompanying their apostolic work with much enthusiasm.

Mary, under the title of dsc01145Our Lady Queen of the Swan, typical of that land, accompanied at all times the apostolic work of The Work of the Church and under her mantle covered many of the activities that took place at the foot of its beautiful sanctuary, nestled in the heart of the Andes Mountain Range, between heaven and earth, and granted, as mediator of all graces, great fruits of souls to God.

img_8815To Her we entrust the perseverance of so many members who are surrendering their lives alongside Mother Trinidad in order to help the Church. And we ask Her to continue blessing the apostolic work of The Work of the Church with the sole desire to seek always and only the Glory of God.


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