This Blog comes to light with the great desire to help all the children of the Church to live their being Church, guided by the profound light that God has put in the soul of Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia, foundress of The Work of the Church.

Every seven to ten days, we will publish a piece of writing, some thoughts or a fragment of video by Mother Trinidad, selected from the richest arsenal of doctrine and dogma which “fired up in love”, abides in The Work of the Church for the benefit of all. 

Yet, what better presentation could we offer than the very own words of Mother Trinidad, taken from the writing “The Church, mystery of unity” (Booklet no. 15, “Light in the night. The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”):
 “After contemplating the thought of God upon His Church, in this strong, profound, certain, luminous, sharp, clear, transparent and prolonged flash of light, and the situation in which the Church found Herself through the deformations which in the passing of times had fallen upon Her, and that what had to be done for Her true and authentic renewal; the same Lord showed me that, for the realization of all this, the Second Vatican Council had emerged in our time, and together with the Council, like a mustard seed, The Work of the Church, full of abundant gifts and rich fruits.
Which, at the side of the Pope and the other Successors of the Apostles, had to help them, by collaborating to carry out throughout all times, before God and men, the authentic, true and essential mission for which Christ had founded His Church; presenting the true face of this Holy Mother, as a precious amphora replete with Divinity, the Sanctuary of God among men, where the Father and the Holy Spirit, through Christ, give Themselves to us and dwell in Family with us, making the New Zion a living Temple and the Dwelling of the Most High.”

(Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia)